Guest Post | Lana Noonan: Congratulations to the Local Public Officials that made Restructuring the Bay Waveland Schools Possible

The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government would like to offer our congratulations to those public officials who made possible a restructuring of our local Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board.

We’ll start with former Mayor Les Fillingame, who last February, 2017, did not re-appoint Maurice Singleton, leaving that appointment to the new administration. Current Mayor, Mike Favre, and the new Bay St. Louis City Council replaced Singleton with Vicky Arnold, and most recently replaced Joan Thomas with Ann Latrop.

Those of us who regularly attend School Board meetings, review claim dockets and test scores could not be more pleased in the new Board. We will hold them accountable for their opportunity to make the long overdue improvements to the School District.

One has been accomplished, that being the resignation of Superintendent Vicky Landry, which ends the nepotism arrangement in the School District Business office between her and her brother, Business Administrator, John McCraw. The Director of the Miss. Ethics Commission and the Attorney General both advised against this arrangement last year, and it has finally been accomplished. Sadly they prevailed for 12 months in violation of state law to the tune of $217,000 in salaries for these two. We feel those funds could have been better spent on the students and their teachers.
Next, and actually, most important on our list of challenges for the new Board is to address the academic conditions of our two elementary schools. North Bay dropped from a”B”rated school to a”C” and Waveland from an”A”to a “D”as reported by the State Department of Education.

We will continue to attend the School Board meetings, and hopefully witness some long awaited leadership that will result in the most important goal for our community–putting the kids first, and developing a personnel roster that can make that happen.

Lana Noonan, Chairman
The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

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  1. Lana, what ever happened with Singleton’s vacation to Colorado?
    Did he pay back the money? Was prosecution ever investigated?

    1. Not to my knowledge, but the new majority on the Board has only had one meeting. I think that and other financial issues will be addressed.

  2. This is a great start to turning this district in the right direction. However, Someone should be held accountable for full time employees paid with taxpayers’ money, working on part time schedules at the lower elementary. It’s common knowledge that several of these teachers, one with a master’s degree and one with National Board certification, teach approximately 3 hours per day. Sometimes much less. They are given “busy work” while the rest of the staff picks up their slack. There are other atrocities that the staff is forced to turn a blind eye to at the same school. This staff has been through enough!

    1. Not true and not common knowledge. You have been given wrong information. Every teacher in that school works well above and beyond the required hours in the state of Mississippi. In fact they work almost an hour longer each day than the state requires. This is of course in addition to staying for PTO meetings that few parents attend or support and parent training events.

      1. I will give you names! Coach Sager/Resor and Belinda Liles/Library and a few more! Kids cry because of these people! Coach day starts at 11:00 am and the teachers was told to mine there business and only worry about there schedules! That office needs to be regroup! When you have teachers walking up to you and telling you “ no I will not retire” when I have a schedule like this! Come on people! That is unreal. I don’t blame teachers for questioning this behavior! Haha coach has never been to a PTO meeting in her career unless she was made to be! Now that is funny to say that! Yes there is some wonderful teachers at that school but when you can walk all around that school ( sager ) and show or tell everyone how many miles of exercise you have done each morning is a problem! That is not working and she was not hired to help the office staff neither! She will say, she is working with students that are low in some classes, but I can put them on a computer and watch them do there work! No lies! All truth!

  3. Joan Thomas told the media this week the reason she was not reappointed is because she did not vote and agree with the mayor’s son who is on the board. The question I have is why the media will not ask her about her others votes? She is not speaking the truth, ( supposedly a Christian lady ? Ha ) ! She will not tell you that she approved to appoint Vicki Landry to Superintendent when the school board was told that it should not happen! Sister and brother should not work together and sister should not over see brother! So Thomas along with the other two idiots from Waveland (Bell and Kidd ) said we will come up with a great solution to fix that problem. They decided to hire another assistant superintendent just to over see Landry ( superintendent brother ) meanwhile to pay for this wonderful idea , teachers students are suffering! Because when they did that move they took a assistant principal away and made classes larger ! Now let me remind everyone, When Ms. Labat was principal at the middle school , she ALWAYS had a assistant principal! She got moved up to assistant superintendent and the principal that took her place seems to not need a assistant anymore! She can handle that job along and they also took some teacher units away and that is why the classes are larger! That is how they supposedly solve that problem. They did not increase with spending in the school budget because they didn’t replace the assistant principal that has always been at the middle school and they didn’t tell us! they made the classes larger with students to pay for that assistant superintendent also! So yes, the principal at the middle school along with students and teachers are all paying the price! It just makes me mad because no one will ask the question to why did this happen! Joan is blaming this on color and the mayor’s son! No Ms. Thomas there is more to it! You look like a fool because everyone in this community knows you gonna play that race card! Landry went out gracefully! She resigned and said she was ready to retire! Ms. Thomas you need to do the same! My only hope is that this new board and I so called attorney better go after these people. Thomas, Bell and Kidd you need to pay back for all the nonsense with the complaints against Mr. Favre and the state found no wrong doing! You took a lot of Peoples time to investigate this and they got paid to investigate this. What was sad it was a personal vendetta and the state even said so! Mr. Favre please please go after these people personally including Ms. Sutherlin who is always blaming you for the lost of her job! I have to go back to my old saying. Nobody makes you lose your job and not get re-appointed! You did it to yourself! Also please get Mr. Singleton’s to pay for his vacation! #favreshasballs #bslisagreatplace

  4. Rachael, the answer is NO.
    Maybe at the next council meeting you may want to ask reed, seal and buddy if they think it needs to be repaid by singleton.
    Or if bell, kid and thomas needs to repay it since they approved the payment.
    Or if it’s ok to steal tax payers money from the schools.
    Or if this is what they want on our school board.
    Or if reed thinks this is what a role model is and our children should look up to this type of person just because of the color of their skin. . Since he stated a child of color could not have a white person as a role model.
    Remember in his hate speech against Ms Ann’s appointment he said a white person could not be a role model for a colored person. They don’t know their needs or culture.
    A Man of God???? So He Says He Is????
    This is no different than the dinardo Fraud in the police dept. and you want that money paid back. This is no different. Go after them.

    Turning the BWSD around starts at the top.
    We need a superintendent that is a leader and will take us to the top.
    One that has the backbone to make the tough decisions.
    One that puts the children first.

    1. Stone Cold, Well Said! I wish I could ask those questions. To close to retirement and I know its freedom of speech but when it comes to my employer, not until I retire! 😂

    2. Stone,
      I could be wrong, but I think those who approve the dockets are responsible for paying it back to the taxpayers. That is why Casey voted ” no” on all of those dockets.
      Doug can answer this better than I can.

    3. Stone,
      Thank you.
      I’m more than happy to call out the BSL council when they need it, but I believe this is one for the school board to handle. I want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the mix. Money needs to be repaid, charges need to be filed, the entire mess needs to be investigated.
      Mr. Reed has often said things disparaging women, and I’ve called him out on it. Same for the Chief of Police calling female employees “his girls”.
      A little more respect all around would go a long way.

      1. Rachael is correct. The Council has no legal authority over or responsibility for appropriate spending for the school district. That is why they have a separate Boards. And those trustees, like Council are legally responsible for the dockets they approve. If either entity approves illegal expenditures, they will be held accountable for returning the funds back to the tax payers.

  5. Lana Rachael
    Thanks for clearing some of this mess up.
    But a point I was also trying to make is the 3 that voted against Ms. Ann would rather have people in there that has created and approved Fraud in BWSD,
    Singleton Thomas Bell Kid , rather than Farve Arnold Lathrop.
    Great role models, for reed seal buddy, to put on a pedestal for our kids.
    Should be put in jail and removed from the board, not put on a pedestal as a role model.
    No thanks to them.

    Take a Favres Ladners Adams Kellars LaFontaine Morans and others

    before a
    Old PD, Many committed , watched or covered up Fraud and now we worry about these pieces of💩💩💩💩 leaving, let’s hope so.
    And others

    Something just hit me.
    Do you see the difference in the two above groups?
    First Group, Would Take,
    Family Ties to our communities, always giving, not just taking,
    Nepotism as some may call.
    But No Fraud or Disgrace To The citizens they represent.

    Second Group, Not Take
    Miss Appropriations
    Frauds by most
    Lying, Twisting ,Evil by all
    Takes Takes and Takes
    And more

    I’d take the nepotism group any day.
    Your Choice

    1. Stone,
      Just a couple of corrections to your post:
      It was only Reed and Zimmerman that voted against Ann Latrop. On the first motion to try to block the Mayor’s nomination) which was ridiculous, that is the law that he nominates) Seal voted to block Ann along with Zimmerman and Reed. Motion failed.
      Second motion to approve Ann, Seal climbed over to the other side of the fence and voted for her. Unreal!!
      Secondly, and I know you are just being clever, but the Favre’s have not been found guilty of Nepotism, cause they are not guilty!!

  6. Lana, May have been 5-2 for the record but make no mistake weasel seal voted yes because he new it would pass.
    He voted with Reed and buddy to block it.
    And than the weasel asked the attorney if he could make the appointment. How long he’s been on the board?

    Agree Not only them Favre’s have not been found guilty of nepotism or anything else but none of the other families have either.

    1. Stone,
      Some folks think Seal was pandering to Ward 3 and NAACP on the first vote, knowing he was going to vote for Ann in the end. He could have stuck to his original vote and Ann would have still gone in on a 4 to 3 vote. Don’t know what Doug was thinking by changing his vote within less than 5 min.
      And yes, he has been on Council going on 20 years. Should know procedure by now. How many school Nisrd members has he ratified in 20 years?!

  7. Ms. Noonan,
    You do understand that neither Jon nor Vicki had appointed the other to any position at BWSD don’t you? Jon was appointed by Rebecca Ladner and Vicki was appointed by the Board. No matter what you say, that is NOT nepotism. Also, no matter who was the superintendent and no matter who was the business manager the district was still going to spend just about the same amount of money on salaries for those two positions. So it is highly disingenuous of you to imply that somehow all of that $217,000 could have gone to students or teachers.
    And while I am writing, don’t you think the Board is moving far, far too fast in choosing a new superintendent? Or do you agree that backroom deals and secret meetings between 3 of the members of the Board are ok?
    BWSD Retiree

    1. BWSD Retiree, Really???? Moving fast on choosing a superintendent???? Hell no! This District needs to get back to some type of normal if that is possible. As far as the 3 doing back room deals and secret meetings, you must be talking about Joan, Bell and Kidd! Because the new board is not playing around , called a meeting and starting the process looking for a new superintendent so these teachers can know where they stand before summer break! They are entitled to that. Money was wasted when they threw 2 assistant superintendent in central office and just for one to oversee the superintendent brother! I call that wasted money! Remember Cheri Labat was principal at the middle school and ALWAYS had a assistant principal! But the new principal and the teachers at that school are paying the price for this! Number of students added to classes because teacher units was cut and of course this principal does not need a assistant principal ( like Labat had for many years ) of course the superintendent and the business manger was in the budget. Not those damn 2 assistant superintendents that we did not need at central office. No the board is not moving to fast! The first time this process was done to replace Becky Ladner, they spent days and weekends interviewing for this position only 3 of the board members already knew who they wanted in that spot! Vicki Landry! Who was a librarian and bam over up to assistant superintendent and they wanted her as superintendent! Joan, Kidd, and Bell did not think any of the candidates was qualified for superintendent! Crazy!!!
      The new board also wants to notify the people that applied for superintendent to be notified that the position is up again. Bell and Kidd voted NO! This was in the minutes! Why wouldn’t you want to notify them? I think it says a lot for the new board and being fair to advertise to the old candidates and of course to any new ones out there! . Omg now let’s talk about secret meetings! This new board is up and front and will do the right thing! I know this because they know we as teachers, parents and taxpayers are gonna make sure they do! We are all watching! What fool would do anything stupid and think they are gonna get away with it? Maybe Thomas, Bell and Kidd! This new board is doing the right by the community and our taxpayers money! Let’s get this ball rolling and get this District moving Forward in the right direction! #tigerfan

      1. On Point,
        You obviously have no idea what you are talking about in regards to Vicki Landry. Yes, she was a librarian. She was then promoted to Federal Programs Director and spent many years at Central Office overseeing that department. She was then promoted to Assistant Superintendent for a time. It was after that time that the Board promoted her to Superintendent. So based on her work history, she certainly had the qualifications.
        As for secret, POSSIBLY ILLEGAL, meetings, if logic serves me correctly, Mr. Casey Favre knew before the last meeting that Vicki Arnold was going to nominate him as Board President. He also knew that Ann Lathrop was going to second it. Indeed, when the dust settled from that debacle, he pulled a list out of his pocket of things that he wanted to accomplish at that very board meeting. Sure seems to me that they met in secret. I certainly don’t know for sure if they had a secret meeting, but if they did, and if they do it again, I hope they get caught and that whatever consequences the law says should take place do so.
        And finally, we are not looking to replace a line cook at Waveland Elementary cafeteria. We are attempting to get the VERY best superintendent that we can find. In many districts that process takes months or even a year, not days. It is not possible to select the very best when three minds have already been made up as to who that person should be, and the process is used as window dressing. Indeed, if the Board chooses who I think they will choose, the new Superintendent will be far less qualified than Vicki Landry. So sad because the students are who will suffer most.

        1. BWSD Retiree, you left out a lot of information! If anyone needs to pay money back for any wrong doing is Landry , Thomas , Kidd, Bell! You truly need to go back in read most of the important information in this blog! First, Landry has never dealt with faculty or staff ! being a principal should have came first! Second, the state stood before the board and attorney for BWSD and said that Landry or her brother should resign! They told the district that Landry should not oversee brother when it comes to doing budget or evaluations! So the 3 fools decided to have another assistant superintendent to just oversee Landry brother. It gets better, that person wasn’t doing there job because there is documents in this blog and at central office that shows Landry signing off on budgets when she was told not to! Yes Landry was promoted to superintendent with 3 boards members meeting and had a plan to but her there, all while they was interviewing candidates ( maybe 25 ) for the position. They had the nerve to say none was good to be superintendent! Oh let me remind you that Coyne and Labat went out for the position and did meet the 3 idiots criteria . Really???? I don’t know what I’m talking about???? But Labat was good enough to be assistant superintendent! Who is meeting behind hided doors! Shame on you for bringing in a cafeteria cook and making sound like her job is less important!Sorry but you really need to come out of retirement and do a study on ALL the school districts in Miss. to see how long over the past years to chose the right superintendent! You will be very surprised! Casey Favre was board president when he first was appointed by Les! The board voted for him! Go back in read the minutes! As far as something in pocket, of course he presented his ideas from his pocket with all board members including Bell & Kidd! That is his job and the rest of the boards Job! They are not suppose to sit back and be a yes man or ma’ma! Hell no, there is legal actions that I’m hoping to take place for all the wrong doing from the 3 idiots and the last I checked, Favre voted NO on all of those wrong doings! Sorry but I do know what I’m talking about! Pics & text don’t lie! Thomas, Bell and Kidd texting each other and meeting before the actual meeting! I hope the board attorney and the community makes the 3 pay back for al, there wrong doing! Like I said please go back in read everything on this blog and get all the minutes and board meeting agenda and see for yourself! I stand behind what i said, if they are any wrong doing or if they are not doing there job ( new board members) they can be replace!

        2. I hope the new Super. has come up through the ranks. You know, someone who has actually been in the classroom. I believe all of the former ones have, except Landry.. That would make them aware of what a classroom teacher experiences every day.
          Then maybe some years under their belt as a campus administrator, curriculum director, for example. That’s what Pass Christian has currently–
          Gulfport’s former curriculum director.
          I don’t think it is prudent to place people in positions they are not capable of handling. Not to them, the public, faculty, and most of all not the students– recipe for disaster.

          1. Ms. Noonan,
            As a librarian, Vicki had students every day just like a classroom teacher. If I remember correctly he also had to have a lesson plan just like a real teacher. Wow, that means she was a real teacher. Additionally, as Federal Programs Director, she administered all federal programs at the district and had a very large federal budget for which she was accountable. Then, as Assistant Superintendent, Vicki’s responsibilities grew exponentially. And she did a very good job.
            Now let’s talk about the person that has probably already been picked to be Superintendent before the processs is even finished. If it is who I think it is, she has not ever worked in a Central Office setting in a public school district in the State of Mississippi. When you find this out publically, am I going to see you rant about that? Or are you going to just go blindly along with the three Board members that you happen to like?

            1. Retiree,
              If having worked before in a school district business office is a requirement for being superintendent, and this person you know does not have this crendential, we will say something. I sort of doubt it is. Will check that out.

              1. Retiree,
                Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board Policy Section C, Policy Code CEA—-
                “The School District shall have a Superintendent of Schools selected in the manner prescribed by law. No person shall be eligible to the office of Superintendent of Schools unless such person shall hold a valid administrator’s license issued by the State Department of Education, and shall have had classroom or administrative experience of not less than six (6) years which shall include at least three (3) years of administrative experience as a school building principal.”
                Now, my next question is, and you seem to know Ms. Landry well, at what campus or in what district did she serve as a Principal for 3 years?
                I am only asking this because I do not know where she served as a school building Principal as required by the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District Policy.
                If she did, fine. If she didn’t, we have a Board, the majority of which violated its own policy for the selection of the Superintendent in Feb. of 2017.

