About Pascagoula Being Broke and The Copious Amount of BS Being Bandied About by Mayor Maxwell

Folks, I thought Mayor Dane and his band of Trumpies had all the answers. Maybe he should have been paying attention to the City’s checkbook instead of grandstanding for headlines in the press last December because the topic of the City being broke should have been publicly discussed way before now:

Independent audit reveals City of Pascagoula faces $14 million deficit ~` Tyler Carter

The story is instructive in the respect that Carter recounted the events Joe Friday style but as you’ll learn reading this post, when the City Attorney is involved in ‘splaining the annual audit, there is going to be a certain level of dishonesty bandied about because it taketh not a lawyer to explain numbers, though lawyers can certainly spin them. Here is an example of some of the bigger whoppers told a few days back:

The auditor and council agrees that this was not an issue from the previous council, but an issue spanning multiple past administrations.

Per the audit reports on file at the Office of the State Auditor there was $4.5 million dollars cash in the General Fund at September 30, 2015 and the General Fund was owed $5.3 million by other City Funds. By September 30, 2016 the City’s General Fund had no cash and was owed a whopping $14.2 million by other City Funds. The General Fund also owed other funds $8.861 million in money it had taken from them in the City pooled bank account.

Anyone with half a brain, including those who purport to be the City’s leaders that balance their own checkbooks could recognize the red flags. The audit report, dated June 29, 2017 was certainly a rude gift to the new City Council and Mayor but the City’s bleak financial picture was certainly no secret. According to the date stamp by the Office of the State Auditor the 2016 annual audit was received by them on October 3, 2017, which means the audit was submitted over 3 months late. I did a cursory search of the Mississippi Press’ on line story archive and do not see a story about the presentation of the 2016 audit to the City Council but I did find a few nuggets:

Outgoing Pascagoula mayor touts accomplishments of his administration in final interview ~ Tyler Carter

Q: What is the future of Pascagoula in your opinion and what is next for you?

Blevins: The future of Pascagoula, without question, is very bright. We have a vibrant city, new people moving back into our city, new projects which in turn bring new amenities to our city and greater reliability. Pascagoula is and will continue to be a great place to live, work, play, and to raise your family. Looking forward, I see stronger economic times on the Gulf Coast and new businesses on the horizon that could change the landscape of Pascagoula.

It seems the old Mayor and the new Mayor were good at keeping secrets where nary is heard a discouraging word:

Dane Maxwell delivers his first State of the City address as Mayor of Pascagoula ~ Tyler Carter

It seems that people are excited by the progress Maxwell has made so far as he looks to lead Pascagoula for the next four years.

It wasn’t like someone wasn’t minding the store after all.

Pascagoula hires former supervisor Mike Mangum as interim city manager, Ryan Frederic as attorney ~ Tyler Carter

And that progress Maxwell touted? According to the 2016 audit the General Fund Balance Deficit was $794,000. Let’s recall the headline of Tyler Carter’s story from last week:

Independent audit reveals City of Pascagoula faces $14 million deficit

From my standpoint Mayor Dane looks like a “tax and spend liberal” to me, to the tune of $13 plus million dollars in one year alone managing to dig the City in a bit more than 13 times deeper in the hole than the financial shit show he inherited. As for Mayor Dane, this is what he had to say at the City Council meeting:

Mayor Dane Maxwell has continued to state that the numbers the current council received did not align with the numbers they received when they entered office, however, Maxwell said he is actively looking for solutions to right the ship in the city.

This begs the question what numbers were Mayor Dane and the Council given when they entered office because the 2016 audit which the State Auditor’s Office received from Mayor Dane came straight from the City. But nonetheless Mayor Dane was more than willing to put an underling under the bus:

While Maxwell was visibly upset at the revelation of learning of the city’s financial woes, councilwoman at-large Jennifer Colmer and Mayor Pro-Tempore Stephen Burrow cautioned Maxwell against making unsubstantiated claims.

Maxwell made the claim that the former comptroller employed by the city would have provided the current administration with what he described as “fradulent” numbers.

So when bob and weave is the order of the day to hide Mayor Dane’s culpability in making a bad situation far worse what is a peacocking Mayor to do? Commission a “Forensic audit” to ‘splain what Slabbed just explained. This happens every time City leaders spend tax money like drunken sailors and then act stupid.

Make no mistake folks, Dane Maxwell traces his lineage straight to the swamp. I wouldn’t be looking to him for much in the way of an honest answer.

Slabbed is going to be following this story.

8 thoughts on “About Pascagoula Being Broke and The Copious Amount of BS Being Bandied About by Mayor Maxwell”

  1. How many on Pascagoula Council are incumbents? Someone had to know what was going on! Geeze!
    This sounds like Waveland in 2010, when our new Mayor and half the Board of Aldermen who were newly elected found out within 2 months of taking office that they were broke. But the State Officials were down here telling them. Where has Pickering been??!! Oh, never mind. Par for the course.

