That was quick….

Yesterday afternoon rumors were flying that Bay Waveland School Superintendent Vikki Landry would be resigning and sure enough it came to pass:

Bay-Waveland Schools superintendent resigns without explanation ~ Cassandra Favre

Slabbed had this bit of news last night on Twitter as well:

Meantime School Board Trustee Mark Kidd of Waveland told Cassandra some whoppers implying the School Board is somehow, just now, becoming politicized.

At the end of the meeting, Kidd spoke on the events that transpired during the meeting.

“One thing about the school board is that it shouldn’t be political, but it’s getting that way,” Kidd said. “It’s a shame, really, what some of them are doing. Some of them have their own political agenda. I was really surprised what they were looking at trying to do. We’ve got really good people that work for our school district.”

From the outside looking in my impression was Trustee Bell got on fairly well with Trustee Favre right up to the point where Kidd was elected to the Board to succeed Sherry Ponder. Mr. Kidd’s arrival on the school board scene also times up pretty well to screwy things occurring like sanctioning nepotism in the Central Office and cutting classroom teachers while adding Central Office Administrators. Politics does make for some strange bedfellows.

In any event the hot political rumor is that Mr. Kidd is just using the Bay Waveland School Board as a place to pass time while he waits for the next municipal elections in Waveland. Kidd ran for Mayor last go round and lost to current Mayor Mike Smith. Prior to that Kidd was an Alderman, having beat Charles Piazza for the seat by a coin toss due to a tie vote. Piazza is the incumbent Alderman setting up a rematch should Kidd run for Waveland Alderman as expected. Waveland Municipal elections are scheduled for later this year.

Finally even our old friends over at Adams and Reese were in the equation last night. I have this per Lana Noonan of the Hancock Alliance for Good Government, who attended last night.:

….Motion passed to terminate relationship with Adams-Reese law firm in Jackson, and additionally that no Board member or anyone is to contact any law firm outside of the attorney of record without notification to and approval of entire Board which will include a letter of engagement approved by Board to firm.

Lana also indicated that in terms of the various factions competing internally to become the next Superintendent, the winners and losers were apparent by their facial expressions after it was announced that Ms. Landry would be leaving (and no we will not name any names). Personally I’d disqualify anyone from consideration for the superintendent’s job that engages in internal conflict jockeying for position. Further, knowing the lay of the land in the Bay, I’d also go outside the district to find its next leader and would recruit candidates by canvassing the Superintendents of high performing school districts from Petal and Lamar County in the North over the Ocean Springs to the east. My experience is that the best school districts also tend to have deep benches of administrative talent.

I still get the feeling this is not the last of the changes coming to the Central Office on Second Street. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sat there in awe last night at School Board! M Favre, Thomas, Desalvo there? Why? Bell and Kidd looked angry and shelled shocked at Bell’s ouster! I felt and witnessed as a grandparent a total glee and sigh from one side or the other when something went their way! On tv, on line, in newspapers and in blogs all the while our children “watch”, developers look elsewhere????? BSL Adm. and Council made a fiasco of a simple ratification enjoined by too many opinions that conflicted too much pain….not good for our little city’s image…. let the teachers teach, child laugh and learn and adults start acting as adults….

  2. I was astounded to hear one of my Waveland representatives on the Board, Mark Kidd, complain last night about the “existence of politics on the Board!”
    He certainly wasn’t complaining about “politics” last year, when he, Bell, and Joan Thomas had the voting power over the lone Casey Favre. But then, things were going in Kidd’s favor, so what was there for him to complain about?!
    It has been our experience in The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government as we attend public meetings county wide and observe the performance and behavior of public officials (elected and appointed) that people make mistakes. For the most part there is no malice involved, just ordinary citizens taking on public service and erring occasionally along the way. With a little nudge they usually get back on track.
    But it has also been our experience that there are two distinct categories of public officials, those who don’t know that much about the law and how they are supposed to govern within the confines of it, and the others who simply “don’t give a damn about the law” and will get away with whatever they can as long as they have the votes and some “lawyer” to tell them it’s okay, usually to the tune of a health hourly rate that they pass on to the taxpayers they are supposed to representing.
    The first group are the easiest to deal with, but the others present quite a challenge at times. We have challenged them and will continue to do so.
    I went away from last night’s School Board meeting with some hope that not only the letter of the law will be respected in our School District, but the spirit of the law as well.
    It’s probably a pipe dream, but I would like to be able to expect what a citizen suggested to me just this past week about the actions of Joan Thomas, Maurice Singleton, Mike Bell, and Mark Kidd over the past two years: “is it possible that these individuals should have to repay the School District for the money they illegally spent (Miss. Ethics Director’s Opinion, Feb. 2017) on Superintendent Landry’s salary in violation of the state Nepotism law–$125,000, and Maurice Singleton’s trip to Colorado on the taxpayers when he was no longer an official member of the Board–That is somewhere in the neighborhood of around $3,000?”
    I think it is a fair question this citizen posed to me, and worth our new legally sensitive Board members looking into.

