Cancer in the locker room……

I’ve had this post title conceived for several weeks now, ever since MDAH shut down the new PJ’s Coffee House project, a story which was well reported in the local media but which Slabbed actually broke on Twitter. Given those events as well as more recent ones it seems appropriate for the post title to cover multiple topics there in the Bay. First up was Monday’s special called school board meeting. Lana Noonan attended and she sent in a short report:

After a 33 minute Executive Session, the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board took action to go forward with advertising the position of Superintendent of Education.

In addition to advertising on their website and several educational entities in the state, the board voted to notify all 33 applicants who had applied in the previous search that the position is open again.

Two more Special Meetings were scheduled for April 2, and April 4, to begin interviewing those applicants who respond to the District’s ad. Those interviews will be conducted in Executive Session after the meeting opens in open session as required by the Miss. Open Meetings Act.

The Board also accepted the resignation of the Athletic Director, Vernon Powell, effective March 16.

A way to the inside observation but I do not think Bay Waveland is ready for a swinging Superintendent so lets make that 32 instead of 33.

Moving back a few weeks in time does everyone remember MDAH shutting down the construction of PJ’s Coffee House? Here is the 4 paragraph refresher from Casandra Favre:

Earlier this month, the Mississippi Department of History and Archives asked that the city of Bay St. Louis issue a stop-work order on the properties at 207 and 209 Main Street.

In January, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans announced that New Orleans developers Jim and Catherine MacPhaille would be the owners of the new coffeehouse, which would be located at 207 and 209 Main Street.

At a February Bay St. Louis City Council meeting, several residents voiced criticism about the project to council members, saying that it would be unfair to other local businesses to bring a “chain” coffee shop to Old Town; that a drive-thru would be a safety hazard; or that it would destroy Old Town’s character.

And the 4th paragraph that tells the entire tale:

P’Pool said “someone” contacted MDAH about the locations and MDAH, in turn, contacted the city and asked for the stop- work order.

The fact that the PJ’s location was on the National Register of Historic Places was a very well known fact there in old town yet somehow both the Histerical Preservation folks and the people in the City’s building department weren’t in on the secret and the dime dropper certainly wasn’t going to volunteer anything except to MDAH. No sugar coating it, this turn of events represents a black eye for the Favre Administration. Jim MacPhaille has the means to get past the issue, its just a question of how much extra money it will take to rectify things. That entire saga had that special, Ward 2 je ne sais quoi quality where the term “nasty” just quite does do it justice thus the post title.

Moving right along yesterday the Sun Herald treated us to something that everyone down in the Bay has known for a long time: There are a bunch of Favres (and Farves) in Hancock County:

The Favre family governs much of Hancock County. Is that a good thing? ~ Paul Hampton

Paul’s piece has a pretty good romp through recent political history, from Courtney Thomas stirring people up last year in a bid to keep the executive director’s job at the library despite the fact she was unqualified to hold the position to Courtney’s momma Joan Thomas raising a ruckus because she was not reappointed to the School Board, despite some very questionable votes Thomas made to sanction nepotism against the advice of the Mississippi Ethics Commission. Let’s close the family tree triumverate with this from Facebook on last night’s Bay City Council meeting:

A spokesperson for a group of concerned citizens protesting near the BSL Conference Center on Main and Hwy 90 said, “We don’t like the way our government is a bad direction!” Paula Fairconnetue, speaking for the newly formed group EDJE (Equality, Diversity, Justice, Equity) cited the removal of two African American Bay-Waveland School Board members creating the now all-white board. Another issue was city officials voting to allow, against citizens wishes, a drive-in coffee shop in the Old Town area. The 20 protesters then took their signs calling for Equality, Diversity, Justice, and Equity and found seats inside the Center to later hear remarks EDJE members Charles Joseph and Bruce Northridge made to the city officials.

For those wondering former Bay St Louis City Clerk Paula Fairconnetue is Joan Thomas’ sister. Fairconnetue, despite having no financial qualifications was made City Clerk by former Bay St Louis Mayor Les Fillingame. During her tenure as the City’s Chief Financial Officer then Police Chief Mike Denardo was perpetrating a massive payroll fraud, to which the unqualified Fairconnetue was evidently clueless, until Denardo took his own life rather than be arrested for his crimes. In case you folks haven’t noticed these family political productions aren’t limited to the Favre family there in the Bay, far from it in fact. The whole pot and kettle quality here amuses greatly.