              2. Ms. Noonan,
                Once again you are being disingenuous. You only posted the first part of the qualifications. You also neglected to note that the policy did not go into effect until July 2017. And as per your last post, Vicki was voted in during February 2017.
                Now back to the policy, if you read the whole policy you will know that Vicki Landry qualifies because she meets the qualifications as set forth by the policy in this manner: She had/has served as assistant superintendent during the last five years.
                Next time post the whole policy so that all the other readers here can see the whole truth.

            2. BWSD Retiree,
              Let me be clear in saying that Landry was NEVER interviewed by the board. It is my understanding that she withdrew her application because she did not meet the criteria. With that being said, do you still believe that she rightfully earned the title of Superintendent of the BWSD? OR….was she a shoe in puppet for Bell, Kidd, Thomas? All of that time and money spent searching for the best of the best and the 3 asshats refused to hire the most qualified person to run the district because of their hidden agendas. Absolute joke! It will be interesting to see who will be interviewed this go around, as I’m sure Bell and Kidd will act like two year olds and promote someone that is in district instead of searching outside the box.

    2. Dear Retiree,
      It was not my “opinion” that I was referring to with regard to Nepotism. It was that of the Director of the Miss. Ethics Commission and the Attorney General. The “arrangement” that the taxpayers paid for done by Jackson attorney, Jim Keith, was for Ms. Landry and her sibling to work in the School District Business Office together. Mr. Keith told the Board that they could create an extra Asst. Superintendent to supervise Mr. McCraw’s work. That is referred to as the “step aside rule.” The AG and Ethics Director said the “step aside” rule does not apply to a School District Business Office because, by law, the Superintendent is the CEO of the District and Treasurer, and is charged with supervising all employees in the Business Office.
      Additionally, there is no language in Kristin Ladner’s contract with the District that either requires or directs her to supervise the work of the Business Administrator, nor is she charged with that responsibility on the School District Responsibility Sheet for Administrators. They could not draw up a legal contract with her to do that because it would not have been legal. Therefore, John McCraw, Ms. Landry’s brother continued to write his sister a letter every month as he had done with Dr. Rebecca Ladner, requesting his sister to “approve” his work, namely the Docket of Claims he prepares for her to present to the Board for payment of bills. He did not write this letter to Kristin Ladner, whose position was supposedly created for her to supervise him? !
      You know that old sayin, Retiree, you can get some lawyers to say anything you want to hear if the price is right. This price for this nonsense was $439 an hour.
      Go read the April minutes of 2015, 2016, and 2017, where certified personnel were recommended for contracts for each following year, and let me know if you see the difference in 2017 from the other two. I disagree that the same amount of money would have been spent no matter who the Superintendent or Business manager were. Mr. Keith’s arrangement that Bell, Kidd, and Thomas adopted required the hiring of an additional Asst. Superintendent, at an additional expenditure of $87,961.01 for Kristin Ladner. This actually brings us to a grand total of $301,961.01. ( maybe that was a backroom deal you should be concerned about!!)
      Actually, I don’t think the Board can move fast enough at this time of year for the hiring process of a new Superintendent. Could you explain why you think they are moving too fast?
      Ethics Director, Tom Hood, included in his opinion ( Opinion No. 17-004-E) the Opinion of the Attorney General (Miss. Code 37-9-17) and Attorney General Opinion No. 2002-0137). The Ethics Director advised the School Board to “pay particular attention” to Miss. Code Section 25-4-01.
      The Ethics Director’s closing sentence in his opinion is: “The Ethics Commission advises one of the individuals should resign their position.” February 3, 2017.
      With regard to “backroom deals” could you please identify the 3 Board members you are accusing and what the deals are? You can do it anonymously, but seems like charges that serious should have a name so those accused could know their accuser.
      Ultimately, since the majority of the Board is no longer in her favor, Ms. Landry has submitted her resignation. As I posted at an earlier date on this subject, perhaps she saw with the new majority on the School Board, there is no longer anyone available to drive the “get away car” for this illegal working arrangement in our School District Business Office that she and her brother have enjoyed for the past year.

      1. Thank you Ms. Noonan, well put! I have to admit, I didn’t know about some of this! Wow I stand behind what I said, A+ for you doing your homework. Happy Easter to all!

    3. You are exactly right. Thinking the new Superintendent is NOT the best example for a school leader from her past school indiscretions.

  8. BWSD Retiree, one more thing! This is the honest truth. I do not know and never had the opportunity to meet Ms. Lana Noonan myself. Yes I have read many many of her comments and seen pics of her on the news, newspapers,and at many meetings. I can tell you one thing. She definitely does her homework not just for herself but for everyone in the community! She knows her S***! She will not have a problem correcting the BSL council and Mayor, The BWSD school board, The Waveland alderman and mayor and The board of Hancock County supervisors. That being said, I’m pretty sure our school board will be on there toes! If not she will call them out on it and demand answers! People can say what they want about this lady , she speaks the truth and has no problem standing up to anyone! Hell look at me, you don’t see my true name “ On Point”on any post/comment or your true name “ BWSD Retiree “ on post/comment! I have to speak the truth, you will never see my real name and I don’t think we will ever see yours ! #Noonanformayor #Noonanforschoolboard #Noonanforalderman #NoonanforCouncil ! She would have my vote!

      1. Intheknow, I’m a idiot? For what, speaking the truth that I will not say my name? Or for saying Noonan does her homework and does it very well in my opinion! How is that being a idiot? Yes it is all run by politics and I don’t know if that will ever change. But I do know one thing, I’m not stupid enough to make some of the mistakes that these people has made! Paper trail don’t lie! Your truly idiot!

    1. On Point,
      Thanks for your kind remarks. As far as voting for me for public office, that’s a hoot!! For the past 8 years I have seen The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government do more good for the taxpayers with regard to transparency than any elected official, all on a volunteer basis. We’ll keep on plugging promoting:
      Excellence in Education
      Integrity in Spending
      Openness in Governing
      And we can’t say enough about the importance of Doug Handshoe and Slabbed for getting the info out there!!

      1. The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government , Thank you all for the hours that is spent on our community. And Mr. Doug Handshoe for letting the info To be shared and our post ,opinions, concerns and true facts be put out there. Happy Easter to all!

      2. Ms Lana as a private citizen I read and read about BSL government and y’all brought Les and Lesites to their knees with answers to their damaging destruction of BSL. Then School Board too. Bravo bravo. Keep exposing, it works!!!!!!

        1. I did find your response to BWSD Retiree about the qualifications to be a superintendent is very interesting! So the board voting Vicki to superintendent was definitely wrong and they knew it! Wow, can’t wait to see BWSD Retiree respond to that information. BWSD Retiree said she knows who they gonna chose for superintendent and this person never worked in a central office setting or in a public school district in the state of Mississippi. BWSD Retiree the new board members are not gonna hire someone that does not meet the above criteria Section C, Policy Code CEA. They are not stupid! They also know the laws and they are wanting to follow them. I think that is why a lot of people are upset with this new school board, for so long they have had dishonest people on this board and also in this District, it’s hard for people to deal with the truth, fairness, and honesty! It is a new day. Changes for the good coming to our district! I feel Becky Ladner, Sharon Sutherlin, Singleton, Joan Thomas and Vicki Landry has left this District in a complete mess! There is light at the end and I believe it will shine again soon, very soon! Not months or a full year! Sooner the better !

          1. On Point,
            Do you now understand what Mayor Mike Favre meant when he told Council he was not re-nominating Joan because of her
            ” voting record!”
            Here it is in black and white.
            He presented Council with a folder that included all of her actions of the past two years.
            Tell me what is racist about this, please?!

            1. Yes I completely understand NOW! I was wondering why all the interviews even on Saturday’s and the board could not find one person they liked and there is Vicki Landry with no above criteria meet was choose! Wow I heard they was not happy when Mr. Casey Favre wanted to advertise for the superintendent position for candidates in the district and put it on website for outside candidates after Becky Ladner resigned! I truly didn’t know there was a criteria that needed to be meet! So everyone is up set because the new board wants to do the right thing and follow the laws! People all are saying the new board members was doing the good old boy system, meeting secretly, etc! Hell I don’t believe that for a minute. They have nothing to hide if they are doing the right thing and willing to share it with everyone! But I do see why everyone is resigning, or wanting there job back on the board! Hmmmm everyday is getting interesting around here! People are questioning why we have lost two superintendents ( resigned) and AD resigned . Hell I would have also if I knew what was coming! I will stand by my saying, you don’t resign overnight if you are doing your job and following the law! Instead of the community asking the new board why we lost these people, they need to ask those people themselves! I would never give of my career retirement or future if I did nothing wrong! Wow

          2. On point,
            All you need to do is go to BWSD.ORG and read the policy for yourself. If you do, you will see that Lana Noonan was not completely honest in her reply. Vicki Landry does most assuredly qualify under the new policy and under the old since she was promoted BEFORE the new policy went into effect.

              1. Retiree… if everything was on the UP AND UP ….why abruptly resign…. go ahead…. I’ll wait.

              2. Disgusted,
                As I posted, no one now to drive the “get away car” for her. They are not going to turn their heads and pretend state laws and Board policy are mere suggestions!

            1. Could you give us the new policy number? I am just publishing what the District website has currently. Thanks

            2. Retiree,
              If, as you say, Ms. Landry was promoted BEFORE the new qualifications were adopted, but, and I quote you, “most assuredly qualifies under the “new” ( 3 years minimum as a Principal) AND the old, I’ll ask again what campus in what school district did she serve as the principal of a campus for a minimum of 3 years? The new policy was adopted July 1, 2017, according to the School District Policy Manual.

              1. Ms. Noonan,
                I have met you and I know that you are more intelligent than this. Read the WHOLE policy and you will see that she is NOT required to have been a building principal at all. She has served as an assistant superintendent and therefore qualifies even under the NEW policy!
                Read the paragraph that begins with “These provisions…”

            3. BWSD Retiree,
              Does someone that was NEVER interviewed by the board deserve to be the Superintendent of the BWSD? Does someone that withdrew their application deserve to be the Superintendent of the BWSD? I rest my case!

              1. Alice,
                I had forgotten that!!Thank you!!
                That is is the most important point!!
                This is the kind of foolishness that has to end for the sake of the children.

              2. Accountable Alice, Wow! Didn’t know that! I bet Thomas, Kidd and Bell interviewed Ms. Landry at one of there secret telephone meetings they had! BWSD Retiree you told Ms. Noonan to make sure she tells it all and to tell it correctly. Preach what you say! You said you know Vicki Landry well. How could you forget to not tell it all and correctly about the school board not interviewing Ms. Landry? You ( BWSD Retiree) making Landry look suspicious because you said you will not or cannot share why she resigned ! Come on, it is simply, she resign for personal reason (understanding not sharing detail) or ready to enjoy retirement, maybe taking on a new job somewhere else or going down a different career path. All above is not to be ashamed of. UNLESS you know you did something wrong, let something take place that was wrong . BWSD Retiree you told me in a early post that apparently I have no clue what I was talking about. I think you have no clue what is going on in this District! You need to stay Retired or at least make sure you have all the correct information and most importantly share all the information, not just half!

              1. As a matter of fact, I do know why she resigned. However, I do not have permission to talk about it. But even if I did have permission I would most likely not say.

          3. Light? You are sadly mistaken. If the best interests of this district were the priority then the board would have gone outside the area to find innovative and unbiased leadership. Let’s hope this leader has the nerve to stand up for what is right and not be a Farve puppet. At least the past leadership had integrity, dignity and the best interest of these students at heart. The same CANNOT be said for Farve and his new cronies. Delete this if you want. You always do when it’s not in agreement with your opinion.

            1. Sickofliars,
              Where have you been for the past several months? Interesting that you are just jumping on the bandwagon of Favre haters.

              It’s also interesting that during the initial interview process Bell, Kidd, Singleton, Thomas had the majority and could NOT agree on anyone, much less the person that Favre wanted. The 4 ignormamous Board members ended up extending Landry’s contract 4 years AGAINST the ethics opinion and the opinion of the board attorney. Who is corrupt? Favre was the only upstanding member that abided by the law and did what was right. Do you think for one second that $180 (roughly) a month is worth his name being smeared through the mud? Do you think he does this for shits and giggles? No, he serves this community and makes the best decisions he can. He does what is right for the students, faculty, and community of the BWSD.

              For the record, this position was highly publicized. Do your homework!

  9. Follow the Fraud Trail
    And more PD
    Thomas , Library
    Thomas , School Board
    City Payroll Clerk
    And The Leader of this fine group is

  10. Retiree,
    My mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. But isn’t it so very interesting that they have ramped up the qualifications for Superintendents to require a minimum of 3 years as a Principal? It makes perfect sense. To come up through the ranks trumps getting a position because of “who you know! We all know that historically people get jobs because they know someone, have connections. And, that is okay as long as you have the qualifications for the job and your lack of them won’t hurt innocent people in the end. “When the standards are low, the children suffer, and poor Waveland Elementary is a glaring example of that. That is where our youngest students receive their educational foundation. It bleeds into North Bay, and beyond. By the way, what are the educational requirements for Principals, and has that changed?

    1. Ms. Noonan,
      You wrote “When the standards are low, the children suffer, and poor Waveland Elementary is a glaring example of that. That is where our youngest students receive their educational foundation. ” I agree 100% with that sentiment. So why get rid of Vicki Landry? She is the one that fired the principal of Waveland Elementary that was doing a poor job. You should be praising Vicki to the hilt!
      Additionally, if I remember correctly, building principals need a master’s degree in educational administration and at least three years of classroom experience. At least that is what used to be required.

      1. Retiree,
        Thanks for the credentials on Principals. I agree that Ms. Landry inherited the problem Rebecca Ladner created at Waveland Elem. by recommending someone who was not ready to be in charge of a campus, in my opinion. A trustee who was serving at the time told me that Becky ” cooked up some kind of certificate “or something for the person. And I guess the State Dept. of Ed. passed off on it. No wonder we are rated where we are nationally. The accounts I have heard were horrible, and the academics suffered which translates into the children not being served.
        But I still believe as a taxpayer and observer that it is valuable experience to serve as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, principal before taking over as the top administrator.
        Do you think Vicky L. would have stepped in or known what to do at Waveland Elem. just on the poor test scores if the personality issues hadn’t arisen??!’ The “D” rating for Waveland came out last Oct. and I have not heard Landry or Joan, the only educator on the Board at the time utter one word about it or what was being done.
        Becky always addressed test scores openly and at least had some kind of plan.
        But she had been a classroom teacher, principal, and Asst. Super. before getting the top job. None of that guarantees integrity, but it sure can be valuable in the every day operation of the district with regard to academics and to the bdndgit of the students.

      2. BWSD Retiree,
        Waveland Elementary is still a circus and the students are performing far bellow what they should be. As an informed retiree, you should know that neither Landry, Labat, or Ladner grace those halls on a daily basis. The worst performing school in our district…don’t you thinking one of those three should be at that school on a daily basis, walking the halls, conversing with the principal, and visiting classrooms? Visiting during scheduled grade level meetings is not sufficient. Teachers know when they are on campus and conduct their dog and pony show. Point being, Waveland will continue to be the lowest performing school until someone takes a vested interest and sees to it that they are making progress.

        As far as her firing Sutherlin, she (Sutherlin) did that all on her own. She was NOT fired. She resigned. Also, you seem to not be concerned with the fact that Landry was never interviewed by the board AND withdrew her application. You also seem to not understand the ethics violation. I encourage you to follow up on the above facts.

        1. Accountable,
          Do you have a good understanding of how Waveland Elementary gets graded? It is graded on students that are no longer there and on students that never even attended Waveland Elementary. Therefore, the grade for the first year for the new principal had absolutely nothing to do with him. And even now, his grade will be partially based on children at North Bay that never attended Waveland. This is foolish but it is the way the State set up grading for schools like WE. If you ask me, it seems pretty hard to judge a man on students that never walked the halls of his school.
          Since you call yourself accountable, how would you like to be graded for the performance of people that you had not taught or even laid eyes on?
          As far as Vicki Landry never being interviewed, don’t you think that the Board is responsible for that? You know, the Board that included Casey Favre as a member.

          1. “As far as Vicki Landry never being interviewed, don’t you think that the Board is responsible for that? You know, the Board that included Casey Favre as a member.”

            The Board also included Joan Thomas, Mike Bell, Mark Kidd and Maurice Singleton, the 4 that called that shots that gave BWSD Ms. Landry via the bums rush and subterfuge. You just made an excellent argument why Thomas and Singleton had to be replaced.

            I suspect Casey Favre will have no issues taking responsibility for the coming search, which I’m told will be above board, without the inside BS that polluted the last search.

            1. Mr. Handshoe,
              You apparently don’t know the story of how Vicki Landry became Superintendent. She became Superintendent because the majority of the Board did not want the person Casey Favre chose to be the new Superintendent. I suspect that now that Casey Favre has a new majority in his favor, we will see the same person being put forth as before. If I am correct, the process is a sham.

              1. I interviewed Mike Bell for something like three hours last February BWSD Retiree so I am very familiar with the thinking behind how the majority of the Board voted for someone they never interviewed in Vicki Landry. Bell couched her getting the job as an interim step and he promised me that another superintendent search would be held at a more conducive time. Instead an off agenda executive session was held last August that extended Landry’s contract for 4 years.