    1. I’ve never understood why Singleton hasn’t been charged, or at least billed for his vacation at taxpayer expense. That should be an easy one.

    1. You sound extremely butt hurt… take time to at least get the spelling correct…. it’s FAVRE.

  3. Doug
    Good point on kid showing up and all went south after that. Sitting back play bell like a puppet. What a snake.

    You need to ask the mayor and councilman why they were there if it really bothers you. Sure they would be glad to answer any questions you may have.
    You mention the administration and council made a fiasco of a simple appointment and ratification.
    How lost you seem to be.
    Two councilman did there best to stop Miss Ann’s appointment but as been stated previously
    Mayor Ice and the other 4 councilman stood up to the circus of support for thomas. 🏀🏀
    Maybe you can tell me where and who else could and would have stood their ground. Iceman.
    Previous council would have folded not just on this appointment but the coffee shop on main st. and bill Adams and Alcan property.
    Thanks Lana and Doug
    Hope more is coming from the new board. Good start.

    1. Stone my point on all your assertions is: “it’s done, let’s all move on”. Their attendance was not important to the meeting and moving on! The bantering by Council back and forth is my point, Mike F. laid out who period! They continued on him unnecessarily is my point. Joey B. would have stopped their crap and say “just vote, it’s his choice”.

  4. Lana
    Hopefully they will go after Stealeton’ vacation to Colorado and make them pay it back.
    Hopefully they go after attorney fees for their allegations against Farve that were all dismissed. Lied to the AG and ethics about what he supposedly done.
    Any other attorney fees they may be on the hook for.
    Always comes back to nepotism and the Farve’s.
    Mayor Ice did not make this appointment. Let’s see what he does when his term is up.
    I’m thankful they are standing up for our children and trying to do the right thing in our city.
    Guess you would rather have Wendy or the lady on main st. that got beat by gene. Probably so , Why because they are females. Now that’s a good reason.
    As stated to happy
    Who do you know with the 🏀🏀 to stand up and do what’s right like Ice has done.
    Don’t agree with everything but so far he has done nothing for votes. He has not crumbled to the pressure like seal has done on every decision with opposition. Worm.
    Ice based his decision on facts, I like that.
    Wish we had the old district 5 councilman. That would be a strong council if he was still on it.

    1. Stone,
      This entire Nepotism thing is a sham that was pulled on the taxpayers to placate Landry and her brother. The Board under the advice of the $439 an hour lawyer, Jim Keith, supposedly hired Kristin Ladner to oversee the Super’s brother! But there’s nothing in Ladner’s contract that requires or directs her to do that. It’s all
      a sham.
      The bell just rang. Time is up. The voting ratio on the Board has changed. Casey Favre now has two level headed individuals that are ready to take care of business and serve the public, not the greedy
      Administrators, and even Landry understood that.
      Now let’s ALL get busy addressing the pitiful academic status of Waveland Elementary and Nirth Bay Elementary.
      The last scores released
      Oct. of 2017 by the State Dept. Of Education had them rated a “D” and “C” schools respectively.

      1. PS: Business Administrator, John McCraw, writes his sister, Superintendent Landry, a letter every month asking her to please approve the Claim Docket he has prepared to present to the Board for authorization to pay bills.
        If, as Board member Mike Bell, claims, Kristin Ladner was given the responsibility of overseeing McCraw, why isn’t McCraw writing that letter to Ladner instead of his sister?!
        Bell is also claiming that Kristin Ladner is paid mostly out of Federal Funds because of her position as Director of Special Education. So, are we using Federal funds to finance a sham on the taxpayers!?

        1. Oh but Lana, don’t you know…her brother doesn’t report to her 😂 as evidenced in the agenda that was passed out at last night’s schoolboard meeting. We are the stupid ones…or so they think.

  5. The ratings of the elementary schools are of great concern. Full time certified teachers working on a part time schedule at Waveland Elementary should be of concern to tax payers.