  2. All but one is a second termed. These thieving tax robbing idiots put Hancock County to shame. No assemblance intended. This idiot Barr accountant sounded like a kid whose mom threatened him when daddy gets home. All a bunch of lying thieves. 603 Watts Avenue is due for a house cleaning. But these Trumpites are all full of Maxwell Smart. He will rock on like Tina Schumate and her kindred did because Rat Pickering was a recipient of well timed campaign donations. Tina and her up country hill clan mob ruled the coast and Maxwell Smart is a trough feeding pig like all the rest.

  3. Fellow Choctaw’s, and citizens lend me yours ears and keep those stone hearts cold. Pascagoulans is this what we have come to? To left bereft of security, abandoned to malfeasance and indebted to entitled self serving thugs. Dangwood Maxwell came to office with his mouth almost as full as his gut. Typical politician promises, promises and more promises. Him and his dimwit accompances council members pass a budget forget all the political kickbacks they made and suddenly discovered they ‘overspent” by 14 million dollars. My fellow citizens who do you think will pay for this? Who do you think ad valorium taxes wil magically increase? Shady White like his Rat predicesor is busy the janitorial staff and those ruthless secretaries. Prison terms for 14 million in stolen office supplies. Meanwhile Maxwell Smart and his crooked linch mob get away with collusion. 603watts is bling city. You think after let’s say 5 or 6 hundred thousand or so this idiot attorney Ryan Fredrick would have deployed his backbone and warned somebody. Or after a couple million or so figured he is the city official that is responsible for financial overbite. Dope nope. This incompetent moron toots the whistle at 14 million. City needs to hire a real attorney not a fake one. These idiots including conncil members Parker Kennedy and Barrow are extremely busy tonight figuring ways to blame the janitors. So Doug how about some love over here in Pascagoula. May not be the inbreeding found in Hancock County but we can steal lie and cheat the taxpayers with the best of them. And the Moron author Barr sounded like he was giving a high school math project at the last council meeting. So Doug lend me your blog. Give the debit ridden City of Pascagoula some of the attention you shower on those Bay St. Louis folks. We so richly deserve it.

  4. Hey Folks, its called Public Record. Corodor was in office when this debacle started. Then the new kids on the block DIDN’T trust but did verify (thank you other op ed) and are really the first ones to “uncover” this problem. But that is because the professional, credentialed, long experienced city management in place at the time showed them what was wrong and begged the new kids to help them fix it b/c the former/current would not. Thus began the fixin’. However, eventually new kids got kicked to the curb by the Mafia de Pascagoula and put in King Max, who loves his toys and spending taxpayer money on greatness. Then experienced staff were all dismissed and replaced with cast from the High School Musical, a.k.a. Yes Boys and Girls.
    Now, keep in mind that the audit does NOT include their first year in office, but never-mind that diversion. Because it would just show they overspent their revenue by 9 million dollars in just THREE quarters 45mil vs. 36mil.. Had they caught it the first month or even the first quarter, they may get some sympathy. But, they’ve been partying like its 1999 all year and all of a sudden, uh oh; credit card is DEEEECLINED. So if you’re inclined to spend countless hours digging through public record, please do. Or you can also read about it here
    Either way you lean, the city is in a big pickle. But let the county even lift a finger to bail it out and see how many hospital retirees show up to that one. What’s sad is they are willing to throw good people, including the mayors own father, and local longstanding businesses under their MaxwellHouseRock bus in order to cover, well, their depleting assets.

  5. Dane Maxwell is a self-aggrandizing worthless wannabe, just like his father. Recall his nonsense about how he had Trump all greased up to send Pascagoula _a billion dollars_ (or more) because he and Trump were BFFs. Only absolute morons and those with a greedy mouth firmly attached to a funded tit would have even considered such complete nonsense, but Pascagoula ate his bullshit up with a soup spoon and asked for seconds. And now, he has to go whining and begging for crumbs from anyone who will give him the time of day. Well, Pascagoula, you made the exact same mistake yet again. Pascagoula voters ought to call his hand, but at the end of the day, Pascagoula voters should be forced to accept what they have yet again brought upon themselves and maybe they will finally learn a hard lesson.

    1. I just found this blog,so I am late to this show but not the show. Dane Maxwell is a liar and a cheat and always has been.He left Pascagoula over 30 years ago just like his daddy did. Dane has been over in Harrison county bankrupting businesses one right after another,he probably had as many wives as he did businesses. Dane moved back to Pascagoula to run for mayor and play king. This city’s so called leaders have wasted no telling how much money on landscaping and beautification when all they needed to do was cut the damned grass and pick up the trash.Dane ordered 4 4wd trucks, and 2 boats for the police department they didn’t ask for or need. That is just the tip of the iceberg,they claim they are trying to entice people to move here, when all they are doing is driving people away.I have lived here all of my life and I would leave in a heart beat if I could, this place is only going to get worse. One last note, Dane doesn’t know a damned soul in Washington that is nothing but another one of his lies.

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