Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: “Jew Haters” and Other Words to Kill Debate

Posted on April 26, 2018

“Jew Haters.” Nasty language, right? Absolutely.

But it can get worse. How about “Jew hating anti-semite?” The double-whammy. That’s the language that came out of the mouth of Morton Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America.

Klein directed that language at Barack Obama. Obama’s offense in Klein’s addled mind? In 2016, then President Obama had abstained on a UN Security Council vote that criticized Israel for expanding settlements in the Israeli occupied West Bank. The measure passed 14-0. One would have to assume that Klein’s opinion of the leaders of the 14 countries that voted to criticize Israel, including Theresa May of the UK, was something worse than a “Jew hating anti-semite”… whatever that might be.

How about charging someone with “betrayal and anti-semitism?” Sounds like a pretty nasty individual that would warrant that description. It happens to be the language used by Menachem Begin, former Prime Minister of Israel, to describe President Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan, for Pete’s sake…are you kidding me?

What could Reagan, of all people, have done to incur the wrath of the Prime Minster of a country, Israel, that, at that time and now, is the recipient of the lion’s share of US Foreign Aid? Reagan wanted to do what American Presidents are supposed to do…manage the foreign policy of the USA.

Specifically, Reagan wanted to take a step towards normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia by selling unarmed advanced radar equipped aircraft called AWACS to the Saudis. To close the deal, Reagan had to win a vote in the US Senate. Continue Reading……

3 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: “Jew Haters” and Other Words to Kill Debate”

  1. Jimmity :

    No surprise, even the most perfect human is capable of hate as it is an ever present evil, self serving rotting, flesh condition……’ Jesus sayth, no one is saved unless he is reborn of the Spirit’….. which means no human can physically will himself not to hate but only with the presence of the Spirit in his heart can he resist this ongoing evil……..

    Now that I have agreed that there are” Jew haters”…. how about writing about another evil, absolute TRUTH, i.e. the systematic, political corruption of the DOJ and FBI institutions by Obama/Clintonites with sole intent to “insure Trump” would not win Presidency and if he did the Snowflakes would have BS lies to impeach him ………………….and with your leadership help clean it up as you did with the Nixon scandal ?……

    You can’t be for good government without wanting to first acknowledge and get rid of bad , corrupt government….who even had the Democratic primary cards stacked, corrupted against one of their own (Bernie ” Everything Free” Sanders)..

    Too much to ask of you Jimmity, huh? You want to, but there some self -serving thing in your Irish Catholic soul that is stopping you? Remember without praying for the Spirit to help you , you won’t be able to do the right thing and resist evil, untruthful things….

    Curious as to what your perfumed, conservative French female friend has to say about the Demos’/MSM addiction to anti-Trump fake news , all the while the real political corruption of the Deep State and their anti-constitutional coup to reverse a Presidential Election of the people goes unaddressed by the MSM?

    1. Tight…

      Always a pleasure to hear from you. Plus, I must commend you for your reasonably agreeable opening

      Now you raise the question why I don’t join you in a trip down the rabbit hole of the “deep state and FBI

      The short answer is that WW goes where it can add value to the public discourse. There is no shortage of folks who are willing to carry on, ad infinitum, about the “deep state.” Without admitting or denying whether there is such an entity…my voice would add nothing.

      Now, if one wants to take a position AGAINST the conventional wisdom that Israel is pure as the driven snow on all matters they are adding value to the public debate for the simple reason that very few people are willing to do it AND put there name on it.

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