Finally its worth noting the fratricidal quality to the Executive Director of the local Democrats pummeling one of the very few elected Democrats left in Hancock County in service to a family and their candidate that has been voted from office. With friends like that Mayor Favre might want to join the enemy over at team GOP or go GDI. Make no mistake folks, these outbursts all about the Thomas clan wanting back on the public teat, rather than any new found fondness for good government. And they seem to have forgotten the old adage about finger pointing. Here is the refresher:

When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself.

As for the Favre boys it is striking how they all look alike. That’s true of the Adam boys too, but not so much for the elected Ladners where “blood is thicker than millage”. Are they good for Hancock County? The voters get their say every four years and somewhere in that fact is the answer to Paul’s question, for better or worse.

As for Slabbed, if there is one thing the Bay has in abundance is glass houses where hypocrisy runs deep, so we’re going to rake some muck because there is plenty out there to be had. Stay tuned.

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  1. Great post, Doug
    Some points to ponder:
    If Paula Fairconnetue and her group of intellectuals have embraced the cause of justice, equality, etc. in an effort to stop the bad direction they say their city is going in, why didn’t one of them step forward and volunteer to serve on the School Board when they saw that Mike Favre and 5 of the 7 Councilmen were not going to have Paula’s sister crammed down their throats??
    Great perspective on “do we have too many Favre’s and is that good for Hancock County?” Perhaps Paul Hampton and the Editorial staff at the Sun Herald should do an article on the intelligence and judgement of the voters in Hancock County to defend that headline. After all,it is they, the voters, who have continued to secure the services of the Favre’s, Adam’s, and Ladner’s for decades now.
    I doubt we’ll ever see that critique from the Herald, though. Subscriptions are too valuable to risks losing in Hancock County–thus the hypocrisy continues……..

    1. I voted for Ricky Adam. There are a bunch of them Adam boys from back in the day including Hootie and Timmy. So many of them I couldn’t get away from them at Southern Miss back in the day which is where I got to know Timmy. All of them are rock solid guys so I have no problem with one as Sheriff and one as a Sup.

      I have no problem with Mike as Mayor and Eddie as County Administrator. Eddie is actually qualified for his job and he serves at the pleasure of 5 guys not named Favre. Mike’s son answers to another elected official.

      There would be more choices but Mississippi exports most of its human capital so the political family trees tend to be straighter here than other places. That is the reality of the situation.

      1. I voted for all them Hampton is after: Eddie (when we lived in the Bay) Ricky, even the ones he left out: Jimmie and Karen. Hampton missed his opportunity to do a good article on the history of large and long standing political families in Hancock County. You know that journalistic saying: we report, you decide. They don’t give their readership much credit, do they?
        Instead, he grabbed the racial pom pom out of Joan Thomas’ hand and decided to be their cheerleader to the extent that he states in the article, both trustees were replaced by Favre with white women. Is there something wrong with being a white woman? I’d like to know since I have functioned as one for 74 years!!
        I frankly don’t care what color my public officials are. However, I do care how they perform!!!
        Hampton and the NAACP want to stir the racial pot. We’ll see that they get to lick the spoon.

  2. Great article Doug,
    Hampton of the Sun Herald is a Joke.
    Strictly one sided to sell his paper.
    To start with Favre only replaced one minority on the board with a minority and filled a vacant seat with another minority. Singleton was not appointed by Previous Administration.
    No mention of that! Also no mention of singleton’s fraud as a non board member. Why, that’s more news worthy than most of the BS he writes. Scared of the color of one’s skin?
    Speaking of jokes,
    Seal, Reed, need not say anymore.

    Doug , Only thing I would question that you stated is the black eye on the current administration because of the situation at PJ’s.
    May be wrong but I don’t believe they know who received grants and for what following the storm. Should have been on the deed? Owner should have stated this? Broker should have stated this? Attorney should have stated this? Title search should have stated this? But do not believe the city has anything to do with that? Again I may be wrong.

