Guest Post | Lana Noonan: Did the Bay St Louis City Council Violate the Mississippi Open Meetings Act?

At the outset, let me say that The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government has no interest in the personalities involved in the Bay St. Louis Historic Preservation Commission.

What we do have an interest in, as per our Mission Statement, is keeping the political process clean, regardless of the individuals involved in the execution of the public’s business.

On the evening of May 8, 2018, at their regular meeting, the Bay St. Louis City Council, after exiting Executive Session, acted on a item of business that was NOT on their advertised Agenda. That item of business was the dismissal of a Commissioner from the Bay St. Louis Historic Preservation Commission.

During the course of the meeting, at the second Public Forum of the evening, Ward II citizen, Teri Velardi, asked Council if they were going to take any kind of action that evening regarding the Historic Preservation Commission. She actually polled the Council one by one. All said “no.”

Council President Gene Hoffman who represents Ward II, said that there could be some issues with the Commission, but not that night. Velardi pressed them with the possibility of an Executive Session on the issue, and all either said they had no issues that night with the Commission or as Ward IV Councilman, Larry Smith said, “he had no opinion at that time on the Commission.”

When Council President Hoffman entertained a motion to consider going into Executive Session, City Attorney, Heather Smith, was the only one to say she had a property purchase and 4 or 5 litigation issues to discuss with Council. The motion by Councilman DeSalvo, and seconded by Councilman Smith passed unanimously to go into closed session.

When Council re-entered regular session, Councilman Smith motioned to dismiss Commissioner Ellis Anderson from the Historic Preservation Commission. His motion was seconded and carried with the exception of Council-at-large, Knoblock, who had not yet re-entered the Council Chambers from Executive Session, taking a bathroom break. The motion was made, no discussion, motion seconded, passed. Done.

The Mississippi Open Meetings Act states section 25-41-5(3) that an Agenda of items to be acted upon must be prepared and made available to the members of the public body and the public “at the time of the meeting.”

An examination of the Agenda published for public review and provided to the public before the meeting did NOT include the dismissal of a Commissioner from the Bay St. Louis Historic Preservation Commission.

The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government contends that this action by the Bay St. Louis City Council prohibited the public from their right to know that a Commissioner was being dismissed, and their right to either listen to the deliberation or participate at one of the two Public Forums.

The Bay St. Louis – Waveland School District Board of Trustees did the same thing last August, 2017, when they voted to go into Executive Session under false pretense of personnel, and after exiting Executive Session voted 3 to 2, Kidd, Bell, and Thomas for; Arnold and Favre against, to extend for 4 years the contracts of Superintendent Vikki Landry and her brother, Business Administrator, Jon McCraw.

The Mississippi Ethics Commission upheld a complaint against the School Board finding them in violation of the above mentioned statute, and put the School Board on notice to refrain from this practice in the future and to only act on items that have been included in their published Agenda. Failure to abide by a written finding of the Ethics Commission can result in a fine for the public officials in violation.

This type of behavior by two public entities in the city of Bay St. Louis begs the question, “where were the publicly paid attorneys for these public bodies? Why didn’t they stop their client from violating a law that so clearly protects the public’s right to know.?”

Not to mention, Council President, Gene Hoffman himself is a practicing attorney!!!

Is it time to report the Bay St. Louis City Council to the Ethics Commission? They don’t seem able to discipline themselves, and their legal counsel, like the School Board’s neglected her opportunity to keep her client within the confines of state law, and protect the public that provides her compensation.

Lana Noonan
Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

58 thoughts on “Guest Post | Lana Noonan: Did the Bay St Louis City Council Violate the Mississippi Open Meetings Act?”

  1. I was at the meeting. It was a crystal clear violation of the state statute. There was no mention in the press at all.
    Time to file with the Ethics Commission has passed.

    1. I don’t think there is a time element here. This infraction is current enough to file against them, unless you are using a figure of speech. I would say a complaint is in order.
      How Heather Smith allowed them to discuss this in Ex. Sess. and ultimately act on it knowing this was not on the Agenda is unbelievable.

