As Promised, Today’s Protest at City Hall

My thanks to you readers that sent in photos. Here is a representative picture via the Slabbed Twitter account.

We have a movie that was sent in as well where I counted 19 total protesters. Here are their demands:

1. No PJ’s Coffee drive through be allowed in town.
2. The Alcan property must remain vacant.
3. A Minority be placed on the school board.

As the above Tweet stated my understanding is Mayor Favre pulled the groups permit to hold the event as he was getting Citizens complaints about the event on Highway 90, which was staged without a permit. Props to Hizzoner for helping instead of harassing the peaceful group of demonstrators.

The gang at WLOX was there was well as the Echo. It will be interesting to see their coverage.

12 thoughts on “As Promised, Today’s Protest at City Hall”

  1. Are those their demands listed in order of priority?
    Trying to block business in a small community that needs every bit if ad valorem and sales tax it can get is not a good idea. If I were Mayor Favre, I would concentrate on No. 1 & 2.
    The School Board has a responsible majority right now, but focus on the first 2 if you are reading this, Mike!!

    1. The story in the Echo listed them in no particular order. The 4pm WLOX story did not mention the first two. I’m assuming whatever report aired at 5pm didn’t either but the drive through is what has the local Democrats riled up as PJ’s will be a competitor to the local coffee shop where the local Dems. periodically gather and meet.

      I recognized a few of the faces in the WLOX 4pm story, all of the usual suspects were present and accounted for. Since they want to talk school board I have a question, Where these people were back in February 2017 when Les did not reappoint a successor to Maurice Singleton? Paula Fairconnetue was in her office at City Hall and her niece was over at the library. Joan Thomas was still a school board member then. Not a peep out of them.

      Its why I said on twitter this protest was a partisan political activity. A private business trying to use the City government to stifle competition coupled with some of the disaffected members of the last administration plus a puppet master is all it takes.

      It’s going to be a long time until the next school board appointment is due and Hizzoner has already demonstrated he will not be strong armed by the losers of last year’s election.

      And for those wanting to elect the school board, my time auditing them back in the 90s taught me that appointed boards actually work the best. I lost count of how many angry elected school board members I’ve worked with through time. They were angry because they ran for the wrong reason, the most common because an administrator pissed them off and they want to see a head roll. Look down the list of the top Mississippi school districts and see how many have majority elected boards. Lamar County is the exception to that rule but that is due to the demographic associated with being next to a major University.

      If the Bay were to elect at large such would not favor having a minority elected and even if the City broke itself into three for purposes of electing the board the odds would still be long.

      1. Doug,
        My question is not “where were Joan, Paula, and Courtney when Les didn’t appoint a successor to Maurice?” My question is “why didn’t Les re-appoint Maurice??!!” And why wasn’t all this fuss made when that didn’t happen?!”
        We’ll have another question tomorrow for this group!!

  2. Doug and Lana,
    Reed out there with them and spoke about BSL going backwards. The same guy that read the letter knowing it was BS. How pathetic and calls himself a man of God. Lost all respect for him. Sad thing is these are les puppets and didn’t support him. Never will.
    Can’t believe showboat Doug wasn’t grandstanding with them.
    Just asking? Was Baria’s wife out there?
    Hope not.
    So anyway the same 10-15 plus a few more
    Speaking of Blowgez , Can someone tell me what he ever did for a minority?
    Remember he dogged the 💩💩💩💩 out of Paula and pat about how they didn’t deserve anything because they didn’t know 💩💩💩💩. Now they all 💩💩💩💩 buddies.
    Ice, Gary, Larry, Josh, Keep up the good work and continue to do what’s right. Someone Please Give Z a Pair 🥜🥜.

    1. Yes that was Baria’s wife on Hwy 90 when I passed. I turned around to make sure!!!!! She should have done some homework before going out there today. I hope Baria is not running for any position coming up! Just my thoughts!

  3. OK, I saw the protesters. Where were they at the PJ’s Coffee House P&Z & Council meetings? Where were they at the P&Z & Council wooded property adjacent to the Alcan property meetings? Not in attendance because I was & Skippy’s camera kinda was. It’s an old trick from the 60’s , tag other popular grievances to your own …. shame on you. Y’all could care less about either issue unless crazy grey-haired white guys talked you into it.

  4. They are all a bunch of snowflakes that cant handle losing. They think everyone should get a trophy! Discrimination, Racism is just a perception at most in this case. Otherwise it is used in this case as a bullying pulpit which I’m sure they are against. LOL

    Trying to control the local business market with who they see fit or not is not American in anyway. Change is what they are most scared of. Almost each and every one of the businesses that are involved are noncompliant in some way from garbage disposal to parking. Should we collectively go after them?

    Baria is more left wing than Elizebeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi. He is another blood sucker of the under privileged and uneducated.

    Last but not least. What does Equity = Diversity Mean? That was a sign by a protester. She must have meant equality. I have to assume Joan was her teacher. WOW!

  5. Last night at the BSL city council meeting Rhonda Oliver spoke to the councilmen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but has Ms. Oliver ever come to a meeting with either positive information or heaven forbid, a simple “thank you”? Although I’m sure some of her reasons may be valid concerns, but why always so bitter and negative when she speaks? People are so tired of such negativity! She pointed out the bad plug on the back wall in the meeting room. Granted, again, maybe she was correct, but to be so dramatic about this at a public meeting, when I’m sure a simple call to the fire chief would have worked. As for her comments about the trustees…. These people are called “TRUST “ ees for a reason. They are people who were not able to pay their fines, child support, etc. Yes, they have done wrong and are doing their time. If Bay St. Louis is using trustees for labor, good for them, just more savings to the Bay St. Louis taxpayers! She said she didn’t feel safe when she goes into City hall. Really Rhonda? Well I don’t feel safe when I see your husband behind me when I’m at a red light. Mr. DUI that hit 4 cars during Cruise The Coast! I’m thinking, hope he has not been drinking! You thought and still think Les is God. You can not except the fact is that he lost and your butt hurts because your husband had to retire. Mayor Favre was gonna make him get certified to be a building inspector and he knew he was not gonna pass that test. Rhonda you need to stop wasting the councilmen and Mayor’s time with your petty complaints. They are working really hard these days trying to clean up the mess Les has done over the 8 years and settle all the lawsuits from when he was in office. Rhonda please for the sake of the city, find a hobby!

    1. Point,
      She can’t! These types were indebted to Les because he gave them positions, not jobs and had to distort,lie and otherwise appoint cronies not qualified stewards to the public. When they lost this they lost their ability to be who they wished they were!

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