6 thoughts on “A rare back to back….”

  1. All I can say, Doug, is if you charged for posting on the Bay-Waveland Superintendent issue, you could give up your day job !!🤣😂

    1. The irony here is Slabbed pays more for using more bandwidth. I do not mind the extra $$$ for such a worthy topic.

      I could be wrong (as of today Slabbed has 7,849 published posts) but this post holds the commenting record.

      1. 536 posts for Blissfully Disengaged brings back old memories but the record was mainly due to the endless posts of commenter OnASteed with his countless recipes including Goatshead Soup…………

        No one ever came forth to explain OnASteed as to his purpose and plan……..

        Would love to know as there were several theories as to who was OnASteed but he/she was a definite motor mouth and had a lot of free time on his/her hands……

        As Jimmy Durante would tell his long lost love, Ms. Calabash, good night at the end of his comedy show I have to tell Patricia, slabbed’s greatest political artist of all time, goodevening wherever she is as I close out this post….

        1. I have an idea as to On A Steed’s identity. His message did not play with everyone but I appreciated his perspective.

          Patricia is most easily found on Facebook and believe it or not she is back in the metro NOLA area. I’ll tell her that you mentioned her here.

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