Bay Council again becoming interesting to watch

What I am getting right now are accounts of last night’s meeting but I feel safe in saying the taxpayers of the great state of Mississippi could well save money if the Ethics Commission would open a branch office at Highway 90 and Main Street in Bay St Louis.

I want to see the show for myself before I comment further but it appears these gatherings of City Council members that have respectively included developer Jim MacPhaille, former Mayor Les Fillinagme, former City Attorney Don Rafferty and current Mayor Mike Favre have gotten out of hand. It seems like yesterday…..

Unanimous Mississippi Supreme Court Decides Columbus Mayor and Council Violated Open Meetings Act ~ Mississippi Justice Institute

Today [9/7/2017], the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that the Mayor and City Council of Columbus violated the Open Meetings Act when they previously met in prearranged, non-quorum size gatherings to discuss public business, intending to circumvent the Act. This is the first time the Supreme Court has ever addressed the issue of whether meetings of public officials in less than quorum numbers violate the Open Meetings Act. The Mississippi Justice Institute represented The Commercial Dispatch in the appeal.

“This is a huge win for the citizens of Mississippi and for open and accountable government,” said Mike Hurst, Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute. “People are tired of backroom deals and secret agreements by government officials that affect their lives. The Supreme Court’s opinion puts public officials and bureaucrats on notice – you cannot circumvent the law and do the people’s business behind closed doors anymore. Today’s decision is a monumental victory for transparency in government.”

[Link] to actual decision

The live stream of last night’s meeting is here.

Is anyone else hearing the City is discussing making Main Street one way to create parking for the new Hotel going up at Main St and Beach Boulevard?

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  1. Operating the public’s business in favor of the public’s right to know is not complicated.
    But integrity does not reside in all. That is why we have laws!!!

    1. Tks Doug & Lana: tape shows last night that City Attorney said it’s Ok!!! Per coffee grouper: There was a meeting at City Hall with Water Co. Plus Mayor, Josh, Larry and Buddy! Hours later Water Co. on agenda for a workshop meeting to discuss! Why wasn’t this just put on workshop for all to hear… if this wasn’t an illegal meeting I’m buying coffee for a year! Then Josh on tape states meeting was at his office! Why? Did Gene approve this meeting? Is Les in Hall again with private meetings oh no Ice please quit with these guys. Ms. Lana go after this.

  2. Tellit,
    I don’t have to go after this. The Miss. Legislature did in 1972.
    ARTICLE 3:
    Therefore, public servants shall endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that they are likely to be engaged in acts that are not in violation of this trust and which will not reflect unfavorably upon the state and local government.

    CHAPTER 41: 25-41-1
    It being essential to the fundamental philosophy of the American Constitutional form of representative government and to the maintenance of a democratic society that public business be performed in an open and public manner, and that citizens be advised of and be aware of the performance of public officials and the deliberations and decisions that go into the making of public policy, it is hereby declared to be the policy of the state of Mississippi that the formation and determination of public policy is public business and shall be conducted at open meetings except as otherwise provided herein.

    Advisory Opinion No. 17-004-E–February 3, 2017
    Public servants should conduct themselves in a manner which enhances the public trust in government, and avoid actions which may tend to create public suspicion regarding the honesty and integrity of those in government. Tom Hood, Executive Director-Mississippi Ethics Commission.
    Playing the Devil’s Advocate for just a moment, we still have a relatively new Council here in the Bay, sworn in only a year ago, with 3 years left in their term. They still have some room to learn here, and amend their current practices. The previous City Attorney encouraged adherence to the Open Meetings Act, so they still have his well advised opinions as a guide. Hopefully they will take that route.

  3. It is quite clear that the honest citizens of BSL need either to elect ethical representation or required the elected dimwits to have the fortitude to acquire the training and experience in corruption to at least make a good effort at mot looking like colossal idiots. Taking public equipment, finds and personal to benefit and enrich the elected officials in no new news. BSL has a tradition of electing dimwits. But don’t forget us in Pascagoula. Our “new”good ole boy Insane Maxwell is doing a wonderful job of spending public tax dollars to benefit himself and his buddies, political allies and family. Paving Market Street to ensure turning bays in front of his favorite bakery. Got to get them donuts hot and fresh to build of energy to spend Pascagoula into bankruptcy. Oh pity the old tire shop that’s been there for decades. Need dem tires? Drive two miles downstream and turn around to get them. Don’t feel bad that tire shop in not of the “right” persuasion. Ole Insain Maxwell will new tires on them take home city vehicles sooner or later. Corruption is indemic for all elected officials. The cancer of corruption will infect all elected officials sooner or later. Time is time. And we all wait the next public scandal. East or West Pascagoula or BSL just a waiting game for the taxpayers.

