Cancer in the Locker Room Part Two: Ellis Anderson out at Bay Historical Preservation….

Ms. Anderson broke the news she was discharged yesterday morning via Facebook:

It was getting on to 11pm when the council came out of an executive session. No video was running and only myself and three other people were present when they reconvened. They approved the minutes and then Larry Smith said he wanted to make a motion.

I’m paraphrasing, but it was something to the effect of “I make a motion that we discharge Ellis Anderson from the Historic Preservation Commission.” There was no discussion or reason given. I wasn’t asked to speak.

Gary Knoblock was out of the room, but Smith, Gene Hoffman, Buddy Zimmerman and Josh Desalvo voted yes. Doug Seal and Jeff Reed voted no.

After the meeting adjourned, I asked for some explanation. The mayor and Josh DeSalvo mentioned a possible lawsuit brought on by something I’d done on behalf of HPC. I pointed out that I’d only been carrying out an action discussed and voted on unanimously by the HPC at our last meeting. I wasn’t even chairing that meeting. I’d heard no complaints, nor had anyone contacted me to let me know there was an issue.

Sources in Bay City Government not authorized to speak with the media indicated to Slabbed weeks ago that Ms. Anderson became time limited after Mississippi Archives and History issued the stop work order on the P. J. Coffee Shop, which Slabbed covered back in March. The issue boiled down as follows:

The fact that the PJ’s location was on the National Register of Historic Places was a very well known fact there in old town yet somehow both the Histerical Preservation folks and the people in the City’s building department weren’t in on the secret and the dime dropper certainly wasn’t going to volunteer anything except to MDAH. No sugar coating it, this turn of events represents a black eye for the Favre Administration. Jim MacPhaille has the means to get past the issue, its just a question of how much extra money it will take to rectify things.

The same City sources have indicated to Slabbed that MacPhaille indeed has threatened legal action, which would explain the lawsuit reference in Ms. Anderson’s Facebook post. I think it was another Facebook post of Ms. Anderson’s that sealed her fate:

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

HPC missed all that with the P.J.’s location before the anonymous dime dropper called MDAH. For the four Councilmen that voted to remove Ms. Anderson from HPC, I think that was the last straw. Slabbed heard from several sources that Mayor Favre seriously entertained folding existing HPC functions into Planning and Zoning and eliminating it completely. I would take Tuesday’s Council vote as an indication a consensus has been reached between Mayor Favre and the Council on how HPC will look go forward. I think the goal here would be to avoid repeats of what happened to Mr. MacPhaille and Ms. Warner, another resident that could have lawyered up and successfully sued the City (IMHO) due to HPC’s taking sides in a dispute between neighbors.

I think the bottom line here is residents are seeing a contrast between the new Administration, that won’t take more than one black eye before making adjustments and the old, where such dysfunction was seemingly institutionalized. Just a guess but I seriously doubt Mr. MacPhaille will litigate the PJs disaster as he now has more important things to worry with such as developing the old Alcan property in Ward 4.

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  1. Very little of this makes sense to me. When someone buys property, they pay for a title search, no? Isn’t is Mr. MacPhaille’s responsibility? How could anybody believe that this rich bully could sue the City? The businesses operating at 207 & 209 that were rentals weren’t ADA compliant. Why? Because they’re on the Register & the MDAH grants. I’m just a regular person & I knew that; not to mention MacPhaille admitted that HE knew it in front of witnesses! There’s a new boss in town.

    1. Josh Desalvo made the motion. Ask him, he’ll tell you.

      I heard from a couple of people off record who were similarly perplexed. I think the bottom line here is the City has set sail with the Mayor and Council pretty much oriented the same way in terms of expanding the tax base. When an appointee advocates against what the Mayor and Council are trying to accomplish, it is not unusual to bring in folks that share the vision.

      Worth noting is there is a major background question on whether or not Ms. Anderson could even serve on such a local governmental committee such as HPC. I am told she is not registered to voter in Hancock County. In Mississippi a basic requirement to serve on a board, City Council etc is to be a “qualified elector”. If my information is correct and I’m sure it is because Lana has the voter rolls, Ms. Anderson likely should have never been appointed to HPC.