  2. Did I miss something here???? A member of a commission is NOT an employee, so how do they have the Executive Session to discuss the firing / removal? At the time was there any pending or possible “litigation” against Ms. Anderson?
    I don’t think they have to be specific as to who they will be discussing to going into executive session, but they should have listed Personnel Matters… Even though she is not “personnel”
    This new council is a MESS…

    1. Disgusted,
      The citizen volunteers who serve the community on various commissions and committees are not on the city’s personnel budget.
      Even if there were a potential litigation issue here, the dismissal of a Commissioner should have been on the Agenda, and at that point Councilmen Smith and DeSalvo could have requested from the President a motion to address this Agenda item in Executive Session. It was not on the published Agenda, and no Councilman moved to amend the Agenda.
      Reed and Seal have been on that Council since Adam modeled his fig
      leaf. They should have take care if this appropriately. Did they? No.
      It all boils down to ” the public’s right to know!”
      Public bodies cannot have secret Agendas for the simple reason they are taking care of
      “Public” business.

      1. Enough please…file it….. problem I’ve read in 11 months is being sneaky not public… grow some B-LLS and follow laws. City Attorney? I’m not certain but Commissions are public bodies not Council’s secret club… sound like Mr. Les all over again…

    2. Disgusted: when you are appointed you are serving at the pleasure of who appoints. That lady is a disruption to a productive and harmonious community. She interferes with business people all the time of course she has no to little interest in just being an asshole to whoever doesn’t think like her. They need to add to the requirement that you must be a voter in Hancock county or specifically BSL. She has grand stranded here for too long! Let her invest how she wants. Kicking her ass to the road however they did it was a good move.

      1. But no matter what ppl think about a person, they still have a right to hear about it, given notice, ….maybe GIVE a reason. Y’know silly stuff like that.
        Remember, if they do that to a person that others don’t like, they’ll do whenever they feel like it. And if attorneys don’t speak up and advise them, they should reported to the Bar at least….negligence, huge legal liabilities, suits arise out of behavior from our public elected officials.
        Residents are tired of feeling as if by the time we speak out, Council decision is made already.
        Ms Anderson, no matter what others may say behind her back, deserves a respectful, thoughtful conversation with the Council.
        Wouldn’t all of us want to “confront their acvusers”???? Isn’t that “The American Way”…..

      2. Maggie King, when this lady gets the city sued, I want to see you back her. When we have to all pay for her interfering with people’s business, not happy about anything but herself and her very little group of friends she has. The not voting really has me mad. How can you complain about anything or act ( and I use that word strongly) like you care about BSL but not a registered voted, you have no rights to complain or be concern about anything that goes on in this city! She had so many complaints but everyone wanted to spare her and smooth it over and tell her gently how she shouldn’t do this or say this but she choose not to listen to the hints. So she needed to go!

  3. Ms Lana – I think it is wonderful that you are taking interest in your community. It is sad that more are not rallying behind you in an effort to demand honest government and get rid of the “good ole boy” system that is throughout our State. Even though you carry the torch mostly on your own merit, I encourage you to continue your work and commend you on all you have done and will do in the future to get a hold on an arrogant, out-of-control local government. Shame on them all! Power and greed are terrible things.

    1. Charlene,
      On behalf of the Alliance, thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
      I would never allow myself to get all of the credit for the work this small but enthusiastic, tight knit group of citizens do. Many would be surprised at those who are card carrying members. From clergy to educators, retired business people, and even members of the press.
      As the Ethics Commission told the Bay St. Louis School Board, when a public body fails to be specific with the public they serve, the spirit of the law is damaged.
      And, how disappointing that only 10 months into their 4 year terms, we now can identify Councilmen in Bay St. Louis who are ready to circumvent the public’s right to know with their own secret, private agendas. Didn’t take them long did it?!
      The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government won’t be deterred by that ilk, and will continue to observe, confront, and expose this behavior at every incident in our efforts to promote:
      Excellence in Education, Integrity in Spending, and Openness in Governing!!