    As for the Farve’s,
    Mayor Ice, Sherrif Adams and the Board of Supervisors have every right to surround themselves with people they know and can trust. All are qualified for their positions. Casey already worked for the Sheriff’s dept before either of the others were appointed or elected. Out of all these families tell me once when they have done the tax payers wrong.
    You may not agree with their decisions but all these families you mentioned are law abiding citizens that give back to their communities.

    Fillingame filled his administration with unqualified friends, unqualified minorities for the votes and same for his unqualified appointments. Strictly for votes.
    Nothing said about that.
    Fraud, brutality in the police dept. , chief and others ,

    Doug , I hope you have opened the eyes of Mayor Ice and he switches to R if he chooses to run again. The R’s need to go get him. He stands up for what is right. Strong beliefs and still can not figure out why he ran as a D. He didn’t even have the endorsement of the D even after he won their nomination. Northrop and puppets still would not endorse him. And now they want him to appoint one or two of their puppets to the most important positions of his administration. The very ones that bashed and trashed him during his election and continue too.
    Now that’s arrogant idiots.

    Doug, once again a great article and thanks.

    1. Good points Stone and Lana!!! Except: I believe someone in City HAS TO know and record buildings of age, historic etc. Building Adm., Inspectors, Hysterial Preservation Board, Pee & Zee Board, 7 Councilman and know one knew or asked! C’mon Man…. that what’s give us ( BSL) a black eye with builders and developers . Isn’t there land and Bldging records in Tim’s Kellar’s vault!!! Les’ incompetent Building Dept. and guidance to Hysterial Board… lucky McPhaille needn’t sue….. we have to be better than that.

      1. I have been wondering who McPhaille bought the property from.
        All of that paperwork should have been with the owner to pass on to purchaser, I would think. Who did title search? If they did one! Leaving the city out of the equation, the seller should have had that info.
        Do we have a real estate failure to disclose situation?

        1. The property was owned by Nina Carver & I believe her son. Nina Carver owned the property when Katrina hit & was the MDAH Grant recipient. After Mr. MacPhaille bought the raised buildings & rented them out as businesses, did he not wonder why he wasn’t required to have a w/chair ramp? Because they’re historical bldgs. He knew it all along just figured if the City Bldg Dept gave him the go ahead he could slide by ….. and they did.

  3. On a commercial purchase not much is required as both parties are assumed to be knowledgeable unlike residential transactions. This should have been on the deed restrictions and caught while the title work was performed.

    1. Stupid,
      That’s what I said in my
      post– who did the title search? Was there one?
      The same thing happened right down the street when McPhaille purchased the old school. The School Board was selling it to him. Ready for act of sale—they find out they don’t own it, city does!!
      Same cast of characters–
      McPhaille– city–and McDonald Realty, I believe on both issues??!! Unreal!

