Brawling Prosecutors Visit the Coast???

I was greeted with a tip on my first day back from a long four day weekend in the North Georgia Mountains that Mississippi’s Prosecutors do not just fight crime, they evidently fight each other with last week’s brawl spilling out onto the Golden Nugget’s gaming floor. According to Slabbed’s sources it started with a Prosecutor from North East Mississippi and went down hill from there.

The Prosecutor Training Division of the Attorney General’s Office identifies, develops and implements training and resource programs for prosecutors within the State of Mississippi and their supporting personnel. In addition, this Division monitors criminal law as it develops in our State Legislature and alerts District Attorneys, City and County Attorneys, Youth Court Prosecutors and Special Assistant Attorneys General. Two major conferences and several customized training classes each year provide prosecutors with resources and information that are needed to help prosecutors protect the rights of our citizens who are victimized.

The 2018 Spring Prosecutors Conference offers Prosecutors twelve hours of continuing legal education, including one hour of ethics.

Speaking of how this started, word has filtered out in the legal community:

Sounds like someone got handsy after taking in the nice salt air down on the coast. In any event, anyone wanting to share everything they know about the fighting prosecutors is highly encouraged to do so in comments. For my friends in the media, I have been told arrests were made by the Biloxi PD so there is certainly a documentary public record on the incident.

3 thoughts on “Brawling Prosecutors Visit the Coast???”

  1. I wonder if any of these training classes instruct prosecutors on how to trap and persecute innocent people for political gain.

  2. James Moore is something else. What you described happening does not surprise me at all. Everyone in North Mississippi knows he runs around on his wife. I know firsthand the facts on that about him, so what he did in Biloxi by messing with another man’s wife doesn’t surprise me in the least. He has a DUI pending in court that has been held up from going to court for years after the Daily Journal reported him hitting a parked car while intoxicated. Now he is “physically fighting” other attorneys at a professional meeting and making a big scene. I personally know the man, and have zero respect for the guy. Nobody can actually believe he is running to be elected as a JUDGE in Lee County in November. WHAT A JOKE!!!! I don’t know the person he is running against, but I sure am going to vote for him,….and hope others do too. Hopefully the Daily Journal Newspaper will do a story on this guys behavior and when the truth is out and the facts are printed, people will see Moore for who he really is, and NOT vote for him. Nobody wants someone like that being a Judge in Tupelo / North Mississippi. Drinking, DUI, Fighting, womanizing other men’s wives while married, and hitting parked parks while intoxicated is not the kind of person you want for a Judge,…….or an attorney representing you. Bad reputation!

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