Former Fillingame Administration Employees, Appointees to Host Wards 1 and 3 Town Hall

Slabbed readers may remember this same group of folks that are sponsoring the Town Hall recently protested at City Hall. Their demands were:
1. No PJ’s Coffee drive through be allowed in town.
2. The Alcan property must remain vacant/undeveloped.
3. A Minority must be placed on the school board at all cost.

Reader Provided Photo via Facebook
Reader Provided Photo via Facebook

If you live in Wards 1 or 3 this is your chance to meet your City Councilman.

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  1. The so call group called “ Equality, Diversity, Justice, Equity: Beyond Politics “ is a JOKE! First off the people that is in charge of this group and created it, needs to sweep under there own doormats!
    Beaugez- Time clock Fraud, training dogs and having a business in a residential area, removing a website he did for the city of BSL and received payment for doing this website. He did this on City time, received payment and took it back. Many times at his home during City time, suppose to be working . Very very long lunch breaks on taxpayers time and money. He will get on social media and make comments or have questions on live city council meeting but has not been to one meeting since Les left. He ask lots of questions on social media and he gives himself the answers! Really? No balls!
    Paula Fairconture- when asked if she would do something, her statement would be “that is not my job” Les let her get away with this because he needed her for the votes. Sorry to say this because I’m not racist by all means but It’s known Les wanted to make sure he got the black community votes and Paula was his ticket. It didn’t work for this election, sorry. So that being said, she pretty much was untouchable and she knew it! Also I truly don’t think she knows what or how to use a time clock!
    Rhonda Oliver- at one point, I truly thought you worked for the city of BSL instead of of your husband. What is sad about Rhonda, she does not care about this city or community. Yes she is at all the city meeting but her questions are not about the the best interest and concerns for the city. It is about who doing what and why is a plug not working, about who is licenses in the building department and why they let this happen and why is trustees are painting the building near money draws. Basically being noisy and wanting to make the mayor and councilman look like idiots. The thing with her, don’t dare ask her why her husband was not license to be a building inspector. ( could be the test he had to take ) Also don’t mention that her husband was also using city time to check on his home building or remodeling projects for his company. In Lowe’s making purchases for materials to be delivered to his project sites. Let’s not forget going to these sites doing city hours checking on his crew. I would call that time clock Fraud! My all time favorite, don’t ask her about his DUI case in what is the standing on it as of today? She would come after you with claws out! She would be in that board meeting if that was the mayor, his son, or anyone else that is working for the city asking questions like why is this person still working for the city, why is this person still driving city equipment or vehicles. How come this person still around because she is in fear for her life.
    Joan Thomas- Ok for daughter to give false statement about her qualifications. Approved for Singleton vacation, approved for Superintendent when told from AG office not to. Approved to contact AG office with false information about a board member, also thinking because she is black she deserved to be on that school board, trying to play that damn race card! Remember I’m not racist, she is! To be a teacher, she needs to look up the definition of minority. It says nothing about color. She had her own definition Of that word, the only color she saw was black! I was proud of the mayor for standing up to that room full of people who was trying to play the race card. He made the right decision and he showed it was not about color!
    These people are not concerned about our beautiful city. They are only concern about talking about certain people they dislike. I have yet to see any good questions or concerns being asked! Nothing about city projects, roads being paved, Our police department, taxes, school district. Just today i read the groups post and they are trying to bash people for talking about there Facebook page, Why? If you are truly up and up, you shouldn’t explain yourself. You always have to have the last words . I would love to know if I would come and ask about all of the above statements would I get the answers or get removed from the building! Last but not least, Councilman Seal and Reed, the only reason you are presenting yourself at there meeting, you are thinking about your futures! Like I said above, this group is a JOKE and a little side note, people are already saying they only hit like and joined so they can see how stupid this group can be! These people would be the last I would trust in anything they post! Last, since this group begin and after showing up at one meeting to protest for not reappointing Joan Thomas, None ( except Rhonda and her being scared to go into city hall every week due to trustees and not a working plug ) has not been back at a city meeting or school board meeting. How can anyone believe this group is concerned about our community! Something to think about folks!

  2. Damn Point
    Now we have two saviors.
    Life long politicians that has taken and gave nothing.
    Reed: Taken
    Whole block by MLK
    Other corner as well
    Drainage by his church
    Seal Reed
    Watched previous administration
    miss spend $1,000,000’s on what?
    Not on what it was collected for.
    But we got
    Toilet paper
    Court fees for Daughter’s lying affidavits against the pool man
    Payroll fraud
    Gun running
    Little thomas
    Greg Farve
    Rehired drug dealers
    Convicted drug dealers on city property
    Convicted city employee drug dealers
    They watched this all take place and never said NO or Nothing!!!!!!!
    Why ?
    Skin color
    Ask them why they let this s💩💩💩 go on!!!!!!
    Ask seal if he can appoint the school board member.
    Ask reed who wrote that letter.
    Both 💩💩💩💩 heads

    1. Let Fatraff run wild. Let Leslie take Police $300k illegally then put police cars on taxpayers. Let Bldg mafia go stupid for years with Fatwrecker at the wheel. Here comes the Boudin, than Falgout and Favre!!! Now the Iceman cometh . Joy to the world 🌎.

  3. Unmitigated gall is the phrase I use when discussing Reed. Claiming his concern for the ward in which he was elected while committing violations in another. Yes, it was I, who called DEQ and had them investigate the stench of sewerage coming from the church. Pave over a septic tank for a parking lot and it no longer works, so just release the sewerage off your property. Forced onto county sewerage.

    His property that faces Washington St. would flood so “someone” in charge of this matter during the Fillingame administration determined that rather than replacing culverts that were laid more than 60 plus years, the flooding could be alleviated by diverting the water not with just one, but two culverts under the street. And naturally, done by the city at two different times.