                Simply put Ms. Landry is a product of the Bay Waveland School Board shit house, the same shithouse that saffled the taxpayers with the Bay Tech Building swindle. One would naturally think landry would have had a basic level of intelligence to avoid having her good name associated with such maneuvers given her educational credentials but evidently not.

              2. She became Superintendent under wrong doing! They were told No, not a good idea on Landry from the state ! Please get that into your head! As far as Mr. Favre getting who he wants, hell it has to better person who meets the Requirements and is done by the laws and rules. Look what happen on choosing Landry!

              3. Retiree,
                Shame on Casey Favre for wanting to abide by the law. How dare he not bow down to the ignorance of Bell, Kidd, and Thomas. The difference in Favre and his “new majority” is the fact that they are upholding the law…something Bell, Kidd, and Thomas did not do. So my question to you is…Legal Or Illegal…qualified or unqualified?? Which do you stand behind ?

              4. Retiree. It was a shame when Thomas , Kidd and Bell did the same thing! You expect Mr. Favre not to nominate anyone???? Was he supposed to sit there and go along with those 3 idiots Even though they were told “ not a good idea”from AG office and the ethics commission? Yes the 3 we have now is not gonna break any laws! Please let that sink in! You keep trying to go around this topic! If Casey is doing something wrong, file a damn complaint or get put on the agenda and ask him! You are basically saying it is okay for the other 3 idiots to vote for Landry and have the votes stack but not okay for Casey Favre? Jackass

          2. Retiree
            Question? Did Mr. Casey Favre voted for Vicki? Or was he out voted???????
            Can Accountable or Ms. Noonan help with this question?

          3. BWSD Retiree,
            You are out of the loop obviously. I am well aware of how Waveland Elementary is graded. North Bay takes the fall because the students that come from Waveland are not and have not been prepared for years. Waveland gets their score based off of how much growth incoming third graders make from 3rd to 4th grade on the state tests. I’m sure you know that the teachers at North Bay are not miracle workers and can not magically make up years of growth with students that are so far behind. (I blame Sutherlin and the lack of leadership 100% for the lack of education at Waveland that has taken place over the years.) You make mention that the man should not be judged….I’m going to throw this out there….If you know anything about the man that is running, supposedly running the school, you would also know that he is not running the school. His office staff and PE teacher are running the school. As far as being “accountable” I would venture to say that 90-95% of the students attending North Bay attended Waveland. Point being, where are all 3 of your Supers??? They damn sure haven’t been in the classrooms at Waveland or assisting this new principal like they should. Guess you think everything is rainbows and butterflies. I do believe that the new principal is capable of manning the ship, however his crew needs to get behind him instead of in front of him. His superintendent and assistant superintendentS need to be assisting him and making Waveland Elementary THE BEST school in the district. This is our childrens’ first experience in school. Shouldn’t it be one of the best experiences?? Or should we settle for giving more time to someone and allowing them to get acclimated? Not sure if you’re an active participant on FB, but it is pretty sad to read the comments that parents post about that school and how the children cry and are miserable because SOME of the teachers are so mean. (The school knows who these teachers are and they are still around.) I will say that Waveland does have some very upstanding, amazing teachers. With that being said, they can’t make up for the slackers and the lack of support from administration.

            Back to Landry. This is a FACT. Casey Favre voted NO to Landry. Do your homework!

            I hold Bell, Kidd, and Thomas responsible for Landry being named Superintendent and having her contract extended against the ethics opinion. I hold these three responsible for promoting nepotism and making back door deals. Real upstanding members of society you are endorsing. Casey Favre was obviously the only one with a brain that was standing up for the children, staff, and community members. He has been crucified for doing the right thing…guess that’s acceptable too.

            1. Thank You for that answer Accountable! I was thinking that is why the board started going against Mr. Favre because he didn’t jump on that wrong train! So Retiree please do your homework and make sure you know what you are saying just like you reminded Ms. Noonan to do in one of your comments!
              Retiree quoted:
              “As far as Vicki Landry never being interviewed, don’t you think that the Board is responsible for that? You know, the Board that included Casey Favre asa member.”

            2. Accountable,
              Well, since you brought up nepotism, let’s talk about it. I have to surmise that you know that Casey Favre has a relative (by marriage) that works at Central Office. Indeed, this relative is responsible for the docket that Lana Noonan spoke about in an earlier post. This relative basically presents the docket to the Board through the Business Manager.
              Morally, ethically, and possibly legally, Casey Favre should recuse himself from voting on this employees pay scale, the budget that contains that pay scale, and that person’s renewal. Do you think he will recuse himself? Did he last year? I don’t know if he did or not.
              I am not even sure if the relationship meets the criteria set forth by the State as being too close. But even if the State does not classify it as too close it still fails the smell test especially in light of the unfair accusations flung at Vicki Landry and Jon McGraw.
              Additionally, Vicki Arnold also has a relative that works for the district at North Bay. I am quite sure you know this. This relationship is absolutely too close according to the State. Will she recuse herself from the same votes I spoke about above? If she doesn’t, how long will I have to wait to hear you and Lana Noonan scream and holler about nepotism?
              I am not sure whether or not Casey Favre or Vicki Arnold are required to recuse themselves from even participating in the budget process, but they should most certainly recuse themselves from any aspect of the budget that touches their relatives. And by the way, why aren’t you and all the others others on this forum not already screaming about the actual nepotism being perpetrated by these two Board members?
              As I am sure you are aware, politics is a dirty and disgusting business here on Planet Earth. Those that attempt to play the game have two choices; stay honest and morally straight, or jump into the cesspool of corruption. As I am also sure you are aware,99.9999% of those folks who leap into politics also leap into the cesspool.
              Because of the above, people always bring Galatians 6:7 upon themselves. That is, you reap what you sow. So let’s go a step further. Let’s pretend it is time to renew Vicki Arnold’s relative and she recuses herself from the vote as she should. Since politics is such a dirty business, I see no reason that would keep Mike Bell and Mark Kidd from voting no on that person’s renewal. Now we have a tie vote. Who breaks the tie? I have no idea, but if it is Vicki Landry, and if I was Vicki Landry then Vicki Arnold s relative would be looking for a new job. Reap what you sow. I have to wonder how Vicki Arnold would feel about that. You think she might have second thoughts?
              And while we are at it, neither Vicki Landry nor Jon McGraw is guilty of nepotism based on this indisputable fact: neither one of them hired or appointed the other to any BWSD position. The duly elected and appointed School Board hired/appointed both of them. Why then scream about them being guilty of nepotism?
              Consider what I said, every bit is true.

              1. Retiree , all of that has been discussed on this blog! Yes they will have to recuse themselves from voting on pay scale. I’m wondering how the Labats handle that. Hmmmm we must check that out! Also they should have been sisters, Mrs. Ladner & Sharon Sutherlin was together day and night. Dinner, blind tiger, shopping and spending holidays together. Hell, Sharon even started trying to look like Becky! Ha dying her hair read, same hair style, that spray on tan in December! It was the joke up and down the hallways Becky 1 is on walking the halls! Back to being fair, Becky was still allow to hire Sharon, her BFF move her up to principal and set a pay for her! Was that right? Nope! The board was so up Becky’s ass, they voted on anything she told them to! As far as Mrs. Arnold voting on her daughters contract or pay, she would not have a problem recusing herself. But let me tell you one thing, the principals decided by evaluations and the way there teachers perform when it comes to contracts. You will really have to be pretty damn bad, missing a lot of work, late, not follow your lessons plans , test scores,students performance, parents communicate any many more things before your contract will not be renewed. Trust me, her daughter is very good at what she does and gives 💯 to all students. But let say if she wasn’t , Mrs. Arnold would be the type to say, hell you not doing your job, you brought this on yourself, you do need to go! There is so many people that are married, cousins, etc in the district. Ms. Noonan posted the law on who can over see who. Again go read up on the laws. Why are you already judged this board on trying to do the right thing and yet they have not even had a full meeting and you already have them peg as wrong ! Accept the fact, Landry was wrong along with all of the above we all have mention on this blog, period! many of us has ask you questions and you will not give us a straight answer. You keep going back to the new board saying they gonna do this and they gonna do that. You ask all of us questions and we give you the answers but you seem to reword everything and worm your way out of answers!

              2. Retiree,
                You need to read the minutes that I suggested to you over the weekend regarding the recommendation of certified personnel for years 2015-2016-2017, tell us what different about 2017 from the others. Remember, by Board Policy, the Agenda is prepared by the Superintendent and Board President.
                Vicky Arnold has already recused herself and left the room on a vote concerning her daughter, Counselor, Gretchen Darby. I was there. You can actually post here that you see no reason for Bell and Kidd to support the rehiring of Vicky Arnold’s daughter?! That’s easy– Landry can just not recommend her. Case closed. Bell and Kidd don’t have to get involved except to vote to support the certified personnel recommendations of the Superintendent. If those 3, Kidd, Bell, and Landry want to be that vengeful and vote to oust a good employee like Gretchen, so be it. They will show their true colors and she will be picked up in a heartbeat by another school district. Are the readers here on Slabbed supposed to take your post as a threat to Gretchen and Vicky on behalf of Bell and Kidd and Landry as her “swan song”? Guess we’ll find out at the next Board meeting.
                By the way, I don’t think the Superintendent votes under any circumstances, and the last paragraph in your post does not merit a response. It’s total nonsense.

              3. Retiree,
                How does the Board Attorney’s wife working for the District measure up in your opinion? Would there be any circumstances where that might present a situation of conflict, etc. Just wondering?

              4. Ms. Noonan and On Point,
                Sorry, it appears there was no “reply” button at the end of either of your posts so I am having to reply to myself in order to answer you.
                To begin, you have no idea what happened to cause Vicki Landry to resign. I can assure you that if what happened to Vicki Landry happened to me I would be in touch with an attorney. It was despicable and all involved should be ashamed of themselves. As I said before, I do not have permission to reveal details, but it was wrong.
                What truly gets me about all of you present school board fans is that you don’t see your hypocrisy or theirs. All rules must apply to everyone or they should apply to no one. Or do you think that some people are more equal than others and should therefore have a more permissive set of rules?
                You see, I too think the Board made a mistake when they promoted Vicki Landry. I also think she has done a good job under difficult circumstances. My problem is that you people think the rules only apply to Vicki Landry and her brother and not to Casey Favre and Vicki Arnold and any others in similar positions.
                I think that Gretchen Darby and Karen Favre also do very good jobs and I would hate to see them lose their jobs. But if the rules are the rules as you people seem to say, then 2 of the 4 (Vicki Arnold, Casey Favre, Gretchen Darby, or Karen Favre) have to go. Anything less and we are dealing with hypocrisy at the highest levels of the district. Is that ok with you? If so just say it and at least be honest about your hypocrisy. And you see, I also hate to see Vicki Landry lose her job especially in the manner in which it happened. I can assure you that you would not want what happened to Vicki Landry to happen to you or anyone you care about.
                Now on to the new Superintendent. If, as I said before, the Board hires the person I believe they will hire,then they will be hiring someone that your 3 buttercups have known and been friendly with for over 20 years. Is that ok with you folks? It isn’t ok with me because it is another form of nepotism. If I am correct about who it is, I know this person fairly well and i don’t believe it will be a plus for the district.

              5. Well Retiree, Vicki should get her a attorney if she did nothing wrong! I would never let anyone to ask me to resign or say things about me. She worked hard to get her degree, reputation and I would find me the best attorney there is! I think that is not the case because she knows what took place and she should have not let Becky Ladner and that board put her where she is today! She should not along with the 3 idiotstried to put 2 assistants in there just so one can oversee her brother! The middle school principal, teachers and students suffering for that little stunt ! The whole time Labat was there, she had a assistant principal and now Vicki & the idiots said Jenny Seymour could handle running that school by herself! I not gonna go on and on because you will never let it sink in your head! Sharon wanted to sue the school but her attorney advise her to move on. She didn’t have a chance on winning that case! I think it was nice to let Becky, Sharon & Vicki to resign and not fire them! 2 of them was at least able to get jobs elsewhere! You keep telling us hat happen to her and you would be getting a attorney and we would not want this for our family. I would set everyone straight and stand up for her! For me, you still not answering any of our questions! A few: why was she signing off on her brothers work when she was told not to. How come you haven’t complained before when the Labats were all moved up to top and all related ! Hell Karen Favre is married to a cousin of Casey’s! Well we might want to close down the school because we have no one to teach! The damn whole school is related!

      3. I know Board members can’t become involved in the daily operations of the district, but I hope Ann, as an educator and former curriculum director, will speak up at the meetings and offer a motion for monthly reports from the Waveland and North Bay Principals. You talk about no one being on site in Waveland? Well, when the cat’s away…….

  11. BWSD Retiree,
    Does someone that was NEVER interviewed by the board deserve to be the Superintendent of the BWSD? Does someone that withdrew their application deserve to be the Superintendent of the BWSD? I rest my case!

    Lana and On Point,
    Just wanted to repost this again today, as I agree that this foolishness has gone on far too long! However, I think we could have Jesus Christ as our next Superintendent and Bell and Kidd would still find a reason to no vote because they can not do what is right for this community. (My point in saying Jesus Christ was to emphasize the ignorance of those two buffoons. It is in no way meant to be sacrilegious.)

  12. Retiree,
    Do you have evidence that Vicky A. is at North Bay each day supervising Gretchen’s work? If so, please share it here. Do you have evidence that Casey is in Central Office daily
    supervising Karen? Ditto.
    Will Vicky and Casey present the certified employee recommendations for adoption at the April meeting, or will that be done by the Superintendent, as always?
    Fill us in. You seem to know all things about all issues and individuals.

    1. Ms. Noonan,
      While I appreciate you implying that I am omniscient, I am not quite there yet. However, I can assure you that I am far more informed than you in regard to the workings of the district since I am only recently retired.
      And yes, Vicki Landry will be presenting the certified/classified employees to the Board. The question is will, Casey Favre and Vicki Arnold both recuse themselves from the vote?
      As I said before, I am not sure if Casey is legally required to recuse himself, but he should even if only based on the appearance of nepotism since Karen is his first cousin’s wife. And of course the same for Vicki Arnold except that she IS required to recuse herself. I hope she does, as it is the right thing to do.

      1. Apparently you still haven’t read the April 2015, 2016, and 2017 minutes! This ought
        to be one heck of a meeting!!

      2. She already has. Encouraging though to see some interest what ” the right thing to do” is and calling on someone to do it!!

      3. BWSD Retiree,
        Just retired?????? Wow, you are sure not up to date on things. It has always been that the school site principals refer their teachers for renewal to superintendent and she presents them to the board. As long as I have known, the superintendent or any board member has refused to renew a teachers contract because they have never evaluated or has never worked along side of that teacher. We can be safe to say, it is truly left up to the school site principal. As far as Karen Favre, she doesn’t have a contract. Only certified teachers. My point is to say, Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Favre can recuse themselves to make you happy. Ms. Arnold’s daughter and Mr. Favre’s cousin by marriage will return to the district!! The only way a superintendent or board member would come involved with the contracts for teachers if the site principal would present the evidence not to renew his or her contract. Like I said, it has to be pretty bad not to renew a teachers contract. So if it helps you to sleep tonight, please be advised that both board members can recuse themselves and those two employees will return next year and every year until they retire. If you thought for one minute if those two didn’t vote that Karen and MS. Arnold’s daughter would not be able to return, you are definitely living a dream. That is my least worries on that! I’m ready for this board to do the right thing with this District ! Follow the rules, codes, any law with this district. I have full confident they will . If not I will not have a problem with going after them and calling them out on any wrong doing! You are really behind on the school System and the laws. Accountable Alice had to explain to you how graded was done. How the schools are held accountable. You had no clue!

      4. Retiree, you are an absolute jackasss. READ THE LAW! You dance around every question that has been asked of you. I’m assuming that it is:
        A) ignorance
        B) you are not and have not been an employee of the district
        C) you’re a jackass
        D) all of the above

    1. On Point,
      According to Board Policy GAG, the certified employee has to be related to a “majority” of the Board for a conflict to be present. If they are related to only one member, that Trustee does not participate in the vote to renew their contract. This applies to certified employees, which Gretchen Darby is, I am sure under contract. Karen is not as far as I know, and is also not related to a majority of the Board.
      Now, Landry apparently knows she has no legitimate reason to omit Darby from the list of certified employees being recommended for contract renewal. So, the two geniuses that misrepresent me from Waveland are going to vote” no” to renewing Darby’s contract once her mother, Trustee Vicky Arnold, leaves the room for the vote? Is that what these two have planned. Sounds like it according to Retiree. Retiree said in a previous post that Darby will be “looking for a job.” My two from Waveland better have an air tight reason for terminating this woman, and she better have a letter of notification of non renewal based upon:
      “valid educational noncompliance with school district personnel policies.” (Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board Policy Manual) NOT because they don’t like her Mother!!!

  13. Went to BSL Council mtging…OMG do these guys not know employees heard everything. Mr. Josh labored on and on to give thousands of $$$ to one employee and raises to a select few. WHY? No one person is worth thousands! There’s quite a few good workers who deserve more. Spend spend spend, mo plan just spend! They have to tax us again in September to pay for their spending.

