Hancock County’s Newest Red Headed Step Child

Yesterday the Sun Herald asked a very interesting question:

How did the Bay mayor’s son get hired for $115K at Hancock jail? It’s complicated ~ Paul Hampton

Of course when an AG’s opinion is issued and is then rescinded everyone has to get in on the act:

AG’s office rescinds negative opinion, Hancock jail clinic back in business ~ Cassandra Favre

Lost in the story of Hancock County’s newest whipping boy is how the jail went from having its own medical staff to contracting with Health Assurance, LLC under the previous Sups and Sheriff, a company that was involved in passing out bribes in the Chris Epps MDOC scandal to Quality Correction Health Care, Inc. the company that took over for Health Assurance, LLC and now back to its own staff. That story is at least somewhat interesting.

If Casey Favre were unqualified to handle his new job, like former Hancock County Library Executive Director Courtney Thomas, who told some gigantic whoppers in at least one public meeting about her qualifications, I guess we’d be riled up here at Slabbed but since he is a health care professional, it must be his last name alone that has earned him the media’s ire. Worse yet, from a clusterf*ck perspective Favre doesn’t even have the race card to play. That said the Board of Sups could have done a much better job handling this whole deal.

The AG’s opinion at the center of this latest dust up is presented below:

27 thoughts on “Hancock County’s Newest Red Headed Step Child”

  1. I am sitting here in front of my desk top, dying laughing. I don’t know if Jim Hood’s eyes are brown or not, but this huge stack of BS would incline me to go with that color.
    I have requested opinions from the AG where they cited previous actions to substantiate there opinion.
    You know, we really do earn our reputation here in the Magnolia state!!!!

  2. I don’t think this is a binary decision, the old contract or the old name. This has other possibilities, but it seems the Farvre solution is the only option.
    Where other companies quoted?
    Now, a doctor has to be paid to oversee Farvre. Another $12,000 a year.
    Inquiring minds wonder…

  3. Hope this helps the inquiring minds that is wondering ! πŸ™„

    Below you will see a question that was asked by Supervisor David Yarborough to Adams in the minutes from March meeting. ( March or April )

    Supervisor David Yarborough asked Adam if there was another position to be filled and how much would the County
    Save per YEAR.

    Adam said the savings would be about β€œ$80,000”, and that there is another LPN position to be filled.

    As far as Dr. Crittenden overseeing Favre, that is with any NP. Instead of Inmates having to go to Crittenden office or hospital for everyday illnesses , Bloodwork , stitches and getting prescriptions for whatever reason can all be done by Casey. The sheriff did get quotes and this clinic still be there price. Casey works in several ER’s and of course he has ran several clinics for Hancock/Ochsner’s – Port, Diamondhead, Dupont and he Office 2nd floor at hospital.
    Casey Favre, NP-C
    Family Nurse Practitioner
    Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

  4. Last, every time you walk through the hospital door with a inmate for blood work, stitches , infection , we taxpayers pay for it. He will be able to do this and more right there at the clinic. Paying a correctional officer to bring them and return with them, gas for transportation etc….. I could go on and on
    I think the inquiring mines should go to the board meeting and ask these questions. I did and got the answers I needed.

    1. I think it is state law that Nurse Practitioners have to work under the supervision of a doctor with a current license in the state. There are some thing NP’s cannot due, therefore the Dr.’s supervision.
      Correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Now I know most of your nurse practitioner does not work the ER because they are not able to prescribed narcotics and that is usually the case when going to ER, your going because you are in pain. Casey went back to school for prescribing narcotic so he can work the ER’s . He also works ER at Highland Hospital on weekends. My sister lives in Picayune and has seen him there. I have gone to Casey for awhile but have not needed to see him lately. The last I heard he was Director of Clinical Services for Hancock/Ochsner’s. The card I have in my wallet says that.