    His latest vendetta involves the clogged drainage located quite a distance from the church. Talk about cleaning it out has gone on since Katrina. This drainage actually meets up with a larger drainage ditch at Highway 90 and would benefit several wards in the city. A smaller drainage ditch directly behind the church and on private property, worked well until the church was built. While still in the county, a duplex was built just feet away from the property line and caused drainage problems for my fathers property. As he always stated, “A pooldo couldn’t walk across it now even with shingles tied to his feet.”

    Although not an engineer, any idiot can ride a bicycle (at your own risk) from Highway 90 moving north and would notice the slope of the land drops dramatically at Perniciaro Lane. His drainage cannot be fixed and wasting taxpayer money is not the answer.

  4. If I had to guess it was Buddy Z! He needs to call broad at the hip and quick at the lip fat Rafferty to help cover up all his bullshit! That’s how they did it for LesLie Filingles! Whew we will be dealing with that bag of crap for years!

  5. Please make sure you all attend the “Town Hall” meeting and express these concerns. Why should these politicians be allowed to have this meeting like they are “good faith” with the constituents? BS they know they are on the fence and should be called down publicly. This is not a council meeting so go and be heard and let all who may not attend the City Council meeting know what is actually going on and what these 2 are doing in their wards and the entire City. Good Luck !

  6. Rev. Reed, what a joke. I was working on a project with a friend some years ago and the only way he would support him is if my friend would contribute to his church( which is Rev. Reed not congregation)….. Typical Politician..Let’s don’t do something good for the community, only whats good for ME !!

  7. That property that the city is considering buying belongs to Reed’s sister. Go figure.

  8. These 2 worms.
    They sat back and watched the previous administration for 8 years and did nothing or said anything about all the illegal things being done.
    Would not support Lonnie Joey Ice.

    Dumb and Dumber just getting Dumber.

    They were there all them years and lied during the election in 2013 about how great everything was in the Bay. Just like Les, Wendy , Bobby

    Or were they really to stupid to know better and les played them for the fool they are. This is les’s puppets putting this circus together.
    Beware of the 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

    Either way they are just as responsible as les for the shape the city is in and now after about 20 years ea. of collecting checks and doing nothing want to hold SOME of the employees responsible for their work. Thank you

    Maybe the worms ought to ask Blowgez why he crashed the web page or ran an illegal business in his home while working for the city and getting paid big bucks as les’s assistant.

    Just went along and collected a pay check.
    Reed is never prepared for a meeting and that’s why he asks the engineer or the mayor the same questions just so we can hear him speak.
    Seal all of a sudden wants to be the voice of the council.
    I don’t believe.
    Keep up the good work
    Larry the Nerd – “Revenge Of The Nerds”
    Josh the Jumper,
    Gary the Sign Man,
    Gene the Attorney and
    ZZ Top sometimes.

  9. Seal is wanting to run for mayor! Reed is in for his personal benefit! Reed will be happy to lead Seal around like a goat on a rope to get what he wants and promise the Ward 3 vote! They are what they are.

  10. Ok was sent a copy of the video of the town hall meeting tonight of the group for the town hall “cult” ! The meeting started out with some good questions ( not many people there ) and the answers was good. However you need to go watch the meeting for yourself. It looked like it was a campaign meeting! Seal is definitely wanting to be mayor and that is ok but he is telling these people what they want to hear! One lady asked about when they all showed up at City Meeting in showing support for Joan Thomas. Basically asking why did they even show up because no one listen to them! OMG! You think showing up for one meeting would change the mines of the councilmen and Mayor. No one stood up and ask Joan Thomas ( Joan and daughter sitting side by side there ) why did she vote for things on that school board that was not legal ? Why did she cost taxpayers money to send complaints about a board member and it came back denied! Why did her daughter lie to get a job for the public library? Why let Singleton go on vacation on taxpayers money! Approving 4 year contract to Vicki for Superintendent and she was not to ! Why not ask her about the AG’s option and she went against there decision? No one ask Beaugez why he stole from the city on time clock and stole the website he created for the city on City time? Received payment for it. Why? Why? Seal stood in front and repeatedly said he voted for Joan to continue to be on the board, so seal is saying it is ok to do illegal things. Reed too! People I cannot believe what I heard! I mean all 20 people did not ask them these questions listed above. Why???? Remember it is a town hall meeting. You have a right to ask these questions. The only questions was asked was why the mayor didn’t do this. Why the councilman is not doing this and why is this being done! Why is the mayor doing that and this! Damn, go ask the mayor! Joan please give it up! Move on! Seal and Reed told the 20 people what they wanted to hear! The PJ’s coffee shop was another issue. Those people never go downtown to shop ever in any of those shops or eat down there, So why does it matters to them! I did not see downtown business owners at this meeting. I have never seen any of these people at a city meeting ( once in support of Thomas Fraud ) or at any school board meeting anytime I have been there. I have been to both, plenty of times. But all 20 was there on there tuff tonight still believing this town is racist! No you all are racist and I’m starting to get sick of your race cards. You have to be running out of those cards by now. Seal, I am glad for you and glad when and if you run for mayor, you know you have 20 votes for sure. The thing that scares me, if you let these people, Beaugez, Oliver, Thomas and Thomas’s daughter think what they did was not wrong, I would not want you to run our city! You already have wrong doing in your veins. Still proud of the mayor and the councilmen for standing up for not letting people to do wrong. Another thing was Seal was talking about lawsuits and lots of DUI cases that is in this group of lawsuits, not one person looked at a Rhonda Oliver when that was discussed and Rhonda kept her head down reading some papers intensed! Haha! All the people that has like, shared, or following this group , where was you tonight? This was your chance instead of talking on social media to ask questions and demand answers. But you wasn’t there. I have no questions for this people because I know if I ask questions, I am for sure will be escorted out the back down ! I also know my answers because I did my research and have all the letters from AG’s Office. School board traveling requests and approved. I also have my documentation with all minutes from the school board meetings. Documentations of money being approved by Vicki Landry that her brother sent her to approve for spending. City meeting, I have those also. I had to do lots of leg work but I did it. Minutes, agendas , approving etc…… Library agenda from where Courtney stood there and down right lied. Also have a copy of the letter that was sent to the Library committee explaining about the grant and the money that she received ! That is wrong. Stealing, telling lies, Fraud is all wrong! If that would be any everyday citizen, they will be in jail! Period, and it would be no questions ask! Jail!!!! I don’t understand how you could have a group and the group is being organized by criminals!
    I hope tomorrow or even the next day, things will get better around this community but it won’t until these people listed above are held accountable for there wrong doing and acts!

