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  1. Is there some reason that no one is reporting the Marine Resources spending habits and information about the lawsuit that was just upheld against them for $500,000? Have they threatened someone? No one is discussing the events there and the General loves it!

  2. I have been updated on the wrongful death suit won by the Hill family. For a change the DMR spends money on an honorable issue instead of causing the purchase of a new Whaler for the Cloyd monkey boys. Dial is still in the background. Please stop stealing, if you are hearing the same things I am then you know Jesus Davis is engaging in a percussion of the DMR acusing them of all kinds of illegal acts. Not only is he ignoring the US constitution he is gleefully unaware of the law he has sworn to enforce. Meanwhile the search for the lost Marci Gras guns continues. I’m hearing he is considering an office by office search of the DMR employees. The ivory tower like the Babylonian tower grows. And like Nimrod Spraggins will be held for his ignorant misinformed dictates. It will come out many leaks in that Babylonia ivory tower on the 6th floor. Sweet Jesus Davis seeks revenge for being a wolf in sheep skin. The pack turns and Nimron draws his bow. The hunter will fall and all his illegal activities will come out.

    1. Slabbed broke the Hill decision. The MSSC decision made the media including Mississippi Litigation Review.

      I am watching the General and Slabbed still has sources in the DMR executive suite.

      If the taxpayers are lucky, Spraggins will do better running the DMR than he did as a builder.

      Thank you for sticking with us Point Park

    2. PP….who is funding Mobi Solangi’s upgrades at the dolphin prison? Is it possible that Mama Walker is at it again? Why does Gulfport need so many dolphin prisons? I guess when the new one is built on the beach that they can have “dolphin wars”. The people of the Coast are sick of the robber Republi-CONS and their out of state trashy friends. [email protected]$$ is the root of all evil. But I hear that some are reaping what they have sown. We will see.

  3. It is good to know that Point Park and others are keeping watch over the DMR. We don’t want anymore wrong doings like caused the pain and suffering that the Hill family has endured.We can’t count on Pickering to do his job so we must depend on people standing up for what is right

  4. The Constitution protects all citizens and their rights, al this in spite of race, religion, gender, ethnic origin and sexual preference. The Constitution is not arbitrary for one groups these rights are inability not separated from us. We were born with them as US citizens. I’m now hearing that Jesus Davis, the wolf in sheeps skin, is now hunting employees and trying to separate them from their rights as protected under the Constitution. Threatening to gain IP addresses from this and other web sites where the the truth about DMR activities are posted. The truth does hurt and hurt those that try to subjugate it the most. Jesus Davis has long benefitted from his political roommate at Perk. Casey Eore has provided many benefits that other qualified officers were past over because of this backdoor unethical relationship. The Cake Eater has long protected these backdoor deals. As she alienates the staff from their rights, their employment and their right to due process. So if the truth hurts then play fair, be honest and act in an ethical manner. But your careers are based on lies, manipulation of the law and when others complain or point it out, these thugs entitled mentality is to punish the honest, punish those that want equal pay for equal work and equal status that the politicians have afforded to their appointees at the DMR. Jesus Davis brought 3-4 employees from Moss Point with him. Almost all of these started off with more pay than long term employees worked decades to acquire. One of his contract investigators makes north of $80,000 for a few days a week work. Not illegal as far as I can research. But how ethical is that? Cake Eater allows any and everything these overlords ask for. Now Jesus Davis has acquired another perk another benefit. He has been promoted to the 6th floor elites. Apparently his lowly accommodations on the 5th floor were not adequate. This after refinishing his office to the tone of $20,000plus of taxpayers money. Now he moves to the Ivory Tower to terrorize the true DMR employees. Amoeba Spraggins can’t say no to these elected thugs. Don,t want to interfere with those duty hour golf games with elected officials. Jesus Davis now has at least two brand new unmarked vehicles to conduct these activities along with all new vehicles all new boats. Many of these are unmarked so he can preferentially single out all those commercial fishermen that are stealing his and Casey Eore fish. And the Executive Snake Secretary threatens and overlords the DMR employees using her time on the staff with Shawn Tyndall as her knowing everything about everything. A full time member of the Babylonians she directs the actions of the Amoeba Spraggins because he like his women young and brutal. The Snack Secretary has been hired geractic help from the Baptist Church once again. How honest is that. How fair is that to the long time DMR employees. Threats will not hold up in court. Subjecation of the truth will not be subverted by these unethical elected officials. Doug, this service you provide allows the truth to be stated in a public forum as the actions of the spineless public officials should be made public by the individuals that enact them. Truth hurts. But the truth will set you free. If you are angered by what is posted here, first don’t engage in unethical behavior. And certainly don’t use the law and Constitution as weapons against those that disagree with your dispicable underhanded and strong arm tactics to subvert the truth. Meanwhile the search for the lost Mardi Gras guns continues…

    1. Your remarks regarding the constitution comport to my understanding Point Park. They also carry what I consider a profound implication.

      Back in 2010 a thug politician in Jefferson Parish Louisiana attempted to use official court processes to obtain the IP addresses of his critics from an interactive service provider. It was a very ill advised move on Mr. TheRiot’s part.

      Last thing we want right now here at Slabbed is another legal fight, especially in an area where the law is pretty clear cut. This is one area we’d never compromise here at Slabbed New Media just as Advance Publications did not compromise back in 2010.

      If Jesus Davis actually said such things, he’d be wise to learn about Theriot and get a consult with someone possessive of a higher clarity of thought process before actually acting on such a base impulse.

  5. Shameful that those sworn to uphold the law, those that are sworn to protect the rights of the constitution of the US are the very ones denying the rights of this process. Jesus Davis has been moved to the 6th floor for a couple reasons. His first task is to discover the leak on the 6th floor. If General Amoeba has done nothing wrong then why this move? Well he has the pressure of providing more and more perks to Jesus Davis by Davis’ political backers. Eore and the rest of Christopher Robbins disfunctional coastal delegation could care less about the employee rights or their committed service to the State of Mississippi. Nope none of that matters. All the perks go to the 6th floor employees at the expense of these thugs. Then Jesus Davis has to subjegate the rest of the staff. It is no secrete that under Jesus Davis and General Amoeba they have militarized the DMR. All new equipment, almost all new staff and all new pay raises for law officers. I’m hearing this group of paramilitary officers have now received three pay raises over the last year. For fear of dirtying their uniforms they are focusing on city crimes like traffic tickets and drug enforcement. Jesus Davis likely hopes are to get some drug forfeiture money to fund his “camping” trips. I’m being to that his Olive Oil girlfriend is the sister-in-law of the of Jesus Davis future appointment to the Deputy Director of Marine Patrol. How’s that for some good old boy politics. Never mind those actual qualified employees. The Cake Eater will find a way to deny these employees of their rights. The desperate need to find the truth in all these lies leads to some strange bed fellows. One might chose to read that bible you are trying to cram down employees throats that are actual better Christians than you and your strong arm deceitful self could ever imagine to be. Meanwhile, back at Gotham Watch, the intensive search for the Mardi Gras guns continue.

    1. PP – please enlighten us on the Mardi Gras gun fiasco? I am not familiar with that, nor his connection with these legislators. Why aren’t our legislators doing anything about this? What about the Commissioners? Are they all in bed together? Who is the legislative committee over the DMR presently?

  6. I am more amused at how Billy the boy continues to push this “One Coast” thing after he sold the Coast out to [email protected]$$, Bryant and their minions. How does he think anyone could trust him or his FELON brother-in-law brother-in-law about anything???? Amusing..

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