Its been a while since the local rumor mill was so juicy…

Yes siree, from low level rot at the County Annex involving allegations of changed tax assessments and deadhead 6-figure employees to rumors of an embezzlement, the local underground news network is chock full of goodies. How about a couple of links:

5 Costly Cases of Church Fraud ~ PSK LLP

Robbing God, Literally: 1 in 10 Protestant Churches Experience Embezzlement ~ Bob Smietana

Prevent church fraud with better controls ~ Steve Thomason, CPA

Consider this an open thread.

38 thoughts on “Its been a while since the local rumor mill was so juicy…”

  1. My wife works at the annex and the scuttlebutt is a long time employee at the tax office was breaking the law and was allowed to quietly retire. The biggest waste is Eddie Farve who works a couple hours a day while other full-time employees get the shaft. We have some sorry supervisors who can care less.

  2. Just take a look around Gulfport at the huge new churches that have been built with political funds. One in particular comes to mind that is very political and is well taken care of by the politicians. The heat must have been getting too hot for Rat Pickering, so he moved on to greener pastures – with a raise of course!

  3. Well Mayor Ice did a great job at Coffee Call… he touched on the bad (Les leftovers), the good on changes being slowly made and the ugly: he’ll NOT let the naysayers disrupt his agenda for the citizens of BSL. Good power point, I was impressed.

  4. Tim
    Before you accuse someone of something and call him out on Slabbed maybe you should find out if your facts are correct or not saying I know any differently I’ve just been accused of doing something and had to prove in court that I wasn’t wrong…. remember the headline in the SH said businessman innocent they made up a story !!!!!

  5. I’m not as dumb as Katie Fillingames, that’s why I said the “scuttlebutt” hope you make her pay in court. Was told Les is now selling shoes at Dillards. He’ll hookup Rafferty with some nice shiny ones to represent Kate.

  6. Tim
    Accusations not good if you can’t prove them.
    Ask the pool man.
    Do agree he should sue the Fillingame family for their lying under oath.
    Think its BS on Farve not being at work.
    Sounds like jealousy or a personal beef with them. I have seen him there all hours of the day and his vehicle long after most have gone. I personally do not believe these supervisors would put up with this.
    I call BS
    My only disappointment so far with Ice was when he kept the judge and prosecutor. Both part of the previous administration and the corruption in the PD.
    Wish I could have made the coffee call.
    Was good to hear from the pool man.

    1. Yeah, it’s a Place Apart today alright. It’s one thing to tolerate other ideologies, but to celebrate them…..???

      1. This is a black eye for all of us and our veterans and continues to be. VFW and American Legions officers across the Coast have proclaimed BSL a no zone for veterans events…she represented hate to veterans and these organizers represent a shame on BSL’s image of All’s Welcome !!!!

        1. All Veterans should boycott every downtown business that supports this event. Frida Kahlo hated America. Nuff said. One of the downtown merchants who supports this ( seems like it was the City Attorney, Maggie’s wife) that said Frida was a wonderful person who had survived having a leg amputated. If they want to honor those who suffered loss of limbs and lives, they can walk a short block down and read the names of those from Hancock County who served our country in World War II fighting the Nazis Frida supported.
          Bunch of wackos!!!

          1. Ms Lana it was the City Judge’s wife who puts this on and supports the wacko witch…. terrible image. Went to Ocean Springs tonight, whole area booming not just one corner playing kiss ass to a commie…

            1. Yes. You are right. City Judge Maggie is married to a communist supporter?! Don’t know about the Judge, but pretty sure his Dad is a Veteran!

  7. They are all a bunch of misguided snowflakes! This is the same crowd that doesn’t want a drive through coffee shop, or a 2nd Street Development!

  8. They are the vocal minority as usual no power outside of there loud mouths to intimidate, stop, impede, disparage anyone or anything that they don’t Veiw in their narrow minded miserable lives.