    1. Damn that was good Stone ! Watched fake film myself. Saw Mrs. Les planted in back with Rhonda O. and Waveland’s own Rhonda G. planted in front.Paula on one side and President Blowgez on other. Nice setup Jackasses like folks won’t notice

  11. Rhonda G wants to be heard and seen! Been like that her whole life. Not a very reliable back ground.

  12. Well, the last shoe has dropped in the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District that compels all of us who really care about the education of our children, future leaders and taxpayers of our community to thank Mayor Mike Favre and the Bay St. Louis City Council for making the changes they did to the School Board. As if the gruesome graduation rates that were reported two weeks ago weren’t bad enough with us coming in second from the bottom of the coast school districts:
    The State Department of Education released the 2018 3rd Grade Reading Scores today. That is the test that, by law, determines whether or not a child passes to the 4th Grade. They cannot be promoted if they fail this test.
    Of the 15 Coast School Districts, Bay-Waveland brought up the rear scoring 15th with a passing percentage of 91.8. The data at the State Dept. reveals we have been on a downward spiral for the last 3 years scoring 95% of 3rd graders passing in 2016, and 3 percentage points above the state requirement of 93%. Then in 2017, we fell to 92.1%, and this year to 91.8%. This data reveals that we are in trouble, and it is in the worse possible area–our Kindergarten through 3rd grade, the foundation of a child’s education. AND guess where that campus is—–Waveland Elementary, our “D” rated campus by the State Dept.
    Remember the over 300 posts on Slabbed on this issue about a month ago? Yep that is where our trouble is, big time, and it is getting worse.
    We actually scored behind Moss Point, a very troubled school district, that was nearly taken over by the state a few years ago. But they are now under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Shawn Vincent.
    She is a former teacher at Bay High. Went on the get her administrative degree, and ultimately her PhD. and is doing great things at Moss Point. She doesn’t back off from a challenge for sure.
    But that’s what happens when a School Board cares enough to put the children under the supervision of someone who is prepared to lead them and their teachers.
    Not what happened at Waveland Elementary in 2015. Becky Ladner put her friend, Sharon Sutherlin, in charge of that campus taking over from Frances Weiler, PhD. Sutherlin had not even served as an Asst. Principal, and was now in charge of a campus where it all begins for the kids. The rest is history.
    And who’s paid the price? The kids.
    I lay these dismal figures right in the lap of Becky, Mike Bell, Mark Kidd, Joan Thomas, and Maurice Singleton. But they were too busy buying artificial turf, bleachers, scoreboards, and hiring over priced lawyers to care about these little ones.
    I sincerely hope this new Superintendent can jerk a knot in these people. I hope she hires a battle axe that can get on that campus on St. Joseph St. and do those little ones justice.
    Sorry if I sound frustrated, but this just irks me when the kids bear the brunt of the incompetence and lack of priorities at 200 N. Second St.
    The news is worse too, because the test for next year is going to be much harder to pass.
    We sure got a lot for those six figure administrative salaries didn’t we??!! And to think, Landry almost got another four years, but for the action of Mike Favre and the City Council. She would surely have destroyed us totally in that length of time. Come on July 1.

    1. Just heard today that the secretary at Waveland Elementary is leaving for a new job. I think she has been there for about ( 15 years, give or take ). I think she sees the changes coming and not in a good way for the office staff at WES. No more running the office. The principal ask for 10 assistants for 2018-2019 school year. I doubt he will ever see that request. He might have to start working these days. He is in for a big shocker! No more secretary running that show!

      1. And, I am hearing, On Point, from educators in other high performing districts, that classroom assistants are not a necessarily a good idea.
        Their philosophy is:
        Make those teachers teach!!
        I know. I was surprised at that comment too!!
        But it’s coming from those who are succeeding, and outdoing us. But that’s not so hard right now. Can’t wait to see how the new Superintendent approaches this disaster we’ve been calling a school district.

        1. Lana, Hope the new superintendent owns some steel toe boots because she is gonna need them with this district that has been getting away with things from the top at Central Office all the way to the Elementary! She is definitely gonna have to put her foot down on this district! Also the elementary principal wanted a assistant principal to that list. I was wondering what he was gonna do all day?

        2. That is the most ignorant thing (and that is saying alot) that you have ever said on this page. Truly, you are a moron. When did you last step in a classroom? Oh Yeah it was the one room one with the school marm. Your kids went to private school? Zip your wrinkled old lips about something you truly know nothing about.

    2. So I have been reading the posts here for a while now and I have learned a few things along with seeing all the finger pointing, slandering etc. I have listened to Lana and others put down and put down on the BWSD for so long I’m sure everyone would be surprised if she had anything good to say.
      And I’m sure it is easy for some people to be sucked into that type of negativity and feed upon it. But instead of everyone jumping on the band wagon of pointing fingers of a particular principal/administrator/school board member etc. has anyone stopped to ask questions instead of the finger pointing? Maybe we have a larger problem as a whole? Question, has anyone stopped to think of how much our demographics have changed over the past several years? I know for a fact over the last, maybe 7 years, the elementary schools started getting free breakfasts and lunches. It started with Waveland and moved up to North Bay and has since moved to the Middle School. I fully expect within the next two/three years it will move into the high school and all four school will be getting free breakfasts/lunches. But let’s just think about this for a minute. Three out of the four schools in the district receive free lunches. What has changed over the last several years? Well the reason for everyone getting the free lunches have to do with the number of people with low incomes. Now let’s think about all the rent subsidized apartments/housing and section 8. Question, could this have something to do with the under-performing schools since it seems our schools district, over the last several years, is slowly becoming an inner city school district? It’s a larger problem, with a larger picture that is going to take a larger plan rather than consistently laying the blame on one person. Honestly, how long can one continue to bash a person?

