Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Foreign Relations in the Age of Trump

Posted on July 26, 2018
One of my mother’s favorite expressions, invariably addressed to me, was “make yourself useful as well as ornamental.” Another helpful bromide, this one of uncertain provenance, is “tell your own story or someone else will tell it for you.” Practical advice for individuals, businesses and governments.

How does this relate to Trump as an actor on the world stage with foreign countries? You know I’m going to get to Israel and Jews, right? Of course. It’s what I do.

If you’re interested in how public policy is made in the United States and how the conventional wisdom becomes the conventional wisdom, the American Jewish Community is not the only game in town but it is, by far, the most effective game in town. They tell their story (and sometimes your story) constantly. They make themselves not only useful but essential.

At a bare minimum we can say that, in terms of foreign relations advocacy, Israel and the American Jewish community are playing three dimensional speed chess while the rest of the world is still reading the instructions for slow motion special ed tic-tac-toe.

Don’t laugh…it’s true.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is costly and deadly.

In the field of foreign affairs, let’s look at who has found favor in the Age of Trump and who hasn’t.

ISRAEL. Nobody has received better treatment from the Trump Administration than Israel. Trump never talks about a two state solution or criticizes Israel for additional or expanded settlements in the Occupied Territories …which always impressed me as two parties agreeing to share a pizza while the stronger party eats most of it. The US Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem and Trump gives carte blanche on Israel’s execution, from a safe distance, of demonstrators at the wall separating Israel from Gaza. Unlike our NATO allies, Israel has never fought and died with us and they are regularly the largest annual recipient of US AID, receiving $250 billion, inflation adjusted, since their founding which makes them the largest recipient of US Aid ever.

EUROPE. From Trump, Europe and Canada get the shaft. Continue Reading……

3 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Foreign Relations in the Age of Trump”

  1. “It’s what I do….” sayth Jimmity……


    Yes, Jimmity we are fully aware you are an anti- Zionist but if you knew the BIBLE ( Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) you would realize that Christ knew what would happen to the Jews in WWII and spoke that those ( Gentiles) that side with ‘my people will be blessed….. those against cursed’.

    The US saved the Jewish race in WWII ( freed the Jewish death camps at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives) and we were blessed for many years. We defend them to this day and God’s Grace reigns down on us despite our abortion of 40 Million babies and satanic perverted gender neutral crazies.

    I don’t like the Jewish business mind/model either ( usury minds caused Hilter to hate them ) but I know Christ didn’t say things just to be speaking…..

    But I also believe in the apocalypse and what will take place in the Middle East and believe the US must defend Israel on the world stage.

    How about you writing about a British citizen Johnny Robinson being jailed as a political prisoner in London ( with a Muslim Mayor) for speaking out on the street about the 29 Muslims that were on trial for raping children……?

    You write about the Muslims that want to destroy Chrisanity /US and the Jews and I’ll stop calling you Jimmity the Cricket….. I promise.


    1. Thanks for your kindness Jimmity and allowing me to call you Jimmity:

      Its not that I dislike you Jimmiy……. in fact I love you bro’…… its just I hate your leftist, liberal tendencies especially in regards to the treasonous activities of your hero , Hussein Barack Obama, who it has recently been revealed spied on the Trump campaign and its Obama’s weaponized DOJ and FBI hang-ons who are still trying to impeach him for Russian collusion which is just a false cover to protect Obama’s and Hillary’s corruption from being prosecuted…….

      I know you don’t watch FOX News but for you and all other melting Snowflakes it was reported on Fox Business News that in the 19 months before Trump only 26,000 manufacturing jobs were created…….

      But guess how many manufacturing jobs have been created in 19 months under Trump..?

      Only 830,000 as reported by Charles Payne , the highly regarded Afro-America commenter on Fox Business News at 5PM…….

      You will never read that in any liberal newspapers or on MSM channels…….

      And how about the idiot who was arrested with a gun in PA , Jeffery Gardner Boyd, who stated the CIA was electronically telling him to kill Trump….. the savage,.low IQ congresswoman-beast, Waters, and other liberal Hollywood types are encouraging violence that Trump be killed along with disabled Scalise…. when is it all going to end Jimmity?

      The US is about ready to fall from within as Russians pols predicted in the 1960’s but I’m praying the Demos get so defeated in mid -terms that they finally realize their Trump lies and radical ideas of open borders, no ICE, free this and free are only making Trump stronger and more popular among independents and Southern dems …….

      especially the Afro-Americans who are just waking up from a deep sleep and realizing that cities like Chicago and Detroit are in the shape they are in due to Demo control for last 80 years…..

      Have a great weekend and think seriously about visiting your conservative Frenchie gal, sent to you by God, soon for some positive conservative vibes…..


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