Other Voices | Lana Noonan: Bay Waveland Schools Lag in Four Year Graduation Rates

According to the Mississippi Department of Education “Four Year Graduation Rates” determine the high school completion status four years after students enter 9th grade for the first time.

In February of this year (2018) the State released the Four Year Graduation Rates for students who have been tracked since 2013-14 school year and expected to graduate this year (2018).

Here are the rankings of the 12 Coast School Districts from No. 1 to No. 12 achievement status for keeping students in school, and helping them achieve a high school diploma.


NO. 3. GULFPORT——–87.6%
NO. 4. PASCAGOULA——87.3%
NO. 5. LONG BEACH——87.2%
NO. 9 BILOXI———-83.2%
NO. 11 BAY-WAVELAND—-81.6%
NO. 12 MOSS POINT——70.4%

I was concerned enough with the status of our two elementary schools in the Bay-Waveland District with North Bay rated a “C” campus, and Waveland a “D” by the State Department of Education.

When I read this report on the State Department website, it was heart sinking.

Our new Superintendent has her work cut out for her. We have spent a lot of tax payer dollars on brick, mortar, sod, bleachers, scoreboards, and asphalt, legal fees, and high end administrative salaries in the last four years–in the millions.

I say it’s time we started establishing some priorities that put our kids first, and find money to spend in the classrooms.

Port and Harbor Director, Bill Cork, told the School Board in the Spring of 2017, that he has employees with companies at the Port who would rather commute from as far away as Jackson County rather than live here, and the first reason they gave on a survey the Port and Harbor Commission conducted was “lack of adequate educational opportunities.”

The chart above from the Department of Education confirms Cork’s survey and presentation to the School Board.


Lana Noonan, Chairman
Hancock County Alliance for Good Government
Promoting “Excellence in Education–Integrity in Spending–Openness in Governing”

18 thoughts on “Other Voices | Lana Noonan: Bay Waveland Schools Lag in Four Year Graduation Rates”

  1. Where is Maurice SuperStar when you need him? What they spent sending him on vacay to Denver Colorado would have funded about half a classroom teacher assistant.

  2. Agenda :
    Hancock County
    Casey Favre Controversies stated in Sun Herald!!!!!!!

    Board Attorney – Gary Yarborough
    1 – Well Well, personal vendetta again! Has one sister applied for superintendent job and did not get it. Has another sister, a nurse practitioner, who was not allowed to apply for it.
    2- Was supposed to contact AG’s with only 2 questions and concerns.
    Instead asked a lot more questions, trying to find something so Mr Casey Favre could not be hired. Well that Back fired! He and Blaine LaFontaine Should be very ashamed of themselves. Almost caused a major lawsuit again for the taxpayers because Mr. Casey Favre would have won! You hired him, a nurse and a secretary. Let them all give their notices to their former employer, work a whole week and then tell them , nope your not hired! Really???? How stupid can you be? You cannot do that to a person and think you are not going to get into trouble for that!

    Blaine LaFontaine
    1- Shame on you! You have a personal vendetta with all the Favre’s and you answering dumb ass questions on Facebook, instead telling these people to email you or come to a board meeting. You need to be voted out and I will make sure my big family and friends know how you work! You try to look like the good guy but you are not and you have been caught in many lies and you tell people what they want to hear.
    2- I don’t think the taxpayers would be happy with you if they knew you also almost got the County sued for your dumbass stunt with Mr.Casey Favre!
    3- Stay away from Jerry Beaugez and page “Equality, Diversity, Justice, Equity : Beyond Politics on Facebook! They will help you loss votes not gain votes! They are so worry about everyone’s business instead of their own! Let something happen or you do something they don’t like, they will throw you under that train with the train rolling at a
    speed 100 mph!
    4- I hope you are voted out of there!