  4. So, when Rev Reed’s sister reaps any benefits of tonight’s total embarrassment of a City Council meeting, I get an I TOLD YOU SO! This whole thing has been in the works forever!!

  5. Just finished watching You Tube coverage of last night’s Council meeting. Councilman DeSalvo requested of the City Attorney some guidance on how many Councilmen can meet between meetings without being in violation of the Open Meetings Act. That’s a good thing that he wants to know. From what I am hearing it is a little bit after the fact, but better late than never.
    Councilman Knoblock made reference to what he called an Attorney General’s Opinion on this. It was actually a unanimous opinion rendered by the Miss. Supreme Court on September 7, 2017. Not quite a year old. The state high court ruled that” no government body can set up meetings of less than a quorum of public officials to evade the state’s open meetings act.”
    This decision by the high court was in response to an Ethics violation filed against the city Columbus. Ethics ruled that the city was in violation of the Open Meetings Act because the Mayor of Columbus was meeting with less than a quorum of the city council to discuss city business. Ethics ruled this violated the spirit of the Act because the public was not made aware of these less than quorum gatherings. The city appealed the decision to the Chancery Court, which upheld the Ethics decision, and then the city appealed to the Miss. Supreme Court, which upheld both the Ethics and lower court decisions because as the Supreme court stated:” the meetings were “pre-arranged, not social, and not open to the public, and the gatherings were for the express purpose to discuss city business.” The high court ruled in plain language of Section 25-41-1, the requirement that meetings to discuss the public’s business must be open to the public to uphold the spirit and philosophy of the Open Meetings Act.
    Former City Attorney for Bay St. Louis, Judge S. Trent Favre, shared this ruling with Council last September when he was still serving the city as Counsel in an effort to promote a spirit of openness, and respect for the public’s right to know what is going on in their government.
    The entire ruling can be found online.
    Up next on the high court’s radar is banning public officials from conducting public business by email.
    Apparently there are enough complaints arriving at the Ethics Commission to warrant the high court’s input on these issues.
    Stay tuned.

  6. Lana
    You state this meeting happened and put on the workshop agenda. Then you ask how come it wasn’t on the agenda for all to hear? Confused?
    If I’m not mistaken it was discussed at workshop for all to hear. Council discussed. We heard.
    No hiding. No coverup.
    I think under professional services it does not need to be bid. No hell was raised when the other water co. came in.
    Two services, same outcome, which one is better. Pay a one time fee or pay 50% of findings and increases the next 3 years. Council needs to decide which is better.
    No hiding
    No BS

    If I remember josh told the council at the previous meeting he had this co. lined up to talk to.
    Go listen to the tape.

    For reed to speculate on wrong doing is total BS 💩💩💩💩. After 16 years or so sitting on his royal ass he decides to participate because he went to MML last month.
    Ask reed how he got that land across from MLK park.
    Swapped a piece 💩💩💩💩 land for a prime piece of land right in the middle of the city with halbitat or whoever where all the homes are across from the senior citizens building.
    All done when he was a councilman and voting for these projects to be built. That’s ethical?
    Damn where were you Lana and crew
    Man of cloth he says? Only for his own good.
    Or Wendy and habitat and McDonald’s on their joint subdivision right before you get to all them houses.
    Another good one Lana and crew.
    Wendy council lady, over habitat , purchase land that McDonald real estate was selling???

    Guess he chooses to grand stand when his constituents are in the house.
    Not the first time.
    Did the same to Ms. Lathrop.

    Believe Trixie is trying to say if you want a ethical complaint than tell me why reed has been voting on the Moseley lease this past year when they were trying to get his sister to open in the place they are trying to rent now?

    Point Lana Tellit
    Keep hearing about the bay and the closed meeting BS💩💩💩 and the ethic violations and the secret meetings. But the only complaint that has been found lately was on a past councilman and not a whole lot to that. 10-12 charges filed against him and Ice. Found one on him. No biggie.

    Secret Meetings
    Do you really believe if it was a secret meeting they would have it right in the middle of city hall. Walk in the front door and meet??
    Or in the middle of a downtown restaurant?

    I have been doing some studying on a quorum and open meeting and the rolling quorum some keep crying about.
    No expert.
    But as the city attorney stated no meeting or quorum violations has happened. I have to agree with that based on what I have heard.
    If you know different than go file.
    I keep hearing about what Trent said. I also heard the attorney and a councilman tell gary to email trents letter he talks about. Not another councilman has stated they received this email Trent sent.

    If a few in the public would stop chasing ghosts than maybe the trust could be built between the citizens and politicians.

    But damn quit crying wolf everytime a fart is released.

    Until I see wrong doing, stealing , misspending, lying , corruption,
    I will support Ice and Council.

    Damn that sounded a lot like the Fillingame administration. 🤣😂

    Does anyone know if the pool man still does the local radio show on Friday nights?