  6. Well, DANG! And here I thought that Ward 6 in BSL was the red-headed stepchild!!!
    Well we can share.

  7. Someone just send me a screenshot of a post from your Facebook page Rachel Ramsey. Have you and Shay Raphael ever heard of offering the job to someone within the department? It is done all the time at public schools, city, county wide and many government offices. If no one applies or qualifies then the company, city , county or school system will look outside and open it up to the community. Sorry you feel that this was not fair. What is not fair about it? If that is the case, we truly need to get rid or at least question a lot of people! BSL hired a Favre for attorney, was that a favor or good old boy system. Why didn’t that get questioned. Why wasn’t he ask about his qualifications? Now Shay you think you have the right to know if he is qualified? Yes you do and you should go ask about those qualifications To your county board, sheriff, ask Mr. Favre for them. I feel like you people are going after him due to his last name. Shame on you. Sorry you can’t find something wrong or fishy with Mr. Casey Favre. Not everyone is crooked & corrupt in this community! I have worked with Casey, I have been and helped along side of him with CASA and fundraisers He has held down many jobs and title and will continue to do so. He is not a milk the system. He works many jobs and will continue to do so. Saying not fair that he got this job is absurd ! In the school system for example, they get a email about a job opening first then i like said if no qualifies or goes out for it, then they post it to there website, He is employed with the Hancock County Sheriff Department .He is gonna be full time, not part time. They will save a lot of money running to hospital and dr. Office with the inmates and still saving the county money. As far as his qualifications, I know so! Oshsners sure trusted him with being Director over all there clinics and Highland ER trust him to run there ER on weekends. As far as the salary, between Oshsners, Highland, and working narcotics with sheriffs office, he made WAY more then his present salary for this clinic. You know, it’s not all about the money all the time. Kinded hard for people to wrap there heads around that but yes it is true. Shay Raphael and Rachael Ramsey go to the person or persons and ask them first before you judge someone. Stop saying everything sounds fishy or wondering mines or curious . You both even questioning the AG’s Office. Hell go talk to him, he will answer all your questions. Might not be the answer you want to hear but he will answer your questions . Not lies!

    1. On Point,
      I am still waiting for Shay to identify the ” personal”
      interest she said I have in this. And said it on social media.
      I got a phone call last night from a friend who said you couldn’t pay her$115 million
      to take care of that clientele.
      Everyone has an opinion. They’re like belly buttons!

      1. Personal interest?? Wow, let me know what you get out of this deal. I needed that laugh to end my night. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    2. All those poop heads totally distracted me from what you were saying, besides “-poophead”

      I do not care for your blind and total devotion to Casey Favre….since 96, the Favres have run most of the show. Why? Did God anoint the,m with special BSL powers, NFL magic? Uh nope, they can go to any other town and get a job…..although he is not technically guilty of nepotism, but your bro’s son is as close as it gets. You are still practicing power bloc politics and oh what a bloc it is: we have some heavy hitters: Mr Cork has many sites for sale or lease. Mr McPhaille is in the market hot and heavy in BSL. Mr Cork and Mr McPhaille are men of import and influence here. Perhaps Miss Ellis was a nuisance, a bee in Bill’s bonnet….not to worry . Mayor Mike whacks the PHC and then rolls it into the P & Z (which serve completely different issues) but problem solved….The City and the PHC and developer McPhaille are pleased as punch…..no more silly old women worrying about us cheapening our town’s unique quality…..for sale goes up tomorrow…..i HAVE A FOUL TASTE IN MY MOUTH_ YOU MEN MUST BE USED TO IT.

  8. Ramsey and Raphael,
    Know neither of the two,
    Thank God.
    Now they on Facebook and got on social media with Marquar ‘s mommy dogging BSL out and how it’s BSL politics because he was arrested.
    More πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
    He’s a les πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© head that les is hanging out to dry.
    Marquar is a real work of art. He’s anti favre πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© Along with the diversity group of les’s puppets.
    Speaking of anti Farve , the πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
    πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© from the sun herald.
    Let’s see what he says now and see the if he plasters this πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© on the front page. Still doesn’t report the truth about anything. Another les puppet.
    Hope Moyor Ice and the city sue this
    πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© head for the few pennies he has. Waiting for the next person to come out after his ass.
    This may be a total backfire on him.