      1. I was told recently that oddly enough Ellis was not registered to vote here. So, I checked the polls and could not find her. I thought it strange that someone with such enthusiasm for civic service would not be registered to vote.
        But the question going forward, at least to me, is this: Council has to make sure that when they appoint citizens to these public Boards and Commission, they are at least registered voters of the community they are going to serve. After all, they serve at the pleasure of the elected officials. If this were not a requirement, and it is spelled out in the state Constitution, then anyone from anywhere can come in and serve on the public boards and commissions locally.
        Hopefully this can be resolved before Council has to fill this vacancy on the Commission, and make sure that it is someone who is legally qualified. I don’t really know how long she has served, but think about the deliberations this commission conducts regarding the personal property of citizens, how many decisions they are empowered to make, etc. that affect the lives of property owners. Before anyone goes off the deep end, this is not personal, just something I think really should be cleared up before the next appointment.

      2. Confirmation this afternoon from the AG’s office. I received a call around 3:30 that Historic Preservation Commissioners do not have to be registered voters in a the community, just residents. But it does beg the question as to why someone as civic minded as Ellis, and who attends city meetings to express her displeasure with the officials would not do the one thing that would put some muscle in her endeavors—register to vote—don’t jus complain!!!
        You know what they always say, “if you don’t care enough to vote, you don’t get to complain!”

        1. Voting is responsible, patriotic and everything our good people are founded on. She represents none of those things. Her biggest bitching is usually letting everyone know how to make it better her!
          Great decision to get her none voting communist attitude out of representing and complaining about the people we did vote for. She not only does she not deserve to be on a commission representing us she deserves no representation from us.

  2. Very Interesting Doug , First I’ve heard about the voter thing.
    But the bottom line is no matter what she should be gone.
    She used her position to oppose anything she doesn’t want.
    Bill Adams
    She has tried to stop a house on DeMonlizun because she didn’t like the windows even though they were in the scope of the ordinance.
    And the house she didn’t like the color of on sycamore
    And this and that.
    It’s not her right to tell citizens what she likes.
    It’s their duty to tell them if it’s ok to do what they want.
    And that’s it!
    She and her buddy, the one they want on the commission are the very ones that blasted Councilman Smith at his ward meeting.
    They stoped Ice from appointing someone else to the board at the council meeting.
    And Seal made it clear it wasn’t Ice’s nomination.
    But him being the WORM he is did not support Smiths motion.
    Why , votes, planning on running against Ice?
    Remember he votes with who is in the seats.
    Smith and Disalvo – Thank You
    The wicked witch is dead.
    Worm Seal and Reed that train is a coming
    Thanks again Doug

    Councilman Zimmerman
    Disappointed you didn’t support the raises , especially in public works.
    Some of these guys carried your ass and now you turned your back on them.
    Shame on you.
    You made BIG money as a BSL employee.

    And Worm seal and reed , You both have rode the city’s coat tail as well.
    Don’t tell me about your company and how y’all do shit.
    Tell me why you want give the city workers a increase that you budgeted for.
    Worm reed , how many minority raises were there?
    Seems you are more worried about that drainage behind all your land off Washington st.
    Seems you ask the engineer about it at every meeting.
    Isn’t that a conflict of interest??
    Should you vote on these things??
    Let’s get a AG opinion on that one.

    Seems like y’all will try to stop Ice at any means.
    But the bottom line, thing are happening in the bay. With or with out y’all.

    Councilman Gary , not sure on you at times. You seem to be on board but you fall off , which is ok , but not on simple things.
    Don’t over think and create confusion, and please stay away from past councilman.
    You are needed to move the city forward, don’t be manipulated by him.
    He’s only for himself and will throw your ass under the first bus 🚌 a rolling.
    This administration and council is doing ok , seem to agree to disagree for the most part, except the two worms.

    Ice , Smith , Josh, Gary , Gene stick together and do what is right for all of us.
    Buddy get on board.
    Two Worms seal and reed
    It’s coming.

  3. The Bay St. Louis Historic Commission Facebook Page lists the following current commissioners:
    Jerry Dixon
    Mark Karl
    Al Lawson
    Bill Stakelum
    Susie Veglia
    I am assuming Ellis removed her name. She is no longer listed.
    The poll books I have from Circuit Clerk’s office as of last year for the Bay St. Louis elections show the following:
    Registered to vote in Ward 3 of Bay St. Louis–Commissioners Mark Karl and Al Lawson
    Registered to vote in Ward 2 of Bay St. Louis–Commissioners Bill Stakelum and Susie Veglia
    I could find no registration for Ellis Anderson or Jerry Dixon
    That doesn’t mean they have not registered since last year. But it does mean that they could have been serving the citizens of Bay St. Louis without being qualified electors. And, we have to confirm if that is indeed a requirement.
    Ed Wykoff served on that Commission for a while, and I am pretty sure lives in Waveland?? He has since resigned.