    2. I am pretty discouraged by our Mayor & Council.
      And am thrilled that Lana, and others who understand local, or county or state regs, bylaws, financial regs. Doug, Rachel and Lana have taught me a ton.

      I agree that ppl are so apathetic here. They may support you in private, but not stand with you in public….I understand the small town dynamics but comes a time when people take a stand and speak out. I don’t anticipate that happening anytime soon.

  4. Yes thank you Miss Lana. I have almost no knowledge of city regulations and procedures. We rely on your knowledge, sense of decency and ethics, regardless of party politics.
    Yes, a complaint should be filed.
    I cannot help but wonder that Ellis’ trouble with the HPC and PJ’s Coffee aren’t the basis for her immediate, unaired dismissal. Our NOLA guy will have a big influence over City issues. Pretending that won’t happen is conscious blindness.
    Thanks Lana, I’m behind you.

  5. Lana
    Not sure exactly what took place at the meeting with this but you stated they went in executive session for litigation.
    I do believe historical Commission was on the agenda.
    You state Smith stated not at this time, my thought may be something later.
    I guess later was executive session.
    Get back to reason the decision was made to release Anderson was
    Possible suits against the city
    Because of her actions
    And why did they go into executive session
    Because possible legal litigation
    So what is wrong with this???
    This and what happened with the school is not even close. Day and night. My thoughts.
    But glad you look out for our best but believe this is not a problem. My opinion.
    But if you or Maggie or Rachael really want to help us go after bonds.
    File with the AG against:
    Bell Kidd thomas
    Bay PD
    And more
    Thanks for keeping us up but see no problem with what went on.
    So turn it over and let’s see.
    But Again file with the AG and get our money back. Way more valuable than this.

    1. Stone,
      There is an Open Meetings issue here because Council took action on a item that was not on their published Agenda.
      The public has the right to know what business their public officials will address st their meetings.
      The dismissal of a Commissioner was not on the Agenda.
      Teri Velardi gets credit for this because she asked them individually at Public Forum if they were going to act on anything pertains to the Commission that night, and each one said,”no.”
      That resulted in some citizens leaving only to discover later they did exactly what they not only failed to advertise to the public this topic, but acted upon it with no discussion after exiting the Executive Session.
      I am going to have to side with the Ethics opinion against the School Board last August about their failure to be specific with the public on Ex. Sess. and disagree with you.
      Velardi should take a victory lap. She spoon fed every one of them the opportunity to tell the truth and be open and honest with the public they serve.
      They chose otherwise.

    2. The tried and true excuse as an end around to the open meetings law is “potential pending litigation “. Used 90% of the time to close a meeting, and it was hear.
      “They were talking about dissolving it,” said Reed, the only councilman to offer insight about what when on in the executive session. “I wasn’t for dissolving and I wasn’t for pulling Ellis Anderson off the Commission.”
      That’s what was discussed when the meeting was closed to the public, and it’s illegal, and immortal. Speak in public with the public.

    3. Can you explain to the newbie to local govts?
      Ask me about BP, Feds, or environmental issues, alas not the issues here.

  6. From the Sun Herald 5/17 story about the firing:

    Councilman Jeffery Reed, one of two dissenting votes (Doug Seal was the other), said some on the council wanted to go even further.

    “They were talking about dissolving it,” said Reed, the only councilman to offer insight about what when on in the executive session. “I wasn’t for dissolving and I wasn’t for pulling Ellis Anderson off the Commission.”

    Yes, Lana, I was using a figure of speech. This and the new HR director both need to head up to Ethics sooner than later.