    He didn’t get hired because of Mayor Ice or Eddie Favre! He wasn’t just pulled from the street and said come work this clinic! He has been in law enforcement at the age of 21. Worked as a DEA agent, Patrolman, nurse, nurse practitioner for several agencies and hospitals. Still does till this day. I have worked with him through CASA for several years and he will do whatever it takes to do what is right for this community. He has been with the sheriffs department for over 8 years and the sheriff chose him within the department! If anyone else had a license to practice medicine in the department could have applied also! As far as people thinking the dad or uncle has anything to do with it, your dead wrong! He knows how to stand on his own 2 feet! People the AG’s Office even said the school board 3 idiots that is was a personal vendetta! Now this with the Board Of Supervisors! The article in the Sun Herald quoted the Board Of Supervisors and the attorney wants to just move on! YES they do, because the board all made complete asses out of themselves ! Your attorney and Blaine LaFontaine almost got our taxpayers into a lawsuit! Hmmmmm that was left out of the article! Question????
    Have you ever heard the AG’s Office changing their decision? Nope but thank goodness they did!
    Know why, Because the Country screwed up and got their ass in a big crack because of a personal vendetta!!!!

    Casey Favre Controversies Continues!!!!!!!

    Joan Thomas
    1 – approved & knew Singleton was suppose to be at a training for the school board but instead brought his family and went skiing, sprained his ankle instead of being in training class.
    2 – Sent 7 complaints to AG’s office and State Commission Office towards Casey Favre. All 7 complaints was denied and AG’s found no wrong doing. That could have cause the State to take over BWSD and lost of funds! Taxpayers should be very pissed about that stunt!
    3 – Should have been worry about daughter Courtney Thomas Grant Fraud for Library Education!
    4 – Protesting out front of City Hall, claiming racism from the Mayor and He was taking his son side. Well we see not true! You was wrong!
    5 – Under table, approving a 4 year contract for Vicki Landry when told by AG’s not to do it!

    Mark Kidd
    1 – Jumped on that train and went along with Thomas and try to make himself look good for up coming election in Waveland! Back fired. Everyone thinks you should be taken off the board for your part in turning over false complaints to the AG’s and Commission See above under Thomas # 2
    2 – Also trying to cover up Singleton trip. Thomas # 1
    3 – Under the table, approving a 4 year contract for Vicki Landry when told by AG’s not to do it. Thomas # 5
    4- You need to be fired also. Definitely not there for students or

    1 – Look above under Joan Thomas # 1 # 2 #5
    2 – You need to be fired also! Definitely not there for the students or taxpayers!
    3 – Racked up attorney fees with another attorney knowing we have a school attorney. Called to ask for advice and had questions concerning Mr. Casey Favre!

    OK last but not worth the time of day:
    Sutherlin – move on and stop blaming Mr. Casey Favre for you having to resign. I would have fired your ass!
    Thomas, Kidd, Bell, They better go after you! You 3 should be paying lot of money back to the district!
    I would like to see the AG’s Office investigate all the people that has been mention above! That would be some interesting stuff to read! It is time to move on! AG’s is kind of tired looking into Mr. Casey Favre and everything coming up clean! I think he should go work for them, hell they got to know him very well with all the checking they done on him! The joke I hear going around, AG’s Office even knows his weight at birth!

  3. This is hysterical😂🤣
    Maurice better stick to
    tennis instead of skiing😂⛷⛷
    What we wouldn’t give for a picture of that!!

  4. The way Mr. Singleton got caught! You are sent to these classes, workshops or training. Many names they are called. You are sent to receive information, ways to improve your district and Technology to bring back to share with the other board members. Superintendent. Teachers. It is usually a 3 to 4 day/8 hour training. You receive lots of information and ideas packets to bring back. There is on thing you have to do when you go is SIGN in for several reasons. To have documentation showing you were there for your district when they do get audited . Also it documentation for the company that presented this seminar to get payed. Well Singleton didn’t sign in each day! Then the icing on the cake is when he had to go to ER for the injury ankle. So he should be held accountable for this fun trip. Trust me, these seminars can be boring but no excuse! You were sent there On taxpayers money to sit and learn.

    1. On Point,
      The reason Maurice didn’t sign it may be that he was no longer a member of the School Board.
      Are these conferences restricted to legally appointed and elected school board members?
      His term ended March 6. The conference was March 24-27.
      But Mike Bell, Mark Kidd, and Joan sat right there in April and used our tax dollars to pay for his trip. Wonder if we paid god his trip to the ER?!
      Casey was the lone trustee who voted against that payment.