    1. Good post Stone….. still confused about this meeting. Idea I guess! Why doesn’t Council President instruct City Attorney to get an AG opinion to clarify, no one gets Ethics nonsense and they now know what to do. ???

      1. Tellit,
        I would not refer to this ruling as “Ethics nonsense.” If you bother to read the Supreme Court ruling in its entirety, you will see that the high court upheld the Ethics Opinion, as did the Chancery Court.

  7. Lana
    If I’m not mistaken that ruling you talk about is correct but i believe it was a rolling quorum that sank their ship.
    Big difference.

    Just my interpretation of this ruling.

    1. Stone,
      You must have me confused with another poster. I did not state that any meeting happened and was on the agenda.
      And, no, the Supreme Court Ruling of last Sept. did not have to do with rolling quorums. It was about ” less than quorum” gatherings whether they roll, slide, sneak, or however those that plan them execute them. According to the State’s high court, they are now officially illegal after being challenged at Ethics and Chancery Court.
      Let’s say Josh has a great idea he wants to share with the Mayor. He also wants to hand pick certain Councilmen to invite with him to city hall for the discussion. ( don’t know who makes the decision to omit other Councilmen, but…)
      According to the Supreme Court Ruling, Josh then had to arrange for the public to have notice of this less than quorum meeting to discuss the public’s business. Call the Evho and Dun Herald. Post on the City’s Facebook page. Post a notice on the front door at City Hall as to where this meeting will be, what time, and state the business to be discussed. You never know, someone dropping off their utility payment may want to hear about the system being audited, or what the city is going to pay to cut their right of ways. They are paying for all of this!!!$$$ As former city attorney, Judge Favre intended when he shared this opinion with Josh and the rest of the Council last Sept. THE PUBLIC’S RIGHT TO KNOW CANNOT BE CIRCUMVENTED BY POLITICIANS!!

    2. If you read the Supreme Court ruling, the court clearly stated the violation is the non advertised to the public “sub-quorum” meetings whether “rolling” or otherwise. The failure to advise the public of their gathering is the violation. If they meet in Mike’s conference room or Josh’s office with 2 or 3 members of Council, they have to notify the public. That’s the deal breaker. Read the ruling.

  8. Thought this might be a different administration. Obviously not. On March 15, 2018 at 2:01 pm, I guess I donated $400.00 to the city. It was an attempt to have the Council abandon a “city right of entry”. All paperwork has been properly done. After a couple of months and no word or work done, I attempted to get a refund. Face of mayor’s secretary expressed severe pain and have never received a call about requested refund. Any thoughts about a payment for service by the city attorney that has the paperwork but placed it at the bottom of the pile for a simple procedure?

    1. Mary,
      Not sure how this process takes place or how long it takes. Not sure your plans with this property but must have been for personal gain that went south if you can’t wait a few months for a free partial of land.
      Call the mayor and discuss your problems. I also know others waiting for the same.
      And really should we give city property away for nothing.

      1. City pays liability insurance on 30 x 136 ft right of entry that starts at Washington St. and ends at a fence line to private property. Right of entry was inherited from County after annexation. Originally a Right of way to the Favre property that they abandoned more than 50 years ago. I own the property on one side and inherited the property on the other side from my deceased parents. We shared use of it until they passed. In the process of selling my parents property and in order to avoid who will use it, maintain it, etc. is the reason for abandonment. And before you quip that the city is supposed to maintain it, the grass would be 5 feet high before it would be cut. But could you explain to me what is “free property” when 2 separate individuals would be paying property taxes on added footage? I was told by city employee that it would be taken care of in about 2 months. If the property is sold without this matter being taken care of, then I have a problem with the new owner who might oppose me on this.

  9. So, what if another citizen, that’s not a former Councilman, wanted to rent the 700+ sq ft in the City owned Depot? Rolling quorum of phone calls on this hot mess

    1. Renting a public building is an administrative issue. Should be taken to Mayor, and city manager of rentals, and then presented to Council at their official meeting if the rental agreement on record is not satisfactory to person requesting. In the Bay’s form of government Council does not run day to day business of city—Mayor does and reports to them at their meetings in his Mayor’s report.