      Next question, since it is no secret, Lana, and the Hancock County for Good Government Alliance, or whatever the name is, has consistently bashed the new turf fields at the Bay football stadium and any other improvements to the athletic department, and the new addition/remodel to the high school, (I’m sure I’m leaving something out) does anyone know where this money came from? I don’t have the break down, but I’m sure someone does. Because I don’t think all the money that was spent came directly from the taxpayers of Hancock County, so to speak. I believe some of the money may have been federally funded. Hence, my question, and the fact the money would have only been able to be spent on these things and not “in the classroom”. I could be wrong, but I’m asking a question. Also, to expand upon my above question, and the constant bashing on the athletics program, can anyone stop to think for a moment about what would happen if we didn’t have an athletic program? Is it so far out of everyone’s realm to think that the only reason some kids may finish school, the only thing that may keep some kids out of trouble (that may be changing also), the only thing that some kids may have, is SPORTS??? Again, I’m asking a question?

      I have more questions, but will save for a later date as this post seems to be getting quite lengthy. And I really would like to hear some answers to the questions instead of finger pointing/bashing/slander etc.

      1. “I Have a Question” is now ready to actually blame the children for their “demographic” background for the 3 year downward spiral in reading scores at Waveland Elementary, like a child can help where they came from or who their parents are??!! Perhaps” IHaveaQuestion” should study the demographics of Pass Christian and Moss Point, both of whom outscored us this year. Those districts don’t make excuses and blame the kids. They actually roll up their sleeves and produce. I can tolerate a lot of nonsense, but blaming the kids is beyond comprehension. What a loon!!!

        1. But you see Lana, I didn’t point fingers or call anyone a name, I asked questions and I certainly did not say it was the children’s’ fault or any one particular person’s fault. I said we may have a larger problem (that’s not making an excuse) that may take a larger plan. As with many inner city schools, they are known to have lower scores/higher dropout rates/higher crime rates than other area schools. And here you are, taking words and putting them in my mouth and turning them around when I tried to ask questions. I believe what I said in my first paragraph would have a great effect on test scores since that seems to be what it all boils down to. Why are you so defensive and why the name calling? Is it really necessary? Again, just a question. I would be happy to hear some answers to the questions (preferably without the name calling) or just some intelligent positive discussion on helpful solutions to what could be a very large problem.

          1. Then call the Dtate Dept. of Education. Don’t go after me or the kids just because you don’t like the information.

            1. Lana,
              “Question” did not go after you. But, if you would do a little research, or even ask an elementary teacher for that matter, you would learn that demographics do play a large part in student achievement. Is that the students’ fault? No. But, lack of exposure to early learning experiences (vocabulary building) is directly correlated with income. Therefore, teachers are required to work harder to bridge gaps early on in the students’ education. That is why I firmly believe teacher assistants are desperately needed at WES. BWSD is the ONLY district on the coast that does not have assistants in the first grade. Research has proven that lower student to adult ratios can have a profound impact on student achievement. Additionally, research shows that, developmentally, students in grades K-3 have the greatest opportunity to overcome deficits due to lack of exposure in early child hood.
              So, “question” isn’t really off base. Instead of focusing on immediate test scores, perhaps a long-term plan, with the understanding that the results, at least in test-scores, may take a few years is a better option.

              1. Finally, constructive, intelligent words. So, I was about to forget about asking my next question since it seemed no one was interested or concerned with my previous ones. I see some seem still interested in disregarding what I asked and still harping on same ole same ole. But, another question was going to be concerning the “10” assistants being requested by Waveland and the “make the teachers teach” comment. Why can’t we hire a few assistants and see what happens? Just asking a question. If you go back to my original question about the inner city schools, which are known for lower test scores. And no, the kids cannot help if they are poor, but with lower incomes do come two parents often not home to take care of the kids due to working multiple jobs, kids left to raise themselves, due to various reasons, un-involved parents, parents on drugs, kids in foster care, (which Hancock County is becoming known for) but basically kids not getting what they need at home to be able to keep up in school. You have unruly kids, kids falling asleep in class, kids not showing up, falling behind which all of this affects ALL other kids in class. What I’m saying is MAYBE, assistants are needed so the “teachers can teach”. It is hard to teach a class with unruly kids, kids that can’t stay awake in class due to no parenting at home etc., maybe 10 assistants aren’t needed but maybe some are.

                I’m sure the next response I will hear is, “there is no money for this”, but that leads me to my next question. Wasn’t there a law at one time where you needed a tag registered in Hancock County for your child to go to a school in Hancock County? Just asking a question? What happened to that law, because as far as I can tell we have people from every county in MS and several states going to Bay schools. Who enforces this and why do they not have to show proof at registration?

                I’ll end at two questions since I am still hoping to hear people chime in on my previous questions too.