  7. I feel there is a need to clarify a couple of observations by two different posters here. They are entitled to their observations, but it is obvious they have made them without benefit of reading the Miss. Ethics Commission ruling on the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board with regard to being specific on the preparation of the Agenda of a public body and the body’s responsibility to be “specific” regarding the business to come before them in their published Agendas.
    “Disgusted” seems to be of the opinion that the Council did not have to be specific with regard to announcing the matters to be considered in Executive Session. Wrong, the Ethics Commission, who also cited the Miss. Supreme Court, emphasized “specificity” in these matters 16 different times in their ruling on the School Board. The public has the right to know with specificity, exactly what topic of business will be deliberated by their officials in Executive Session. Thus, the need for a motion to consider whether or not to enter closed session.

    Stone Cold, the Historic Commission was on the Agenda under 8. (a) for the appointment of John Bezou to the Commission. It is my understanding that this was not addressed. But it is a very different matter than dismissing a Commissioner. Also, the Council listed this openly as they should have because citizen volunteers who serve on these public boards and commissions are not personnel and discussion of them does not meet the criteria in the Open Meetings Act of privacy under Executive Session. Mrs. Anderson’s dismissal should have been listed on the Agenda for dismissal just like Mr. Bezou’s appointment.

    Stone, one more correction to your post, on the video tape I viewed, it was Council President, Hoffman, who responded to Ms. Velardi’s question as to whether or not the Council would address anything pertaining to Historic Commission that night either in open or executive session, by saying,”not tonight.” He did not say, “not at this time.” He said, “not tonight.”

    A few Conclusions of Law listed in the Ethics Commission’s ruling on the School Board:

    2.1 “The Open Meetings Act was enacted for the benefit of the public, and is to construed liberally in favor of the public. Every member of every public board and commission in this state should always bear in mind that the spirit of the Act is that a citizen spectator, including any representative of the press, has just as much right to attend the meeting and see and hear everything that is going on as has any member of the board or commission.”

    2.6 Based on the record in this case, the board failed to announce the reasons for entering executive session with sufficient specificity prior to entering executive session and failed to record the reasons for entering executive session with sufficient specificity in its minutes. As a result, the board violated the Open Meetings Act on August 14, 2017.

    My suggestion to the Bay St. Louis City Council to show an act of good faith to the public they serve would be to make the following changes to their Agenda:

    Add at the beginning of the Agenda for the Chairman to ask each Council member if they received the Agenda, and if there are any amendments to it they would like to offer in a motion, such as additions or deletions, and to be specific.

    Once the Agenda for the evening has been adopted and approved by motion, the business to come before the Council must adhere to this Agenda only. I have seen other public bodies and private organizations conduct business this way. It will eliminate the opportunity for those public officials who want to manipulate the agenda and deceive the public.

    Ward 3 Councilman Jeffrey Reed’s statement to the Sun Herald (May 17) that the discussion in Executive Session to dismiss Commissioner Anderson, and the effort Reed reported on the part of some Councilmen to completely dissolve the Bay St. Louis Historic Preservation Commission in this closed session, Councilman Smith’s answer to Ms. Velardi that “he had no opinion on the Historic Commission, Chairman Hoffman’s answer to Velardi that no action was in order on the Commission that night, is very troubling behavior on the part of these elected officials.

    And it should be stopped. Three more years of this would be torture for the citizens of Bay St. Louis.

    1. Mayor Ice got that moniker for his demeanor and the calm, rational arguments he made in replacing Joan Thomas on the school board. That issue was handled the right way and the legend of Mayor Ice was born.

      Now we have one of those learning moments.

      1. Doug,
        We cannot let it go unnoticed in this” learning” moment that this attitude of public exclusion, deceit, and underhanded politics is unanimously Republican now in the Bay.
        Hoffman, Smith, Zimmerman, and DeSalvo, were all vigorously supported by the local Republican party. Will this be the” GOP at work in the Bay” for the next 3 loooong years?!!!

        1. We may loose one of the 4 next year. I’m told Desalvo is running against Bo Ladner and Lonnie will run in the special election. I hope it works out, my limbs haven’t been picked up in four months and the weeds on Chapman Rd. are up to the stop sign. What’s the expense street sweeper going to do?