    1. I know both women, and would you refrain from poopyheads and choo choos out of your letter. That is unless you are in 2nd grade. Is there a deeper friendship with Casey? You doth protesteth too much……and your attack is based on one, a single FB post…..deep, dude.
      Rachel, Shay Marquar (who the hell is he) Marquar’s mommy, Les (les to you) moving on to anti-Favre and Mr Hampton (who is removed professionally). You bash him, accuse him of bias because anyone who does not agree with you is a les puppet……fake news, right?
      Oy vey, you blind Favre-o-philes, any Favre, any time, you are meshunigah.
      Dear heavens, please deliver me from kindergarten politics from Stone Cold…..opinions set in stone.

      1. Maggie King the problem I have is everyone thinks Mr. Casey Favre received this job because of his dad & uncle! Not true! Mr. Casey Favre was working and doing all things before his dad was ever into politics or elected! His uncle was retired for most of his accomplishments! He was Board President of CASA, Board President Of BWSD, Director over Hancock/Oshsners clinics ( 4 total ), Signed to DEA, Highland ER , Hancock ER, Director over all school Nurses in Hancock County, Policeman for several agents, teaches classes at Police Academy, assigned to narcotic division. His family had nothing to do with it. People are digging for dirt . Let it go! Most people are like trolls, not one of them had ask questions to anyone, Board Of Supervisors, Mr. Favre himself. Probably won’t like what he has to say about the ones that tried to bring him down with ethics commission and AG Office. These people are truly spending our taxpayers money, chasing for dirt that is not there. They need to go dig a hole in crawl in it. Stop wasting our money! The joke around town is the AG office even knows the mans weight at birth! Thomas, Kidd, Bell, Yarborough andLaFontaine needs to do stop wasting AG office and move on!

  9. Whether there was wrong doing or not, face the facts. We live in a community that is not heavily populated and we have to pull from the resources we have. The names Ladner, Favre, Cuevas etc. are all over the Coast. Give it up. If someone is qualified then hire them. If it is against the AG rule then you have to choose other candidates. This is where we live and accept it. Everyone is related. We don’t have a rush of citizens moving here to fill these positions.
    Hire the person, but go by the rules……. If the person is qualified and the AG says ok, don’t look at the last name, only the person and their qualifications.

    1. I agree with you Digusted. Our county court house , tax office, city office and all county school system is full of all the names listed above.

      1. My opposition to the position of those who oppose Casey Favre’s providing inmate health services for the county is this:
        If people don’t like an individual, for whatever reason, fine. But don’t indict an entire family and their name. Unlike some rabid Casey opposers here, I actually grew up in the Bay.
        My brother was a Councilman. I am certain he made decisions at times that some did not agree with. But our entire family didn’t get attacked. Our family name wasn’t assaulted.
        Paul Hampton is the reason for this. He appears to enjoy this type of gutter “journalism!”
        I can remember when the Sun Herald was a reputable newspaper.
        I guess it’s just easier to sit back and throw darts on social media than collect all if the facts. But it does nothing for promoting your position on a topic.
        The one disadvantage the Favre’s, Ladners, Necaise’s, Bourgeois, Cuevasez, Adams, and other natives have is they probably don’t know enough about the Hamptons, Ramsey’s, Luke’s
        Kings, and others to launch an attack and cast dispersion on their family names.
        Address your public officials in the appropriate venue and on the real issues unless attacking their names and families is your only goal anyway.

        1. True Lana! This is Leftover Les crapola. When he and his ignorant society made a mistake ( there was a ton of um) they went on personal savage attack mode to hide all their wacko mistakes. Notice the crappy cookies colony is crumbling! Full steam ahead…

          1. Mistakes, Tellitlikeitis?
            Calculated acts. And got away with them, at least in this life, as my neighbor used to say😳

  10. Maggie,
    So let’s see if I can simplify this.

    I choose to support Favres why?
    Because they are honest
    Because they have integrity
    Because they support our community and especially the children and seniors
    Because they are qualified
    Because they stand up and do what’s right and not for a vote
    Because they call it like it is
    Because they are loyal to the position they have and to the people who put them there and still not one has ever been swayed into doing wrong.
    And More

    You and others on the other hand choose not to support Favres why?
    Simply because of their last name.

    I choose to bash the above list and more why?
    Because everything stated about ea. one of them can be backed up by audits, minutes from meetings or just attending meetings and a little research.

    Again you and others chose to bash the Favres why?
    Because you don’t like their name.