          2. Ihaveaquestion,
            You already know the answers and know everything going on. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, go to the school board meeting and ask them these questions listed above and get back with us on the correct answers. The bashing that has been done on here is truth. Sad to say this, but these people has been doing wrong. Mostly higher up! There is no way a staff or faculty member would get away with these things. As far as the Athletic department, yes it is good to have these extra curriculum for the students. My problem is how all the wrong doing that has gone on for so long in this district. Sorry but the teachers are miserable! I know many that are miserable! I think the money in our district could be spent better then it has been. Wasted money at Central office! If you would maybe go to one of there meetings you would see that. A superintendent and 2 assistant superintendents. The secretaries has secretaries working for them. You have a Elementary principals requesting 10 teacher assistants and a assistant principal for a Elementary school that has maybe 300 students and very unhappy teachers that has NO guidance, NO support NO concerns for them! A principal tells you that the PE teacher will not start her day until 11:30 so she can do some filing, bringing bookbags, lunchboxes & snacks that was dropped off at the office is a huge problem for me. We are not paying this teacher to do that! No the teachers can not speak up because we all know repercussion will occur. I feel that teachers will teach if they have the support system they should have. Happy Teachers will lead to happy children who wants to learn no matter what there home life is like. That will make happy parents, state of Education, community and taxpayers! Yes I agree some of the bashing should not have taken place but I guess when you had enough, you had enough! Please go see the payroll and what everyone’s salary is, you will be very surprised! The Administration is doing really good. Cannot say that for teachers! Get back with us on your findings.

            1. On Point and Question,
              If the ” bashing” y’all are referring to are my two posts reporting the academic statistics on our School District, I will gladly take criticism for exposing those numbers rather than sit back and pretend everything is wonderful when we know better.
              I don’t like the gritting feeling of sand in my nose. That’s why I don’t bury my head in it.
              We have students at risk.

            2. “Happy Teachers will lead to happy children who wants to learn no matter what there home life is like”. Really? Cause I’m thinking a “Happy Teacher” is not going to lead a child that was yanked from their home and doesn’t know when they are going to see their family again to want to learn. Not immediately anyway. No teacher has that amount of time because they have approx. 25 other children with different needs and abilities. But if that is what you honestly think then you might want to take a step back and do some more thinking.

              1. Ihaveaquestion,
                Yes I truly think that is true. The children you are talking about spends more time with there teacher then with parents, divorce parents, parents with 2 or 3 jobs! Night shift parents, parents or parent that does drugs. You act like Bay/Waveland is a school district that is the worst district because of parents and students based on free lunch! Have you checked out the graduation rate for this district and the scholarships that are given out in this district! Yes , I do believe if teachers have the support from there principals & Superintendent along with all administrators, they are very happy to be at work, not calling in sick because they just need a break. Principals backing them up when it comes to students disrupting and disrespecting teachers. Stop telling teachers to ask your peers to take that student for awhile. Really?? So the student can disrupt another class! I have teachers tell me, I love teaching, love my students but wish I could teach instead of doing the principals job, nurses job, school counselors job and the school curriculums job! We have a alternative class for students that disrupts the class or disrespects there teachers. Well principals don’t want to send students to this class because they donot want to deal with parents complaining! Maybe you will see 2 students in that class with a certified teacher and a assistant! Damn use the class if it is there! Teachers always says this on a daily basis, I wish the administrators would come do my job for one day! They wouldn’t make it! It is time for our administrators to step up and do there job. They get paid to damn much money to not support these teachers! As far as 25 students that have needs and different abilities, They might have 5 or 6 students out of 25;that needs that attention. Behavior ,issues with home life, low levels in certain subjects.That is where the (principal-Behavior) ( Counselor-issues with home life) ( school curriculum with his or her assistant is supposed to work with-low level students) each day! These people are not doing there job! I will keep repeating myself, Happy teachers will make happy students that will be excited to come to school and wanting to learn. Believe it or not, School is the only thing they know is consistent and they have a daily routine. We have great teachers ! As far as the students going to schools not in there area is allowed because they have to pay. Yes by the state and being audit ( gets done several times a year ) they are required proof of resident, shot record, Birth certificate & several forms of ID to enroll your child. The ones that abuse this system. Nothing can be done. If they have two forms of ID in there name with that address, who can prove they are not living there. But I know for sure, if you want your child to attend another district, you pay for the year. Several parents pay it! In you have several that will lie! Like I said, nothing can be done for that. There is no resource to go sit in front of a house to see if that person lives there. So I hope I answered your 2 questions and I will stand firm on my beliefs and not take2 steps back! Just go ask one teacher or ask as many as you like, they will tell you what I to.d you. If they are not afraid of repercussion!

              2. IHaveAQuestion, I hope you get this comment: Sincerely On Point

                There are no good schools without good principals.
                It just doesn’t exist.
                And where you have good principals, great teachers come, and they stay, they work hard, and they grow.
                – Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

            3. As far as the assistants for first grade, they had them at one time before the storm but supposedly there was a survey done and teachers was ask for lower student numbers in there class or assistants. They chose lower numbers. They have no more then 25 students it if they have a assistant, they will have 29 or 30 students! I know this was done before the storm but at that time the teachers wanted lower numbers! Yes we have a new generation but I don’t think that offer is on the table due to heavy over administrator staff and yes no money!

        2. That comment was totally on point. Not to see the ruth in that statement is to be blind to social demographics..

  13. Dead on Lana
    But if you watched the circus last night that the Les Puppets put on you will clearly see the set up for worm seal to run for mayor. Just so happens he had answers for the questions printed out. But still giving false information and letting false statements be made.
    And then out of the blue the Thomas’s praised the worms, seal and reed for sticking with her.
    Never mind the facts she approved to pay for fraud or went against ethics decisions or filed false reports to the AG for investigation.
    They stuck with her why? Votes Votes just like les.
    And if I’m not mistaken worm seal finally voted for the lady the mayor put forth.
    What a worm.

    Anyway who caught the meeting tonight. At the last public forum Oliver pointed out a ethics complaint she filed and folgout was found wrong for open meeting by emails?
    She wants the council to make him pay for attorney fees and other cost associated with this. OK

    But Mayor Ice, late getting to the meeting, asked council to go after who ever filed all the complaints where no wrong doing was done. That cost is a lot more money than the folgout finding costs the city.
    I like that.
    Of course Oliver didn’t and she didn’t stay around any longer.

