Hope everyone saw Lana on the news last night

The reason WLOX ended up seeking her commentary on the recent activity inside the Bay-Waveland Schools as opposed to some of the loud mouths bloviating on social media is because Lana actually attends School Board meetings such as the one held this past Monday. For those that missed it the video from last night’s 10:00PM WLOX newscast is embedded below:

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Was Assistant Superintendent Kristen Ladner really supervising the business manager like former Board President Mike Bell claimed? Ladner, who oversees special education, has no background in finance so such an arrangement, unique among Mississippi public school districts, would certainly raise the eyebrows of people that know better but if Ladner were really the CFO answering to the Superintendent like Mr. Bell claimed, wouldn’t she be presenting the cash balances and the claims docket to Vikki Landry?


Bullshit Chinese firewalls may sound good to $435/hour hired guns but it certainly didn’t pass muster with the locals.

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  1. And this letter from John McCraw, Business Administrator at the Bay-Waveland School District Business Office and the other 14 just like it he has sent to his sister since last Feb. 2017, asking her to approve his work, are the nails in the coffin of Mike Bell, Jim Keith, and Vikki Landry’s little scheme against the taxpayers of this School District.
    If Kristin Ladner had really been overseeing McCraw, he would have been addressing these letters every month to her. But Keith knew that was legally impossible and apparently something he wouldn’t be able to BS his way through because, by law, the Superintendent oversees everyone in the Business Office, and is the Treasurer of the District, therefore all financial transactions go through her to the Board.
    Bell is boasting that money was saved by having Ladner step in and “oversee” McCraw’s work because she is paid with Federal Funds, not local, as Director of Special Education. Wonder if the Feds gave the nod for an employee they are financing with our Federal taxes to be using her time in areas other than those specified by them?
    So, for those who are still scratching their heads and trying to figure out why Landry resigned—
    My guess is since she started operating outside of law last Feb. 2017, under a Board who didn’t care, things have changed dramatically. The voting ratio on the Board is light years from last year.
    There simply is no one available now to drive the get away car!!! So, she got the hell out of Dodge!!

  2. Les bell kid thomas Stealeton
    Now Keith & Rafferty
    Can someone tell me what’s wrong here.
    This is just to good
    Criminal attorneys for the criminal minded.
    What does the board attorney think of this mess? And what has he said.
    One thing I will say is that jack poot isn’t going to happen to anyone.
    Look at their lying thieving leader. LES
    Nothing , Sad
    No telling how long the city will be paying for his leadership.

    1. Stone,
      Don’t know if anything will happen “to” anyone, but I am ready to move on with the new Board under new and better leadership and have things start happening “for” someone, namely our little ones in our schools in the District. Attention is needed and there is no time to waste.

  3. I’m hearing the reason the superintendent and AD resigned was because they know they were wrong for trying to get rid of a coach without anyone else’s input! Mr. Casey Favre is being blame for that they are resigning because of him. Folks wake up!

    1. On Point, Lana explained in great detail why Landry resigned. As far as the AD resigning, it’s not rocket science. He is not qualified, made many piss poor decisions, is not doing a good job, and is probably ready to retire. Time to move on…hopefully seeking new applicants for both positions out of district!

  4. Morning Folks,

    Just catching up. I must say this is all becoming so clear now. I’d like to respond to a few points mentioned in this thread and the prior thread:

    1) If anyone read Mayor Favre’s letter to the city council regarding his appointment, there was an opinion by the ethics commission that clearly stated that no such wall would avoid the ethical conflict. They were told by the Ethics Commission that NOTHING they did would prevent an ethical conflict of interest … it was unavoidable. Yet Bell, Thomas, Kidd and Singleton still tried? Since when does finding “work arounds” to ethical issues sound like good ideas.

    2) Furthermore, I don’t think the total sum of Mr. Keith’s bills were solely for Mike Bell’s own personal purposes. I have been told that several thousand dollars were part of Mike’s witchhunt, but some were legitimate (I think). Lana needs to continue pursuing those invoices to get the real numbers.

    3) In addition, I think that the Superintendent resigning and the Athletic Director resigning is all an indication that the time has com for people to start being held accountable … and lets face it, no one wants that given the apparent current state of BWSD.

    4) I had to laugh, Mr. Kidd apparently made a comment that when Mr. Favre was President, we had ethical violations. He is so stupid. To my knowledge, there were no ethical violations under Favre’s watch. Those came under Bell. There was in fact the trumped up allegations to MDE, which are completely separate of ethical violations. Mr. Kidd doesn’t seem to know the difference.

    5) When is enough, enough? To take your own personal pettiness to MDE and get our school district in trouble, which could jeopardize our students and teachers … for the sake of Mr. Favre’s bloodshed … have the adults lost their damn minds? That is a really big deal and an indication that Mr. Singleton needs to step away from government affairs for his stupidity is apparent AND Mr. Bell and Mr. Kidd need to be reprimanded and impeached from the Board.

    6) I do think BWSD needs to start going after people’s own personal pocketbooks for their foolishness. Singleton, Bell … pay up bucko’s.

    7) Saw on FB where Courtney Thomas endorsed Cherie Labat as Superintendent. That is absolute stupidity. When the board did its last round of interview, I was told she didn’t have but one vote for Superintendent (Mr. Singleton). HELLO. That means Mrs. Thomas didn’t even vote for her. So to jump to the conclusion that its a racial issue … that seems to be the fall back of Thomas, Labat, and company when nothing their skillset is not such that they can do their jobs correctly. If our school board allows this decision to be about race, shame on them. I can’t see that happening though.

    Folks, now is the time that we take a moment to pray, meditate, consume alcohol … whatever it is you do to connect with the spiritual beings that exist … please ask that the three wise school board members (Favre, Arnold and Lathrop) are given the wisdom to navigate this process in searching for a new superintendent with success and common sense. Please encourage them to pick a candidate that will move BWSD forward!

  5. Duh,
    I couldn’t have said it better myself! You made some very valid and true points. If we could just bottle up some BELL and KIDD BE GONE SPRAY, we would be in business!

  6. Why the hell is Courtney Thomas endorsing Cherie Labat? She can endorse all she wants but there is a hiring process to go through! First send in your Resume ! Second you get called in for a interview! Maybe another follow up interview. Third you wait to see if you are the one that would be best for the BWSD ! Really Courtney, you can endorse all you want but that will not get her the job! And please for the good lord above, please do not pull that race card! This community is over that. Labat needs to do like everyone else, follow the steps in wanting a job! I am far from being racism . What does bother me is NAACP, Black scholarship fund, Black spring break! I’m so over it. Let any white Organization but the white in front of it and we will all be called racism! Rant probably to over!

    1. I understand Dr. Labat applied in the first round. I am sure she went through the process like everyone else.
      You do have to be careful with endorsements though. Sometimes they can do you as much harm as good😩😩

  7. Labot , Just what we need.
    Isn’t she the one that lives in the county but votes in the Bay.
    Isn’t that voter Fraud. Fits right in with thomas and crew. Guess she would make a Great leader and role model. NOT
    Wish they would all just go away.

    1. That’s her, Stone. I think it was over 10 years of voting in the Bay while living in the county. We caught it doing a review of the polls. Best part was she and hubby were voting on an address they had never owned. His parents.
      Secretary of State’s office told the Hancock Circuit Clerk to write her a letter and tell her to register in the precinct of her residency. In Miss. voting is by residency. You’d think a PhD would know that?!

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