Paging Coach Powell

Coach, a few of your former players noticed you were still knocking around in the Bay after reading Slabbed and the guys would love to visit and catch up if you’re interested.

Drop me a line and I’ll hook everyone up.

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  1. Can you believe we lost such a qualified AD director because of a bunch of girls fussing over an unqualified football coach / health teacher/ nice guy . Worse part is we may end up with an unqualified administrator ( AD ). An Adam’s kid, not even finished school yet. I saw the Dad sucking up to the board the other night. Good ole boy system at its finest. Hopefully this board has seen where hiring an unqualified administrator has gotten us.

    1. I would hope whoever replaces Coach is qualified to do the job. On the other hand if the administration will not let the AD do their job, maybe they should eliminate the position and concentrate on academics because I see little hope Bay High will be competitive in any sport beyond maybe soccer on the track they are on presently.

      If memory serves a current Bay City Councilman was responsible for a very good baseball coach being terminated 3 or 4 years ago in a prime example of parental meddling coupled with political interference chasing off a good employee. Some things never change.

  2. I’m just asking ,I did not realize admin. had a part in it. How do you feel as though administration stopped him from doing his job ?

    1. My understanding is that Coach Powell notified the Football Coach he would not be renewed as a courtesy to him. After the football Coach and the female gym class went to the media, Coach was evidently overruled on the nonrenewal. Coach Powell resigned, which was really the only thing he could do under the circumstances.

      I think these comments lay out what happened in a way that makes sense.

      1. As nice and courteous as Coach Powell may have been trying to be, there is a written policy in the Board Policy Manual governing dismissal of certified employees in Section “G” specifically GBN.
        This is yet another example of folks just making up the rules and procedures as they go along, as in the brother/sister act in Central Office. According to Board Policy, it is the Superintendent who recommends to the Board renewals or non renewals for Administrators, no later than March 1, all others no later than April 15. The employee is provided a letter explaining the reason for their termination in advance, and they can request a hearing, if they desire.
        If Powell knew the Superintendent was not going to renew the coach, he should have kept quiet and let the Super handle it according to Policy.
        No point in having policies if everyone is just going to do what they want. That is called chaos, which we seem to have an abundance of these days.

        1. Lana, I also agree with you but Each part is broken down in sections. If a principle at north bay feels as though a teacher is not doing their job, he does not have to recommend them to the board for rehire for the upcoming school year. Coach Powell is over Athletics, it’s his place to handle the athletic staff. Of course it goes to the superintendent and signs off on it. As long as Powell has reason for not recommending Foreman the upcoming year there should not be any questioning of it, that is his department to over see . We also do not know if Foreman was given a formal letter in their meeting. We also do not know if Landry was sitting right there when Powell spoke to Forman. We all know Landry has problems speaking in meetings and to the public, she probably got Powell to dot it. I can definetly see her telling Powell “You tell him“ lol

          1. We can only speculate as to what went down. I am just referring to the policy.
            You are correct in that a Dept. head ( Principal, Athletic Director, etc. ) would recommend to the Super. if someone under them, in their opinion, should not be offered a new contract.
            But from that point forward, I would think the policy and procedure would have to be adhered to. The Super cannot abdicate this responsibility to anyone. But let’s not forget that is how she pretends to operate– abdicating her Central Office responsibilities to an extra Asst. Super.
            As I said, when we ignore laws and policies and procedures, we create chaos, and lately we have had plenty of it.
            A LEADER– that’s what we need. Someone with the posture of authority so that no one will be confused as to whom is at the helm, come what may.

      2. Doug,You are right but you know some have no idea what they are doing or talking about. The coach and the sun herald had it all messed up. You know more than anyone that the board votes on recommendations from administration. You are also right that Powell did the coach a favor by telling him he would not be recommending him the up coming year. The coach ran back to the school crying to the kids. That he was FIRED. Unfortunately the coach , kids nor parents actually understood that just because Powell gave him this news did not mean he planned to run that week to the board meeting. It was simply out of curtesy ( In my opinion the shit show Foreman allowed to take place, hurt him more then helped him, especially the fact that he even showed up for the meeting. It definitely looked as if he was behind the whole fiasco)
        Anyway, it had to be humiliating to the ones in the audience who finally realized that the board had no idea what they were even talking about. Again, (smh) ignorance waved its evil head when , Favre tried explaining to them that as far as the board knew he was still the Coach. While Favre tried to explain to all of them that it had not yet been presented to them. They only thing those people heard from Favre was what they wanted to hear and that was “ as far as the board knows, Foreman is still the coach”. So since the Sun Herald also had no clue how the board works, that crazy ass went and posted that Foreman was reinstated in big ole black letters. Sad to say but the Sun Herald even wrote how he congratulated Foreman for being reinstated(smh)
        and I believe that Foreman was quoted saying “ I wish they would be more specific” I mean come on, if you work in a school system for that many years shouldn’t you know how your school board operates. Also how aweful was it to have the papers congratulate u for being reinstated when you weren’t but he brought that fiasco on himself.
        I was also told by many people, that he slit his own throat allowing his wife to make a speech at some sort of awards thing. It was said that she repremended the parents on their behavior in the stands in front of Powell and Landry.
        So yes sir, you are right but that’s in detail. LoL

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