          1. Tim, I’ve heard it too but not with me running for that seat. I’ve not planning on being in any of that dialogue! I worked hard for Ward 6 thru a very dismal 8 years of that Adm. doing nothing for us. I’m proud of my accomplishments no matter what the naysayers state. Good luck to all.

            1. I believe Josh has some inside knowledge about Bo Ladner and knows he may be out of office before the election. Supervisors are not above the law. Keith Marquar is a good example of why you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  8. Lana, what a horrible thought…It sure is disappointing when you get new elected officials that pledge to do better than their predecessors and turn out to more of a disaster… 3 years maybe we can find someone better? One would think Mr. Hoffman would want to help and listen to his constituents since he only won by 2-3 votes? Forgot the number. I definitely would want to make friends not enemies. I called him about something and he was clueless, then stopped by his office when first elected to congratulate him and ask a question, still waiting for a call. Good thing it wasn’t life or death.
    These people run and get elected and don’t have the ability to actually connect with the people and serve as promised. We really need to watch and listen at the next election.

    1. Outraged,
      You need to start watching and listening NOW, at every meeting, not wait til the next election.
      The four who pulled this off on May 8, are a danger to your community. Don’t take this lightly. This was a calculated, devious act of contempt against the public’ right to know.
      Not over, either.

      1. You are NOT overstating this!
        My mouth dropped open when the idea of “DISSOLVING” the whole enchilada!!! What will they consider discussing next Exec Session?
        Maybe separating Ward 6 families, adults on one side of 603, kids on the old Todd’s slab?
        Or maybe just a coup d’etat in Waveland, or D’head?
        I am angry, our primaries were abysmal turnout, after I listened to folks bashing Palazzo, Wicker etc. If you don’t step in or follow up, you are derelict in your duty. Americans get so many privileges, but actually bitch about the few duties requested: taxes, jury duty & voting.

        1. Did anyone see Clowcil Meeting last. When Rachel Ramsey asked they lied again. Teri Velardi asked, they lied at last meeting too. Jeff Reed stated directly to press, there was no litigation proof and “they” quickly turned it to dissolving Board and then came out to can Ellis! Ice you need to give them lesson in stating truth head on. Heard Sun Herald looking for Lyin Larry’s email that doesn’t exist on dissolving. Fork tongues tell lies, over and over and over again.

  9. Marquar, Sinking Fast
    Ellis, Gone
    Showboat Jumpy, Can’t beat Bo

    Got a buddy with a dozer to knock a load of dirt down on a road with no development, because a owner of a lot wants to sell his lot. Could have been shown and sold with load of dirt in the middle of the road.

    Than puts it all over social media, look what I did. Thanks
    Should have bought a dozer for the city to use.

    Now let’s blast Administration and public works cause grass ain’t cut or debris didn’t get picked up.
    We pay all these taxes.
    So let’s buy a boat launch and not a debris pickup truck or another tractor or 2 and hire some operators or pave our roads in his ward.
    Let’s spend millions on a public boat launch and not what is needed.
    And all the council supported this launch.
    It brings nothing. Nothing.
    But we pay taxes.
    Wake up Stupid
    Pave my roads, Cut my grass Dig my ditch, Anything but a launch.
    Some call this leadership.
    Some say he fights for his ward.
    I call it BS.

    1. Stone on par again. Tks. I live in annexed Grassville Ward 5. Deshowboat bangs chest, “Momma come see what I done” constantly. He has NO statutory authority to fix roads, bring dozer in, that’s a Adm. and P W job. He put BSL at great liability if accident occurred. He burnt Lonnie cause of his ego and Bo’s next. Now I have “Z do nothing” as my ??? Crap, trees, ditches, end of roads… war zone… took family to Smith Park to meet friends. Sand box an ant colony, weeds everywhere. So Supers put in crappy cheap asphalt on soccer road that’s falling apart already and to fill holes Z and Ego put rocks not patches. Boat ramps? in my area there’s 11 personally owned! They spending for show not the best for the dough…..Leslegionnaries to screw ICE……. lyin Larry, I’m great josh and absentee buddy z…. I want Joey B. back.

