Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Likely War in Iran by End of September 2018

Posted on March 19, 2018

The likelihood of the US getting involved in actual combat operations against Iran by the end of September is closing in on 50% for the following reasons:

ONE. Trump needs something to get his job approval rating above 40%. War always gives a sitting president a short term boost in the polls. When we were hit on 9-11 Bush got a 40%…that’s correct…FORTY PERCENT rise in his Gallup job approval numbers. When he commenced military action against Iraq he got a 12% boost. Trump hasn’t had poll numbers above 40% since June of 2017. With low poll numbers Trump is in a difficult position to fire Mueller. A war would get Trump’s numbers up a bit…who says it has to be necessary…if it helps Trump get rid of Mueller why not? And if people die…hey, people die every day.

TWO. Any accomplishment by Obama, who left office with a 59% Gallup Job Approval, reminds Trump that Obama was an actual functioning President. Any accomplishment by Obama has to be destroyed. Why? I can’t help on that one, but I have observed that bashing Obama still gets a rise out of that 20% of the population who get apoplectic at the mere mention of Obama’s name. The Iran Deal was a magnificent accomplishment bringing the US, UK, France, Russia, Germany, and China together in a major step towards less conflict. In Trump’s head, that means it must be destroyed.

THREE. Sheldon Adelson wants a war with Iran. He didn’t give $35 Million to Trump for good government. In response to a question about how to negotiate with Iran, Adelson replied “what’s there to negotiate?” He went on to say we should nuke Iran in the desert and tell them to do what we want “or the next one is in downtown Tehran.” Adelson funds people and organizations that want a war with Iran. Adelson did not like Tillerson and he wants H.R. McMaster gone. He’s interested in slipping an Israeli born woman, Safra Catz, or John Bolton into McMaster’s job.

FOUR. Netanyahu wants and possibly needs the US to go to war in Iran. Netanyahu has a number of scandals to deal with in Israel that have brought his poll numbers down. Part of Netanyahu’s political strength in Israel is based on his perceived ability to get the US to do his bidding. He was once caught on a hot mic saying “the United States is very easy to move.” Netanyahu has always benefited domestically when he can play the “they’re out to get us” card. Nothing like a war to make him look strong…especially if he can get the United States to fight it.

FIVE. Rupert Murdoch, the Jewish Australian-born immigrant, who owns FOX, The New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal wants a war. Continue Reading……..

4 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Likely War in Iran by End of September 2018”

  1. Jimmity:

    You’re right about a war coming but you have the opponents wrong……

    That 35 Million to Trump is chump change……. maybe to Clinton and Barrack such $$$ might cause policy changes but Trump is too smart to be sucked into a ground war in Iran like the Bush Crime Family in Iraq….. but he’ll permit Israel to do the dirty work if and when their security is endangered….

    The real war will be when the Demos are finally pinned to the wall due to exposure of illegal FISAs and spying on an opposition party and other private citizens…… that will change minds and cause more liberal to convert to conservatism despite the eastern and western colleges trying to mind control and create liberal students through pressures from socialist professors…..

    Airfare to France and your conservative lady is dropping for the summer….. I’m smelling perfume in the air?……check it out


    1. Tight…

      Glad to hear you’re alive and well. I thought this post might spring loose some old customers like Ashton
      O. and some others who like to point out that I have less than a totally pure heart.

      A lot of things have changed that have separated morality and policy. With the ending of the draft there is no such thing as a “Peace Lobby”. Technology has allowed the world’s only super power (USA) to
      obliterate a lesser power (Iran) without taking any substantial risk. When a person or Government can kill without risk…that’s dangerous.

      I remember when Nixon fired the Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox. Huge crowds gathered immediately
      in front of the White House and held up signs “Honk If You Think He’s Guilty”. The noise was deafening.
      One of the people down there was a friend of mine, Bob Beckel. He called me and we formed an impeachment group.

      If Trump fires Mueller, its entirely possible he’ll get away with it. We’ll know when it happens. The so-called resistance is really quite feeble. Most of them are unwilling to miss a yoga class to stand up for what they say they believe in.

      Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin coming out of the hall in Philadelphia after completing work on the Constitution. Someone asked him “What have you given us Dr. Franklin?” His response…”A republic, if you can keep it.”



  2. Bolton replaces McMaster as Trump National Security Advisor. Those who want war with Iran are getting their way. If they can get rid of General Mattis at Defense they’ll get the Iran War that Adelson and Murdoch want.

    1. Jimmity:
      Russian collusion allegations are slowly disappearing, even Senator ‘Shifty’Schiff conceded that the FBI Office of Professional Responsibilty might have valid reason to fire McCabe…… oh really…. you damn right there were MANY reasons but McCabe is just tip of the iceberg of criminals and criminal activity during Hussein’s Anti-Christ administration……..

      Just like Chamberlin of England was memorilized in history so too will Hussein for his war crimes in Lybia , Iraq and Syria creating death and destruction driving millions of refugee Muslims into Europe and America….. yes he was the GOAT at spreading the Muslim radicals world wide……

      But lets get back to the U.S., the Deep State (DS)and CNN stooping into the deep political, pig slop of parading WHORES on the screen to destroy Trump’s marriage and family….. before Trump won ( everybody thought he would lose) said nondisclosure contracts were gold at $150,000 but since he is now Pres. they are now worth tens of millions or so the Demos and DS hope and think…but like ex-Gov EWE of LA. once said ,……unless they catch me ‘in bed with a dead woman or a live gay’, I’m pretty much untouchable…..

      Sure hope Trump vetos the Omnibus Bill with all its Senate BS of 2,000 pages…. reminds me of Hussein’s BS Obamacare’s 2,500 pages of lies ( ‘you can keep your doctor, your existing health policies and premiums will go down’) but you ‘gotta vote for it before you can read’ ……

      Our only hope is an Article 5 state constitutional convention of 33 states (2/3) which can happen seeing that the liberal radicals are flocking to CA, the west and east coasts where illegal aliens and said states’ criminal santuary tolerances will concentrate them like sardines forcing all liberals to move to safer more moderate, lower tax rate states….. and middle American states will remain mainly solid consevative……

      In closing, it is always ‘my pleasure’ ( as they say at Chickfila) debating a liberal, Ex-Nixonian prosecutor and to show my graditude I’d like to send you some pheromonal( i.e.animal secretions that affect sexual behavior), French perfume for your political wellbeing and a romantic one way, direct flight to the French seacoast ….. that is if you have a safe, U.S. Mail P.O. Box…… and it won’t be coming from Austin


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