  4. McPhaille is a victim. He is just purchasing property. Obviously no special deals for him. It is costing him.

  5. Well here we go again! Jerry with a very few decided to have a Facebook page about “Hancock County “. Equality, Diversity, Justice. Equity: Beyond Politics ! This is hilarious ! All you that is liking and sharing this page really really needs to look under there Welcome Mat before you decide to follow this page! First I need to say this, Blanie LaFontaine I along with others are very disappointed that you would even respond to this small minded little group on Facebook . Amy Coyne shame on you for following this group. With all your sweet little quotes you display on Facebook daily and decided to follow this group. Amy you are playing both sides of the fence. You will find some quote to come up with to put me in my place. I’m good with that. Will be looking forward to seeing what you put out there. Amy have Mr. Favre believing you like him but truly you can’t stand the ground he walks on because you didn’t get choose the first time for superintendent! You see you have talked to a few people that you thought you could trust, Well lets just say I wouldn’t have trusted them. They repeated what you have said about Mr. Favre! Oh lets not forget Sharon Sutherlin, when are you gonna realize Mr. Favre did not make you lose your job! You did that all on your own! Girl, wake up and try to save your marriage! Remember you can not be texting the wrong person how drunk you were and how hungover you are on a Monday! You cannot cuss people out in the office using the F word with parents standing there to check out students early, you can not make out with a police office that works for Waveland in the music room, you cannot throw up in trash cans out in public but expect your teachers to act appropriated! You were put on leave until a investigation was done but continue to check school email which was a big No No ! See Sharon your teachers and staff along with your office staff threw you under the school bus! Not Mr. Favre! I understand you need to blame someone! I also have a few pics for you with your car and a patrol car at the school a few times. I also have pics of a Waveland patrol passing your house at night when he should have been in Waveland! If you didn’t do anything wrong or none of this was true, you would still be there! Jerry what days of the week or time do you work for FEMA? What Department?? Just wonder! Maybe they are letting you play on Facebook and dog train like you did on City time. I read where you said that you did the city website for free! Still laughing at that one! You have never done nothing for free! You did that website on City time and got paid for it! I have plenty of pics Jerry of you at your house on city time ( not lunch time ) training your dogs in a residential area! Sure you gonna say no that you are fostering dogs! Lol Pics don’t lie! Remember when we go after the Favre’s let’s add to the list, Adams, LaFontaine’s , Ladner’s and Labat’s for all being in politics and are related! Hell half the Labats was all up there in a special position for the district. Let’s not discuss that, we can’t talk about that because of there color and we will all be called racist ! I have many screenshots that would surprise everyone. Oh by the way, my family, myself or any of my friends are related to the Favre’s or work for the Favre’s! So glad for that! This small minded little group is wondering why this job was not advertised for the Sheriffs Department, To be fair I cannot answer that question. I was wondering the same thing when Sharon Sutherlin was a classroom teacher then she was working the Parent Center ( in case anyone is wondering what that is, you check out supplies to help your child at home with academics they may be struggling with ) and over night became a principal! What ??? For Real ?? Yes for real! Didn’t have to work her way up. Also Ms. Landry was a Library teacher then guess what she is a assistant superintendent and then became a Superintendent! How did that happen???? They will say they deserve it but I think people calls that “who you know politics “ shhhh we are not allow to ask those questions! Please if anyone reads this blog, share it with the above people I mention. I’m sure they will response with something crazy but pics don’t lie! Oh and screenshot text don’t lie! Everyone have a great weekend and play nice out there this weekend! Never know who is talking or watching! #favreshasnofear #bslagreatplace

  6. I read on the Facebook site That patrolmen are leaving left and right! They better, because of some of the damn ass decisions that they made. First let me talk about the highway patrol that was appointed to be police chief. Everyone said he was the best, very good reputation , honest man. Ha, let’s see, he chocked a handcuffed man became he was running his mouth. He should had control of his temper. Left but that is not the only thing he did, when he worked for the highway patrol, he was caught yes caught given a copy of the test to White highway patrolmen so they could pass there final exams! What????? So they let him retire and not embarrass him and his family! Very nice of the Mississippi highway patrol.

  7. The second chief that is suing the city. I can’t wait to see how that turns out! He tried to cover up when his offices made a fool out of our city! That stopped a black female with a small child in the car. They had her under arrest ( don’t know what for ) places in the back seat of a patrol car. She said sh needed to change her babies diaper. Do 3 dumb lazy ass patrolmen handcuffed her and then let her go to her personal vehicle to change the babies diaper. First off they let her go along and second they should have brought diaper bag to her. She was already placed under arrest, any idiot knows you never never un handcuff someone. But these lazy policemen was lazy standing around drinking coke and wait for a wrecker to come for car and social service for child. The female jumped into her own car and took off with baby in front seat unrestrained! So they decided with baby in car to shoot at car with a baby inside! Yes folks that is why we are short handed with police officers! They resigned, got fired because of this mishap! As far as the chief that is suing the city, I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.. haha! See folks if you have questions, I have answers! Oh almost forgot, while they were shooting at the car, a patrolman left his car in drive and it drove across the highway with no one behind the wheel! That could have been another law suit if it would have hit someone. As far as the female, she wasn’t wanted for murder or dangerous to a child! Bay St. Louis finest hired by Les!