      1. Maybe you missed the private company that cut Smith Park a few weeks ago. They were even trimming 4 foot grass on the sides of Washington St. with riding lawnmowers. Hmmm, charity or paid by city.

    2. Stone you’re usually right on the mark but not this time. The choices for the grant were the boat launch, Rutherford Pier & I think Pier 5 improvements; the monies couldn’t be used for a grapple truck, a tractor, to pave roads or hire more people. What it does bring is a public boat launch to the people who live in Ward 6.

      1. No problem with launch, we need one too at end of Blue Meadow. What Mr. Ward 6 Wonderful didn’t say was launch at Bayou Lacriox is a County lead controlled project that will take years to put together. That project has been 6 years in the making now.??Mr. Joey said Pier 5 project already has $335k awarded. Finish that to produce revenue to BSL and put launch second.

          1. Us too in 5! Z is always sleeping on the job. Can guarantee that this Clowncil would have their asses handed too um if Joey was there. Especially lyin Larry and Mr. Wonderful….. god would that be good for BSL…

    3. poor management of the mayor
      and the administration
      can not wait for the next election-
      joey please run and get the farve’s out-

      1. I hope Kyle? takes out Lyin Larry and will! Mr. Joey runs again and Supervisors LaFontaine, Scotty and Bo gets taken out. Hope Mr. Josh runs and finally bring a seat to BSL and we can take Mr. Lonnie out of retirement!!! That would be a good Council .

      2. Joy get a life! I agree with the mayor and I also disagree with the mayor. You make Joey sound like He is God! If you agree with everything Joey would do as a mayor there is a major problem. I have yet to see a perfect person! I voted for Mayor Favre and like I said, I disagree with things and agree with things but that is how it works. I have made it appoint to express my concerns and comments to him and I have to say, I respect him because he looked at me straight in the eyes and said , I’m sorry that you have these concerns but this is what we /I think would be best for this city. That is what you call respect!!! Instead of someone looking me in the face, saying you are so right, I’m gonna check into that or yes that is what I’m gonna do! Les has lied to me so many times, I’m surprise he can look at me and say hello. And don’t confront him on it because he would tell me, I do not remember ever saying that, I’m sorry you thought that is what I said or meant! Really?? I do not want a yes man/Mayor! I don’t want a mayor to tell me what I want to hear just to make me happy or just to satisfy me to get me out of his office! That is not the mayor I would want. I want a mayor to run this city, be honest, and do what he or she thinks would be good for BSL! Yes the councilmen and Mayor was called down about breaking rules going into executive session and breaking the ethics code. Damn right call them down on it and let them know the community is watching but poor management? I don’t think so! I so wanted the salary that was given to pick up cigarette butts on busy intersections on the roads! Beaugez assistant mayor! I could go on and on! Let Favre start that shit and I will be the first to step up and say your out of here. He has a lot of mess to clean up from the last 8 years! Poor management was Les hiring people left and right, miss management of money, people that had titles but no certification! Oh my, don’t get me started on salaries! Breaking nepotism with Les’s daughter working there. I don’t see poor management with city!

        1. Yea on point! I don’t think Mr. Joey would make a good Mayor. Sorry Mr. Joey. But he is 10 million times better than Z, he doesn’t have a clue. He is LyinLes #3 behind Blowhard, Lady Wendy and the Ridiculous Rhonda’s.

  10. They need to raise the slip fees at the marina! The harbor board is occupied by all boat owners so therefore no fee review and constant push for the public to stay out!

  11. Joy,
    Tell me about the poor management of the mayor and administration.
    They have been straight shooting from the beginning.
    No lies
    No BS
    Telling it like it is and doing what’s best for the entire city of bsl.

    About the boat launch,
    Not against it just not a top priority.
    Economic development is.
    And now I see they on McPhaille again.
    This time at old school.
    $10,000,000 development.
    Neighbors bitching.
    Same ones that bitched about PJ’s.
    Man wanting to invest millions on blighted properties and the arrogant neighbors trying to stop it.
    I know what I would do with it if I owned it. 🖕👹🤡🖕👹🤡

    Like joey and wish he was still on the council but don’t put no crown on that head or set him on no pedestal.
    Wish we could get a supervisor from the city.