      1. Lana,
        I thought you watched the meeting. Council rented out the downstairs space to AM, much to the Mayor’s chagrin. He said he wanted to wait. It wasn’t brought to him, it was brought to Reed

  10. To all rumor starters! Alice Moseley is a fully accredited State and Federal Art/Museum Non-Profit/ our Gift Shop pays sales taxes monthly which a portion goes back to BSL. Two ladies up stairs are Art graduates who are there as interns and gets a very small salary thru a State Art Operating Grant. There WILL NOT be a restaurant downstairs but a a one year Decorated classroom by MAP. We hoping annually grant. The $3500 Federal Art grant can and will be used to pay to BSL rent for usage of this area. We receiving also a $2500 from a BMR Educational Grant for our supplies. Let’s continue: Our August 8th great FREE Festival/Concert is being given to this community by a Grant underwritten to use for a “Community Festival” that we pursed for Hancock County! Not one dime has been requested of BSL $$$ for this festival and we have plenty businesses calling us wanting to help with this community event. We purchase all our supplies locally and yes we do pay sales taxes! Myself, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Linda, Sheriff Adam etc. on our Board does not receive one penny for our efforts including when we travel to get Grants, attend meetings etc. Museum pays our own insurance, we insure the Depot also and we own our own security system that by the way covers 80% of the Depot for protection. City has had no system for last nine years by the way but we DO. Just had naysayers “report us” and Councilman Smith publicly question our legalities of standing. Guess what folks: Tax Commission visit, State Auditors letter , Federal letter. “Nothing of concern” found just “file your non-profit documents” on dates required not annually. This Museum Staff, Board, MAP, Sheriff Adam, Tourism and contributing businesses are providing this County and BSL an attraction. We are furthering the Arts and we’re using our successful efforts to give back and promote events for all to enjoy and help our local businesses and economy. Visit us, you’ll be surprised. To you rumor lovers and haters let’s try this, put your hate aside on August 18, 2018, bring a chair, relax and just enjoy a day of fun. Next rumor?

  11. No hate, but your lease isn’t for one year, it’s until the lease upstairs is up. Didn’t you procure free rent there by a last minute impassioned plea of a promised Levitt grant & $50,000 of summer concerts for the City? I’m looking forward to the one concert that you are having but it’s not “free”. My tax dollars are paying your rent. Again, not hating, just making a point.

  12. Whenever anyone is saying you get more benefit out of something they want than you do……………WATCH OUT! If its too good to be true it probably is.

  13. I don’t believe Sheriff Adam’s is pandering tax payer money for this. He just volunteers his time! If he corrects me I will stand corrected.

  14. By the way……The Sales Tax was never Alice Mosely Museums. Yall collected it from the buyer and delivered it to the proper tax authority. What has Alice Mosely Contributed! Remember it is a self reporting sales tax. Cash is not recorded and is up to the vender to either report sales tax or steal it from the customer/taxpayer. We all know how this works.

    Free Rent is free rent no matter how you spin it. Alice Mosely’s self proclaimed improvements to the property have no value to the tax payer if those improvements do not result in more revenue.

    The other stuff is Non Profit 101, how to spin it to get politicians to give them stuff. If it was otherwise they could just collect directly from the taxpayer.

    Non Profits tend to “Lead Politicians Around Like Goats On A Rope” with free event tickets, meals, t-shirts, public advertisement for re-election etc. etc….

    Lonny wants the taxpayer to thank him instead of thanking the taxpayer for their generosity.

    Just Sayn!

    1. No thanks needed…just leave your hate at home and enjoy yourself! It’s called a group of volunteers giving back! Please contact Ricky he has been an active participant meeting attending Board member. Yesthe Museum is being assisted by Council and we all appreciate they foresight of this Museum. Please ask yourself when was the last time a free Festival/Concert was in BSL. Bridgefest maybe? This Board and staff could have sat up here and did nothing but reap free rent! BUT WE DIDN’T! These good folks all agreed to sponsor the past Concerts with OUR Grants received and Ms. Myrna did a great job managing it! Giving back! Another Concert recently with our Grant with two local bands, David M and Rochelle, once again managed by Ms. Myrna. Giving back! Now us and our partners, MAP and BSL Little Theatre are setting up a art teaching classroom. Giving back! Now a Grant and private contributions paying ALL expenses to host a Festival, in lieu of Levitt’s bad decision leaving us out, to help boost the locals and Tourism economy. Giving back! Hey naysayers, there is more Concerts to come. Every band and Ms. Shaw cut their rates to have this under the oaks festival!!!! Nonprofit groups are joining us FREE! Local vendors a small fee to cover insurance. Plus each vendor MUST pay sales taxes for that day! Quit hating, start appreciating and help boost this County!

    2. It ain’t hate it is reality. How much money do you donate. Got ur road and ur supporters roads paved whilst the rest of us wait for another round of grandstanding. It is obvious that your road cost the most as it had to be raised to keep your rims dry. Come on man! We know your game.

      1. My road was not done or raised as engineers designed. Come take a look. Cracked, dipping and sinking. But please come when it’s raining so YOU can slide in mud! Please feel free to call previous Mayor before I got here what happened. With financial mess, Police bs and DOJ $$$$, we here in Ward 6 lucky to get what we got. That 4 million was supposed to be for annexed 5&6 but other Councilmen took a big chunk. Couldn’t stop um, only had one vote. Notice you didn’t mention that. Mike F. will get it done over a period of time.