              1. Ms. Ladner Slabbed New Media does not share the information it collects from its commenters. You are free to leave whatever contact information you want however and ask On Point to contact you.

              2. Thank you, Doug.
                Please take a look at what on point posted about me, and please take down. There is no truth to the post.
                Thank you so much.
                It is good to know you do watch what is posted. Some blogs do not. Take care.

              3. I moved the comment to pending and emailed the address left on the comment. If On Point confirms the comment, I will reclear it from the moderation que.

    1. Great On Point but please let’s not forget the Schaff and Bougeois lawsuits. Pam with a dildo saying she’s da boss, Koennan lawsuit lost, another brutality lost coming, plus DOJ losses, State Auditors sanctions, Denardo scams, Burch BS and let’s get this out front and center: former Capt., “acting Les’ Chief” and demoted to Sgt. little Wes/les who was Denardo’s #2 foot soldier when all this went. Favre’s trying to run a City thru 8 eight years of crap and incompetence! Don’t forgot Buddy Z another of Les’ yes men of incompetence and now a damn Councilman OMG! Yes folks, Favre, Falgout and Boudin was so mean spirited for going after Les!!! They should be thanked for running Les and all of the above cheerleaders away! Bravo gentlemen…. sad now that Mike has to still with Larry, Josh and Zimmerman the three Les’ endorseeses …. information and pics show Larry and Josh always together, always having meetings and alway in City Hall: togetherness… strange birds….., please run again Les, your portfolio of achievements are listed above with more info added daily.

    1. That pretty much sums up my reaction Stone Cold. WOW!

      Regarding the MDAH C&D on the PJ’s, you guys have correctly identified that the Building Department dropped the ball as well as Mr. MacPhaille’s closing team. There is one other entity whose business it is to regulate development of historical structures in the BSL HPC. By my reckoning they too dropped the ball. Three chances to catch the problem and three misses. This is why I termed that a black eye for the Favre Administration.

      Regarding today’s Sea Coast Echo story the Thomas clan and the local democrats have the following demands:

      1. A Minority be placed on the school board.
      2. The PJ’s drive through be eliminated.
      3. The Alcan property must remain vacant.

      Larry Smith of all people is taking a pummeling from the community but at this point I’d like to remind everyone that Smith’s campaign emphasized he would be seeking to redevelop / repurpose the Alcan property. At the time I thought such was silly talk from the prospective of a City Council candidate in a “Strong Mayor” town where the Council has very limited statutory responsibilities. To the extent Smith ran on that platform and won an election coupled with the fact he is actually delivering on his campaign promise by working with Bill Adams is something Smith’s supporters should be happy about but this is A Place Apart after all. As for Slabbed we have no problem giving the Councilman credit for solving a problem and working to expand the local tax base.

      1. Dumb bird Larry Smith apologized to Courtney in front of all in “way you’re being treated” during Library Liegate.. then he and Jumpjump Josh pledges support for Thomas but has private meeting to blame Mike F. and why “they have to vote for Ann”. Then Jumpjump last week “apologizes” publicly to the “crowd” and then assures them he’ll assist on getting a “minority Black” for upcoming Casey Favre appointment in January 2019. Listen to tape folks…..Nothing like good ole grandstanding by these two to throw your fellow Councilman under the bus. Vote your conscience is not their game, political correctness saves them shame! They think.. oh yes and yes Buddy you can raise your hand now…. and now folks remember when appointment comes up: Native Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and mixed races need not apply! Really dumb boys, really dumb.

  8. Point and Happy
    Stunned, Never Layed out any better.
    Truth Hurts , Facts Hurt
    Ms. Ladner, some can not put names because of fear for their jobs. If you are the previous superintendent you are the reason the schools are where they are.
    If not I apologize.
    Previous chiefs information is unbelievable.
    Blowgez is just that , Blowgez
    Hope we loose more of the thugs on the police dept. Chief has his hands full till they are gone. One at a time.
    The new group is the problem.
    Part of les’s supporters that will do anything to destroy this administration.
    All for themselves. Little bitches whining about everything.
    Happy, agree on some,
    buddy z , les boy, was and will be. has to look around before he votes to see how it will be. Waisted
    Back to the thug dept. (police)
    Think about it, What has happened in the previous administration.
    Think, Open your eyes people.
    The new group again. Saw their article on police dept. so short. Better short and find good officers , not thugs to protect our city. Than you have to watch them also. Look at the ones leaving. All watched the frauds in the dept. go on. That’s what we want? Part of the previous administration’s Thug Patrol
    Chief, take your time, plenty of help if you need it. Bring officers on board that will serve and protect the citizens Not themselves. That has your back not the previous thug chiefs.
    Point and Happy
    Thanks for this information.