  9. Tired of BS
    All Great
    Showiup and support what you stand for.
    Past/ Present
    Annexation / Not
    Frida Fest / Not
    Don’t bitch now for the past 8 years.
    Don’t cry and bring no solutions.
    Don’t BS and wine about what if we were still in the county.
    The Fing county Done Nothing For Us in how Years we were county.
    I’d bet the county want take us back even if they had a opportunity.
    They celebrated when the city took us.

    1 year yes
    but damn we had 8 years of lies and BS that everyone of you accepted.
    Give this council and administration a chance.
    Go to the workshops and listen and learn great be your concerns.

    All y’all Bs Stirring Idiots in the Bay please please go Back where you come from and let us continue to grow.
    Idiots Wake Up.
    Bunch of BS.
    Tired of the bashing and no solutions from the haters.

    All the Lying Les and Blowgez followers
    Be a pirate and Take a walk off the plank and don’t come back up.
    Bring big Rafferty with the y’all.
    This is OUR Town!!!!!!
    Great Job
    Do what’s best for the Bay.
    Other non believers ,
    go and don’t t come back.
    This is our town.
    Stand up and support the projects in the Bay.
    Voice your support.
    Don’t let a few stop progress
    Non believers 👹🤡👀😂🦇💩💩💩
    Tired of BS

  10. As a concerned citizen, as well as a veteran, I had to abstain from going to Second Saturday this week. My wife and I enjoy going to second Saturdays, listening to the music, and visiting the different shops, but I will not condone celebrating the life of a person that was a communist, and a hater of the United States. That said, I think the article that started this thread is mistaken. It mentions “deadhead 6-figure employees” at the county annex, but only Eddie Favre was mentioned. Where is the plural in “employees”? Also, I believe Favre makes a little less than six figures, so please do your research before you start accusing the Hancock County board of malfeasance.
    I hope this makes the post, as I tried to make sure I was not offensive to anyone, but it seems that we want to look at the little things, instead of the big picture. Why did we have so many issues with Bay Waveland School District? Why was Denardo’s investigation and death shoved under the rug? Why did the Washington Street park get so bad that we have concerned citizens “Taking back our park”? We should focus on what is real, not what is rumor or lies.

    1. Overit, I would like to respond to your questions. I am not even going to waste my time on downtown community! They have there own cult and agenda . They need to be knocked down a notch ! They truly think they own downtown and no rules apply to them. Don’t dare let anyone or any business think they are going to be able to join this group without first signing there rights over to them in blood! First there are a hand full of people including some that work for our local newspapers (Sun Herald and Sea Coast Echo ) will never let the Favre’s name go. No matter what happens, the Favre’s will be blamed or mention in the articles, comments or concerns about this city and county.So we all just have to let these people keep making fools out of themselves. The Favre’s by now, have tuff skin and can handle it. The issues with the Bay/ Waveland school district same thing, lots of wrong doing was going on when several board members, Becky Ladner 1st Superintendent resigned- Vicki Landry 2nd Superintendent resigned along with 2 assistants superintendent and a hell of lot of Secretaries, principals not running that district the correct way. Hiring unqualified principal, moving teachers up into administrator positions, and letting board members go on vacation on taxpayers money. Well a Favre called them all down on it and it all came to a head. One thing I am hearing these past few weeks, the district is headed in a good direction. The new superintendent Sandra Reed came in ( shaking things up was title in newspaper) is doing some wonderful things and making some much needed changes. The ones that are complaining of course is the ones it effects. She removed the 2 assistants superintendent, gave the middle school principal back her assistant principal and cleaned up Central Office. No one got laid off but she knew that Central Office was so top heavy, she has disbursed secretaries out to other departments due to employees retiring or leaving for a new job. She hired within the district, smart move. She also has her assistant superintendent who will be her assistant and Athletic director ! I think that was one very smart move. She also have people that will be continuing to do their job and have a few more responsibilities. Wonderful to here that. I don’t think you going to be seeing anyone with lots of time to sit around. Bay/Waveland is going in the right direction! Now as for the park, let me explain something. At one of the city council meeting, ( cannot give a date but is on record at city hall ) a large number of people who lives in that area or going to the park on a regular basis was complaining about the police was harassing the people at the park. They also stood in front of the council and mayor at one of the meetings playing that damn race card saying only MLK Park was being sorted out. This group of concern citizens said it is a good, fun and clean park for everyone to enjoy and they are tired of the police picking/harassing them. They even question the Mayor and Councilmen if other parks in the city was being monitored the same way. This group was told that it had nothing about being picked on, it was police doing there job and they were getting calls of cars blocking the street. People was not being able to pass and people standing in the road. If they receive complaints about the other parks, they do and has followed up on the complaints. Still they were all playing that race card. Blaming the City for so call “ harassing only MLK Park “ Then guess what happens, a African America was shot and passed away. ( God rest his sole and keep your arms tight around his family ) and now they are wanting to take there park back due to drugs, weapons etc! Sorry but these same people that was complaining about the family friendly part was being harassed by the Bay St. Louis police department. I think Mayor Favre name was mentioned when they were complaining. See the pattern here OVERIT? The name Favre does not stand a chance. I just hope they keep that tuff skin and keep up the good work! I also hope the mayor lets downtown merchants know they do not run this city! A little tired of them. Very disappointed in the event that took place last weekend!

