Retaliation or Bad Work? Local businessman arrested, charged with False Pretense

Keith Marquar's Mugger via the Sea Coast Echo
Keith Marquar’s Mugger via HCSO and the Sea Coast Echo

Did everyone catch that local businessman Keith Marquar was arrested back on the 24th by the Hancock County Sheriff’s office? When I was told about it I immediately checked the Echo’s website but had no luck because, online at least, the story was buried. Luckily a good Samaritan sent me the link to the most popular story on the Sea Coast Echo’s website and that despite the fact it never appeared on the front page of the website that I could tell.

Even more interesting is the social media chatter locally, with public opinion seemingly split with a healthy percentage of those commentingΒ  thinking the arrest is retaliation against Marquar for filing a 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 lawsuit against the City of Bay St Louis, Mayor Mike Favre and former Councilman Lonnie Falgout. Such is a reasonable conclusion from reading Stacey Cato’s story because about two thirds of it rehashes Marquar’s civil suit against the City, which was filed last month in Federal court. The story also did not name the person who swore the complaint against Marquar, ostensibly because Don Bass of HCSO refused to name the lady, whose name did appear on Facebook.

Let’s imagine for a second that the Echo’s story were limited to Marquar’s arrest and included the name of his alleged victim. One naturally wonders if the peanut gallery would draw a different conclusion, especially armed with the knowledge that Falgout and alleged victim Lorie Elchos likely do not even know each other.*

There is a second theme in the chatter however, one that maintains that the first criminal complaint sworn against Mr. Marquar will not be the last and that line of thought is interesting if it should actually come to pass.Β  A good defense attorney, for example, could make mince meat of Mr. Marquar’s state common law torts of libel and slander should any of the criminal allegations against Mr. Marquar actually stick. A multiplicity of victims would increase the chances of that a good bit IMHO.

And then there is a political theme that people paying very close attention certainly understand is there. It is implied by who is missing as a made defendant and that would be the Mayor of Bay St Louis when the retaliation under the color of law that Mr. Marquar alleges occurred. There may be a legal calculus that I am unaware by Team Marquar in not including former Mayor Les Fillingame as a defendant but that omission appears to be glaring to me.

This is prime popcorn popping type of story with lots of potential for all manner of muck to bubble up. We’ll be keeping an eye on it. For those of you with PACER access it is case number 18cv146. Here is a link to Mr. Marquar’s complaint and Lonnie Falgout’s answer. We are still waiting to hear from the City, Mayor Mike Favre and Mr. Falgout in his capacity as Councilman.

* – In the interest of full disclosure I do personally know Mr. and Mrs Elchos, thus my conclusion above.

10 thoughts on “Retaliation or Bad Work? Local businessman arrested, charged with False Pretense”

  1. With very little detective work it appears that Mrs Elchos is a FB friend of Mayor Favre’s, as am I & lots of others, it’s just an observation. It also appears that, at this time, she doesn’t live on the water, so I wonder if this suit was filed a while ago or just recently. I also wondered why the former Mayor wasn’t mentioned by name in Marquar’s suit. Things that make you go hhhmmm…

    1. Perry and Lorie are still on the Jourdan River in the Kiln, albeit on the correct lot. Lorie does not strike me as the type to fight someone else’s battles. She is a Bay girl so it is natural she would know Mike.

      I’m still trying to figure out Mike’s role in the events involving Falgout and Marquar. It appears the only thing he did was get elected Mayor.

      If Les Fillingame’s building department did Marquar like they did the Poolman that would be on Les, not Mike.

      Marquar’s suit, for all the ink spilled about it, has some serious problems including L & L Marine Construction, LLC being a nonexistent company. I see Marquar’s wife has a LLC by a different name. That fact carries all sorts of legal implications, none necessarily good for the Plaintiffs.

    1. I’d like to emphasize that everyone should read Mr. Marquar’s complaint and Mr. Falgout’s answer. The answer suggests a 12(b) Motion will be coming so when you read the complaint, accept every allegation Mr. Marquar made as true because that is what the judge will be doing (its the legal standard for a 12(b) motion).

      When you do that ask yourself if anyone could have done what Falgout is alleged to have done or if Falgout only could have done what Marquar claimed by virtue of his position as City Councilman.

      1. Anyone can oppose a DMR permit.
      2. Anyone could have called the building department and complained.
      3. Anyone could have sent out derogatory email blasts and social media posts.

      I see nothing alleged that only Falgout could have done via his position as City Councilman.

      We’re not Section 1983 experts here but we did stay at a Holiday Inn once or twice. πŸ˜‰

  2. Doug, bet if a Favre would have broken a fingernail their picture would be plastered on every front page and website in the south.
    Echo no story/ no πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€
    Where’s Hampton and the herald

    Trixie , A little more research shows that Marquar is also friends with Favre on Facebook.
    I dont think that Mayor Ice gives a rats
    — about him.

    This was pushed by les, Blowgez and his puppets during the last election.
    Don’t forget Paula and the NAACP with their headlines about the suit.
    Where is the naacp now?

    Now they continue to push just so they can say look at all the law suits against the administration.
    Another one on les.
    But this may turn south on Marquar fast.
    What will be interesting is if anyone else comes forward.

    But really do not believe Ice or the city has anything to worry about.
    I just wish they would counter with their own suit and get the attorney fees back and other expenses.

    Another Favre Conspiracy Theory.
    Them boys got some POWERπŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿
    Them boys always be picking on me.
    Poor Little Marquar. Ripping little ladies off and he’s the victim.

  3. Right on Stone. Why no report of arrest by NAACP or the β€œEquality for only them” group ? Kudos to whomever Ms. Elchos is for standing up. Plot against Ice and others in paper and WLOX failing cause real victims actually coming out. Sorry Leslosers you’re caught again. Hope Ice, City and Falgout sue the crap out of them all.

  4. I’m not defending Lonnie, I don’t know all the details, but Keith Marquar had a horrible reputation. Ask around 99% of the locals know. He is a smooth talker, he throws high ranking names around of people he met during his time on the port n harbor commission and shorts customers on the materials. In marine construction a large part of the materials are underground for support. That’s where he cheats most and that’s why his work falls overboard. With no warranty. The city and state don’t inspect or know what to look for. And with nothing in his name most victim’s just move on. Ice or the city didn’t do anything to him and if Lonnie did he should just sue him. What authority does a councilman have other than threw the minutes of the meeting. The city should countersue him and start gaining knowledge on bulkeds for inspections or stop collecting permit fees.

  5. Any work that he does, he will make the Homeowners pull the permit. He has had several complaints on him and his work. The problem is nothing is in his name. Any work he does, homeowners is responsible for getting there permits from the city. You right, go after Lonnie not the city and present mayor (who was not the mayor at the time ) . This to me sounds like a personal issue. I have a funny feeling there will be more complaints from homeowners.

  6. Hear more complaints came in today.
    Another arrest??
    This guy is going to blame this administration and want people to think he is the victim.
    BS πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸ’©πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•
    He should be pissed at les and his puppets for urging him to pursue this BS.

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