  15. I believe many of us attended a mighty fine concert put on by St. Rose last month. I also saw you say in a Facebook comment that the museum Foundation was paying for the Festival in August. You sure can twist facts as needed

    1. I did say that. Mr. Moseley is the nonprofit Foundation and he’s personally guaranteeing all costs and receipts because HAD TO match Grant to get for BSL Festival!

      1. Lonnie,
        Refresh my memory, please. I don’t remember any of these ” anti Alice” posters penning their objections to the Chamber getting free rent off of the city for 5 years by the previous administration while paying their Director over $100,000 a year!!!

        1. Ms Lana your 100% correct! These haters won’t remember Joey making motion, Mike F second and all one agreed. But it’s self serving to say I brought my friend Kevin Jordan in, he bought it for cash and now there’s 5 businesses in there plus it’s back on tax rolls. Ms Lana, just taking shots at me. You, Ron, David, Sam, David etc know what WE went thru to save this city. I/We don’t need a pat on the back, we see the houses being built, ad valorum and sales taxes up, 20 plus prior suits erased etc. We did what we were hired to do, in our case a nasty tuff battle to find the truth. I can handle this too because look what I just went thru for 4 years.

  16. Grants are from taxpayers. Paying sales tax at events where money s collected in bank bags is a myth!

    I appreciate you thanking the council(givers) not the tax payers (payers).

    Read Bernie Sanders book to get the ideology! Yea Alice Mosely! Saving us one taxpayer dollar at at a time! This stuff is better than Saturday Night Live!

  17. Come on Lana they were! That’s why the city sold their building and stopped funding them. Les did piss the funds away but the council did try. If you want to support Alice mosely get out your Waveland check book and fund it! Give the school board a lil air to breath and get new material!

    1. Ms Lana is a original Board member who when we asked for volunteers, she came that night and has been with us ever since. We all have contributed money to join and we’re still volunteering… wrong Lady you’re picking on Deplorable…..

      1. Not picking on. Just because y’all want to fund it does not constitute the taxpayer wanting or needing it. I believe Lana would agree whole heartedly with that! Privatize it and make money and you should not need taxpayer handouts. We all have passion for certain things we just donate our money. Taxpayers are not philanthropist that support the most passionate person. Correct me if I’m wrong Mr. Falgout!

        But stick to the subject not your long winded I’m great and my nonprofit is great and we owe you and your followers. You work hard for this effort as well as mrs Noonan does.
        I work hard for my family and I feel they are important and contribute to society as I see it. Should we get funding so we can keep giving back? Just saying!

  18. You do a great service but every now and again you got to think forward and be consistent. Stop wasteful spending regardless of who, what, when and where. Lonny is a good servant of his ideas and passions but come on let’s put taxpayers first. Getting taxpayer money and trying to make it look benevolent is a problem! For every $1,000,000 purchasing dollars spent about $12,600 goes to BSL . If it was the taxpayers money to start with and it goes into other people’s bank bags and they actually report it what do we get which is mythical? $12,600 goes back to the taxpayer, that is a ridiculous result to provide police, prime real estate, lights, clean it up etc. why can’t the people who directly benefit pay for it if it is that profitable. They want the financier to work on a trickle down from people working out of bank bags! Just saying! If there is a reasonable response to that not more bs rhetoric please correct me!

    1. My lord that was perfect and spot on analysis. Unfortunately very true. Thank you. The unfortunate thing is these Grants are Countrywide and us as individuals can’t stop wasteful spending by Washington. We are only going after these Grants so we can get it here before someone takes it there! Thanks for input.

      1. you represent a no tax contributing entity that relies on tax paying entities for rent an contributions to procure taxpayers money to spend in your best interest and tell us it is for the best interest of the taxpayer! Hahahahs you are hilarious. You can only sell that to the goats on a rope council! It ain’t their money and you get them front line philanthropy status. U are winning for now but not for long. You keep over promising and under delivering and you will be a success in your own mind!

        Ready to move on to other swamp issues!

  19. They won’t finance it because it is just a myth that the taxpayer makes out. Business owners don’t invest in loser deals because they would be Out of business.

    Jimmy Ladner and company stopped our tourism. The first to complain will be the direct recipients of the benefit, merchants and small vendors working out of bank bags yet none of them has done anything to keep it besides whining and crying about how bad they need it! Float or sink on your own is what I say but hey that may be too realistic for unrealistic needy businesses and nonprofits!

      1. That is correct Trix! Jimmy Ladner doesn’t think so apparently! Maybe they should have hired his daughter for the attorney then he would be for it as he is with other things she is a hired gun for.