  4. Everyone knows E. Anderson agenda. She wants to control everything. She thinks she is a visionary when in fact she is just a Woodstock Hold Over. From Bayou Caddy to here she is an obstacle. She needs to relocate.

    Seems to me a lot of focus on MacPhaille and his private money and not enough on public money!

      1. That empty hotel/waterpark is such a depressing eyesore. I’ll be thrilled to see it gone. I agree with you, Lana, about how $$$

  5. Stone is mad at anyone making money. Focus on public money not private. Jealousy is hard not to see. Why don’t you invest and take a risk. All investments are risky .

  6. Dumped Dead wrong on everything.
    I never held a gov. job and I’m not against anyone making money. I’m not the one bashing mcpfaille or cure or Kane or anyone else investing here. I think they are good for our area. Buying vacant properties and run down buildings and doing something with them. Why wouldn’t you want them.
    The bay and Waveland are one. They need each other.
    I agree that all investments are risky especially ones like the school or alcan or the hotel.
    And my comment was meant to be sarcasm

  7. Ellis Anderson has always been out for herself and private beliefs. She has never considered what is good for the community and putting her feelings and beliefs aside. We don’t need anyone to serve on any committee that can not separate these issues and work for development, but still follow the guidelines of the committee they agree to serve on… The City has ordinances and they should be followed unless a special exception is given that is in the best interest of the issue involved.

    She and her husband have always been out there rallying against everything. He wines if he doesn’t get an architectural job and tries to find fault with projects being built on social media and the like.

    Can anyone tell us what Good they have done for the City of BSL? She has a paper, but that is a financial project for her? What philanthropy do they do or volunteer? Anything? Just sit and criticize. I’m glad she’s off..

  8. “If I may, I would like to know where the money came from to pay for all of the legal fees we have had to come up with in the past two years. I mean pretty hefty fees. Where did it come from?”
    That was the question this evening from Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board Trustee, Vicky Arnold, to Jon McCraw, School District Business Administrator, as he gave the dismal business report and the lack of funds for things like classroom assistants for Waveland Elementary, Assistant Principals for the two Elementary Schools, a High School Social Studies teacher, two teaching positions at the Middle School, etc.
    And the answer she got was, “we took the legal fees out of ad valorem taxes.”
    That’s right. That’s what our taxes on our property paid for instead of supporting the classrooms.
    It was of note to me also that McCraw did not delve into the Administrative Budget in his report to the Board. Of course, that is his territory since he is an Administrator himself. Let’s don’t open the shutters on that pot of gold.
    As I sat listening to this back and forth, and hearing the report on yet another construction project at the High School to the tune of $787,700.00, I concluded that nothing really changes. Bricks and mortar always seem to trump the three R’s.
    I am waiting for the day when what goes on INSIDE the classrooms becomes of greater importance than the buildings themselves.
    But that is what we have done in Hancock County and the 3 municipalities since Katrina.
    Our public officials have invested so much in lavish public buildings that the challenge to maintain them is taking its toll on the available revenue, which is rapidly vanishing.
    Imagine what that $4million we spent on the Sports Complex could have done for education?!
    But that’s a simple example of priorities, a la Bell, Kidd, Singleton, and Thomas.
    Remember, unlike football and baseball fields, and tennis courts, classrooms are used EVERY DAY.
    McCraw told the Board, after it is all said and done from the State level on down, they have about
    $100,000 to attend to their $696,000 in educational needs.
    Don’t be surprised when your property taxes go up again this year.
    Not to worry, they’ll just “stick it to the folks!”

    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t this very same thing happen in BWSD? Wasn’t CL voting in city elections despite living elsewhere (Ridgewood)? Was she voting in city elections but not paying city taxes … things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.


      A Hattiesburg man who ran for an open state representative seat last year was sentenced Monday morning after pleading guilty to voting outside of his legal district, announced Attorney General Jim Hood.