      1. Yes they are restricted to legally appointed and elected school board members! It is always limited class. Wow , I sure didn’t know about those dates that Singleton went! He definitely had a great vacation on our behalf! It is required for teachers, assistant, secretaries, superintendent, board members, cafeteria personnel principals to have training and meeting each year. So many hours has to be accounted for for certain funds. Most of the training comes to our district and stays at one of the casino’s . But most of the training for Superintendent, Board Members, and principals are done out of town. I think the closest training for them has been Jackson. It is cheaper to have the companies come to the district for faculty and staff , due to the amount of people in one district. It is cheaper to send one person ( superintendent, principal or board member) to a central location. Usually Denver, Washington or sometimes Jackson. It is required by State Board Of Education for everyone that works in the public school system to have so much up to date training on laws, policies , technology, bullying, school safety. School safety will be probably a big one this August . Anyone that is employed with the district will go over a period of a 3 or 4 day training. They are gonna want from Cafeteria staff , Maintenance all to be on same page when it comes to that one.

  5. School Board Morons and Hampton
    2 from the bay gone
    2 from Waveland need to resign
    All 4 need to be in jail along with les and his puppets.
    But because of their skin color they walk free and Hampton from the herald says nothing, only bashes the Farve’s.
    Nepotism/ Favre’s
    They never been arrested?
    They never committed Fraud?
    They never approved or miss spent your money?
    They have all been investigated but guess what, Nothing Notta🖕🖕🖕🖕
    So the Sherrif hired one why?
    Working for him already
    Saving money
    Someone he can trust
    Oh did I say a nurse practitioner with almost 20 years of law enforcement experience also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I’m sure he has more reasons if you asked him.
    but idiots like Ramsey and Raphael and other anti Favre’s can’t handle they are good people
    And these same idiots let 💩💩💩 💩 like
    Joan Thomas
    Bay PD
    All committed FRAUD or miss spent your money and these idiots do nothing about it but can still bash a Farve.
    Hampton with the herald is the biggest idiot and most anti Farve of them all. . Herald needs to fire his ass.
    Hampton is like a buzzard, eating and printing 💩💩💩💩

    Damn it must be a good day to be a Farve or Favre
    Favre’s, hold that head high and tell them all to go 🖕🖕🖕🖕 off.
    ICE taking care of the Bay
    Big brother taking care of the county
    Son, Nephew taking care of the school and jail.
    One also taking care of the court s, not sure if he’s related but he has red hair, if not he should be, good young man also.
    Seems there are 4 Red Headed Step Kids leading our community.
    May find even find some more.

  6. Need to concentrate on new Superintendent and the standards she will hold for the teachers and curriculum. We need to focus on the students and not Board members now and see how the % can be raised and our commitment to teaching what is required for these young minds to learn and achieve the goals that are set for them. Get them across the stage and test scores up.
    Board members are not in the schools everyday and in classrooms. We know they have failed, but let’s move our energy to the new administration and see what we can do to help them.

    1. Let’s take a look at class sizes! How can an elementary school be effective with huge numbers and no assistants? No other school in the state has no first grade assistants. Take a look at the other made up jobs. Sped preschool? What exactly do they do? What does the Sped assistant actually do? Been invisible as of late. Way too top heavy at CO

  7. I’m sorry but Stone Cold’s piles of feces are just too much-revolting without meaning anything…..you’re a big boy, use your big boy words.

  8. Education is the ticket. And the ticket takes earnest commitment all the way through, specific goals and money! Our schools have been underfunded for many years. I know there is all sorts of personal drama, and maybe rightly so but first we need to wipe the slate clean…..these petty power plays and backbiting and cruel rumors just sicken me. That type of person has no business being around kids.

    My parents sacrificed a lot to move us where the public schools were in top 10% of the time. And they paid a BUNCH more taxes that went right to classrooms
    and teachers. Parents need to be trained to be active parents. Y’all know when we were kids, Mama sided with teacher, always….now parents go punch teachers, we are not teaching respect for authority or elders as we used to. Parents are in charge of the following”
    Kids hygiene, uniform.
    Manners, etiquette
    knowing that stealing, lying, cheating, hitting, bullying, racism, homophobia, bigotry are wrong
    Any religious beliefs parents have is UP TO THEM, not schools.
    How to behave in polite society, thanks yous, or extending kindness

    applications for teacher certs have gone down 93%, 93% in MS in past 5 years…due to pay, due to unruly kids, teen pregs, drop outs, aggressive teachers and now school safety.

    Schools do not improve in one year so we better start now. Perhaps Mr Cork could help us find some grants to bring great teachers to underwhelming schools.

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