  9. I see in the newspaper that Courtney Thomas and a few was protesting in front of city hall. Maybe 10 people? Where is all Joan’s fans! Jerry, Bell, Kidd you should have been there to help your partner in crime! Shame on you all! Courtney stop throwing Out there that minority should be on the board! More black people should have applied! End of story! You should also be worried about your own problems with the Library System . You was not qualified and you need to take care of that and the fund they gave you to go back to school. I am very disgusting with Joan’s fan club that was not out there protesting. NAACP was you all busy? All those post on Facebook backing Joan Thomas, you people should have been on that HWY protesting! The Favre’s are not racist because Mike would have given in to shut the blacks up. He didn’t give because of the wrong decisions your mother made on that school board. I’m so tired of people saying well we will look bad if we don’t have a black on this board or this committee or this judging panel. Shit on that! If your not qualified you are not qualified! End of story.

  10. It’s true, even people who want to use their real name, have to stop or lose their positions! Anyway, am I to understand that Joan Thomas is all the African-American community has to offer or is it easier to cry racism? I’m being honest here.

    1. Trixie,
      You and I are asking the same question! I think what they did is called putting all your eggs in one basket.
      But the most annoying thing is Les not reappointing Maurice Singleton last year when his term ended on the Board. Wonder why the black community didn’t give Maurice the support they gave Joan??!’ But Les is the one who destroyed the diversity on the Board.
      For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.
      For those who don’t, none is possible.

    2. Easy to call racism. Mayor Favre went out and also sent his board of councilman letters a week before asking if they had any questions, concerns or comments with his decision not to hire Thomas. No one emailed him back! He had a list of reasons why he would not chose Thomas. No councilman had any concerns until he stood up and presented his choice. He also called them down and said you had over a week to response to my email! Bam ! They were all kinder rubbing there heads!

      1. Let’s go to the tape: yep all Councilmen got docs, no questions, but grandstanding as usual to appease the masses. Worse uproar started publicly AFTER Bell and Thomas was “called” to Larrydome with Jumpjump to “State Favre’s position”…. Mayor appoints, Council ratify’s….

  11. In the Thomas circus,
    Went back and watched the tape.
    Listened to Reed’s BS.
    Enough Said.

    But then listened to Seal.
    Questioning the mayor and grandstanding to the few thomas supporters.
    All the way to when the Dumb A– asked the attorney if he could make the nomination.
    How long has he been a councilman?
    That is sickening What a show of cowardice.
    Then turned around and voted for Ms. Ann.
    Show Boat Doug at his finest.
    Would really like to know how many of our citizens buy his BS?

    And we all know why Z wouldn’t vote for Ms. Ann

    Seems 4 of the councilman work very well with this administration.
    Gene Larry Josh Gary
    Working to move the city forward
    Working on bringing new businesses in
    Working on a solid relationship to building a better City
    Thanks to the 4 amigos and Mayor Ice for standing tall for all the citizens. 🏀🏀
    Just think if they would all get on board.

    Thanks Doug and everyone for all the information shared.
    Very eye opening.

  12. So this new group formed by

    Courtney Thomas
    Committed Fraud and miss spent grant money as the head librarian
    Did she repay it?

    Committed Fraud when he took a vacation on school money and was not a board member.
    Did he repay it?

    Joan Thomas
    Committed Fraud when she knowingly paid those expense in singleton’s case
    Along with shell and Kid
    Did the repay it?

    Committed Fraud from the city when he was getting paid but was home taking care of his illegal business at his home

    Committed Fraud when she never at work but got paid

    He committed Fraud by impersonating a building inspector lol
    Committed Fraud was off on FMLA from the city but was working on his rentals and job sites delivering materials.