      Cory Ferraez, 28, was sentenced by Lowndes County Circuit Court Judge Lee Coleman to six months in the custody of the county jail with all six months suspended. He was ordered to pay a $200 fine, $200 assessment to the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, and all court costs.

      Ferraez illegally voted in a 2015 election in Lowndes County even though he was living in Hattiesburg. He was arrested on a capias in December following an indictment by a Lowndes County grand jury. He was indicted for swearing to a false application for absentee ballot, in addition to voting outside of his legal domicile, but the first charge was dropped in exchange for his guilty plea to count two.

      β€œThe defendant is a lawyer, who appeared before the State Election Commission, and was warned by my Deputy AG on the record that it is illegal to claim residency in one place yet vote in another,” said General Hood. β€œHe was told that an investigator was present and recording the meeting. When he qualified to run, he filed a sworn statement that he had lived in Hattiesburg for the two year period required by law. At the Election Commission meeting, he was confronted with his Lowndes County voter record during those two years. It is voter fraud to vote where you do not reside. Of all people, a lawyer should follow the law, especially after he was given the courtesy warning.”

      This case was investigated by Roger Wade and prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Stan Alexander, both with the AG’s Public Integrity Division.

      1. The Labats just got a warning, and were informed they were removed from the City’s poll book, and to register in the precinct of their residency.
        The Circuit Clerk tried to
        sell me on the excuse that they may be thinking about coming back some day and that’s why their voting out of precinctbwas never challenged.
        When I told that to the attorney at SOS, she said, ” no way, not after 10 years, and additionally, they were using an address to vote that they had never owned ”
        She said she verified through
        Dept. Of Motor Vehicle and Homestead Exemption records.
        I have not examined the poll
        book for the election in the Bay last year, so am not prepared to say whether or not Ellis voted.
        Does anyone posting here know if you are required to
        let your registrar know if you change registration to another geographic location?

  9. Will they be prosecuted or any disciplinary action be taken? Likely not. Political correctness. I thought they were pillars of the community?

  10. You Know the Old Saying..”Vote Early and Vote Often”
    I am amazed to read about the Labat Family. They have been a part of our community for years.

  11. Labats & les
    Voter fraud
    Singletons & les
    School board trip Fraud
    Thomas & les
    Approved school board trip Fraud
    Courtney Thomas & les
    Grant Fraud for Library education

    So why do they all walk free?
    Is it ok because of race?
    You be the judge!
    Reed & seal , this is the role models you want for our kids.

    Paula & les
    Blowgez & les
    Olivers & les
    Fraud, impersonation , Grants writer, assistant Mayor and building official.
    Do we need to go on any further.

    All belong in the same πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© pile
    Common denominator LES
    Ice , Keep that train a coming.

  12. Les and his attorney β€œWide at the hip and quick At the Lip” Big Bad Don created messes that are still surfacing today.

  13. E. Anderson boo hooing in the paper. She got a dose of what she has been dishing out on others for a long time. She keeps threatening to leave but never does maybe now she will get the message and go where she feels more comfortable and is probably registered to vote.

  14. The sun herald article about BSL and Ellis being fired.
    Hampton is a les πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© head
    Didn’t know she was an employee of the city so I don’t believe she was fired.
    Any way that bad weed is Gone.
    Didn’t know about her home on 3rd st. being a half rental.
    Wonder if she had permits for it?
    Wonder if she has a fire wall between the walls of the home and rental?
    Wonder if it was ever inspected?
    I think that it is an historic building , wonder if she went through MDAH?
    Wonder if they approved her work on that building?
    Wonder if she received grants to fix it after the storm?
    Lot of wondering?
    You know what they say about living in a glass house.
    Another one bites the dust.
    Thanks council, except the 2 worms reed and seal.

  15. I’ve been told she has been receiving homestead exemption while operating a business and vacation rental on the property. Unless the geoportal map info is out of date, you can see in black and white what the taxes for the property are. I doubt there is a firewall between units. Also, the porch railing does not meet code for safety ( especially for a rental property). At least they got rid of that rotten boat in the front yard.

  16. That boat was hideous. She was growing weeds in it. Self anointed BSL Savior. Most of us put our big boy pants on after the storm all she did was squat on a pity pot. Absolutely embarrassing to our resolve to recover. She is still boo hooping!

  17. Is it required to be a registered voter to qualify for homestead exemption? If so she maybe registered somewhere else and violating tax laws.