  20. If taxpayees Grants given to that nonprofit Art museum and they use it on spending for kids & festivities and people’s come and go to bars and restaurants and spelnd money, ain’t dat spending it back and visiters coming and paying here giving it back?. Hancock art people group and our tourism lady gets grants to spend, dont they?

    1. I am so grateful we have not one, but two, museums in our small communities of the Bay and Waveland. I have taken my grandchildren to both, and want them to know what happened before their birth, and even mine. I have seen my tax dollars support much less worthy causes in my lifetime. Just my opinion.

    2. Tellit,
      I will say it one more time a little slower. Grants are taxpayer money, entities that are floated by taxpayer money (Rent and tax free status)spending tax payer money does not equal financial benefit. If the event generated $100,000 reported sales the taxpayer in BSL would get back $1,260. Their rent alone is $10,000 plus free use of public maintained property, local police, clean up etc…. Just sayn

      $100,000 x .07 = $7,000 x .18 = $1,260(BSL) Math does not lie. But if you do Bernie Sanders math or David Baria’s math it would be don’t get caught up in details because it is good for everybody. Just trust me!

      1. So spending it in city and tourists coming here eating, gas, hotel rooms 2% Tourism tax collected comes back to Ms. Myrna to spend again, bars packed and weekenders home full to spend weekend at Festival is not giving back?? My dear friend, Beth Carriere, past Tourism Dir., taught me and others that “when getting Grants or Endowments use it and involve locals to turn that dollar over as many times as possible locally to help local economic impact”. We are, we will and will search out more opportunities for our County. This will be my last post on this subject. Tks for supporters, blamers and haters of me and others I’m sorry you feel that way. Myself, family and friends have long been volunteers and program supporters and will continue to “give back”! It’s a very soothing feeling to help others, please try it.

        1. Lonnie, when you were on Council, wasn’t the Museum paying rent in the Depot building and part of the insurance? It’sbeing portrayed here by some that the Museum has been on the take all these years.

          1. Prior Administration nailed them $750.00 a month, plus $100.00 a month Utilities plus Insurance on most of building long before my time. That was for 8 yrs that’s why they couldn’t break even. Under State appraisal law calculations discovered by our past City Attorney, Honorable Trent Favre, they were only supposed to charged $595.00 per month. and insure only “usable display area”. So Museum accountant on Reconciliation docs showed our Board the Museum was overcharged over an approximately 8 year period $14,880. That’s what’s started putting them in the red a few years back. I DID NOT see or attend Board meetings over my 4 year term. In Jan. saw figures and Board sent Ms. Cheryl Grace to ask for relief based on our supplied P & L Statement to Council thanks why I thanked them! Past money, water under the bridge, glad it when to City and “not lost”. Some Grants you can give for rent, some you can’t. That’s why the classroom grant can be used to go find space and despite naysayers we are actually having to pay a little bit more than we have because of appraisal rules. Thanks to you Ms. Lana and other members who really knows what giving back means.

            1. Yea there you go again. If we don’t give you your stuff we don’t give. Great winner of supporters! Bravado and attaching yourself and comments to others! How bout we all give differently but some of us do not think we are owed anything! Stand on your own and realize you are not saving the arts, people, BSL or anything except the legacy of a family and artist! If it was essential we would all line up and give. You have moved up from your softball days to government funds! Just sayn!

            2. Lonnie,
              Always remember–
              For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.
              For those who don’t, none is possible.

              1. Yep f we don’t agree with y’all it ain’t right! What is the alliance for good governments thoughts on this? Kinda same stuff you are fighting at the school! Personal people’s ambitions as opposed to the best well being of the public. Maybe the schools ought to fund stuff like this?

  21. Look at the back of Tim Moselys mini van, the Bernie Sanders bumped sticker says it all. Vote Republican….

    1. Is this Josh DeSalvo, Ward 6 Councilman posting here. Just looking for clarification,

  22. 1. The Alice Moseley Museum is an outstanding personification of the resilience and culture of artists and the Creative Economy in Hancick County.

    2. Most Museums run under the Non Profit engine else they could not qualify for Arts grants – for the most part the only source of income.
    Gift Shop sales are a miniscule part of the total budget. Without those grants – from the Federal Government and other non profits – there would be no way to find the Arts.

    3. Even the local art group, The Arts of Hancock, are a registered Non Profit and rely heavily on grants to support community programs.

    4. The “Bay” presents itself proudly in national magazines as having a culture centered on the Arts. While a lot of that culture is waning due to friction and paralyzing arguments on “where and when artists should be seen”, the one shining light is that The Bay has one museum dedicated to an artist from the Creative economy and her particular style of folk art. The museum is using that baseline to promote all the Arts in Hancock – performing Arts, visual art, and the musical arts all intertwined with local cultural preferences.

