Fabled Donut Eater to Hyde Smith Campaign

Been busy as heck folks but I could not let June roll by without sharing that I too love donuts and commenting on this:

There’s been an unexpected staffing shakeup at DMR ~ Paul Hampton

Then there’s Melissa Scallan, the public affairs director who is leaving the agency, perhaps only temporarily. Neither Spraggins nor Scallan would say much.

“Not sure if I can make the announcement as to where Melissa is going,” Spraggins wrote in an email. “Probably can very soon.”

Scallan, a reporter at the Sun Herald for years before going to DMR, simply said we’d have to be patient.

Of course Point Park beat me to it:

The Sun Herald finally has something to say about the contnueing scandal at the DMR. Amoeba Scroggins has hired his old buddy husband Russel any way the wind blows Weatherby. No secrete that Weatherby’s wife and Amoeba Scroggins serve on the airport board with Clay Williams. You remember Clay Williams he and David Harris were big buddies buying those old Mercedies Benz. Weatherby is a loser that mislead the Harrison County Board and misspent appropriated money for noncontract purposes. So Amoeba Spraggins has a moment of senior citizen clarity and hires the loser to manage Todelands and Gomesa funds. We have seen this picture before with Bill Walker. Another $80,000 dollar plus position for a political flunkee. So where you ask is the Cake Eater? One door down from Pizza Palazzo Funkee. BJ Moron was “let go” from his laziness and incompetence as he has been let go from the last few jobs he desperately tried to hand onto. Remember the DMR is the last stop for political despiration. Both were hired without interviewing and no job announcement for qualified applicants. Cake Eater no where to be found. Looking for those lost marbles. So the Donut Eater is going to work for another Bazoka Nose Bryant hack. Cindy Hyde Smith. She gets a free work leave pass like John Mitchell in IT. Can,t blame the lack of leadership in the IT department at DMR. Hard to lead from under the table. Go to catch as many crumbs as you can while you can. Someone has to hold the Executive Snack Secretaries hand. No one in the Tower of Babylon tower has cold hands. The billfish classic this weekend. All those tons of fish killed by the recreational fishers. No worries Jesus Davis will secretly move those tons across the boarder to Mexico Alabama. King Neptune has offered to search the parade floats for those missing Mardi Gras guns.

So there you have it folks, Scallan is working for Cindy Hyde Smith but has her DMR job waiting for her in case things do not work out well on the Campaign trail. File this under your taxpayer money at work for the politicians.

16 thoughts on “Fabled Donut Eater to Hyde Smith Campaign”

  1. I could be confused, but isn’t there some kind of law against campaigning if you are a State employee? Where is our Attorney General and illustrious Governor? Why is this acceptable? How about it Mr. Wicker and Puh-la$$-o? Why is everyone turning their head the other way while laws are being broken left and right at the DMR? It appears that no one cares and the foxes are watching the hen house. What is wrong with this picture people?? I’m beginning to smell some Walker, Zeigler, and Coast legislators. How about it Commissioners of the DMR? Are the Legislators on the Committee for the DMR paying attention? Or are they looking the other way too?? An election is coming up soon. You had ALL better pay attention and fix this matter! Clean out the DMR!!

    1. Charlene,
      Hopefully Melissa has officially left the DMR to campaign for Smith—
      Miss. Code:
      23-15-871 and 25-9-103.
      The taxpayers do have the right to know since she is compensated by them.
      And, if her involvement in Smith’s campaign is so prestigious, you would think
      a press release would have been done?!

      1. I agree Miss Lana. I don’t know what is wrong with the SH these days. They must have reassigned Anita Lee because she did such an outstanding job on investigating slick government dealings. She would get to the bottom of this, I assure you!
        If indeed Ms Scallion is leaving the DMR for another position elsewhere, her job at the DMR should be advertised and the position filled. Anything short of that, I would consider “suspicious” in my opinion. I mean, this is not like she has been called by the National Guard to report to duty and her job is waiting for her. This is absolutely political mumbo jumbo and should not be tolerated by the people. Our two illustrious congressmen should ensure that the right thing is done in this situation – after all, there is an upcoming election and it is my opinion that the people of their area are already fed up with their laxidaisical attitudes and their “good old boy” politics as usual. They may have the surprise of their lives coming!

    1. Mr. Wells, who is approving this “leave of absence”? Someone down there needs to be accountable.

  2. Since she works for DMR I believe the Directer did. I don’t remember them voting on her leaving.They made a big deal about her leaving though.

    1. Mr. Wells it is “all in the family”, so I guess the head person at the DMR does not feel the need to disclose this information to the Public (who by the way, pays his salary and who he works for). These politicians don’t understand that they don’t “work for the Governor”. And evidently, the Governor may need to be reminded who he works for. They can be dethroned just as easily when the people have had enough. The Sun Herald needs to put Anita Lee on this case for us. What do you think Miss Lana? Sound like a good idea? It is time for full disclosure from the DMR if they are indeed working for the people in good faith. What do you say Mr. Hewes? Should your relative come forth and give the answer we seek? Is the DMR being fully transparent, or is this more cover-up, hush-hush? What do you think PP? Are we being unreasonable?

    1. Lock, who is Mr. Weatherly? And I am sure that there is definitely a project already set up for the B P R&F. That swamp sure needs cleaning!

      1. Sorry Charlene, sometimes my liberal apple iPad wants to print names it likes only……it should have been Mr.Weatherby not “Weatherly”…..

        I will never forget I tried to print “Killery Hillary” during the 2016 election and I had to go back time and time again and correct the final proof as Apple, Google and Facebook do not like Trumper comments.

        1. Lock I don’t have a clue who Mr. Weatherby is either 🙂 ? – I wasn’t correcting your spelling….just don’t know of whom you refer to. I don’t recall a Weatherby involved in the past DMR shennanigans.

  3. Shady White new state auditor. All those that steal office supplies should be trembling as they snack at work. Meanwhile the Rat has jumped ship and is going to bleed those veterans of those hard earned benefits while his daughter is going to upgrade that now five year old vehicle. I see a taxpayer all expense vacation in the future from all that stress in playing dominoes with taxpayers money. Those Christian white people dont mind a bit. The Rat did a great job protecting Tina Schumate a big Republican Guard donor for Trent Lott and Pizza Palazzo. Speaking of Pizza Palazzo his pecan sandy loser staff instead of being fired for lack of work is shipped off to corrupt DMR. BJ Moron has successfully done nothing and successfully bilked the tax payers for services not done. I imagine he will crank up the effort when the legislature goes in session. Remember that when you go to the polls this Fall. And speaking of unqualified losers being paid for no work. Weather bee is soon to replace a Miller appointee. We still don’t know his grant qualifications. We still don’t know what his college degree is in. But we know what church he attends. Ha ha ha. First Baptist Church of Greed. Them Christians look after their own. I wonder if the Donut Eater will reopen her Christian web page she had when she first started at the DMR. After all that was her major qualification. A dutiful Christian that defended the Republican Guard. The only question is did she take the wide screen television the DMR bought her to watch those LSU Tigers lose so badly. Perhaps Cindy won’t be so sympathetic being a Rebel fan.

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