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  1. Doug you really need to open a news forum or update on the DMR. Still heading south. Let’s get an update on First Baptist Church of Gulfport’s new hires. There is the geriatric Secretary that’s like a teenager on Facebook all day. She works part time. In between her other political hack job. The Executive Snack Secretary now has more time for her elicite whores of Babylon lunch break. Uncle Brian has his needs. Rumor is Amoeba Spraggins is so inept thevSnack Secretary is the real person running the DMR. But she does has some competition. Jesus Davis is now in the Tower of Babylon forcing all other departments to speak his brutal militant language. This Nimrod runs the show. Meanwhile Spineless Spraggins is throwing millions around like Trump. Some fishermen are reporting that Spraggins is giving away a million dollars a year for relays with Go Mexico money. This mindless Commission led by Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott is going to distroy Jackson County and the states only oyster reef left. This Commission has raped all other oyster resources and now they are trying to take ours. But our elected officials are going to protest this distruction of our reefs. Spineless Spraggins only claim to knowledge of marine resources is how to eat them. This Dufus will bend over backwards for any elected official. Meanwhile backstabbing the scientist at his own agency and at GCRL. I’m being told this First Baptist is a creationist. I think he is in the process of building a dinosaur cage. Oh and let’s not forget the latest First Baptist Church of Gulfports hire, TJ Moran or as the staff calls him BJ Moron. This is another political hack from Palazzos staff. Pizza Palazzo divorced his wife because of all the college pecan sandy parties he had and now he is throwing off his loser staff to the DMR. Very similar to Tindall forcing the DMR to hire the Executive Snack Secretary. Those quite rumors are that Tindall had to get rid of her for other releasing. Those long afternoon delights. BJ Moron is a legislative assistant to Spineless Spraggins. At most the legislature is in session three months. What will this loser making $80,000 a year be doing? I know, looking for those lost Mardi Gras guns.

    1. PP it looks like there has been a mistake in reporting. The other alternative is that Rat Pickering is not doing his job or is covering up for his friends and family at the DMR as usual. Somebody needs to look into all that [email protected]@$$ is hiding. All of these ponzi schemes (timber) and Hancock county schemes(contracting) all stem from one fat man. Who is covering for him? Why isn’t the FBI and Trump cleaning out the swamp? There are no swamps worse in any other State than what is lurking in our State and hiding under cover. What is wrong with the FBI??

      1. P. S. All seems to be quiet in Gulfport these days. Wonder what’s going on or getting ready to go on there?
        Hi ho…hi ho….it’s back from lunch I go!

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