    5. I am fed up hearing speculation of the Non tax paying vendors at festivals. ANY credible festivalvenue DEMANDS the use of receipt books and vendors observed not handing out receipts are immediately sanctioned. I can not day that about the store keepers on the Bay who routinely have a hush hush cash policy. It is rampid and, quite franly, causes all sorts of issues at festivals when vendors refuse to go along with the “family plan” and the retort usually starts with “But so and so store does that so I don’t understand. Lesson here, to the stores doing these – the customers are dropping your names left right and center. It’s no secret.

    6. The bigger boon to the Arts economy in the Bay has been the Alice Moseley Museum.Nothing, I repeat nothing, has done as much to propel the Arts forward as much as the onset of this local tourist attraction. The galleries come and go on Main – traffic on Main not enough to support the escalating square foot retail costs in a very limited number of suitable buildings. But the Depot has a paradise there under the Oaks all ready for the Arts, the Non Profit supporting platforms that find the costs of Art Festivals, and the public that thoroughly enjoy all facets of the Arts – they come in the thousands to enjoy festivals in Hancock County.

    7. The problem I see is the same limiting group of naysayers who suck the life out of a myriad of great causes using slander, libel, and cronyism. The same people I personally see enjoying the “free” events they are trying to sabotarge. It is a malgnancy. Makes zero sense that it is tolerated. What is wrong with you people?

    7. I ask that you look at the big picture here. Lets get on board and support the Arts, let’s be kind about the way we treat all our neigbors, and let this be the paradise we see it advertised as.

    1. Whoever you are thanks! Here is more of OUR financial info: Mr. Moseley donated a $14k Pavilion out of his pocket and gave to City! He spent $108k of his money to form Museum. Also purchased 4 tlc needed homes fixed with his money and then put 3 needy families in there with low rents to help find homes! If this festival is not totally financially sound using grant he personally guaranteed this grant for BSL. Best to all.

      1. Real Philanthropy does not want recognition or rewards. Does he own through the nonprofit? If he does then his ad valorem is on the backs of the tax payer. Stop leading with your chin Lony/nomameprovided! Again whenever you tell me that I am getting more out of it than the recipient I start back peddling. Save that stuff for the Sheriff and other Goat on Rope Elected Officials.

  23. I pay for my own ideas maybe you should to. It is a financial equation. Those who directly benefit financially or otherwise pay for it. If they charged a. Entry fee very few would show up. Facts not rhetoric. Next issue.

  24. If the sheriff is pandering for free rent we may need to look at his budget. How trustees, vehicle’s, light plants ect are used and for who’s benifet. Don’t politic with my tax money use your personal money. I think the county election is 14 months away that’s a good question for the debates. And we all know it’s you Lonnie going under no name provided.

    1. No unlike you all, my name is signed by me! Have no clue but thanks. We have never used prisoners and or his Officers because that could be a conflict and he’s smarter that than. But we are paying for off duty to make extra money, our dumpster is from another of our supporters, Joey Boudin and emptying our own garbage with volunteers. It’s Adam not s by the way and our wonderful Sheriff belongs and sits on many Boards. Hope he stays in Office a long time. By the way he has his own wonderful summer camp for kids too! Here also: our insurance is paying for coverage of whole Depot area from 5pm Friday till 5 pm Sunday. Check with Mayor Favre, all legal and accounted for because we have to!

      1. I am glad to hear that it is legit in respect to public services! Kudos for that! Now get humble and appreciate the taxpayers who have no say in whether our goat on a rope politicians give you free rent! Respect their right to not agree. We only have a say every 4 years not decision to decision! We have a right to not like it and voice our opinion. You have a right to defend it but your are coming across as if we owe you ! No one gets more out of than MrMosely who gets to keep his legacy alive by taxpayer support. He he doesn’t need taxpayer support Shame on y’all! Sounds as if this may be the case! My opinion vs your opinion but I am entitled to it because I am the Payee! Do you understand that? If not you won’t ever get it!

          1. Name dropping is trying to get credibility from others perceived good credibility! It also puts words in their mouth! If they were who u say they are why are they not stepping up vocally and public? I feel it is because they realize that it is their passion and not necassarily e ergo e else’s. I respect that more than follow the goat on a rope!

    1. Probably just a new name. Unfortunately appointed by the current Governor. Don’t expect much😫

  25. Lony thanks for the heads up on sheriff Adams!

    I do not believe for one second that Sheriff Adams is asking for BSL Tax Payer money to fund one of his philanthropic wants.

    I do question using inmates to work off public debt with benefit to nonprofits that he supports. Why not use the inmates to offset cost directly to the public citizen taxpayer with whom they violated. Stop using taxpayer resources to pander your political agenda. Who pays for the light plants and fuel? Who pays for the Sheriffs officers to police the event?