  11. I’m totally blown away of the support and festival for such a person as Frida !!! Theses liberal artsy fartsy downtown crowd have no idea of what America is all about. To celebrate and honor her is a total disgrace to our American people and Veterans who fought for their rights and freedoms today in this country. Shame on them, but then again their choices of people they support has never been the best. They supported Les and all the other Liberals in this country. They don’t want progress in businesses. they are a bunch of selfish people. And to teach their children to support this woman. They are truly communists teaching the hatred for people in our county yet the love for women like Frida. So Sad…

  12. Point, Outraged and crew.
    The celebration of a communist, far left as you could get named frida.
    Bernie and Hillary don’t have nothing on this thing.
    Sad day, but mostly took place around the coffee shop on second st. Don’t blame all for this.
    I just couldn’t believe the people and their kids celebrating her. Just don’t understand.
    And you wonder why some kids are the way they are.

    MLK , Take the park back.
    Political BS.
    These same people doing this sat there
    And watched. Done Nothing
    Now they want to be this big guy and take their park back.
    Where is Blowgez Oliver les thomas singleton Paula Bruce and the rest of the losers in the diversity group?
    Again BS
    Yes a young man was killed and I feel for his family. Yes he had a little baby But he was no angel. Check him out. Let’s see what the investigation reveals.

    A little history:
    As far as the Favres go, I would say half the damn city is related to one down the line somewhere. They have been here and have been in every war this country has been in and long before the good ole USA was established.
    Bottom line, I believe Ice and the Favre crew has alligator skin, very thick.

    Before you ask, no I’m not a favre or Farve or am I related to them. Do like me some history.

  13. What? Say what? City employee says Ice & Desalvo will at budget last night wanted to spend $300,000 cash on privatization of cutting grass in annexed Wards 5 & 6 but not for rest of City ! C’mon Ice say it ain’t true? Also employee leaks out (purposely I guess) that Buddy ( yes Buddy), Larry and DeSalvo had a private meeting at City Hall just hours before budget meeting! Ice be careful with does three, thought that is illegal meeting? Plus rumored that a blonde nemesis of Ice was tipped off and went to City Hall and found out……. Can you hear Ethics violation coming down the pike……

  14. I hope Lana knows this, she definitely will investigate if the 3 Stooges did indeed have a meeting. Also did I read that some council members met privately prior to the presentation on Water situation and not want the competition to be there to hear the other presentations. I do smell something “fishy” here. Maybe private deals taking place with certain companies looking to do business with the city?? Do they think they won’t get caught? Competition is healthy and all should be able to be present and city council needs to be transparent to the people that elected them. HA HA…
    I am glad to hear the School Superintendent is making changes for the benefit of the children that should always come first.