    1. Happy,
      I thought these new Councilmen were all Republicans. At least that is how they ran. Republicans do not spend like that. I guess it is fair to say at this point that they all pulled a good one on the local Republican party to get their support.
      They are all taking insurance off the tax payers as well. Five successful, independent businessmen taking taxpayer funded insurance. I like all of them just fine personally, but this is disappointing especially in a city that they will admit privately does not have a penny to spare. Very disappointing. My brother served as Council-at-Large for 13 years there and never took taxpayer funded insurance. He had his own through his retirement. It is a part time position, no matter what they say. They are not required to be there a designated number of hours or days, don’t punch a time clock. They are part time, period. I wonder if any of them pay their part time help health benefits, no one else does.
      This is a problem from DC on down.

  14. Happy, there are plenty of good employees working for the city.
    You do not know who was put in for a raise.
    Names were not mentioned when this was discussed.
    Unless someone gave you this information you are just shooting off.
    Anyway, I do believe some employees may be worth more, especially if they have all the knowledge and no one can replace that. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and pay the piper for what they know.
    Until I see who we may be talking about I wouldn’t want to comment weather they should or shouldn’t receive a raise.
    If Josh or anyone was on board they must believe they are worth it.
    I don’t see the spend spend spend to raise our taxes.
    Maybe you could tell us where the council or administration are out of control in their spending.
    Sounds like a Oliver , Blowgez broken record.
    Fixing sink holes, sinking roads , rocks , equipment, things that should have been done yeas ago. Is this what you are referring to?

    1. Everyone sitting there knew WHO the two were getting raises. There were employees in audience that knew and they aren’t getting a raise and in lobby there were some very angry co-workers. That’s what I’m referring too. One person getting 4 grand! C’mon…..They are buying right things but sending a bad message to employees! That’s my concern…….

    2. PS Stone, I’m a retired employee and I did know names because one Councilman told numerous PW employees. Morale in 💩 cause now today all PW know. That’s the foolishness of one person’s value? No way…..

  15. Rhonda made a ass out of herself at the meeting! I was there and everyone was laughing at her dumb ass! She was trying to tell the city attorney how she was doing her job wrong! I hope she knows she is the talk of the town! Not in a good way! I was wondering where her backup cult group was? They hanging low these days!

  16. Spot on Point
    Just likes to hear herself bi—
    She likes to talk about the mill increase in this year’s budget but the idiot fails to talk about the 5 mill increase plus all the utility increase done in the previous administration a few years ago.

    Now on a more serious note.
    I read on the echo site where bell and kid failed to show up for the superintendent interviews.
    Bet they will tell you because they knew the out come or it was a waiste of time.
    What losers they are. Take my ball and I’m leaving.
    Waveland residents needs to ask for their resignations.
    MAyor Smith and Alderman, demand their resignation.
    Bell and Kidd , You washed your hands of the superintendent hiring process now finish what you started, Be a man with a set of 🏀🏀 and resign. Don’t be a spineless coward and blame others for your dumbs– mistakes.
    Don’t leave Waveland without representation.
    Bell, kid ,thomas , singleton and the few Dumb– Protesters, please take your ball and go. And go far far away. Too much good going on in our great city for a few crybabies to be in the headlines because they can’t accept the TRUTH.

    1. Stone,
      I did read that. Very disappointing. But any discussion other than turf, bleachers, or scoreboards is way above Bell and Kidd’s pay grade. Waveland is not represented on this Board right now.
      Mike and Mark should have been there. The elementary school in the community they represent is in a shambles and they have shown no interest, not in academics. As I said—way above their pay grade. They owe an apology to the students and teachers!

      1. Lana and Stone,
        I agree! Waveland needs to demand their resignation immediately. Rumor has it that Kidd has bigger political aspirations in the city of Waveland. If Waveland residents are smart, they will understand that he will take this same mentality to the city level. When times get tough, expect him to tuck and roll!

        I’m certain Bell and Kidd showed up to vote tonight and make the meeting another media circus…something they are famous for again and again.

    2. The truth?? You can’t handle the truth! Or spell. Are you a product of BWSD? If so, you need a refund.

  17. Well checking out Facebook and I see where Sharon Sutherlin. Jerry, Chenaey Beaugez are complaining about who was chosen for Superintendent! Sharon has the nerve to say Landry was more qualified. Now that is some funny shit! She cannot even speak in public! Also I think the teachers would not agree with you. Of course you have the Beaugez’s saying that Bell and Kidd didn’t show because they knew they didn’t have a vote! Really ?? How come you asses wasn’t complaining when Thomas, Bell, Kidd was out voting Mr. Favre?? That was ok ! It was 3 against him! Shhhh we can not speak about that. It’s ok that brother and sister work together, it’s ok to give Vicki a 4 year contract under the table. Mr. Favre had no say because of those 3 idiots! Sharon if I was you, please be very careful at what you say! You have a shit load of skeletons in that closet waiting to come out! I will help you with that if you want. Bay/Waveland is being sued because of your ass! You decide to pick on the wrong teacher and you harassed her, went into her room everyday to watch her teach. You told people in the hallway, you gonna get rid of her fat ass! Her evaluation, you gave her all low scores on her teaching skills and when they did state testing, her class scored the highest in the school! Omg was you so wrong for going after her! She would have done anything to make you appreciate and accept her. She would have even held your hair back while you was throwing up in a trash can outside of Buoy’s Bar! After what you did to her, I don’t blame her for suing the district! She will deserve every penny! So Sharon, Beaugez’s let’s find something else to complain about! Jerry find a damn job! Chenaey feel sorry for whoever pays you! You are on Facebook all day! Not making comments of course but you sure have a big ass green dot by your name most of the day! Sharon, I’m sure your son that works for Bay/Waveland school district is embarrassed at you showing your ass on Facebook and of course off of Facebook! You do that so well! Please if anyone can, please let these 3 idiots know that I have made a comment about them on here. I’m friends with them but I don’t want them to delete me ! That might not know this, but I do like them! Haha . If it is true about superintendent being picked and it wasn’t Amy Coyne! Aww hell, she is not going to be happy! 😳

    1. The truth?? You can’t handle the truth! Or spell. Are you a product of BWSD? If so, you need a refund.
      The teacher you refer to did NOT have the highest scores in the school. You again are misinformed and she was a terrible teacher and still is. Sounds like you are threatening someone?

      1. Never said I was a product of the school. As far as my spelling, never did said I have ever won a spelling bee! Or maybe just maybe I need to throw some of my people off . Who knows ! Aren’t gonna give that clue away! 😂 I kill myself sometimes! 😂 Sorry it is the truth and yes she did have the high score in her grade level! Not saying it was this year or last year but when she was being picked on, she did most certainly have the high score. Threatening who? If I was so what! I will continue to speak the truth. I can’t blame these people who names has been mention. I would admit it!

  18. I see a 3-2 vote for new superintendent.
    So again the 2 idiots, bell and kid voted for or against a superintendent without even interviewing them.
    No reason is acceptable for these actions.
    Plus thomas and singleton, 4 💩💩💩💩 Ores for previous superintendent without interviews.
    Blowgez please go away and take your little 💩💩💩💩 group with you. Far far away.

  19. Well, la de da. The three amigos selected their longtime friend of over twenty years to be Superintendent. I thought you people said that this Board would not practice “good ole boy, good ole girl” politics. Boy were you tricked. This is the person I was alluding to when I said I knew who the three amigos would pick. This will surely help the new Superintendent pad her retirement since she was a few years short if I heard correctly. And guess what On Point, she got one of those “under the table” 4 year contracts that you just criticized in your last post. Aren’t y’all glad to be paying all those taxes for that? By the way, read the Echo article, especially Mark Kidd’s comments about extortion. I have never met or even seen Mark Kidd, but every word he said at tonight’s meeting was true.
    You people are about to REAP WHAT YOU SOWED!

    1. Yep! Not as smart as they think. So predictable. Not sure why she is interested in climbing into this vipers nest.

        1. Ok what’s your point? Hell they hired 2 assistant superintendent for damn good money to do what? Landry had nothing to do with having 2 assistant doing everything and one just to over see her brother. Let me remind you, the one that was to oversee her brother ( Ladner ) probably kin to someone I’m sure didn’t even do her job! Landry kept signing off on her brothers work! Let’s not forget that!

        2. Congratulations Retiree,
          You win the medal for today! This woman who has worked her way to the top deserves to double her PERS retirement because she IS qualified and experienced!
          Also, did you bitch about a $125,000 salary when Ladner or Landry received it????? Absolutely not!

    2. Retiree,
      If Bell and Kidd gave two shits, they would’ve been there for the interviews. They voted unanimously to conduct interviews on April 2nd and 3rd and select a Superintendent on April 4th. Where were they? Kidd? Who knows? Mike Bell? At the baseball field eat Subway…true story. Again, read up!

      Sharon Sutherlin, the fact that you don’t comprehend and are now endorsing the the person that was ultimately responsible for the decision in removing you from your position, only serves to demonstrate your intelligence.

    3. Mark Kidd made a huge ass out of himself! When they voted for Landry that is what I call extortion! I hope Kidd gets fired! Talking to the Echo about Landry! Shame on him! At least Mr. Favre pointed that out ! As far as retirement, hell a lot of people come out of retirement to make more money! I have no problem paying taxes for that as long as Mrs. Reed gets this District to a place it needs to be! Oh Sharon Sutherlin you truly are dumber then I thought! Landry is more qualified ! Let’s see, check out Reeds qualifications and Landry, Library and a position at central office! None over staff, nope not even principal! Sharon put the wine glass down! That wine is talking crazy!

  20. BWSD Retiree, Wrong! She applied last time and so what if she worked for the district along time ago. For your information, the contract was done on top of the table! All board members was present! Also as far as Mark Kidd comment with the newspaper, they did the same thing with Landry before hand. The 3 idiots meet before the meeting and through text to vote for Landry and let’s not forget that they were told by the state not to make Landry superintendent! They went against the state! I don’t see the state telling the new board they are breaking the law. As far as all them knowing her, hell everyone knows her in one way or another. She taught them, worked with them. If Labat would have gotten it, the same for her! Everyone knows her or worked with her in some way . Amy Coyne , everyone knows her or worked with her some way ! I stand with what I said! Everything was done by the law! No one is telling them not to do it! Like the ethics commission or state of education! Sorry for your sore sportsmanship! Mark Kidd should be in big trouble for telling the paper about personal matters, like on your friend Landry and why she resigned! Please let’s not forget when Thomas, Kidd, Bell after 33 applicants and interviewing 4 or 5 ! Those 3 idiots ( Thomas, Bell & Kidd ) voted for Landry knowing it was illegal! Accountable Alice is right, you are a jackass!

  21. Retiree, Dr Reed is s more than qualified to lead the BWSD forward and everything I hear is all good except from you and the little 💩💩💩💩 group going around with a few signs.
    I believe Dr. Reed has been a successful educator at every level in the BWSD so I’m sure she will be great for BWSD.
    As far as kid, he’s nothing but a little punk ass Bit– that didn’t get his way.
    Again all the negative pieces of💩💩💩💩 need to move on or away.
    Our kids deserve the best.
    Either get on the train or move on because your getting ready to get your ass run over. 🚂🚂🚂🚞🚞🚞

    1. Nice to see all the new commenters here. Your first comment was cleared so you are good to go from here on out.

        1. Good morning Ms. Sutherlin. Due to a recent spam attack I adjusted the settings to catch more spam before it makes it to the moderation que. It is possible your comment was caught in the spam que and was deleted. In any event now that your comment has been cleared you should have no more issues.

          If you have any other problems feel free to contact me.

  22. Lana, Retiree has not implied that the Waveland board members do not have the intention of approving Gretchen or Karen. Retiree simply gave an explanation of how the board members could not approve them, if they were spiteful. Get your head out of your ass and quit arguing for your agenda. You know damn well this superintendent search was ridiculous. Which district have you ever known to choose a superintendent in less than a month?

    It is sad that our teachers, the ones who really have the experience, input, and connection with the students are scared to death to speak up and fight for the students and speak out against the ridiculousness that is occurring in our district. If teachers and parents were given the opportunity to actually have input in the decisions being made, we could actually make progress. Instead, community leaders, politicians, and board members who “think” they know everything make decisions that impact our students and teachers. I challenge you, Lana, and the rest of the “Good Government” people to step foot in a classroom and teach a class. I challenge you all to attempt to teach students in our poverty stricken area who face the following: Not knowing where they will sleep the next night, arrive at school late without eating breakfast, miss several days of school and instruction, are instructed by their parents not to trust teachers because they will rip their family apart, or any number of obstacles teachers face on a daily basis. Do you or the “Good Government” know what it is like to be tasked each and every year with more responsibilities and mandates because the federal government creates them, but fails to fund them? I doubt it. Please, please quit acting like you know how to improve education when you have never been educators. It is insulting to educators who are committed to their craft.

    The majority of the comments on this site point fingers and blame people. Every once in a while someone mentions the “students” just to seem relevant. However, the overreaching theme is the money, the power, the nepotism, the corruption, or whatever else, and the students seem to be the byproduct. It is sickening. Most of you do not even have school-aged children.

    While I understand being a building principal is VERY important, so is holding a position in which one has to address multiple schools at the same time. Reed has the following experience : “Dr. Reed began her career in education as a middle school science teacher in Houston, Texas. She has served as a middle school science teacher, a high school assistant principal, a middle school principal, a high school principal and an alternative education principal. ”
    Nowhere does that indicate that she has held a position overseeing multiple schools at one time OR improving a school. How does that make her qualified? It doesn’t. Does that make her unqualified? No. It is just something to think about. I am not implying that Reed will not make an excellent superintendent, nor am I implying she will do well. What I am suggesting is that this polarizing, finger pointing, and bitching needs to STOP! Hell, there is always a compromise, and the ones who point fingers and blame others by saying, “I tried, but THEY won’t listen” are the ones who are the most guilty of NOT COMPROMISING!

    I am not suggesting that Casey, Lathrop, and Arnold are wrong, nor am I implying that Kidd and Bell are wrong. I believe that ALL of them, and most of you, are wrong! This needs to stop being a competition and start being a collaborative effort to better the schools for all of our students.

    1. Savage, you are right , it is about the students and I admit it does sound like we are not thinking of the students. The only way you going to have Happy students is first you have to have a good principal, happy teachers and that will trail down to the students. The teachers wants fairness, treated like they are a grown up and they would like the same respect as everyone else. They would also like to have a say . Not being told this is the way we are doing this or mine your own business and don’t worry what others are doing . That is not the way to handle or treat anyone. Teacher or Anyone else for that matter. My boss at least will sit you down and explain why things are being done. You might not like it but at least he will answer your question. You will always leave with a answer. Trust me, I left with many answers I didn’t like but I was given a answer. I have respect for him and I’m still there! Would not be happy with the way some of teachers are treated. “ Tell me to mine my class, business and worry about my schedule” ! I think principals need more training. Teachers has staff development and ceu’s ( classes & workshops ) to keep them up to date on dealing with children, behavior, new teaching tools and technology. Also to renew there licenses. Happy Teachers makes Happy Students who wants to go to school to learn!

    2. Savage,
      The search for the Superintendent was not ridiculous, and it didn’t happen in a month. It began in September of 2016, when Becky Ladner resigned.
      As Doug pointed out on this post, he interviewed Mike Bell extensively in Feb. of 2017 after Landry was appointed for an 18 month interim assignment. Bell assured Doug that an extensive search would begin for a Superintendent. What happened? Six months later in August, 2017, a bogus Executive Session was held that resulted in Landry and her brother receiving unprecedented 4 year extensions on their contracts!!
      Four more years the taxpayers were going to have to endure the Nepotism arrangement in our School District Business Office, against the advice of the State Ethics Commission and Attorney General. But the tide changed politically in Bay St. Louis, and a way out was provided to end this mess. The perpetrators certainly weren’t going to voluntarily come around to obeying the law.
      We have a new Superintendent. I hope she is dedicated to the children. They have suffered the most from all of this political posturing.
      If positive things happen, and better academics can be achieved for them, I will call this a success!!
      The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government wishes Ms. Reed well, and welcomes her back to our community.

      1. Thanks for the nonresponsive answer. However, if I remember correctly, there was a search and interviews were conducted. But, the board couldn’t agree on a replacement because they were so hung up on their own agendas!!! It was a crap move to arbitrarily extend Landry and bro’s contract, I don’t disagree with that. My point is that I am sick of the polarization. Education is not about “us v. them” Everyone’s ego is getting in the way instead of actually trying to help!

        1. NopeNo Me don’t like any Favre’s! To bad! There is a new board in town and I see good things coming for our district!

  23. Forgot one thing BWSD Retiree, who do you think should have gotten it? They only had 4 to interview! Labat, Coyne , Reed and someone I don’t know. For the sake of God, please don’t tell me Labat or Coyne! No way in hell, Labat should have not been assistant superintendent! That was done by the 3 idiots! So just wondering who you think should have gotten it? As far as Mark Kidd, no time to apply is a lie. All 33 applicants was noted again about this process! Can’t make people apply for a job! Kidd , Bell Thomas had no care when they chose Landry without Mr. Favre even knowing what was happening! He didn’t go run to the paper ! Kidd and Bell should be fired! Mark Kidd you crying about your time you had to take off! Really???? You should have never taken the job ! Bullshit I’m calling you on! Reed has no bad pass history and what I hear she was damn good when she was with bay/Waveland and yes she retired and is coming back ! So what? There is no crime in that!

  24. Savage sure sounds awful familar. Almost like someone who may be a little butt hurt because they didn’t get the job. Hmmmm.