    1. Tks Stone for pointing out truths on Ethics. Ms. O. filed tons ofpages of complaints against previous Council and Ron Thorp against Open Meetings. What she didn’t say last night that ALL of her many alleged charges were DENIED. I sent an email to all Councilman and I was told that’s impermissible. No censure and or fine, just not allowed. Truth prevailed against revenge! STRIKE ONE! Next she claims: no permits for Tourism/Moseley event on June 2 and festival on June 16th.: Permits in hand, insured etc. STRIKE TWO! Next Rhonda G spends all day with Councilman Larry calling Sec. of State, Tax Commission and IRS looking for “non-compliance” of Alice Moseley nonprofit! Got call informing us! Then Larry makes bold announcement in meeting!!!! I went to Meeting and addressed Councilman Larry and members. Federal and State 501c3 in phone and sent to President Hoffman. Councilman Larry, “ no 990 filed!” Wrong! exemption of 990 status by IRS to us in possession of Museum! “Insurance?” Wrong again! $1 million in place for Museum and City on Depot Bldg. plus a Museum paid security system! STRIKE THREE! After meeting, Councilman Smith ADMITTED to me of Gamble and his actions in calling!! I gave him my cell phone so he could stop wasting City time and assets!!!! Previous STRIKE: “ABC Environmental bill!” Make Falgout pay it! ABC went to Court, City couldn’t contest, I was there has a witness. Result: BSL agreed to pay ABC their $1000 bill, Court cost! Plus City Attorney for being there….another STRIKE ! Grandstanding 101, no results just grandstanding when a simple email of information would do…… Next: “ let’s waste more City $$$ and get City Attorney to look into Ethics whether Falgout negotiated Alice Moseley’s lease contract as a former Councilman??? REALLY? I’m not going to answer that one now!!! Let’s wait until $$$$$ is wasted by City Attorney, get that opinion from Ethics and then our Board Attorney can come answer it publicly….

    2. Not surprise! Why is her husband not there standing up and asking questions. Is she is personal assistant? Can he speak? Just wondering because I haven’t seen him at any city meeting or town hall meeting. Maybe his heart can’t take it!

        1. It is sad. He is a harmless guy but his reputation is tainted by his spouse.

          He ain’t sharp, accountable, or a leader, but he is a good guy. Les used him as a yes man.

          1. Duped, I will have to agree with you. He is a good guy. He fell into Les’s cult and could not get out. His wife is definitely making him look bad. Rhonda’s problem, she has no clue what she is talking about! I have said this before, she is not concern about this city!!! She is out to get whoever she can and bring them down and talk crap about anyone and everyone. It is all personal with her, not the best interest for our city or,community. She loves to ask questions but don’t ask her any questions, she will tell you in a heartbeat, none of your business. What is so sad, she is so deep into the cult, she doesn’t realize that the town hall group has her doing all the talking at the meeting and making sure she gets all the post out with negative comments! There is no saving her, no amount of alcohol ( instead of holy water )poured over her will save her!

  14. The Miss. Ethics in Government Act does not require a complainant to be reimbursed by the entity or individual against whom they complained under any circumstances.Those filing complaints have to understand they will have to research and prepare documents at their own expense to file.

  15. Where has Les been hiding? Has anyone seen him? He went under a rock. His wife has been at meetings with a long face badmouthing ice. Heard rumors of him running for circuit clerk that Karren is retiring, then I heard he was running for District 4 supervisor and he was lobbying a couple supervisors for the county administrator job a few weeks ago. Heard Eddie don’t show up for work and his bosses are embarrassed by his performance. Guess trash doctors kicked him to the curb after he lost. Just wondering, maybe he is on house arrest. 😨

  16. Les couldn’t win dogcatcher in a county race. But he would fit in well with this board. They advertised the administrator position at 10k less than they hired Eddie for. And he doesn’t go to work, works when he feels like it. Where’s the alliance for good government? He leads poor Bo didly around like a goat on a rope and dangles little man Blane and Arrogant Scottie like two puppets on a string. He’s laughing at them while getting his retirement up at our expense. I hope slabbed and the echo prints the salaries, benifets, perks and lack of qualifications required to hold office. I hear quite a few high paying positions are being vacated due to retirement and higher aspirations. Tax collector, judge, sheriff, both clerk’s at over 100k each and even some board seats?? We need new blood. Some new last names, stop the nepotism it’s not a birthright.

  17. Something just hit me. All this talk about nepotism and is
    “THE FAVRE’S” running Hancock County. I have a question, at one time, Gary Yarborough was Waveland City attorney then left to go work for Board Of Supervisors as there attorney. Now Waveland City attorney is Rachael Yarborough! The wife of Gary Yarborough. Hmmmmm Wonder if these jobs was advertised? Wonder how many applicants applied and received interviews? The Echo, Sun Herald, community, taxpayers, and whoever dislikes the Favre’s was all asking about the position that Mr. Casey Favre received saying favoritism, nepotism and the good old boy system and of course Mr. Gary Yarborough and Blaine Lafontaine trying to stop it. That backfired and almost got there asses in a crack! Did anyone ever ask or question these positions? Did anyone question the Mayor of Waveland or the Board Of Supervisors how this couple got there jobs? Hmmmmm something to think about! Also, no one has mention how Les’s daughter was able to work for the city of BSL but everyone wants to know how Mayor Favre’s nephew is working there. ( Les hired him ) NOPE ! NOPE!

  18. The Mississippi Department of Education has released on their website the ten top scoring School Districts statewide on the 2018 3rd Grade Reading Assessment. They are:
    Aberdeen, Enterprise, Ocean Springs, Tishomingo, Clinton, Union, Western Line, Monroe County, Webster County, and North Tippah, all scoring 95% passing rate on initial test.
    Since “demographics” has been introduced into this scenario as an excuse for the Bay-Waveland School Districts low scores ( only they and Picayune failed to meet the 93% state number of the Coast districts according to MDE) perhaps a glance at some of the “demographics” of the top ten districts will shed some light on the subject and reveal that children can actually be taught regardless of their “demographics.”
    First, let’s look at the Bay-Waveland “demographics” as recorded and documented by MDE.

