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  1. No other place to put this, so I’m tossing it out here. I realize other topics are currently “trending” on Slabbed right now, but this might be of interest to some.

    Allen Cronier, former SRHS trustee, is involved in a very interesting Jackson County lawsuit, with a recent opinion from MS Court of Appeals, and Cronier filing for a rehearing. The easiest public cite for things like Google Scholar, FindLaw, etc. is 2016–CA–00521–COA . The full case name is Allen L. CRONIER and Wife, Janice Stork Cronier, and , a Minor by and through Her Parent and Next Friend, Derrick Cronier, Appellants v. ALR PARTNERS L.P., an Alabama Limited Partnership, and MKAZ Partnership L.P., an Alabama Limited Partnership, Appellees.

    Of particular note is Mr. Cronier’s conduct, from involving his granddaughter and playing up his “Christian” values contrasted with his alleged conduct in destroying and falsifying evidence, along with other curious activity. Yet another interesting court case from good ol’ Jackson County involving those who have a snout in the trough. Folks with an interest might want to look into it. He is supposed to be some sort of business and tax expert but the filings in this case don’t indicate such.

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