    SS … you need to realize you have permanently destroyed your professional reputation in this community … an endorsement for VL. I would be embarrassed. And if I were your son, disgraced by your public comments.

    Seems like some of these people have absolutely lost their damn minds. Obviously they know the truth … no one can be that damn stupid.

    1. HAHAAHHAHAHHA I assure you, I am in no way qualified for the superintendent position. I do not have the degree or experience. Also, if you are implying that I am Sharon Sutherlin, you are sadly mistaken. I have no respect for that woman and she got exactly what she deserved. How in the hell did my post infer that I applied for the “job”? My purpose was to encourage everyone to quit being assholes and acknowledge that there are ways to compromise.

  25. We have a new Superintendent. Tell me one time in history when everyone was pleased about everything at the same time. She sounds like she has the credentials to do the job. Let’s give her a chance, and most importantly, LET’S GET TO WORK FOR THE KIDS!!!!

    1. On paper, B.Ladner had the qualifications too. That didn’t stop you and your group to throw a fit about her salary and whatever else was on your agenda. Was Ladner a good superintendent? No. But, on paper she was more qualified than Reed. Please explain to me your litmus test. Why is it okay to change expectations now? It seems that it changes based on your own political agenda.

      1. Savage, your right on paper Becky Ladner look great! Let me remind you and everyone else. She did not do her job and she did wrong! Her own political agenda she had! She should have never made Sharon Sutherlin a principal first and far most. Secondly she should have not made Vicki Landry assistant superintendent! That was definitely done without considering anyone else in the district or outside the district! There was way more qualified people but these 2 was put into these positions without any input! Of course Thomas, Kidd and Bell went right along with it, instead of standing up to Becky Ladner and questioning her on this move! I do t care what anyone says, Sharon Sutherlin left working a Parent Center into a principal’s position . No was Vicki was ready to be assistant superintendent when she went from the Library to center office for a few months until ecky could make her assistant superintendent! They knew the assistant superintendent was retiring so Becky gave her something to do at central office until it was time to make her move! Vicki skip a big step. At least make her a principal for one year to make her look good! It is very said when everyone ( teachers ) walking around for a year asking what Sharon does and what does Vicki do. Ecky knew Waveland principal and Central office assistant superintendent was retiring and she told her two girls just hang in there for a year and you will be happy the coming year! That is what I call changes based on Becky’s political agenda! The school board had no questions or concern about this changes .

        1. Please excuse some of my missing letters or words! I want to be able to edit my comment! Grrrrrrr! Oh well you get the point. Words: Becky – skipped – sad – and what Sharon does for her salary – also what Vicki is doing for her salary – Becky ! There is some of my auto correct! Please give me editing on this blog! 😁

        2. For the 10,000th time, Vicki Landry was Federal Programs Director (a Central Office Administrative position with a large budget) for MANY YEARS before being promoted to Assistant Superintendent. I have written this to you before which means that you are purposely not telling the truth!!

          1. Retiree, It does not matter how long she was over anything at Central Office. She does not know how to deal with employees, teachers or parents. She cannot speak to the public at how! If a major crisis would come up in the district, she could not handle it. Sorry she should have been a principal before anything. Like I said a million times, she should not have been superintendent ! It’s not all about budget! Communications is very important and she did not have that. Sorry, I have been in workshops and meetings and she had a hard time speaking and could not answer questions. She really should had more experience dealing with staff, teachers and parents.

    2. I am catching all this information a bit late, obviously. But I would like to know why Becky Ladner resigned her position with the district in the first place? I saw an article in year’s past where she resigned “effectively immediately” and gave no notice for the board to even prepare for her exit. Is this the beginning cause of all the superintendent and corruption issues in the district? The article gave a link to read her resignation letter, but ironically, clicking the link brings the reader to an error page and no letter. What about the 3 year audit of the district office from 2015-2018? what prompted that? Why would the superintendent quit in the middle of an audit from the Dept. of Education??? Word is that she has been hired by another local school district for a principal position at one of their “A” rated schools. Should anyone, (district/teachers/parents/students) have reason to be concerned about her abilities to provide adequate leadership for those students, maintain the rating of her new school, the integrity her position will require, or misappropriation of funds going forward? I was a bit concerned when I learned she was a superintendent for years and quit without notice to “handle immediate family matters”, but then worked as an education consultant rather than going back to the district where she spent so much time investing. Thank for the heads-up.

  26. So I really am new to all this, but am very interested in school board affairs because have three children of my own that are all in this school system. I had a friend share with me their cell phone recording from last night’s meeting and a few things I would note:

    Mark Kidd is ignorant. He is ignorant in his speaking, both in articulation and content. The facts are simple from what I was told. Bell, Thomas, Kidd voted to give Landry and McCraw a 4 year contract, in opposition to the Ethics Commission ruling. Bell, Thomas and Kidd did so in hast, and forgot to realize that they cannot give McCraw a 4 year contract legally. So the issue was not with the “work around on the ethics commission ruling” as previously said, but the issue was with the contract as a legal instrument. So, lets figure this out – someone had to go. Looks like a peaceful solution. Instead of saying extortion, they should have said KINDNESS. Because from the way I see it, if Favre, Arnold and Lathrop were complete assholes (which they could be for all I know), they might not have allowed a peaceful solution and could have taken these folks to higher authorities to let them handle it. Based on the first meeting in March, sounds like they were peaceful about a lot. Because the alternative would be to act like juveniles (similar to Mr. Kidd and Mr. Bell) and contact the Mississippi Department of Education followed by a phone call to the Mississippi Attorney General Office followed by a phone call to the Mississippi Ethics Commission followed lastly with a phone call the State Auditor’s Office. If they were assholes, they would have been quick to make these phone calls so that those “guilty” of violating the law would be criminally liable for their actions. Because at the end of those processes, there is a potential for some hefty fines to come to the personal checkbooks of those voting in favor of this. Sounds like they were basically saying in the first meeting: stop your underhanded bullshit, stop using this attorney from Jackson and lets get back to business. Am I the only person who finds this all ironic. If the three newest board members did do something shady, which I don’t think they did because apparently this “contract” issue was known well in advance of the board meeting and all board members aware; but where would they have learned such behavior: FROM BELL, KIDD and THOMAS.

    As for an under the table contract, I called one of those board members, because Mr. Artigues articulated that he had sent it to them a week ago. That is true. I think its funny that they now want people saying it was an under the table deal when they had a contract to review over a week ago. Mr. Kidd nor Mr. Bell made any comments about the content of the contract. Mr. Kidd only rambled about the person, which he wasn’t even present to interview.

    3 years … his dumb ass doesn’t realize that they last hired a superintendent in January 2017. That would be 16-17 months ago.

    WAKE UP WAVELAND. I would call for the impeachment of your two board members! They have not participated, in fact, they have taken their toys and went home like damn toddlers do. Mr. Bell was likely quiet because he knows stirring this pot will bring about a wrath on him, publicly and financially. Pay up big boy, pay up. BUT AGAIN, IMPEACHMENT. They are both non participatory.

    As for the BL and SS nonsense, anyone who is anyone in this county knows that they both needed to go AND both weren’t doing their jobs. They are both a public embarrassment to the district and to the community. They should be in hiding and need to be careful, because not one person knows their secrets, not two people know their secrets but HERDS of people know their secrets. Lets just say the secrets aren’t well kept, they are real stories people mention frequently.

    IMPEACHMENT is the answer. From what I can tell, Bell and Kidd came onto the school board to do a few things: get rid of BL, get rid of WS, manage the baseball program and manage the football program. Well, looks like you were shut down before you could finish your bucket list boys. So you mind as well leave, instead of being “those guys” that do nothing but annoy others and bring about the ruin of BWSD.

    As for me, kudos to those who are trying so hard to do the right thing.

  27. Also, when you folks get some time. Research Mississippi AGs opinions and Ethics opinions related to appointments to school board. Seems lots are working from the standpoint that Mayor Ice cannot reappoint his son to the school board ………. well, lets just say that isn’t true. AGs opinions to Cochran, Ponthieux, Mitchell, Bennett and Donovan all say that HE CAN APPOINT HIS SON, so long as his son does not receive compensation for those services. So Bell & Kidd, he may not be going anywhere and it may be you two that are due to leave.

    Just figured we could all use some good reading material. I think its always good when people back what they say with FACTS on this site, not mistruths that they allege to be factual. 🙂

          1. Trust me, he will! He will stay on this board for free to see that this district is going on the right direction. I know he is on this board for 3 reasons. For the teachers, students and taxpayers. The reason for that order, you have to have Happy teachers that feel respected and appreciate. That will make Happy students that will be excited to come to school to learn. The outcome will be great scores and then last but not least, happy taxpayers!

  28. Savage,

    Your post sounds wonderful, but if you live in a world full of rainbows and butterflies … ya better move.

    The three (Favre, Lathrop and Arnold) can only do the right thing and have to ignore the stupid one’s nonsense. I know that is not how it is supposed to be, but lets face it … gotta do what you gotta do.

    I say move on for progress.

  29. Another thing … WTH is right. Its not about extortion … its about staying out of jail and staying out of being fined obviously.

    I say Mr. Kidd keeps running his mouth, go about it the hard way and go after his pocket book.

  30. 🚂🚂🚂🚞🚞🚞
    All Aboard
    Get on this new train or get out.
    As most agree this is about our children.
    We as the adults need to help lead this new BWSD Administration in a positive direction.
    We need to show support of the new superintendent.
    We need to come together and encourage and demand results.
    We do not need to let a few continue the undermining of of BWSD.
    We need to stand up to them and tell them get on board or get the hell out.
    We allow a few pieces of 💩💩💩💩 ramble on in the papers and they are destroying not only our city but our education system.
    We must not allow 15-20 💩💩💩💩 undermine our systems.
    We must not allow the same few
    💩💩💩💩 that didn’t get their way and can’t handle the truth change on how things are done.
    So again
    Children First
    Give this Lady a chance.
    We have an opportunity for a fresh start.
    Let’s all get behind her and help make this happen.
    That is the only way our children will win.


  31. According to the latest Accountability Report from the Miss. Dept. of Education, the school that our new Superintendent serves as Principal is rated an “A” school without a waiver.
    That is encouraging information!!

    1. But this is her first year as principal, isn’t it? Those scores come from last year’s data. You can’t give her credit for that.

      1. Correct, but she was brought into that district to avoid the district being taken over by the state. Highly qualified educators with successful strategies were needed to turn things around.
        Sounds kind of like our two elementary schools.
        Things have to turn around, and soon, especially for Waveland.

        1. That makes absolutely no sense! Why would an “A” rated school need her to help them improve? It sounds as if they were already doing a fine job. Lana, you are really reaching on this one. At least admit that.

          1. Savage,
            It makes perfect sense. Obviously the well performing administrator of that campus moved on, and apparently the District sought someone who could maintain that high rating for them as they were facing the potential take over by the state due to some campuses that were failing as well as other issues. And if you review that campus’ status from 2012 to 2016, they were beginning to have issues as well.

            1. Lana,
              I am not discrediting her abilities, nor am I indicating that the district did not seek out a qualified candidate.
              It is simply unfair to claim the school received an “A” rating because of Reed. If they maintain their rating this year I will be more than happy to attribute the rating to her.

    2. If I understand it correctly, Sandra Reed just started at this small elementary school at the beginning of this school year. If I am correct, the “A” rating had absolutely nothing to do with her.
      And by the way, I thought you were all about someone who “came up through the ranks”. Sandra Reed has never held a position in a central office in a public school district. ANYWHERE. How then, according to you, does she qualify? It is also my understanding that the District is going to have to allow Sandra Reed to use the “alternate route” to be qualified to be Superintendent.

      1. Retiree,
        Could you provide the Miss. Code or Policy no. requiring Superintendent candidates to have “held a position” in a school district Central Office as a prerequisite to qualify for Superintendent? Review the Accountability and Performance history from 2012-16 of the campus Dr. Reed presently serves. It can be found on the MDE website. Please comment.
        The educational information published about her by her current district says she started her career as a middle school science teacher, has been a high school asst. principal, middle school principal, high school principal, alternative school principal, and has been in school administration for 18 years. Can anyone here discredit any of this?

        1. I do not believe Phillip Terrell had Central Office experience when the Pass hired him back in the day and the Pass schools remain his greatest gift and legacy to that community.

          Given what has happened in the BWSD since Slabbed arrived on the scene, my own opinion is the lack of BWSD Central Office experience is a plus in this situation.

          Central offices are overrated anyway. All the fun (for better or worse) happens at the schools.

            1. Ms. Noonan,
              Believe you me, you have NO idea of the unprofessional behavior that takes place at the school level. IT IS HORRIBLE!

          1. you know, Doug, if I had been interviewing those candidates, that might have been my litmus test—have you ever worked in THIS Central Office?!

            1. How dare you impugn the character of all employees at Central Office. Just like any large organization, there are good, hard working people there and there are also slackers who barely do anything for their paycheck. To cast aspersions upon all is most unseemly. Why does it appear that you are filled with vitriol?

          2. Why does BWSD continue to rehash the same old people? Why the fear of new ideas that could be brought forth by someone experienced in professionally run school district. Let’s try a new idea! No Ladners, Farves, or Landrys in any office. Let’s try some Smiths and Joneses for a change! It’s all incestuous, admit it!!

        2. Ms. Noonan,
          I never said that the law required Sandra Reed to have held a position in a District office. YOU wrote ” To come up through the ranks trumps getting a position because of “who you know! We all know that historically people get jobs because they know someone, have connections.”
          Sandra Reed DID NOT come up through the ranks. Heck, she was even out of education for 10 years before she got the job at the artsy school in Jackson. However, Sandra Reed most assuredly got this job because of “who she knows” since she has been friend/acquaintance of all three of the amigos for over 20 years.
          Additionally, it appears you enjoy researching facts. Why don’t you research how Bay High fared under her watch. As I remember, we weren’t anywhere near the top of the rating system the State used at the time.

          1. Retiree,
            You stated in your post to me,” Sandra Reed has never held a position in a school district central office ANYWHERE. So, how then, according to you, does she qualify?”
            You are implying that a “position” in the central office is mandated to “qualify” for Superintendent. It is not. Period.
            I stand by my opinion of coming up through the ranks is a plus, and she has, no matter how hard you try to twist it. She has been a classroom teacher, and an administrator on several levels. To say she has not is dishonest. I would imagine being in education or any profession for 33 years, you would meet some folks along the way you like your work, and some who don’t.
            You don’t like Sandra Reed. We all get it.

            1. Lana, Retiree said “according to you” meaning based on YOUR criteria, not the state’s criteria. You’re in love with Casey Favre and think he can do no wrong. We all get it.

              1. Savage, what has he done wrong? Let’s call him out on it! Has he broken any laws ? Nope!

            2. Ms. Noonan,
              Vicki Landy also “came up through the ranks”. She was a librarian (which is a classroom teacher), Federal Programs Director, Assistant Superintendent, and finally Superintendent. Sure seems like coming up through the ranks to me.
              And before you attempt to fall back on the Attorney General’s opinion, or the opinion of the Ethics Commission, remember that neither of them said that anything unlawful took place. They made suggestions. Suggestions are not law no matter how badly you want them to be so.
              Had the Board done something illegal, I have to surmise that the authorities would have acted upon that. And even then, that does not mean that either Vicki Landry or Jon McGraw did anything illegal or unethical.
              My argument with you is mostly about holding ALL people to the same standards. You apparently believe that there should be different rules for Casey Favre’s favored candidate.

              1. Miss. Ethics Opinion No. 17-004-E- dated Feb. 3, 2017
                “Moreover, when an employee works under the direct supervision of his or her relative, a violation of Section 25-4- 105 (1) is virtually inevitable. The superintendent may be responsible for approving wages, salary or reimbursement to the relative, in addition to periodically reviewing his or her job performance. The superintendent may be responsible for approving various matters related to central office staff and could possibly show preference to the relative in these day-to-day actions. Any of those actions would result in a violation of Section 25-4-1-5 (1). Typically, a public servant can avoid violating Section 25-4-105 (1) by recusing himself or herself from the matter in issue. However, recusal by the superintendent under these facts in impractical if not impossible in light of the superintendent’s daily supervisory responsibilities.
                Additionally, the Board of education should pay particular attention to the guidelines set forth in Section 25-4-101. Public servants should conduct themselves in a manner which enhances the public trust in government and avoid actions which may tend to create public suspicion regarding the honesty and integrity of those in government. Justified public criticism can result when the superintendent is directly supervising a close relative. The Ethics Commission advises one of the individuals should resign their position.”
                Mississippi Ethics Commission
                Tom Hood, Executive Director and Chief Counsel
                John Mc Craw writes his sister, Vicki Landry, a letter on School District letterhead every month, requesting HER to please approve the docket of claims he has prepared to present to the Board to pay bills. Included in those bills he asks his sister to approve are reimbursements for his travel, etc.
                Tom Hood did not “suggest” anything to these two. He advised ( that’s what lawyers do), based on state law that he quoted over and over, that one of them should resign their position. He repeated this recently in an interview on WLOX.
                For those who understand this document, no explanation is necessary, for those who don’t, none is possible.
                Vicki Landry, Mike Bell, Mark Kidd, Joan Thomas, Maurice Singleton, John McCraw, and Jim Keith don’t, but
                Casey Favre, Vicky Arnold, and Ann Latrop do.
                That is why we can look forward to meeting our new Superintendent on July 1.