    1. Stone, you’re failing me. “About the boat launch, not a priority”. Did you see the Jourdan River & the Bay last weekend? Check them out THIS weekend along with the beach in BSL & Waveland & compare that to the pitiful construction site of PJ’s & Old Town . It seems that Mr MacPhaille’s discombobbilated plan for 2nd St now that it’s OZ Zone has crumbled

    2. Stone Cold, Joy & the rest of the people that are against this city councilmen & mayor are so use to being lied to, given dreams to hope for, basically smoke blown up there ass, they don’t recognize straight forward, honest administrators, These people don’t know how to act having honest people running our city! They truly don’t know how to handle the truth and the straight shooting answers. After 8 years, what do you expect? I feel sorry for some of them! 🙄 I noticed they don’t have a actual statement about any city issues to complain about. The only thing I hear is opinions, nothing about concerns, comments or something actually that they could say that the administrators is doing wrong. Like I said earlier, I do not know much about the ethics that was suppose to not have been done at one of meetings. I truly don’t know if it was done wrong or right because I don’t know the laws, but besides that, they are ALL working very hard to get this city back from all the screw ups over the last 8 years! I feel along with many other citizens that BSL is moving forward in a great way! I still want our administrators to go after a few people that should have to pay for there wrong doing. Hope McPhaille keep moving forward with his plans! Keeping buying and spending in our beautiful city!

        1. First off the mayor has one SON! I am a women but known to think like a man. At least that is what my husband has told me!

            1. The Favre’s father and my father always coached together little league and would cook for anyone and everyone. I have 3 brothers who played each summer. And Mr. Favre had 3 who also played each summer!

        2. I am backing the mayor and councilmen and I like what I see that is happening in our city! You make it sound like I’m just backing Mayor Favre . Yes, I will say it again, we have disagreed and agreed on things but my all time favorite about him, he is honest and he will tell you like it is! He will not tell you what you want to hear! I also have worked with his only son doing CASA, leadership team we went through together and and have been treated by him at one of the clinics he ran. As far as the councilmen, yes I’m related to one of them for sure . Yes he is doing a great job along with the rest. I will say, I don’t agree with some of the things I see that maybe 2 are trying to do but besides that, I’m good with mayor and councilmen! All is good until I see something I don’t like or agree with and I will approach them. Might not like what they tell me or I might leave happy over what they tell me, AS long as they are honest with there answers and definitely not follow in Les’s footsteps and lie to your face!

  12. Small town jealousy is what McPhail facing! The snow flakes say everyone is welcome…except whom ever does not agree with them. They try to have bargaining power with little invested! I suppose they just want the old school to be a bat hotel! That will be their next complaint! These protesters home stead what little property they have and want to control the financial future of the city. The are the vocal minority as always!

      1. If the snowflakes would leave private investing money alone he could finish something. These transplant snow flakes want to direct personal investments but not with their own money!

        They divert attention away from public money because they are usually the recipients of the tax payer money!

        McPhail needs to get them small puppies, little ducks and kittens to help them feel safe!

        1. Maybe McPhail can just make it a safe zone so they can all congregate and share socialist ideas while making sure someone doesn’t make meaningful contributions to our community!

          1. Maybe he ought to make it section 8 housing. Then he will be helping all their friends and people they are worried about! They would not dare not be welcoming because they welcome everyone!