    1. This is my understanding of voter registration.
      You do not have to be a property owner to register to vote. However, if you are a property owner, apply for Homestead Exemption, and receive it, you MUST vote in the precinct of your property registration.
      You cannot, according to Secretary of State, reside in the Kiln, receive Homestead Exemption on your property in the Kiln, and vote in any municipal precinct. You have to vote where you legally receive Homestead Exemption, and vice versa. You cannot receive Homestead Exemption on property in the city and vote in a county precinct.
      Whether or not you have to be in possession of a voter registration card to receive Homestead Exemption, I do not know. But, will find out and post.
      Elections are coming up, and these things need to be clarified before we vote.
      People will try anything, and unfortunately get away with it until they are challenged. Unfortunately they are not always challenged by the officials in charge of these matters!!

      1. Jimmy Ladner does a horrible job. They do not read obituaries apparently. Properties owned by deceased family members who were homesteading and getting senior discounts on advalorem taxes are still getting them!

    2. Just confirmed through tax office. There is no requirement to be a registered voter to get Homestead Exemption.

  18. Homestead Exemption Fraud?
    Call 1-800-Tax-Office , Jimmy
    Is any of les’s puppets not involved in some type of fraudπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

  19. I think this is definitely worthy of an investigation by the Gulf Prohibition Network, the Northern Poverty Law Center, and the STEPS Constipation

  20. You people are hard on Ellis, she probably did use her influence against her adversaries, especially Bill, but Les allowed it. I think she is kinda Hot. She is probably better off now. I see the county finally got to keep a Farve from losing pers. Reversing the AG opinion, wow, why would you hire someone pending an opinion but not waite for it to come in? I guess it’s better than looking at the echo for 5 days with Steve S throwing the first pitch. The complex was slowed down by him, if it wasn’t a piece of property he had interest in his engineer buddies said it had too much wetlands on it. He birddoged it from the beginning. Even while out of office he has influence. Steve S, Eddie F and Tim K dangle Blane and Scottie like two puppets on a string and lead poor Darren (Bo) around like a goat on a rope. It’s just another example of a culture of corruption.

    1. I’m surprised no one picked up on the whoppers/omissions Anderson told in her rendition of the Council meeting which lead to her dismissal. Has she attended any council meeting gavel to gavel before the first May meeting where she was fired? In my time attending council meetings I saw her many times appear for her portion of the agenda but she never stayed for the whole meeting. I wonder which Councilman tipped her off to what was coming, Doug or Jeff?

    2. Brandon,
      Ellis caused this to herself! She was taking this to far and almost got the city suited! If we keep her and got sued then you would be bitching and asking Mayor, why did they keep her and let her get away with this. She definitely went over board with this. When you question her on her own property and the things that was done, could not get answers.County issues: When Oshsners came in what 4 years ago or maybe 3. Not sure. Favre lost his PERS then! But he did stay right where he was in of course no one said a word and didn’t care about those that lost it then. Today, Everyone is bitching because the rest of the employees lost there PERS from Oshsners just about 6 to 8 weeks ago. Now they are complaining and worried about everyone else’s business and jobs! They are all in a up roar about it . Now let’s get all up in Mr. Casey’s business! Mr. Casey Favre hasn’t had PERs Since Oshsners came into the picture 3 or 4 years ago. So get off that train! The County was able to influence the AG to change their opinion! That has me laughing hysterically for you to even think that! No one is going to get AG office to do that! AG office is not going to be sway . They did the right thing and the idiots that tried to pull a fast one over on them, got caught! Just like the Sun Herald stated, they never heard the AG’s changing there opinion EVER but they decided to do it this one time for Mr. C. Favre! I hope you don’t believe that for one second. If you do, i feel sorry for you and hope your are not required to think a lot doing each day! If Steve S, Eddie F. And Tim K dangle Blaine and Scottie like two puppets on a string and lead poor Bo around like a goat on a rope , all I can say, they have no balls, not man enough to stay up to Steve,Eddie & Tim or anyone that is using them as puppets. It is there fault !They have 2 feet to stand on, a voice that can be heard! Use it! They will have to pay the price for being puppets and a goat! When election time comes around, vote them out. Instead of another example of culture of corruption, it is another example of idiots thinking way to much.