              2. Ms. Noonan,
                Sorry, I had to reply to myself as there was no Reply box at the end of your comment containing the ethics commission opinion.
                As I stated before, you can read that “opinion” all day every day until Armageddon and you will never find any place in it that states that Vicki, Jon, or the Board broke the law. You know why? Because they didn’t break the law. And how do we know this? We know this because NO ONE has been charged with a crime.
                And yes, a lawyer’s advice is a suggestion. It is most assuredly NOT law. Only the legislature can make law.

              3. On point, I did not say he broke the law. I was simply poking fun at Lana because of her “You like Landry” comment

            3. Hum…many in the BSWD organization do not like her. Who cares what the community wants when they don’t work for them. Sandra Reid is a problem and this will be revealed in time.

              1. NOPENOT ME,
                You are a little late to this conversation. Disgruntled much? Please elaborate
                and share your knowledge of who doesn’t like Sandra Reed. Sandra Reed did great things in this district, and I am hopeful that she will move our district in the right direction. If the community was so damn concerned, they (yourself included) would be demanding a resignation from Mr. Bell and Mr. Kidd. I am baffled that you can spew such ignorance.

              2. This has to be maybe my favorite quote on this thread-” who cares what the community wants when they don’t work for them!! “The community just pays for everything that goes on, that’s all, so who cares what they want🙄

              3. Yes. The community should have input. We do pay taxes. But, ultimately if the district employees are not happy, there will be no progress. It is up to the community (board members) to select a leader who can rally the district employees to make a change. You can’t have one without the other.

              4. Nopenot me, I think if not mistaken, maybe 4 people like Sharon Sutherlin. So if true, you must be one of those 4! That being said, I know one teacher went around the school during the day. She was wanting ALL teachers to sign a petition on behalf of Sharon Sutherlin to keep her at the school so should would not be made to resign or get fired! Ok we are not suppose to do that first off and put teachers under pressure to sign a petition much less during instructional time. The teacher was all for Sharon Sutherlin staying because Sharon was letting her take her college courses on line and letting her do her homework/studying g doing the day! So lets talk about watching movies and talking on cell phones all day. Really? The assistants did all the teaching! The other 3 that I know of like her because she was never in there room being a evacuation. She would do there evacuation in her office and put in there box to sign it. She only had a total ( maybe ) 4 people that liked her because these Things she did. Hell I would have loved her if she would have done those favors for me!

  32. BWSD Retiree and Savage, Omg! Please ! How many times do we have to go over this? Yes the board and Landry did do some illegal! They were told that one of them should resign! They should not work together but they chose to do it anyhow! What you don’t get about this? As far as liking Mr. Favre. Ok we like him! Just like you both like Landry! One thing I will tell you, as far as Landry qualities , are you kidding me? Landry was Librarian, Federal Program Director , assistant superintendent, and superintendent in a matter over maybe a 2 year span! Haha! If you really want to go by the rule. Amy Coyne and Labat was definitely qualified
    and should have moved up before Landry ! Now let’s talk about favorites! Landry went from a Librarian to Superintendent over night! 😂 We all have people we like and we all like everyone to be honest. We all wants what is best for our district! We as taxpayers, we want our teachers and students happy! They are not! This who.e year, teachers kept asking each other and others why we had 2 assistant superintendent? They would not and did not ever get a answer. Yes, I like our new board until they pissed me off! So far so good to me! Landry left with her head up and knows what happen. I truly feel sorry for her. Becky Ladner, Thomas, Kidd, and Bell put her in this situation and she let them do it! I will stand behind what I always said. No one will ever make me resign or do anything to hurt my reputation if I did not do anything wrong! If I have never done any wrong doing, I’m not and will not go down quite! Not the case here!

    1. Woah, woah, woah! I NEVER said that I like Landry. I never said she or her brother should be allowed to work together. I am not sure where that came from. As far as I am concerned, Landry and Labat are Ladner’s final leftovers. I just wish everyone would keep it real.

    2. On Point,
      I do believe that you have lost your mind. Vicki Landry was a Librarian for a number of years. She was Federal Programs Director for more than five years. As Federal Programs Director she served as “Superintendent ” when both the actual Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent were out of District. You state that Vicki went from Librarian to Superintendent overnight. Well, I just burst your bubble on that lie. However, I do know someone who went from being a lowly principal to Superintendent overnight. Do you think you might be able to recall her name or is that too difficult for you?

    3. An addendum to my post on the Ethics Opinion:
      Vikki Landry, Mike Bell, Mark Kidd, Joan Thomas, Maurice Singleton, John McCraw, Jim Keith, and BWSD Retiree, do not understand this document.
      But Casey Favre, Vicky Arnold, and Ann Latrop do. And that is why we can look forward to meeting our new Superintendent on July 1.

      1. From whence did Casey Favre receive his law degree. Jim Keith has a law degree, and he “advised” the Board that the way they set it up was legal. Is his opinion any less important that that of any other lawyer? Mr. Keith is highly respected at the State Department of Education. Is Casey Favre as highly respected as Jim Keith at MDE. I seriously doubt it.

        1. Haha funny you ask. He is getting his law degree! You you saying that everything was done up and up? Was you at the meeting when they were advised to not work together! Oh they solve the problem, they hired 2 assistant superintendent for our district! We ha e never had two assistant superintendent in this district! The ethics commission and AG office I do respect and I would take there word to be upstanding! I don’t know who was principal and went to Superintendent that you talking about and if it was Becky Ladner or whoever it was wrong! Vicki Landry spoke at a meeting that I attended and the whole faculty was shocked how she couldn’t speak and present her presentation! She had her notes on notebook paper! Everyone was shocked and when had questions, she did not have the answers. Everyone left out of that meeting saying “ OMG , the parents are gonna eat her up”!!! Sorry Sandra Reed is the best choice. Vicki would still be there if there was not any wrong doing! No choice, brother or sister needed to go or else no contract ! End of story! Vicki left, you need to accept it! If there was nothing wrong, she should have hired Jim Keith!

          1. Well, the principal I spoke about is Sandra Reed. So now, when are you going to start telling Casey and company that what they did was wrong as you just stated in your last post?

            1. So you saying this about Reed that happen the other night? Or many years ago when this board had nothing to do what that? If you talking about the other night when she got hired, she didn’t move up in this district overnight. She been gone and worked in many many positions and now she is our new superintendent! Yay! Please go to the next meeting and let them know they did wrong and broke the law. Call your best attorney in Jim Keith and please get him to tell them they are doing wrong and breaking the law! I will be there waiting. Retiree go away gracefully like Vicki did! Except the changes! We had to accept changes when all the bullshit that was taking place at central office, with board, and the elementary schools! Yes we was not happy but we had to accept it. No choice until the new crew came into town and stood up to them! Yay again! Good day ! I think I’m done on here! I pretty much put everything I know about all and I will not keep repeating myself! I have one wish, New Board please go after all and there wallets for the money they cost this district and taxpayers! You can do it!

          2. Oh, and by the way, we used to have a Federal Programs Director, a Special Education Director, and an Assistant Superintendent. Three positions all making GOOD money. Now you just have the two Assistant Superintendents who handle those other two positions and the District is paying one less person. I guess that is not good enough for you.

            1. This is an interesting point you make, Retiree, about the Special Ed. Director. She has a 17 item Responsibility Chart of tasks to be performed by her on behalf of the District for a Fed. program. Do the Feds know the Board assigned her other tasks to take her time away from those for which they are compensating her?
              Now, remember, and I was at the meeting in Feb. 2017, when Mr. Keith told the Board to just assign Spec. Ed. Director, Kristen Ladner, the duties of supervising the Business Adm. You won’t find that in the minutes, wink, wink!! And Funk “forgot” to tape that part of the meeting, wink, wink again.
              Fill us in.

              1. Since you know nothing about this topic, let me enlighten you. In situations like this the district pays part of the employees salary and the Feds pay part. Our Assistant Superintendents work approximately 50% on District and 50% on federal responsibilities. Therefore, we are only paying for one Assistant Superintendent with local dollars. WOW!! Another example of how Vicki Landry was and is a fine Superintendent.

              2. Funk needs to be put in her right place! I have had several people tell me when they have called for getting copies of the minutes or wanting to review tapes, she couldn’t seem to locate them. She also have been knows to give information to some people before hand and tell others she doesn’t have that information available. I have called myself and asked a question and she couldn’t or didn’t know the answer or was able to tell me where to get the answer but I know someone call and ask the same questions, was given what they needed and was told where to get the rest of there information! Hmmmm something to think about.

        2. Retiree,
          Mr. Keith is licensed to practice law in our state. No one disputes that.
          And by virtue of that license he is legally authorized to advise those who seek him out and are prepared to pay him for his services. His legal expertise is confined to that scenario.
          On the other hand, the Director of the Ethics Commission and the Attorney General are, one elected and the other appointed to interpret the law on behalf of the citizens of the state. They took an oath of office to do that and are not limited to only the clients who compensate them privately. They represent the taxpayers in general.
          We watch public bodies seek the legal opinions of both of these agencies on a regular basis as the final conclusion to operate within the laws of our state.
          We have never witnessed one snub their noses at one.
          Now, I realize you and I will have to just peacefully agree to disagree on this, but Tom Hood, Ethics Director, backed up by the AG’s opinion advised on behalf of the taxpayers of the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District and the State of Miss, that ” one of the individuals ( Landry or McCraw) should resign their position.”
          At last, this has been accomplished.
          If Dr. Reed shows up with a family member to set up
          the same illegal and unethical scenario, she will be set straight too.
          We are unique in our nation in that we are a nation under the rule of law, not individuals.

          1. Ms. Noonan,
            No matter what you say, Jim Hood and Tom Hood are attorneys just like Jim Keith. The opinion of the Hoods (are they related?) carries no more weight than the opinion of Mr. Keith. THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO MAKE LAW. Basically they said either Jon or Vicki SHOULD resign. They didn’t say they HAD to resign because they have no authority to do so. They can only make suggestions.
            Furthermore, don’t you believe that once they were contacted for an opinion, that they would have followed up and charged someone with a crime if in fact they committed a crime? I do. So they must not think a crime occurred. Do they like what was done with Vicki and Jon? Probably not. However, if the two of them are related, I don’t like that either. One of them should resign. That’s how I would advise the State.
            So now, what weight does my advice carry? None. Just like their advice amounts to doodlum squat.

            1. Retiree,
              As I said, we’ll just agree to disagree on this one. For my part, I am thankful the rule of law (and those were statutes quoted in the Ethics Opinion) prevailed.
              I say let’s move forward for the sake of children. After all, that’s what all of this is supposed to be about–their education and benefit.

            2. On the pay 50% from the Feds and 50% from the district. Why wouldn’t they give Jenny Seymour her assistant principal back????? Remember a Labat had one for many many years. Labat was moved up and Mrs. Seymour was left with no replacement. I think they said something about not having the funds. Labat would have had a fit if they would have taken her assistant principal away! They left Mrs. Seymour out to hang herself!

              1. This was done as a set up. They wanted her to fail. She has had NO support from Central Office. None! The teachers at the Middle School appear to be happy under her leadership. However, with the lack of teachers and an assistant principal at such an impressionable age, it is a disgrace. I can only hope the new Super and the board recognizes this failure and corrects it immediately.

              2. Of all campuses to leave without an assistant-Middle School- most difficult age! But all the stops were pulled out for Vikki and John.
                I know I am repeating myself, but I sincerely pray the new Super puts the kids first😓

              3. Because she is a terrible Administrator. Good riddance. You think “they ” like her? You are asking the wrong people.

            3. Retiree,
              No, Ethics Director and AG are not attorneys just like Keith.
              One is elected and the other appointed to interpret the law on behalf of the state. not just private practice clients. Keith has no elected or appointed authority to do that. If Vikki thinks she has been wronged, she can sue all of them–Ethics, AG, Casey, Vicky & Ann.
              But first she has to get through the April 16 Board meeting, which could prove VERY interesting indeed!!

            4. It sounds as if RETIREE is trying to make a case for pointing out illegal activities; so why not help out. The SHOULD, COULDS, POSSIBLES, etc. are all contingent upon following the word of the law without wavering, which is very specifically mentioned in the opinion snip posted below. Therefore, if any truth in the matter of dockets, expenses, etc., being prepared and approved by the brother/sister combo exists; there is definitely a violation. It would be easy to find and post here on Slabbed.
              From the opinion Lana posted above; “The superintendent may be responsible for approving various matters related to central office staff and could possibly show preference to the relative in these day-to-day actions. Any of those actions would result in a violation of Section 25-4-1-5 (1). Typically, a public servant can avoid violating Section 25-4-105 (1) by recusing himself or herself from the matter in issue. However, recusal by the superintendent under these facts in impractical if not impossible in light of the superintendent’s daily supervisory responsibilities.”

        3. Keith showed them how to twist things to go around the law.
          Rafferty and less
          Not Leagal but twisted to make you believe it’s leagal.
          AG and Ethics is the law. Period
          But again enough of all the bashing.

  33. Savage 💩 Retiree 💩
    Sounds like Blowgez and Oliver and more of lying les’s puppets.
    Still Crying about the election 8 months later.
    Twisting this and that.
    Either get on board or get the hell out.
    We don’t need 💩💩💩💩 like y’all in either of our cities or in our school district.
    Please go play in the middle of the interstate. Please
    Thanks Lana

    1. Stone Cold,
      What have I twisted? Like I said earlier, I DO NOT SUPPORT LANDRY! I AM INDIFFERENT ABOUT REED. I am hopeful l, but indifferent.
      What I do support is open dialogue, honestly discussing the issues at hand, and looking at things from multiple angles. I don’t think that is too much to ask!

      1. Savage, I believe it was you , may be wrong, that stated earlier about moving on, put our children first.
        Just saying let’s do it. As I stated it starts with us , the adults. Give our support to Dr. Reed and the BWSD.
        Hold them accountable.
        But nothing they have done in THIS hiring process was illegal, hidden or in no way wrong.
        Maybe some does know her but that doesn’t make the decision wrong.
        I would always hire someone I new IF Qualified before someone I didn’t know with same qualifications. You and others may think this is wrong but you are either very gullible or ignorant and I do not believe it to be the second.

  34. This post is just in case anyone is curious about how BHS performed while Reed was principal, or at least the last few years of her principalship. She maintained a level 4 (equivalent to a B now) and met growth requirements all but the last year. Go to this site and click the accountability link and you can look it up yourselves.

    1. Savage,
      What years are you using? Sandra Reed left the High School in either 1999-2000 or earlier. I don’t see ratings for that far back under the accountability link.

        1. She sure did. She was moved from the High School to the Alternative School. Many would call that a demotion. But she was most assuredly gone from the High School and as principal of the Alternative School there would be no rating.

          1. You should have a hard on for Reed! She must have given you a bad evaluation ! Probably on a improvement plan!

  35. Happy , your talk on how a pay raise for one or two is bad and employees talking about this and that.
    What is bad is the giving away of leases to one but not all. We kicked the chamber out a few years ago and sold the building. But we turn around and give the depot away. You may not want to believe it but the chamber does as much or more for BSL than the depot does. And still does.
    That was about $10,000 we lost in city revenue. More than enough to cover the cost of the raises you talked about and plus a few more. We talk about a band at the depot here and there. Buoys puts on 4-5 major events a year, TBT and others, do we give them freebies? No, they pay there taxes, lease the harbor or whatever.
    Hell, Even CASA pays for the event deck and the community hall when they use it.
    Do as you say , give to one give to all employees, let’s do the same with leases on city buildings. One pays they all pay. That is money that directly effects the operation of the city.
    $10,000 here, Another $10,000 there.
    This is stupid.
    Not giving someone a raise if it is deserved is also stupid, if the funds are available.


    1. I agree with that. Whether it’s leases, stages or trees. It must benefit all taxpayers! Dividing thousands among employees with some getting a little more is OK. C’mon, if there’s thousands spread the wealth. Like $64k for a CAO but never fill it? Use what’s available now for better employees and equipment? Also about City monies, why is Larry Smith, along with Zimmerman and DeSalvo “publicly to folks” advocating that they are prepared to pass a large 6/8 years BSL tax abatement to Cure to build his hotel? Every investor within 200 miles will be “feeding at that table” to keep tax money to enhance their profits. That’s pure ignorance to open that door publicly Larry! Buy our guys in PW equipment, give raises but DON’T give the tax dollars you collect to pay the bills alway to private enterprises. DUMB fellas Dumb!

    1. Alice,
      Go to the new post at the top entitled ” A Rare Back to Back”
      It is an open thread. You can comment on any topic!!
      Isn’t Doug awesome?!

        1. My thanks to both of you ladies. Rest assured there is likely an equal number of people that want to wring my neck. Such goes with the turf.

          1. I realize there are some out there that would want to wring your neck, Doug. but my guess is their numbers don’t come close to the ones who admire you, and appreciate this forum you provide on a daily basis.
            Remember Winston Churchill:
            “You made some enemies? You must have stood up for something!!”

  36. How great is this response? Don’t forget, Doug supplies our ventation for free. Please donate :
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  37. Hi everyone!!! I am a frequent reader of slabbed (thank you for the entertainment and information). Over the past week or so I have been asked by several people if I am a certain commentor on this site. I am not. Although I do want to clear up any confusion about comments that people think I made. Thanks! Have a great day!