    Ms Oliver
    Fraud ? Off from Post Office (hurt) and restricted duties at work but could go to council meetings for 4-5 hrs. or more
    And run around town and there rentals.

    Payroll Clerk
    Watched and done nothing about all the payroll Fraud

    Previous Police Dept. Issues
    Fraud after Fraud
    Need we say anymore about them.

    Kickbacks? Or buying votes?
    Need we say anything else here.
    You be the judge

    Does anyone have to repay anything?
    And there is plenty more.

    And this is what this group supports and wants.

    1. Stone,
      Good post, but Maurice’s trip to Colorado is not the end of the spending by Joan, Bell, and Kidd.
      The tens of thousands spent on the Jackson lawyer, the architect of the Nepotism scheme, far exceeds Maurice’s trip. Now, it all needs to be paid back to the taxpayers, but don’t hold your breath, unless Casey, Vicky, and Ann take care of business, and I hope they do.

  13. I think the school system should be cut in three districts and the Bay members elected, one from each. They have supreme power to tax and should be accountable to the taxpayer only. My kids went to private schools and I still have to pay school taxes. I don’t mind because I don’t want to live around a bunch of stupid people. But I want my tax money spent as wisely as possible.

  14. Tim
    Agree on electing school board members but I do not think the city should be cut into 3 districts. The 3 spots should all be at large, I believe that is how Waveland is.
    This system has worked well but a few didn’t get their way, so now they whine.
    Again the mayor has held appointments accountable but a few frauds are keeping things stirred up. See the group of frauds above that started this new group. Racism they claim. I call it BS, trying to cover up is what I call it.
    Again the papers need to print both sides and research the truth.

  15. Do you guys not realize that if a school board member was voted on, we could end up with anyone. When voted in, the most POPULAR person wins, not the most qualified. Favre, unlike the previous mayor, did his homework. I’m by no means being disrespectful to you guys nor the School Board but Favre recommended the MOST QUALIFIED PERSON THAT NOW SIT’S ON THAT BOARD.Thomas could not hold a candle to Lathrop’s qualifications.With no disrespect towards Waveland nor their ELECTED Board members but neither have the qualifications to sit on that board.Guess how they became school board members? They received the POPULAR vote!!!!

  16. Courtney was let go because she was unqualified and not actively pursuing her required qualifications. That is not racism. Joan was replaced by another female. That isn’t discrimination. Sure discrimination exists all over for all kinds of reasons but not in this case. As far as the city going backwards because a developer wants to bring in a regional named coffee house and a few snowflakes don’t like like it and the council voted for it is absurd.

    One thing I’ve noticed in BSL Down Town. They are open to everyone as long as it is who they want and if they benefit from it.

    The down town merchants want their money, your money and the tax payers money anyway they can get it. I say make them a special taxing district and let them pay for it.