  21. Brandon,
    This is a time honored tradition in handcuff county. Spread the wealth amongst themselves.

    Seymour has no respect for himself. David Kenny should have thrown out the first pitch. Mr. Kenny’s biggest obstacle was Seymour trying to get the land purchase to his buddies financiers!

  22. I know squat about the HPC and P & Z so I won’t address that point. The manner in which they removed Ms Anderson was incredibly rude and mean. Whether you like her or not, she has worked hard for the city.

    I am reading this lil coup differently. Her removal was at McPhaille’s bidding, because he is know Lord of the Manor. He has been buying up properties for 5 years and we are just hearing about him in regards to the theatre and PJ’s. If Mayor folds PHC into P & Z, there will be no more bothersome Ellis rules or obstacles. We know BSL changes code, regs, procedure like they change socks, depending on who, what and where.
    25 properties!!! Maybe Ellis should have been concerned about Alcan and its 75 acres for a “Trade School” (required by CDBG HUD grant to Port Bienville and SIA. 70% of funds must go to employing low income persons OR training them for appropriate positions. Since I have not seen huge job creating skills out of our new CEO, I expect a Vo Tech school. Why not at the high school? The HUD CDBG grant was $9, so 70% is $6.3 mil…plus Mr Cork has requested another $13 million. Where has the money been spent? And where does the $13 million come from, and who decides how it is allocated? Will educators assist? Or is it the BIZ WHIZ again….
    All too neatly packaged for my old cynical soul…..but I am ashamed at Josh for being so ungracious to Ms Ellis. I know your Mama raised you better, sir!

    1. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this one Margie. There is no nice way to fire someone, even when it is for cause.

  23. Damn, y’all are vicious….such high emotions about someone who has not done wrong to you personally…..then welcoming shifty stealth developer McPhaille just short of kissing his butt. Your esteemed BSL leaders have a new guy.
    This city is the WORST run place I have ever seen. And I was forced into annexation and now pay same millage y’all do and have not received dog crap for it. Ouyr rebuild after K was a nightmare. One inspector changed 5 times in 5 visits, each adding on $500-$1000 costs. Ridiculous….our meter was 9ft up. A smart meter that does not get read by a human. Inspector made Pat build a small deck. Next time, he added stairs, then a railing on stairs then a railing all around the deck, and finally wood bars vertically between railing and deck, all treated lumber-we go from zero code to anal retentive microregulations…….and you bitch about ellis/???

  24. King, you accuse everyone with resources and financial ability of being crooked! Get off of it. He is up front and doing what he does, develop. You by self admission spend no money or support anything that does not benefit you! Does that make you questionable and greedy!

  25. If a trade school is created, then Kudos to Mr. McPhaille. That trend has been lost for years. When I was in high school, many years ago, there was Vo Tech. Then through the years it was considered demeaning to students. Why I don’t know, and was eliminated. Students would graduate with no skills and all students don’t go or can’t afford to go to college.
    We need to give these children skills to go out into the community and be able to work. I’m tired of supporting the unemployment situation and lack of skills our children have. I hope they even create a training for adults, to help their ability to go into the workforce.
    I’m not sure what the long term plan for Mr. McPhaille, but consider this. All of these properties he is buying are not being assessed at the new purchase price, I hope, and will increase our Property Tax base, which is long term and permanent, so hopefully the city will benefit and not have to consider raising our taxes to cover expenses. Every sale helps this situation so the old tax base on these properties will increase. Someone need to make sure Mr. Ladner is assessing these properties at the current sales price and not letting them stay at the old assessed value. $$$$

  26. Disgusted,
    Maggie is a lost soul complaining because she didn’t plan to retire she just did it hoping for a handout and take from those who have more than her!

    Jimmy Ladner does not read obituaries and reassess property tax after elderly die and pass property along to survivors!
    He mostly supports public money spent on he or his daughter. For years he used the community center free on the backs of the tax payer to fund a charity he supports. Even the supplies were funded by the tax payer. He mislead people on his philanthropy and took advantage of his position to manipulate the system and promote his re-election and personal interests. He has since been stopped!

    Hancock County Tourism should have hired his daughter then maybe Jimmy wouldn’t have given our money away to the Tri County Tourism! WTF did he know about Tourism. He leads the supervisors around like a goat on a rope!

    Look at his ads that we pay for in the sea coast echo his name is LARGE and READABLE but the info needs reader glasses to see! He is using our money to campaign! These types serve themselves not the public! Track records count!

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