  38. All this grumbling, bellyaching, and complaining, and I have yet to see one comment regarding school consolidation. What makes the BWSD so special that it has to be a separate district from the Hancock County School District? What makes any of the municipal school districts so special that they have to be separate from the county school districts? There are 82 counties in Mississippi, and 160+ school districts. That’s a completely ridiculous number. If anyone wants to see education fully funded, consolidation is the start, there’s way too much money thrown towards school administration, and little left over for the teachers in the classroom. And every single time this gets brought it, it’s the current administrators that start raising cane, “This is going to destroy everything we’ve worked so hard for”, or my personal favorite excuse against it: “Well, if they consolidate, then the cocahoes won’t be playing the sand fleas on Friday night anymore” Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest because of all the trees….

    1. Ah, someone with wisdom and vision posting now.
      Casey and Vicky were the only two on our Board that wanted to sit down and have a conversation with the County Board. Of course, the County Board is vehemently opposed. Jennifer Seal assumed the privilege of speaking for everyone in the County by saying they weren’t now or never would be interested in even talking. Afraid she’ll
      have some expenditures with her signsture on them that may raise some eyebrows, maybe?!
      The lady, retired teacher from the DeSoto Consolidated School District, who was traveling the state promoting full funding of public education, told me when she came to the gathering in the Bay, that she is a big supporter of Consolidation. Said she spent 37 years in the classroom in DeSoto County’s consolidated district.
      It may be forced upon us through simple economics someday.

      1. Take a look at the large numbers of administrators running DCS. It doesn’t make things more efficient, it makes them more complicated.

  39. Mrs. Sutherlin I would still like to here your comment or response to this topic. Still waiting. I this everyone would like to hear what you have to say .

  40. Just for fun ….
    Once upon a time, there was an elementary school called Waveland Elementary. The evil queen that oversaw this sweet little school had no idea what she was doing except to bring darkness, gloom, and humiliation to this once humble place. Throughout her time on the thrown numerous great teachers left Waveland Elementary to escape the evil clutches of the queen. The longer the evil queen could shed her darkness on Waveland elementary the worse it became.
    Nearby, a Group of Queens from neighboring villages met for dinner. Each shared a story about the evil queen and how she had tormented the villagers at the precious Waveland Elementary. The queens vowed they would not allow this evil queen to continue and she was banished from Waveland elementary.
    It was now time for the school to heal. A spark of light was sent to Waveland and started to bring hope to this small school when out of the woods came an evil witch and 5 flying monkeys. The 5 flying monkeys were under the evil witch’s spell and believed the horrid stories they were told. The evil witch and her monkeys were too powerful for the spark of light and sent it away. This once again brought great sorrow to Waveland Elementary. The evil witch had an evil; ignorant ass servant put at Waveland. (Ignorant Ass applied for AD director but he was passed over, and the interim kept. Ignorant Ass was passed over for AD director but made a principle. Go figure!) So the evil witch laughed and said “ I’ll stick his ignorant ass at Waveland Elementary” The evil servant, has no clue what he is doing and Waveland Elementary has once again returned to the dark and gloomy humiliated place it was.
    A neighboring King over heard his nobleman speak of an evil witch, flying monkeys and ignorant ass servant she put at Waveland Elementary. The King, could not bear to see this once special place treated in such a way. The King searched throughout the land for just the right person to handle this delicate situation. He came upon a great wizard well known throughout the land. The great wizard, vowed to the King to do the best job possible and to lift the curse of the evil witch. The evil witch was no match for the great wizard and was sent far far far away.
    As each flying monkey transformed back into nobleman and ladies in waiting. They thanked the Great wizard for saving them from the clutches of the evil witch. The Great wizard nodded his head acknowledging the thank you he was given. A great sadness still covered the Great wizard’s face. One of the noblemen asked, “Sir, why are u still sad”? The great Wizard said, “I did my best, I got rid of the evil witch, I rescued you and the other four, but still gloom and sadness still hovers over Precious Waveland Elementary.”
    The Nobleman perked up and looked around and said with a chuckle, “Great wizard, that was only one jackass you got rid of, there are many more.”
    I can answer and explain questions regarding Waveland, just ask.

    (Ignorant Ass applied for AD director, but he was passed over, and the INTERIM was kept. Waveland was not impressed with any of the applicants for principle and was willing to wait it out until the right person was found. Low and behold the evil witch Landry, gave ignorant ass unqualified Engle the job!!)

      1. ReallY ON POINT, LOL
        Queen- well she thought she was – Sutherlin
        Group of queens- faculty at Waveland
        Witch – Landry
        Monkey’s-Old school board
        Noble / Ladies – New school board
        King- mayor Favre
        Wizard – Lathrop
        Noblemen – C. Favre
        You fill in Jackasses with whomever you want lol

        1. Shuga can’t spell. PRINCIPAL not principle, it is just the principle of the thing if you are going to speak of the PRINCIPAL. Farve is many things, but KING he is not. You are obviously delusional. You wanted change? The Wizard ? Ha, hardly.

          1. JUSTANOBSERVER, get a new name yur doing more than observing.
            I’n not making excus but Dam my spelcheck always duds that, it alweys chinges WTH to WTF also.
            lol there ar meny peple and post herea nd you dicide two grab thet one hhhhmmmm!!!!
            Did u get the point? Obviously, you did. I beleve i wuld be more concurnod about whut other people are sayng about Sutherlin then how my spelcheck changed primsupel on my lil farytal !

            I bet u have no problem figuring out what each one of those words are. If you do, let me know …. Ill spell chaeck it for you! lol

            1. You know as long as you get the first letter and last letter in a word correct, everyone should be able to read the words. Also there is a thing called nonsense words! Good job shuga! Well done! Justanobserver this is a blog! Hell there is no editing! What is the big deal? If that is all you could complain about, just move on. Go correct the newspapers in our area if you are bored!

        2. The truth is that you just want someone like AC who doesn’t hold you accountable for staying on your cellphone, watching movies all day, and hanging out gossiping in other classes. You wanted to be rid of SS and thought you could bat those eyes at a man and get away with everything being the millennial , self entitled brat that you are. Well, SURPRISE! You were punked! Now get off that phone and interact with your students, or leave..That works too.

          1. Nopenot me, what the hell are you talking about. This has nothing to do with Amy Coyne. Sharon Sutherlin was a vicious human that walked those hallways looking to just go after people. She never lived by her own words. She was always finding wrong in someone. Hell everyone! She could go out and act like white trash at Gabby’s but she will call you down on a quote that you put on Facebook. I don’t care what you say, no one at Waveland liked her. Teachers left because of her! They also made should the board knew why they left after receiving a new contract! She truly made some dumb ass mistakes! So had NO communicating Skills and wanted to be paid but did not want to do her job! At one meeting everyone was told, do not call the office if you are having trouble with a student. You. Sit find ways to deal with this student that is always disrupting your class. If you still having problems with this student, pair up with a co-teacher and let co-teacher take the student for a little while in there class! What the hell, so you telling me to give my problems to another teacher so he can disrupt her class? What is the job of the principal? That was her damn job! I could go on and on about this women!

              1. Yep! Very obsessed! I’m so glad this has come out in the open! Until you have seen what has taken place from the Cental office down to each school site and had to live, maybe you would be to! The wrong doings has to stop! It is hard for teachers to swallow this and think it is ok! I will probably stat obsessed with it until I see everyone treated fairly and see teachers happy to teach and students happy to get out of the car and wanting to co e to school to learn! #notalong #obsessedbymany

              2. I think I hit a nerve with my above statement. Maybe 4 favorite trachers because it might be hitting close to home with you!

      1. Yep! It is picking up steam! I think I hit a nerve with poorme! I’m starting to narrow down some of these comments on here. Sad but I could only name a few who liked Sutherlinand was able to get away with this nonsense! Hmmmm and I have no problem to start spitting out names! I have done it at the beginning of this blog and I will continue. Yes Becky Ladner got one of my post taken down about her affair but that is ok because she knows it’s the truth and Sharon is probably shitting with all I know about her! She tried to comment but decided to back down. Don’t blame her!

          1. Good because that happen in Jackson. Wife came I to that picture and he was made to come ho e from his Jackson events and not able to stay up there anymore. 😊

            1. Ex,y messed up when she confided Into a friend who could not contain herself to share! I was always told, if you do not want anyone to know your business, yell no one. There is no such thing as best friend, spouse, family to keep a secret. Tell yourself in your head the exciting news! 😂

  41. The sad thing, Sharon nor Becky has ever done me one thing! Never never but sitting back watching good teachers getting done wrong is not fair! They went to far with there agenda! The politics had to stop. They started going out and trying to hurt good people in this community and had to be stopped. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions ( teachers, students and parents was always told by them ) they started blaming others and calling out names. They crossed the line.

  42. Nopenotme,
    Lol, who are you addressing? If you are talking about me, SHUGA. You obviously did not read my Fairytale closely. Engle is a JACKASS let me add to that an ignorant jackass. It breaks my heart to think we are stuck with this idiot.
    Here we go, people… I’m so tired of hearing about Waveland, yes we are the stepchild that is treated differently and forgotten about in the district.
    The entire faculty saw on a daily basis that SS was not prepared to be in that position and thank god PR worked until 10 pm every night doing YOUR job SS also. Everyone on here talks about SS ur personal life, FYI I could give two shits about that. IDC what or who you do, I do not care if you are dancing naked on main street in the middle of second Saturday, blowing firecrackers out your ass. As long as my children and I are not affected, that’s on you. I do care about how you SS treated the kids and your employees. We gave you so many chances to prove yourself worthy but you SS were too busy doing everything else but YOUR job.

    IT WAS THE MAJORITY OF THE TEACHERS AND Penny Rodrique that made Waveland an A school. Penny Rodrique NOT ONLY DID SS YOUR JOB, HER JOB, CURRICULUM coordinator, DYSLEXIA THERAPY, ELL, Tiers but also worked till 10 at night because she wanted to make everything perfect for her babies. (meaning every kid in that school)

    Do yall see that list … not to mention she had to put up with SS”s your crap constantly.
    They took PR from us ( that did 10 different jobs) our ELL students ARE put on rosetta stone( children learning English that speak another language) instead of working directly with SOMEONE. SS knows all about those ELL students, she held one back and its illegal to hold them back but with her lack of education, she had no clue. This happened to be one of the last blow ups between PR, and SS. SS made illegal decisions because she had no clue what she was doing and PR refused to sign off on it because it was ILLEGAL. The mother wrote a note asking he not be held back ( she had no idea it was illegal until PR told her).AN older, single not well-educated mother of 3. She asked in one of the meetings if they were hiring because she had put her application in months ago and never heard back from them. So Once the woman started questioning SS about if it was illegal or not, yall ready for this one….. BL and SS HURRIED UP AND GAVE HER A JOB IN THE MIDDLE SCHOOL CAFETERIA; Our dyslexia students are put on computers for 20min here and there. DySLEXIA HAS A MAJOR IMPACT ON READING AND WRITING IT CAN BE DIAGNOSED AS YOUNG AS 3 YEARS OLD and BY SECOND GRADE OVER 40% SCREWED if intervention is not implemented. They might as well go claim their corner on the street now.


    Yes, there are numerous teachers, that sit on their phones all day, put kids in front of the T.V and do not do their jobs. pARENTS ASK YOUR KIDS ABOUT THEIR DAY, AND WHAT THEY DID, YOU MAY JUST BE SURPRISED. Those are also ones that you SS hired.

    SS AND PR WERE BOTH GONE BY SEPTEMBER of 2016-2017 AND SHAME ON ANY TEACHER THAT TRIES TO CLAIM THAT THERE WAS TO MUCH CAIOS and their scores slipped. I call BS, once SS was gone; IT WAS A SIGH OF RELIEF, and that was at the BEGINING of the school year, September of 2016-2017. We had 8 mths. and numerous of us had great scores but when the rest of the teachers are to busy on their phones, talking about other teachers, stereotyping their students, shopping online the rest of us can only carry the school so much.

    Oh, let’s not forget the jackass that lets them do it.


    YES, OUR SCORES ARE BAD, IM SURE THEY ARE WHEN U GIVE US AN IDIOT THAT TAKES A CERTIFIED TEACHER OUT OF A MULTIAGED CLASSROOM. (MULTI-AGE IS K-2.) THE CERTIFIED TEACHER TEACHES LANGUAGE ARTS WHILE THE ASSISTANT TEACHERS MATH, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, THE ASSISTANT TEACHES MATH. SO IF THE TEACHER WAS NOT IN THE CLASSROOM WHO WAS TEACHING THESE KIDS TO READ AND WRITE ? These are kids starting from scratch. WE ARE TAUGHT SPECIFIC STEPS TO TEACH READING AND language arts. A PROGRAM, NO ASSISTANT OR SUBSTITUTE has been taught nor is certified to do so, don’t forget they also teach math. There was No certified teacher from DECEMBER TO MAY people. That is a lawsuit; it’s not like they did not have a teacher the teacher on campus. They did not tell the parents until they started questioning it. See little Susie was going home telling mom and dad their teacher left. Over 7 children pulled out of that classroom, and that was only by the parents who found out by accident. The other parents had never informed she would be gone 6 months. Engle was asked if she would be returning to the classroom where the KIDS needed her, this idiots response was no get over it, i need her in here. FINALLY IN MAY ( the last month of the year.) A RETIRED SUBSTITUTE TEACHER was put IN THERE BECAUSE PARENTS WERE PISSED, OVER 7 CHILDREN PULLED FROM THAT CLASS, AND THAT INCOMPETENT ASS LANDRY STUCK US WITH SOMEONE THAT WAS MORE WORRIED ABOUT DECORATING HIS OFFICE WITH LSU POSTERS and keeping a certified teacher handling his job then THOSE BABIES EDUCATION…ANY PARENTS OUT THERE THAT HAD YOUR CHILD IN THAT CLASS . THERE YOU GO (major lawsuit) if your child was in that class and is having trouble reading and writing, call MDE and grab a Lawyer.


    IF YOU PAY ATTENTION SHARON, THEIR NAMES BARELY MENTIONED COMPARED TO YOURS and IF YOU WOULD JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND HAVE YOUR NERVOUS BREAKDOWN somewhere else people would forget about you. I’m so sick of hearing your name. We got you out of our lives over a year ago, We all have PTSD from the way you treated us. GO AWAY! YOUR NAME WILL FIZZLE OUT, BUT YOU KEEP encouraging it to be brought up, LIKE HAVING THE COPS CALLED ON YOU LAST WEEK FOR HARASSING SOMEONE because they did not want anything to do with you. YOU nor BL WOULD GIVE 5 MIN. to her when u thought u two were the wonder twins. MAYBE HAD YOU AND LADNER LISTENED TO HER THEN SHE MAY JUST HAVE SAVED YOUR ASSES, BUT OF COURSE NO ONE COULD STOP YOU FROM TREATING US THE WAY YOU DID. YOU COOKED YOUR Scrawny flat ass; WE just HANDED it TO THE school BOARD ON A SILVER PLATTER. NOW GO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

    Remember SS there are eyes everywhere, Keep acting a fool and get the cops called on you again, That won’t look so good to the Judge when you go to court for that grandbaby, Now will it?


  43. Shuga,
    I was just getting ready to ask for a bedtime story. Wow! You outdid yourself! Looking forward tomorrow’s storytime!

  44. Just asking, so basically we can put whatever we want on here without no facts? Whatever I believe is fact and whatever everyone else thinks is fact? Sounds like a bit of a circus.

    1. Intheknow, Bye Felicia! No facts?? No one can make this shit up. Way to much information to be made up. The things that is being said, places, times and able to describe detail is all the facts anyone needs. Also names that are being mention. People are not holding back. The only thing some or most of us are holding back ( just like you ) are our names. We still have to work , so we can eat!

    1. Intheknow, Yep you right! Very pissed off employees! Happy employees will make very happy children/students. That will give you good scores and very happy parents. Sorry but that is truly how it works! Stressed out teachers that are not appreciated and not treated like adults. They never know from day to day what to expect or what gonna happen is yes indeed very pissed/stressed humans. This is not just teachers. This goes for anything in the work force!

    1. Never said I want the job! But the money that is being paid to the people needs to do it right! Any Jackass knows that! If the person cannot do it right needs to leave, resign or be fired! There is always someone out there that can do it! It’s done everyday all over the state in many school districts!