    Bay-Waveland–African American–24.73% Hispanic–1.74—2 or more races–4.93
    TOP TEN:
    Aberdeen (in top 10) African American–95.9%—-no Hispanics—2 or more races–1.30%
    Clinton (in top 10) African American—54.1%—Hispanic–1.65%—2 or more races 0
    Western Line (in top 10) African American–56.68%—Hispanic—3.02%–2 or more races–0
    Please remember, these figures I am posting are not mine or any study I have done. These numbers come from the Districts, and are recorded and documented by MDE.
    The most egregious data is the 3 year downward spiral in the Bay-Waveland 3rd graders from 2016 through 2018—in 2016 Bay-Waveland scored a 95% passing rate—in 2017 we dropped to 92.1%, and this year 2018 to 91.8% as reported by MDE.
    Did we hear anything from Superintendent Landry or Trustee Bell as to why we weren’t teaching our little ones at Waveland Elementary to read? Did we see any articles in the Sea Coast Echo about our scores dropping each year? No. The question to be begged at this juncture is WHY NOT?
    Were they busy with “other things?” “Fraid so! Too little too late is how I would label them.
    We are counting on Dr. Reed to turn this around.

    1. I may be out of school on this…. But why not let the teachers teach and the administrators administrate and the board stay out of the politics and manage the budget. They did drop school tax 2 mils!

      1. I don’t disagree, Duped. It all depends on how the Administrators interpret their role– it’s not to create or award positions to their friends. It’s to advertise for and employ the professionals who will best serve the students.

        1. The effective school districts have management structures that force accountability across the organization. Classroom teachers can be evaluated based on how well their students master the appropriate learning objectives. Principals can be evaluated based on how their staffs are doing. Even the business offices, cafeterias etc can be evaluated.

          You hire competent teachers and empower them to do their jobs. It is why the districts cited here (with worse demographics than the Bay) are doing a better job overall.

  19. I want to preface with this this…. When examining the 3rd grade “pass rate” has anyone considered that we have several transient students who may have only been in our district for a year or less and may have transferred into BWSD a year or 2 behind. Also, please take into consideration that because our district is relatively small 1 student impacts our percentage more heavily than they would in a larger district ( think of a test with fewer questions that are woth more ppints).

    Now, to elaborate on my previous post. Please don’t get me wrong. I wholeheartedly believe it is possible to educate students from impoverished homes. Demographics should not be used as an excuse for declining achievement. However, changing demographics must be considered in our district’s long-term plan for improvement. Because students aren’t state tested (other than the MKAS) until the end of 3rd grade we must consider when the decline actually began. Simply because the state test scores indicate a decline over 3 years doesn’t mean the decline actually began 3 years ago. The 3rd grade students of 3 years ago were kindergarten students 6 years ago. Therefore, we must go back and examine what has changed over the past 6 years. To be safe, we should actually examine community changes over the past 8 to 10 years. Obviously, something is amiss within our lower elementary. I don’t disagree. However, having worked right alongside the teachers at WES and personally witnessing the dedication and investment WES teachers have in their students’ achievement, I can honestly say the problem has little to do with the teachers at WES. I can also attest, at least until two years ago, to the lack of available resources at their disposal. While I am definitely not suggesting that we simply throw money and resources into lower elementary, an argument can be made to support a thorough examination into the demographic changes in our area, the changes in students who begin Kindergarten with the needed foundational skills to master the rigorous curriculum, and the resources needed to assist our struggling students overcome these hurdles. Since several of you have brought up diverse areas who are high performing, perhaps we need to take a look at what their districts are doing and implement similar strategies in our own district. I fully believe we can rectify this problem. Despite some drama, some finger pointing, and some bad eggs here and there, we truly do have amazing and dedicated teachers. All they need are resources and support. How can we give it to them?

      1. Yes, principals are essential. But, I believe the solution is bigger than that. It takes a community rallying together to make improvements. I never hear about anyone volunteering to tutor, churches or businesses supporting or adopting a school, social or political groups focusing on solutions instead of problems. At the end of the day the reality is we have a situation that needs “fixin” the solution is not about identifying who “broke” it. That doesn’t matter. We have to figure out where it is broken and develop a plan to fix it. The only way to do that is by working together.

        1. Y, that is a great idea about community, businesses tutors , groups to work with schools and focusing on solutions. Adopting a school would be wonderful but there is this problem called time and money. The problem goes back to actually getting people to commit! It all sounds good but when it comes down to it, it is impossible due to all kinds of reasons. First, you cannot let just anyone work with students or come into the school to volunteer on a daily basis or weekly basis . Today, the law is background checks, fingerprints to be able to do that. Years ago, yes anyone could come into the school and go help out in any classroom, read to students, volunteer working with small groups. Not today, you have to be employed with the district . The rest is required by law to have al, background checks and fingerprints to work with someone else’s child. Yes they have a PTO group but they are never left along with any students to work with. Yes parents can come eat and visit there child at school and volunteer in there child’s room under teacher supervision. Today, it is so hard to even get parents to join PTO. Parents sometimes can not show up for school conferences . It has been done over phone or by email. Sad but true. It seems everyone has to work 2 or 3 Jobs. Shift work, single parents with more then one child and I could go on and on. You are right, we have to identify where it is broken and develop a plan to fix it. My opinion is at least get the right people in there that has a job title and get them to do there job. They are on payroll. Second, our teachers needs way more support then they getting. I have seen programs from outside the district begin and by Christmas, stopped due to whatever there reason. They had at one time, once a month the principal had coffee with parents, Community Leaders and at least a person that would be a policeman, doctor, attorney , mayor etc. They would get a mailed invitation plenty of time to put on there schedule to discuss concerns, issues and just share ideas for our future leaders ( our children) . By Christmas the program stopped because the people that was invited was calling to cancel due to other reasons. They have done many many workshops for parents late evening to help there child at home and to give them ideas for helping there child or children to succeed ( done free by teachers ) after 5:00 and maybe 25 would show up with 300 students in the school. Well that failed. Today now when they have a PTO meeting each month, classes will do some type of performance and that is the only way parents would come to see there child perform. Sad but true. What I’m trying to say, it is in the teachers hands. They need all the support starting with there administrator and higher up administrators. Then if that could be done, I feel with everyone in this district has each other’s back, they will come up with a plan and a damn good one. It would be amazing to see everyone do there job and also go a little farther and help when or where needed from a coworker ( not say that is not my job ) and you will see a change will this district . A very successful district! It has to start from the top! Remember these children are with there teachers more then there parents. That is a true fact!