    1. Private water meeting and grass cutting private is the talk of the coffee crowd right now at 7 am. Damn Ice, quit being lead to the Ethics barn by these Les losers. Those type meetings got to be illegal Ice? Setup 101 Ice please stop being fooled you’re doing good!

      1. The lunch at 200 North Beach involving the Alcan property, which I’m guessing is subject to at least one complaint to Ethics, will be the one that results in a PR disaster. The optics are terrible.

  15. Tellit
    Listening to the workshop and grass cutting was talked about.
    The entire city, wards 1-4 , 5&6 and just 6.
    It was stated 6 is the biggest challenge to keep up with.
    I think it’s great to outsource this. 1-4, 5&6 any of it.

    Let’s do it all and cut some employees.
    But have to start somewhere. Glad it’s being discussed. Some tried 4-5 years ago to outsource this and lying less wouldn’t work with them Or BZ.
    Outsource Debris pickup was also discussed.
    Ice and council said they would provide services and they are not scared to look at outsourcing some of this to get it done.

    Don’t know all the meeting laws but I see no problem with hearing what someone has to say and 3 is not a quorum.
    I would think Ice meets with all kind of developers or Businessmen or salesman or jack legs.
    See no problem with this.
    As long as they listen and make no promises I think it’s ok.
    Again don’t know all the laws.
    And if they were trying to hide something they sure in the hell wouldn’t be in the middle of city hall holding private meetings or in N. Beach.

    Now on Reed. He goes to MML for a few classes and has all these suggestions all of a sudden. . Has he never been before?
    And all the questions about who was invited to go to MML. He should have asked this year’s ago.
    No biggie

    Do believe a couple councilman overstepped their boundaries for a few minutes.
    Enough on that. They will be ok.

    Outsource Grass, Roads and ditches.
    Getter Done Ice & Council.

    1. Tks Stone tend to agree with you on most. But Ms. Lana said months ago that Supreme Court said that’s not legal no more! Ms. Lana? My worry is at coffee this a m most are worried that School Board is getting their 2 mils back… so we’re getting at least a 2 mil increase! They went 4 last year! ?????

      1. Tellitlikeitis,,
        Not sure about millage, but you are correct on Miss. Supreme Court ruling. Anyone who wishes to read it can google the Miss. Supreme Court ruling of September, 2017, on public officials meeting in less than quorum numbers. It violates the spirit of the Open Meetings Act, in which the right of the citizens to know what is going on in their government circumvents any officials self assigned “privilege” to discuss their business in private. A newer ruling is expected any time now on public officials that attempt to do the public’s business by email–using email to influence votes before meetings, etc. The courts are becoming more conservative and in favor of the public. It’s a shame the officials and their lawyers won’t come on board. They seem to prefer the clandestine way of doing business!!!

  16. Why isn’t the Frida Fest paying for permits, security and Porto let’s like all other events that require city planning and tax payer financial support. They only contribute through the voluntary tax reporting and we all know how tha is handled!

  17. Is Mrs. Maggio the event organizer? Does anyone know how to contact the organizer. They probably use burner phones.

  18. Sounds like a process server is busy tagging up with folks involved with the Diamondhead city manager suit.

  19. If this is an annual event, then they need to register with the City and acquire the necessary permits to host this deplorable event… There should be no excuses or exceptions…

  20. There is a certain irony in all the keyboarding about a dead lesbian Mexican Marxist just a week ago our President travels to Helsinki and genuflects before a murderous former communist dictator while opening his mouth. I imagine if Obama had done such there would be more outrage in here Red country.

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