  45. I come on here for a bit of comedy. TBH. Y’all nuts😂. Y’all all need something else, maybe spend some time in the classroom or with you family 😂

    1. Intheknow, Proof??? Well the proof is Sharon Sutherlin is no longer there. She was asked to resign or her ass was gonna get fired. If that was not the case, she would still be there. There is your proof on SS! Now for Landry & brother, Landry retired because she knew that it was wrong and they were told that brother & sister should not work together or she should not oversee her brother , signing off on his work, but did it anyhow! There is your proof for that one! Board member not being reappointed was due to under table deals and voted on things that the ethics commission & DA told them not to do! Proof on Thomas, get a copy of board meeting minutes. Singleton went on vacation on taxes money. Proof on that. Again, get a copy of school budget and minutes on that one! Bell and Kidd, just wait that is coming. Bell just thought he could pick up the phone everytime he had a question to the attorney Keith and the BWSD is paying for those calls for each time he placed a call. Remember we have a school attorney! Proof in the budget, minutes and bills from Keith! Kidd oh he got on board with Bell & Thomas thinking it was gonna make him look for when he runs for office in Waveland but that backfired! They made asses out of themselves and spent a lot of taxpayers 💰💰💰money to get a board member in trouble for personal reasons only! Again get your reports from the ethics commission & DA office for that one! 7 complaints and all 7 was find no wrong doing. Taxpayers money! There is your proof! Now as far as the text, videos, emails & voicemails that all these idiots have done, different people has those documents! There’s your proof! Drop the 💣

        1. Shuga you are correct but Bell still kept calling Keith for advice on dealing with a board member and how to deal with things that he didn’t think Ronnie could answer pertaining to BWSD. He was made board president while Casey Favre was being investigated. Well Casey was returned back to the position when no wrong doing was found. Yes the new board member reappointed him. Bell called Keith for every little thing instead going through Ronnie. I knew Ronnie told them not to do it but they didn’t listen and now they don’t like the answers Ronnie gives them pertaining the District . They think they need Keith for answers. For all the trouble they tried to cause this district over personal feeling towards a person is pathetic . If our district was put on a improvement plan from the state and the state would have taken over our district, we all would have paid the price for that stunt! The community would have been embarrassed! Thank goodness There was no truth to the things that Casey Favre was supposed to have done. I think they should be made to resign. ( Bell & Kidd ) I’m so glad Mike Favre did not reappoint Thomas! Intheknow wants facts? Intheknow is so far behind on time! 🙄

          1. OnPoint, Lana, my computer was still up on this page this morning, and reread your post. Since we have a BOARD ATTORNEY that is paid for monthly, to handle all legal matters. Shouldn’t board members that went out on their own to hire Jim Keith for their own personal agenda be responsible for those fees? Shouldn’t that be money they are PERSONALLY responsible? Out of their own pocket?
            If a company you work for offers you use of legal aid for free but you decide to go out on your own and use a separate legal aid, that’s on you, right?

            1. Yes I would think so! I hope the board makes Checks into this. Bell and Kidd needs to be removed from the board . That is why the Bay Mayor removed Joan Thomas. People just having a hard time letting that sink into there head. They saying because she is black, her and Mr. Favre not agreeing on things , and her not letting Mr. Favre have his way. Not the truth, Mr. Favre would not jump on the wrong train. I do hope all 3 will have to pay back . If it was me, hell I would be already fired and properly arrested! 😡

    1. In the know, omg! I just gave you facts and on point, again no matter if we are happy or not should Never stop us from doing our jobs.

      HOW DID yadier malino say it the other night to Lovullo? LoL, you wanna come at me, I have no time to spit a bunch of lies or gossip. I lived it! In the beginning of my post I made it perfectly clear, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF THEIR PERSONAL LIVES BUT I DO CARE ABOUT How OTHER EMPLOYEES AND MYSELF We’re TREATED. HOW WE We’re PULLED AWAY FROM OUR CLASSROOMS AND AWAY FROM OUR

    2. Intheknow…….would you happen to KNOW why a teacher was escorted out of the middle school maybe a week or 2 ago ???? Seems you are all knowing and you and only you seem to have all the facts.

      1. Oh yea! I want to know also? They police escorted her from the school. She was not allowed to even go back to get her personal belongings from her classroom.

  46. Let me say it again, the faculty at Waveland do not care about SS; we do not care, we got rid of her, she is gone, she is history, old news, read my previous post. She is the one bitter; she is the one that keeps giving people things to talk about, she keeps running her mouth, we are all over the stuff that happened two years ago, move on. it is aggravating seeing and hearing people run their mouths about things that they think they know and from gossip, it’s a shame that people say the things they say about her personal life but she keeps doing it to herself. She needs to Stop giving people stuff to talk about. So before you call people liars and start throwing stones TT you may want to double check what u were told are facts. 😎

  47. I don’t even have kids in school but I’m going to quit watching the Real Housewives & start going to BWCB meetings fa real!

  48. Let’s play a game. Post who you think the people posting anonymously are. Coment their user name and what you think their real name is. This should be fun.

    1. That kind of game usually tales place offline. It’s really not considered polite to speculate online.

      1. Actually, by law 📖👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍⚖️it’s called innocent until proven guilty.

      2. Whoareyou, Hell I would lose my job and then I will not be able to eat! I like to eat. I’m not a nice person when I’m hungry! 🥩🍔🍕🌮🍗🥨🥖🌽🥒🥦🍍🍅🍑🍒🥑🍞🧀🍜🥟🍝🍛🍰🍩🍪🍫🥠🍲🍏🍎🍋🍊🍐🍓🍒🍣🍷🍹🍻🍾🥤☕️🍮🥧🥪🍳🥞🥓

  49. Ms. Noonan and gang,
    Isn’t there a School Board meeting tonight? Why don’t y’all ask the 3 amigos why they refused to select the male applicant to be Superintendent? Rest assured he was and is FAR better qualified and FAR more successful than the “friend” the 3 amigos selected.
    Oh, did the 3 amigos not tell y’all about this highly qualified male applicant? If not, why not? If you were told, why haven’t any of you spoken about this person and asked the same questions as me? If you knew about him, and researched him, there is no doubt that you would have to be very impressed with his achievements and yet not a peep from anyone. Strange.

      1. Nope he wasn’t in the first 33! Are you talking about the one from Alaska BWSD Retiree? The one that just decided he was ready for something different & wanted to move here if he got the job? Not living here yet. As far as his qualifications, I feel all that was interviewed had great qualities. You cannot chose all and ok the one was choose they knew , she worked for the district before and yes they are friends with her. They also know the others and work with them and like them as friends. Except ( the man from Alaska) is the only one they did not know. Let it go BWSD Retiree. It’s time we move on. By the way go sign up to be put on the agenda and ask them for self. You are fishing for fish that is not in the pond!

        1. Thank you, On Point.
          BWSD Retiree is no different from so many that want other people to take the podium and ask their questions for them.
          I think the best approach is do it yourself. Other people may not ask it just the way you want, may leave out information, etc.
          Show up in time to sign up for Public Comments, and stand up and address the Board yourself tonight.
          It’s a free country.

          1. Ms. Noonan,
            You are the one who has said that the search for the Superintendent took more than a year. If so, when was the man I am speaking about given a second interview. You know, a practice that takes place in almost every Superintendent search in the country.
            We all know that he wasn’t given a second interview because the Board wasn’t going to hire him anyway. And why weren’t they going to hire him? Well, we also know that is because they had already chosen who they wanted before the search process took place.

            1. Retiree,
              The “search” for a Superintendent ended last August when Board Pres., Mike Bell and Ms. Landry prepared the Board Agenda for the August 2017, meeting, which included what the Ethics Commission deemed an illegal Executive Session to award Ms. Landry and her brother unprecedented 4 year contracts after the Board passed a motion 6 months earlier for the two of them to serve for 18 months while a Superintendent search was conducted.
              Those contracts were not on the published agenda for that meeting, and the Board has been told by Ethics not to do it again—do business in Executive Session that was not advertised on their agenda. Let me add, that two of the Board members weren’t even aware of why they were going into Ex. Sess. that night. They thought it was for a personnel matter. Read the Opinion on the Ethics website.
              Anyway, what makes Dr. Parker better for the job as Super. than the lady the Board selected, or is that just your opinion, which, of course you are entitled to.

              1. Ms. Noonan,
                I am not speaking about Andy Parker. In my opinion he is no more qualified than the one they selected.
                I am trying to help you see that you and the others who agree with you have been tricked into believing that the BEST AVAILABLE CANDIDATE has been chosen when nothing could be farther from the truth.
                I hope one day you will see it.

        2. No, he was not from Alaska. He is from much closer and his accomplishments are quite impressive. Much more so, in my opinion, than the friend.

          1. BWSD Retiree, stop beating around the bush. If it was Andy Parker, Some of the board members wanted to give him a second interview but remember there are 5 members and 2 of the board members ( you call 3 amigos) voted for a interviewwith him in the last round. There was 3 who didn’t vote for him to have a second interview. You might want to go ask Kidd & Bell why they didn’t want to interview him. Oh by the way, just in case you are wondering Mr. Favre voted to interview him! Becky it seems you don’t like him! Remember, tonight go ask them why. You are still fishing in a pond with no FISH in it!

            1. Retiree, For goodness sake, hell use a damn name or at least initials ! Mr. Handshoe will delete or remove if he sees it needs to be.

              1. On Point,
                I can’t use a name because I don’t know if the applicant gave permission for his present employer to be contacted.

            2. Sorry, didn’t mean to say Becky but that is who you remind me of! Retiree or Becky or Sharon whoever you are. Go tonight and ask. You have nothing to lose. Remember you are retired! You pay taxes and you have a right to know. Let us all know what they tell you tonight.

              1. On Point,
                Did Dr. Ladner and Mrs. Sutherlin retire from the District? I thought they both resigned.

  50. BWSD Retiree,
    If I we have been “tricked” it is not just the Board that has tricked us. Believe it or not Dr. Reed was actually well thought of by some with whom she worked, and they have called me personally.
    Does everybody like Dr. Reed? No, the law of averages would not allow that. I am sure everybody doesn’t like you either, and even less like me!!
    That doesn’t necessarily make us bad people.
    Let’s get past “petty” personality conflicts, and GET BACK TO THE KIDS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ms. Noonan,
      If my information is correct, and I believe it is, there are VERY FEW still working for BWSD that worked for or with Sandra Reed. Of the very few, I know two that are not very happy with the Board’s choice. Obviously 2 others, Vicky Arnold and Ann Lathrop are happy.
      In regard to the “children”, they are, and have always been, my foremost concern.
      As far as illegalities are concerned, it is my understanding that there was an illegal Board meeting Tuesday night April 3, 2018. It was not publicized as the law states it should. If I am correct, were you aware of said Board meeting? If not, why not? If so, why was it not publicized? There was not enough time to put the notice in the newspapers so the meeting should have been postponed. Don’t you think so?
      And if I am correct, what does that say about your 3 precious amigos? Are you prepared to call them lawbreakers as you do about Vicki and Jon and Bell and Kidd?

      1. Retiree,
        I did not say that those who worked with Dr. Reed and liked her were still with the District.
        It is comforting to know that the children are your greatest concern. You must be as sick as I am over Waveland and North Bay. But just not sick enough to stand up, be recognized, and say something about it.
        You know, Retiree, you always seem to get right to the edge of the pier, and miss the boat every time.
        Here you are now wanting me to call Casey, Vicky, and Ann lawbreakers because you understand there was an illegal Board meeting on April 3. You don’t even know if you are correct?
        Why don’t YOU show up tonight and call them out on this alleged April 3, meeting? YOU are the one who knows about it, not me. You have to grow up and stop asking other people to say things for you. If you have the facts, make a complaint to Ethics, but remember, at Ethics you have to sign your name (not BWSD Retiree) to the complaint.
        And, for the record, I did not call Mr. Bell and Ms. Landry lawbreakers, the members of the Miss. Ethics Commission did, and duly instructed them to refrain from those activities in the future.

    2. Lana Noonan, They both resigned. Becky resigned on her own. Sharon was ask to resign or be fired. Becky never hired a attorney because she decided for herself to resign. However Sharon was ask to resign or be fired. She had a attorney which they subpoenaed Most of Waveland teachers and staff for her attorney to question and for Ronnie to also interview. They had enough to let her go. She wanted to sue the district for there decision and I think she was wanting her attorney to go forward with it. She was told by her attorney, she would not win. She had to many complaints. Then the icing on the cake. While she was put on leave till the investigation was done, Becky put her at central office to do some work around there and the attorneys said no no. She was put on leave. Could not be on any campus much less central office. The final straw, the whole time she was home, she was in her school email checking it and reading the emails the acting principal was sending to faculty and staff . Big time no no. She was told no chance for sure not getting another hearing from the board. She was done.

  51. BWSD Retiree, I would go tonight and bring your questions & concerns to the board. Let us know what you find out. Yes I will call them lawbreakers if they broke the law. No problem at all calling them out on it!

  52. I say
    Go Amigos
    Keep that train a coming.
    I take you would rather have them 4 turds that’s getting steamrolled.
    Singleton Committed Fraud and the other 3 turds knowingly paid for it.
    Not to mention all the other bs.
    Sounds like the prior administration for the city. Oh 2 was appointed by lying les and supported by Blowgez and les’s puppets.
    Should all be locked up including lying les and some of his puppets.
    Hope to get off work in time so I can see everyone at the meeting

  53. The School Board meeting tonight was relatively mundane. Actually, it was over in about 30 minutes with the exception of the Board speaking individually with Coach Foreman, and Middle School Math teacher, Ms. Foreman in Executive Session. I had to leave during the Ex. Sess. so don’t know if anything of any real substance was announced when the Board came back into regular session.
    The Consent Agenda was quickly approved without a glitch.
    Mr. McCraw gave the Financial Report which was that we are running pretty much on schedule with regard to revenue from taxes, local and state funding. There has been a loss of 101 students this school year, and a $52,000 increase in the cost of health insurance.
    During the financial report, Mr. Bell inquired to the Business Adm. as to the status of the work at the high school, which I believe he said is about to go out for bid. (wish these board members would use their mikes). Anyway, the Board has seen no plans, and the architect was not there to give a report. Bell asked what happened to the plan for 2 board members to serve as a committee to keep the rest of the members aware of how this project was progressing?
    That is when the elephant in the room was looming large. The Superintendent sat silently while her Board grappled with a plan to acquire this info. SHE is the one who is supposed to be running the everyday business of the district. SHE is the one who helps prepare the agenda. Why didn’t she have the architect there or have him submit some kind of report for her to share with her Board this evening?? Come on July 1!!!!!!!!!!
    AND, Gretchen Darby was approved by a unanimous vote of the 4 Board members who voted on her contract renewal while her mother, Trustee Vicky Arnold, left the room.
    All Board members seemed to be on the same page tonight and got along well. Let’s hope for the sake of the children, this can continue. There will be disagreements and differences of opinion along the way, but hopefully the drama of the past 19 months is over.

  54. Wow so much useful (and unuseful) information to catch up on!! I am never taking a 3 week break from Slabbed again. It took me over an hour to catch up. Some of that time was spent picking my jaw up off the floor. I wish I knew Shuga. Seriously. She has very useful information and 99% of what I read was spot on accurate. I also would like to know, not for gossip, but as a concerned parent of a child at the middle school why TT was seen crying in her classroom and left before the end of the day with a box of personal items and had a substitute the remainder of the week. My child heard she was fired.
    By an adult who works at the school. After spring break TT was back at the middle school “teaching” again. If that’s what you want to call what she does. I dont want gossip. I want facts. She teaches at the school my child attends and I deserve nothing less than the truth.

  55. Thank you Lana and your Organization for being a watchdog over the School System and the Cities of BSL and Waveland.

    1. Outraged,
      Thank you for your kind words. And that is what I have been since Tuesday when the “Opportunity Zone Map” was shared from the WLOX website to facebook by Bay St. Louis Mayor, Mike Favre, and Port and Harbor Director, Bill Cork.
      Sounds pretty good at first, huh, until you see the dismal criteria that Hancock County had to meet for this “deal!” Twenty per cent of the citizens living in poverty, and can’t make more than 80 % of the median income in the county.
      When I asked Director Cork what criteria the investors would have to meet to come to Hancock County to do business with a long term Federal Tax abatement, all I have gotten so far is: “that’s an excellent question.” I am still waiting for an excellent answer.
      Will they have to employ a certain number of locals to create federal tax payers in lieu of their abatement? So far, I am told the details are still being worked out.
      Now, here is the really upsetting part: all of our local officials are rejoicing over this. What a great thing for Bay St. Louis and Waveland. WLOX just ran another editorial on the 11:00am news in support of this.
      Now for the bad news— the map Director Cork shared on facebook 2 days ago has been pulled. Could it be because Waveland’s downtown area is not included in the “Opportunity Zone?!”
      When I studied that map, I was flabbergasted. Here we are in Waveland after a 13 year struggle to try to restore our downtown, and we are not included in this zone. Even sadder, my Mayor is in the Sea Coast Echo stating how wonderful this deal is from the Governor’s Office, the Dept. of the Treasury, and the IRS. I would be happier if he and the entire Board of Aldermen were on the phone to Bryant asking “what happened to us??!!”
      Waveland is the only municipality in the county now without a viable downtown business district. Yes, we have the intersection of Highway 90 and 603, but that has been slipping in the past 3 years. We lost K Mart, Rite Aid, and Hardy’s. According to the Hancock County Tax Collector, Jimmie Ladner, the loss of these national firms in a community the size of Waveland can have an adverse affect on our mil as did K Mart’s departure 2 years ago when our mil devalued. The local leaders have to make up for that somehow. Guess who they will go to?
      The population of Hancock County has shifted to the north, Diamondhead has flourished with a business district, AND very good medical services, both of these amenities cut into the need for those folks to travel south to shop. So, our leaders are going to have to step up, be innovative, and protect our valuable intersection, since we don’t have a downtown, and have been left out of this “Opportunity Zone.”
      In closing, it also is an enigma to me that investors are encouraged to come to the poorest state in the union for Federal Tax abatements. The latest figures I have are that Mississippi’s annual revenue is supported by 40.9% of Federal dollars. We don’t have anything to give away.
      You would think our Governor, the Dept. of Treasury, and IRS would know that too!!

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