  20. First off I agree with above statements. Things that our district has looked at was for one, most of low income apartments and housing is in Bay/Waveland school district area. All of these are in Waveland, Ms. We have Waveview, The Ridge, Pine Crest, Waveland Manor , Camille Circle, Oak Park and Gulf Grove. There is a few more but cannot think of names at this moment. They are all income base housing. We have students come and go on a regular bases. Before the district can receive students records from previous school, they have already moved on to another school. You would be very surprised how many comes from many different states in one calendar school year!
    Y, I agree with you on great teachers and there dedication at WES! Again I think this is gonna improve when they get the support, communications and backing from administrators. You cannot tell teachers to mine there owe business, and fuss at teachers at staff meeting for talking in the community about there school. Telling them to stop all the complaining! Really? That is not a good way to communicate with your facility! I could understand if you had one teacher that is always in someone’s business and causing drama but this is not the case. There is plenty that has been frustrated with counselor, principal and curriculum coordinator who is suppose to be there to support them and help them. They have jobs and these jobs are not being done. Yes many teachers question why the PE coach was signing in at 7:15 but her first class wasn’t until 11:30! Could understand if she was tutoring, doing special small groups working with low students but no, she was a assistant to the secretaries! That is when all teachers was told to mine there business and he has his reasons why she doesn’t start her day until 11:30! The curriculum Coordinator has a very important job ! That is to help these teachers by working with individual groups isd students on getting there scores up and getting there levels up in the subjects they are low in. Her assistant was pulling groups in sitting them on computers and the computers was doing all the work! She never leaves the office. Counselor always would pull small groups from each grade level and work with them on topics like bullying, problems at home, anger management, along with many other topics.That was done maybe Omce or twice and that stopped. She never leaves the office. It all starts in Kindergarten and the elementary with these students. All students can be successful no matter what there home life is like if you have a good facility and staff with you have good support from your administrators. Waveland is where things need to start with improvement. It is hard to swallow when you know what these people are suppose to be doing and not doing it. They need to step up and do there job. They get paid to do that. It is also hard to swallow when you ask your PE coach if she is retiring and her reply was “If I have the same schedule like this year, why would I retire “! That is hard to hear! The school counselor same thing. The curriculum coordinator has a big job to do. She is responsible for keeping these teachers up to date on the new laws, making sure they know what documentation is needed to be kept on all low level students and helping the teachers to meet with parents to discuss there childs disabilities they having in what subjects, how the teachers, herself and faculty is going to help there child succeed. Also give the parents resources to also help from home. She is not doing her job! She will tell these teachers what to tell the parents and what to do in there classroom with these students. That is where her help stops. Teachers has to stop teaching because they have to do someone’s else’s job. It is about time these people be held accountable! They get paid for it. The teachers are suppose to be able to go to there principal with concerns or complaints but not able to about these listed above. It is not up for discussion when it is about them because they are doing his job and he needs them right there in that office. He truly needs to learn how to talk and listen to his teachers. Sharon Sutherlin was the same way and they was so glad when she was going because they were thinking things would be better. Sad to say it is not. Hopefully the new superintendent will make some much needed changes!

  21. I am so glad I posted these scores and graduation rates. Not all good news, but it has served as the catalyst for a discussion about the children!!
    Way over due! Let’s keep the emphasis where it needs to be— on the classrooms and kids!

  22. Politics have always played the major roll in education. We have seen it here in BW school district. From the Superintendent down to Principals to BOARD Members. The Parents are the ones that really need to get involved, but somehow they have no desire to do so and leave it up to others. All generations are different, but with school and parents in Public Schools nothing has changed. My children went to Public School in the elementary grades and I attended all meeting, school outings and classroom activities. It was the same parents, just a handful, each time. You can preach and hope all you want, but some things never change and it puts a lot of responsibility on the teachers. In the earlier ages, assistants are a necessity to help the children learn.
    The new Superintendent needs to have a serious look at the budget and see where the priorities are. Should the school district be paying for some of the expenses of the employees and administration. My employer does not pay my cell phone or automobile expenses… Lets start putting the money where it belongs. IN THE CLASSROOM and concentrate on our children and not the perks the administration wants for their personal use.

  23. We do live in a world where both parents are working today, but that does not get you a “get out of jail free” card on your responsibilities for your children. Parents need to step up and take some responsibility for the education and behavior of their kids. They need to make sure they study and do homework and not completely rely on the teachers to be the parents. This society wants to blame everyone else and not look in the mirror and see their own misgivings. Take responsibility for your actions and your kids actions.

    1. Parents have been working for years. That is no excuse for expecting teachers to raise their children. This nothing new.

  24. enforcement is a problem. personal responsibility is not a welfare check or food stamps. free lunch programs and other public entitlements along with BP, and Katrina have shaped the what’s in it for me attitude here on the coast.

    “Everyone is welcome” is not the answer to any of these problems as a nation. we grow our own problems we don’t need the burden of other countries problems. I know this is a hard pill to swallow but proof is in the pudding.

    American Children First!

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