        2. The school that Mr. McPhail purchased is getting interesting! Everyone needs to go read John Wilkerson Facebook page! It is awesome and he did some major research and came up with wonderful results! For example, The people in the surrounding area is complaining about a swimming pool being on site. Children drowning! John Wilkerson did his homework and found out with in so many feet of this building that Mr.McPhail wants to turn into a hotel. There are like 8 ( give or take ) swimming pools within so many feet from this old school! He also did more research and he truly needs to give his findings to Mr. McPhail! These people does not want what is best for BSL! They want what is best for them. They will be the first to complain when taxes goes up. Today on Facebook, of course the other group of idiots ( that against BSL ) Jerry Beaugez, Rhonda Oliver, Jerry’s wife are complaining that the city looked awful for the forth of July! Really??? You all are the talk of the town. I meant to say, laughed at all through the town! Rhonda Oliver please stop saying the Mayor bought himself a truck! Yes he did! He had to because Les the lier gave his nice city vehicle to the chief of police. Let me quote what exactly he said! ” I be damn if I give Mayor Favre this vehicle”! I’m giving it to the police chief! Rhonda Oliver that backfired, because the mayor had to go buy a truck and glad he did. So blame your friend Les for that purchase being made. Candy Braux I have a question for you. Do you still work for the city of BSL? Because posting negative comments about your place of employment is not a good idea! This group all left city hall or husbands left because they knew the mayor was gonna get rid of them! The did not have the certificates for there job titles! They would have had to work! So Candy, you might want to think first before you make comments on these idiots post! In case you forgot, you agreed with them about not putting out the flags for the forth! First off, why didn’t you go ask the mayor ( your boss ) about the flags? He might have given you a answer! No because you want him to look bad! Girl, you need to remember who signs your paycheck! Also to end this comment, Jerry Beaugez the flags was not put up due to the forecast! Everyone knew the weather was going to be bad and was going to continue with rain through the 4th! Glad our city flags are nice, safe, dry and put away! Hopefully next year they will be out flying high! Jerry Beaugez and Rhonda Oliver, I will call you both down on everything you are trying to do to make this city look bad! Remember I’m still waiting for answers from you 2 on questions I have asked. Jerry – Time clock Fraud? Owing a business in a residential area, Taking down a website that you got paid to do? Working for FEMA? Rhonda – Husband DUI? Why is your husband telling people he is starting to get embarrassed by you? That is so sad! Why you have so much time to go to city hall to collect data and get no where with it? Do you still have a job? Or still on leave from work for your wrist? Hmmm you sure can carry a stack of documents leaving city hall with that wrist! You truly need to give your time volunteering somewhere ! My all time favorite was at the meeting about 3 weeks ago when the mayor said the city needs to go after the person who files a complaint with AG’s and make that person pay if the AG’s finds no wrong doings! You got up and left the meeting because you would be paying! 😂 Happy Forth of July 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          1. Just found out Candy, you are not working for the City! Thank Godness! So now that is why you are on that band wagon! You are mad because you couldn’t play on Facebook all day and was allowed to do nothing! So you decided along with Jerry, Paula, Mr. Oliver, and a few others that you wasn’t gonna work! Candy work? Hell no! Mayor Ice is finally making everyone work for there paycheck!
            You are in Jerry’s cult and Candy you are pissed because you was making the same amount as Les’s daughter and you was over her! You can only blame Les for that! Your hero that you have on a pedestal did that before Mayor Favre became mayor! But you still want to blame this mayor! Now that is some funny shit! 😂 John Wilkerson please go meet Mr. McPhail and share your information! It is some great research you did! Awesome Job!

  13. I have been saying this for a long time and glad someone agrees with me. I hope with new superintendent and the school board that BWSD has a wonderful 2018/2019 year!
    There are no good schools without good principals.
    It just doesn’t exist.
    And where you have good principals, great teachers come, and they stay, they work hard, and they grow.

    – Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

  14. Trickie , sorry I’m failing you about the boat launch. Didn’t say I was against it , just not my top priority to see happen in our city. Do see boats everywhere but nothing new for this time of the year.
    Also don’t believe McPhalle is done.
    Would like to see JB on this council.

  15. Where is the Chamber of Commerce? They will come in after the smoke clears and claim they brought this business here and then have their hand out for money. They really are pitiful!

    They are going to the supervisors again this week for more tax payer money to fund the Director and her assistants salaries!

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