    As always another can of worms for mr wonderful.

  26. Thanks to all including naysayers for your freedom of speech comments. I tried on this post to only inform what, where and how this nonprofit operates plus how Grants are used for giving back to BSL and other nonprofits. We have a good with good people. I will now remove myself from comments…..God bless.

  27. Stupid,
    The Alliance’s position has not changed on this or any other non profit. There should be no “free rent.”
    And Tim Moseley didn’t get “free rent.” He paid rent on the part of that building he was using, plus other expenses. Bay St. Louis, like other small cities cannot afford to give anything away. They need every revenue stream they can find. Our public officials have citizens waiting for city services they pay taxes for and aren’t getting them in both cities, Waveland and the Bay.
    But let’s put the facts out there, and the fact is Moseley paid rent. So stop portraying the situation otherwise.

    1. I would like the present status of rent? We all know what it is. They had their own place/building to show case the Art but it was not the best use of their money because it did not support itself. Her home etc…. but it was more valuable as something other than a museum so they moved to the public building and paid rent to utilize their own property in a financially fiscal way. They were at the depot and Lonny needed to be the big show and severed AM away from tourism to be independent. So they pandered free rent from the City Council on a promise to do something. The promise was undeliverable but the lease was in place. Terrible deal for the taxpayer. Now all this horn blowing for credibility! It can’t stand on its own and you can point at the past on the chamber, they were dealt with, and claim yall paid rent in the past but that doesn’t make it free now. I’ve been paying a power bill over 50 years can I stop now? The idea that y’all are independent is like your teen aged son wanting to be Independent so you pay his rent and give him a living allowance! Be grateful y’all get what you do for as long as u can get away with it! You do it for yalls interest not everyone’s. Put it to a public vote and y’all are on the curb. Think about it and get off the stump.

      1. If AM is not paying rent now, some sort of arrangement to compensate the city for the continued use of the space needs to be done right now at budget preparation time, AND that can include Carter Church, who has never paid for the space he has used downstairs advertising his Mardi Gras Costume design business, and displaying Nereids King and Queen costumes, which is the same thing as free storage for them in my opinion. He has his business cards on display, and I feel pretty certain if you call him for a gown design or whatever, you will pay– not a non profit. Keep the playing field even is all I am saying in a small community that currently can’t afford to give anything away.

  28. All of you should pay! U are diverting the issue away from AM. So what I stated about AM and how it got to this point is correct!

  29. Reading the AM issue has prompted my thoughts. If Carter Church and AM are selling stuff that requires State Sales Tax they need to put the Depot back on the Tax Rolls like they had to do for the Cypress Café. It is my opinion that the city get out of philanthropy and give aways and just focus on needs that affect everyone not limited to but for instance, drainage, utilities, roads, etc….

    1. The list of donations to nonprofits a municipality can legally make is in Title 21 of the Mississippi Code. If it isn’t on the list it should not be happening.

      Along those lines, if the City should make Main Street one way at the Beach to create more parking for the new Hotel, the developers should pay for that too, no freebies or handouts to business and that includes tax abatement. Welfare is welfare, no matter who gets it.

  30. More parking is not for the hotel but is a result of the hotel. He has let the public use it for years for parking. When it is gone/developed it creates an additional parking problem by default.

    As far as Abatements go it is just more political favors as there is no lack of interest to invest down town!

    1. No worries, Doug and Stupid,
      Our boy, Phil, in Jackson, declared downtown (and the entire city of Bay St. Louis) a poverty zone to provide Federal abatements for development, unlike bustling downtown Waveland that he carved out of the Opportunity Zone Map. And my reps in Waveland sit there like 5 bumps on a pickle.
      I wrote Phil a letter by Certified mail——no answer!!!

      1. PS:
        Baria and Moran are also “missing in action” on the Opportunity Zone issue for Waveland.

  31. Baria is a political parasite! He is a screaming liberal snowflake that believes taking from the working and giving to the non working is a solution! Open the borders and let his future voting base in! He ought to run with Bernie Sanders!

      1. I saw her on the news! She is cute but dumb as a brick on real world issues!

  32. I have NO use for either Moran or Baria. All about ME ME ME….
    Baria never returns phone calls but makes sure he calls you for a political donation.
    Moran same. I sent him a donation and when I see him in public he has yet to say hello.
    Fontaine is another one. Calls all the time for donations and support for his childrens extra curricula activities, yet when in public never says hello..
    What a great group of politicians we have. And you wonder why nothing gets done in Jackson or Washington. Just keep giving programs out. Make people work for their money and quit giving.

  33. I called Baria about some suggestions on Flood Insurance Funding with BP Money and he told me that he was too busy trying to get elected to think about it but encouraged me to move forward. LOL

    On immigration he may as well join Berny Sanders.

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