Monday Miscellany: I wonder if the local bar has heard of Rule 4 plus Contractor Keith Marquar arrested again

The streets of Hancock County turned a bit meaner last month when former Sea Coast Echo Journalist Dwayne Bremer was sued in Federal Court along with a bevy of Diamondhead City Officials and community activists by former City Manager Clovis Reed. When I saw the news of the suit last Friday night my initial thought was sue Double D? Why in the hell sue Double D? Luckily for everyone I took a peek at the case via PACER and I found two things:

  1. I’m still wondering why in the hell Double D has been sued because I did not see any specific allegations against him in Reed’s complaint as he was simply lumped in with Tommy Scafer and the rest like he was a City official. It won’t take Perry Mason to get Dwayne out of Reed’s Section 1983 civil suit.
  2. How much money did or will Reed or his lawyer spend using a process server toΒ  get the defendants their copy? Some defendants essentially waive service so a process server isn’t needed but with this many defendants I never understand why the local bar doesn’t use the Rule 4(d) waiver process more often. A defendant that waives service of a summons would certainly sign the Rule 4 Waiver and get a bit more time to respond while those that don’t get stuck for the cost of not playing nice.

Moving right along its beginning to look like all the chatter about multiple victims coming forward against local contractor Keith Marquar is the accurate assessment while public speculation that Marquar’s first arrest was somehow retaliation for his Civil Suit against the City of Bay St Louis evaporates. Geoff Belcher did a very good job for the Echo here:

Local business owner arrested again over alleged contract fraud ~ Geoff Belcher

Hancock Sheriff Ricky Adam is not releasing names because “he does not wish that the alleged victim or victims in the cases be held up for public ridicule or harassment.” That said the secrecy has only fueled speculation by Marquar’s supporters he was being railroaded. From my standpoint here in the peanut gallery I think Sunshine is always better. This is not a sex crime after all.

Finally as rumors of more victims coming forward swirl about it’s beginning to look like Mr. Marquar’s civil suit is more about trying to shut people up more so than stating a valid grievance.

3 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany: I wonder if the local bar has heard of Rule 4 plus Contractor Keith Marquar arrested again”

  1. Question
    How did mayor Ice get in this lawsuit?
    Lying les was the mayor when this took place.
    Know they are supporters of ea. other , literally, but he should be named. Lying les was named when it came out and should be named now.

    Listened to the Blowgez Paula Thomas Oliver Gamble and puppets show tonight with the 2 councilman.
    One question was how many lawsuits against this administration.
    I know of one. The Chief that was fired.
    Anyone else know of any?
    Marquar is before his time.
    Just wondering.
    And to blame Ice for his arrest is ridiculous.
    Always picking on me. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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