  17. Jerry Beaugez,cult-leader, Jerry Beaugez is the leader of “Equality, Diversity, Justice, Equity : Beyond Politics, Jerry Beaugez is a classic megalomaniac psychopath, in some ways the very stereotype of an ‘evil cult leader’. Earlier years have not been proven but by the 2000’s he became an ardent communist. In 2018, he started the cult “Equality, Diversity, Justice, Equity : Beyond Politics” Beyond a charismatic group (preaching what he called “Apostolic Socialism”).Which is an emerging movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for his own personal agenda. As a so called leader, he will manipulate his followers to be a prophet and gifted to them by God for this role. He was in fact a strong advocate for civil rights in the 2000’s. His cult has attracted a large number of African-Americans as a result. But many often referred to him as satan. He has admitted he was using civil rights to try to promote a new type of society. He soon started implying to his followers that he, should be seen as their Savior. His leftist politics earned him the spolight of social media, many followed him just for entertainment but of course Beaguz, the narcissist he is , felt as though they were true supporters. Although Beaugez was a true minion to Fillingame during his time in office.Fillingame left with his head held high like a real man would. Fillingame is not on social media embarrassing himself or his family. Fillingame, now knows what an embarrassment Beaugez is and may have had a large impact on votes. When first hired on with the city Beaugez had no qualifications for the job. When people started questioning his employment and what he actually did, he was quickly sent off to a flood planning conference. Once, Fillingame was replaced by now Mayor Favre, it became obvious the Minion was no longer needed. Beaugez was making 17+ an hour while also training dogs and playing on FB.When he was proven as an incompetent employee, a disgrace to other City workers whom actually earned their pay. He was offered another position at the city. He was offered a position in the Grass cutting department and demoted in pay. WAKE UP CULT MEMBERS, YOU ARE BEING MANIPULATED, BEAUGEZ HAS HIS OWN PERSONAL AGENDA AGAINST THE CITY. He is also setting you up for your vote, when he runs as an elected official. For years elected officials have went out of their way to gain the African – American votes. Ward 3. Beaugez knows the Caucasians caught on to him and his weasel like manner. The snake hidden in the grass. He is using each one of you to be there to cast your vote after drinking his Brain washing kool aide. He will bring you into his war and run when it’s time to fight. Beaugez is a bitter man and he is using each one of you to do his dirty work. We have all watched Beaugez blow up, his councilman Larry Smith. Smith called a meeting with the citizens in his ward to clear up any and all misunderstandings and to answer any questions. Guess who was there. Beaugez of course, did Beaugez ask questions? Did he speak his mind, as he does on Social Media. No !!! Not one word out of him.Beaugez is a coward like most cult leaders are. AGAIN PEOPLE HE WILL LEAD YOU TO THE WAR, BUT NOT SHOW UP FOR TGE FIGHT. He has the Thomas family so snowed and drinking his CULT juice. Mrs. THOMAS do you and your family truly believe that BEAUGEZ would be by your side if Fillingame had chosen to not recommend you. If u believe he would be, you have already drank to much of his juice . He is running his cult with demands and mind control.There have already been members of Beaugez Cult that have removed themselves. They Realized his true agenda is not for the members of the cult but for his own personal one. Beaugez will guide you, tell you how to do things, what to say but where is he while you are picketing ? Do your homework, he claims voting for a school board member in BSL should be changed. That the Mayor has authority to do so. No this is not true, the state legislature’s are the only ones that can. Also if he feels so strongly about this … why did he not make it happen while we were paying him 17+ an hr. to do nothing but play on FB? He has also been illegally running a business out of his home .. would he have allowed you to do so?! Maybe that is why he did not have time to change the way school board members are chosen. Cult leaders brainwash the people they bring into their cult. They tell you what they believe they want you to hear. If what Beageuz is claiming was all true and not full of manipulation … where is Fillingame? Wouldn’t a man like Fillingame be in the Beaugez Cult?Where was Fillingame when Singletery needed him? Where was Beaugez when Singletary needed him? Beaugez Cult members put down the bottle of juice you are being handed, it has been filled with poison.

    1. On Point! you’re so thorough and factual.. and honest. Beaugez’ cup of culprit worshipers : Fillingame’s Oliver’s, Gamble, Lagasse’, Jumpjump, Pam San Flipher lid, Evans, Zimmerman and other ignorants of his stupidities. Thruout his shallow messages and lack of any common sense he always seems to stick his foot in his mouth and nonsense out his arse…. they’re all called the Les Lying Legion for good reason: who can out lie each other.

      1. Thank you, I truly try to have my facts together. Sometimes people will add or take away some things from there comments to make it sound convincing , I don’t and will never do that. These people that I have spoken about on any of my post has basically given me all the information. They have told on themselves! They cannot keep a secret to save there own life! I like to sit back in listen and not be heard. Keep those enemies as close as you can and they sing like a rock band in the city park downtown in BSL!

  18. Point,
    Only thing I will add is for one second Do Not Believe Fillingame is not involved in this. His wife was right next to Oliver at the meeting. This is his puppets and work.
    Thank you for the information.

    1. Right on Stone! Only thing Blowgez can lead is a dog on a leash! Still thinking dog leads him…… Leslie was never a leader in nothing but drawing questions to his actions! If not for Eddie Favre constantly giving him jobs including Mayor there would be nothing but a troubled empty resume!

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