    You stated the Favres have been running BSL since 1996
    Well the Favres have been here for hundreds of years and have been involved since they arrived.

    And now McPhaile, Cork , Kane , Cure and others getting bashed why?
    Because they have money
    Because they are investing in our city
    Because their vision is not your vision

    Don’t believe Ice whacked anything and put on P&Z

    Now as far as the taste in your mouth
    Momma Said
    Something’s are better just left alone

    And No I Am Not A Favre/Farve or a friend.
    Never drank , ate or socialized directly with them.
    Have met 2 of the 3
    Just like what the stand for.


    Hope this is simple enough for you.

    And for the record I can usually support Rachael and yes even some of your thoughts.

    But to me it seems like a lot of hate on a name served up with a little jealousy on top.

    Have a great Memorial Day

    One last thing, not sure if you know them or not, it really doesn’t matter, but I would suggest you meet with the mayor and discuss your problems in our ward.
    May be surprised.

    1. Josh is my new guy and although we are very different in many political views, he has always listened to me, and heard me. Previous admins since 2004 have failed to pave our road or ditch work. 13 yrs after K! And then we see Les’ yacht marina, and talk of streetsweepers and golf carts. I do not live in THAT town, and we are utterly ignored.
      I will admit I do not delve into city politics much but was compelled when I heard of a company coming to Port Bienville, a business I see as very dangerous in the floodplain, detrimental to the millions spent for oyster beds and living shorelines and the Pearl River watershed (brings salinity down when baby O and others need lower salt.)

      Mr Cork, and 2 environmental groups blindsided me, after the 2 groups picked me clean of weeks of research. And cozied up with Mr Cork and they were all buddies on a “Coastal Zone Management Program”……haven’t seen anything yet but I hope so. PHC is a quango, and this entity aggressively goes after Federal Grants….which apparently is normal for towns and other communities. I do not like the way the BP RESTORE funds are being spent (on roads, fiber optic infrastructure, new hangar at Stennis, aquarium and $8 million to dredge new channels for barges to come up and dock, new bulkheads, RR loading etc. PHC also received a Katrina CDBG HUD grant of $9 million. HUD mandates that 70% of the grant ($6.3 million) be used solely for jobs for low/mod income ppl or workforce development. Until recently, the VO Tech campus at Hancocok High was the facility to be used…..now MacPhaille bought Alcan with one rusted out hangar and 75 acres for a “Trade School”. That site would take 100s of millions to build a forward looking STEM, UMVs, robotics, avionics facility. Guess where that will come from? And guess who are making scads of money from all of these transactions. Fed funds are4 used to improve essentially private concerns, who get big capital improvements for free.
      And now that McP has bought some serious footage and PHC is making its move into secure Stennis land, don’t you think that their influence will weigh more than yours and mine. And do they know better than us what is good for us? The jobs PHC keeps talking about in the end are insignificant. Construction makes the #s look very good at first.
      Many of you all think this is just good old fashioned American capitalism. And our elected officials may very well not be privy to any of this but those 2 guys worry me…..in a small town, they wield a ton of influence. And guess what, you have a point-neither of them is from here!

  11. Stone,
    She is against private investors and supports government give sways especially if she gets it. She sounds jealous, spitfill , envious etc. join the success and get involved beyond bitching and pity pot bullshit!

    1. why thank you, I am a capitalist, an investor, a stockholder. I was reading the NYT stock page at age 10. I absolutely believe in private property-ya don’t believe me, c’mon over! What I do not accept is unfettered capitalism, like all coastlines in the US being wide open for oil and fracking….short-sighted and greedy.
      I think BSL has changed a lot since the storm. We rebuilt on our bayou lot because we love the people, the water, my child’s friends. The house got so expensive we were broke. Now we pay a lot in BSL taxes with no services, we never wanted or asked about it. Add higher taxes, flood insurance, wind insurance, tied into a crappy crap system, soon get charged for water we refuse to use. Old Town, merchants and the influential ppl get looked after and we don’t. I have an MBA, I worked at Marriott HQ for years, so yeah I know business. And I will not resort to puerile, infantile fat bully at recess names like “spitfull” , you mean “spiteful”. Anyway, since we do not agree, I will stop taunting you with all my radical, communistic ideas…..jajajjajajajajajaj

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