    1. Bug, I heard that also! Some of the teachers not starting classes until 11:00 ! Being paid for all day! Principal told his staff for them “ do not worry “ what others do! Mine there business! 😳 That is a hell of a thing to tell your staff! Everyone else starts there day at 7:00 !!

      1. On Point,
        Let’s hope this isn’t true. First question—what is happening with these young children from kindergarten through second grade from 7:00 drop off time to 11:00???!!!

    2. Now that we have a real educator on the Board, I am confident the issues at our two elementary schools will be addressed. Thomas was touted as an ” educator”—
      She should have been demanding answers from Landry on these demise of these two campuses– no —
      silence, total silence. What a shame!

  6. To all, it is imperative that our city council be involved, aware of what happens in the BWSB meetings, and be present. That is how informed decisions are made when it comes to supporting recommendations, etc. I know firsthand that many of them received phone calls begging for their support in standing behind the mayor’s nomination and encouraging a vote for CHANGE! I could be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing any of our councilman at an of the previous board meetings. With that being said, I’m glad some of them took time out of their day to be involved in the happenings of our school. I hope that all of them heard first hand the crickets as Mike Bell was recommended by Kidd as School Board President. I hope that many of you could see first hand, the ignorance displayed by Bell and Kidd.

    Bug, On Point, Lana, do any of you agree that maybe the elementary schools are in such turmoil because of the shit storm from the no longer employed principal??? I can assure you that if you asked any and every teacher in both schools if 2 years of nonsense and a hostile work environment at WES affected / effected student growth, test scores, teacher morale, school climate, etc., they would all say that without a doubt, that was the demise of our failing elementary schools. Somoeone correct me if I’m wrong, did WES not lose 8 teachers last year??? Also, while you’re at it, ask those NBE teachers how prepared the incoming 3rd graders have been the past few years!

    Rachel, instead of all the Mayor bashing you do…put your mouth to good use and go volunteer to tutor at one of our elementary schools. Be sure to keep your hatred for Mayor Ice and other political views to yourself though.

      1. Lana, Sutherlin is the one in which I’m referring to. I do not blame the others that had to step in attempt to salvage the ruins she left behind. Those poor teachers all deserved a medal after all of those years of uncertainty and lack of leadership.

  7. Accountable Alicia, Yes those teachers was living a nightmare for 2 years! I truly hope it gets better for them and hope they can now focus on teaching. I truly believe there scores will come up. I already see the moral coming up. The last time I heard something was how some teachers start teaching at a later time but gets paid for all day and was wondering why we had 2 assistant superintendents and they have a hard time getting supplies they need. Can’t blame them for wanting answers but pretty much told to mine there business! I’m excited to see what the 3 FAIR board members are gonna do for our students, teachers and taxpayers. I think Bell, Kidd and Thomas was dealing with a very dumb man ( Casey Favre) but he has proven them wrong. He definitely crosses his T’s and dots those I’s !

    1. I am also hoping that the board ask more questions about these 2 schools. They have a right to know because they work for the taxpayers. I think that is what happen to Mr. Casey Favre. He did question things because he was getting so many complaints and look what happen, The 3 stooges tried to get him into trouble. He will not back down is what I’m told! What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong! I’m hoping that the students , principals, parents, teachers and of course taxpayers will be able to ask questions or speak up to the board about a concern and not be afraid. Hoping the board will except input from all above. I think we are moving forward in a good way. #anew2018

    2. On Point, it may have been a typo, but were you referring to Casey Favre as a very dumb man???? He by far, is NOT dumb. Thank God that man is on that board. Before Arnold and Lathrop were appointed, he was the only one WITH a functioning brain that knew the law and did what was best for this school district.

      1. Accountable Alice, yes a typo, Kidd, Thomas & Bell thought they were dealing with a dumb ass kid. He prove them all wrong. It was funny when he was elected by the past mayor Les , the school board elected him as The school board President. They was setting him up. They wanted him to come in and start asking questions and hold Central Office accountable for things that was going on. He did and they turned on him as soon as Ladner & Sharon left. He did there dirty work because they didn’t want to look bad. The thing they did not know about Mr. Casey Favre, he didn’t stop there cleaning up. He started questions the 3 boards members on their actions and that is when they turned him over to State with there complaints & concerns that Casey was taking over. They needed him to stop because they did not want anything else to come up. For example, how after many interviews for Superintendent, Kidd, Thomas & Bell already knew after all those interviews,they was going to over ride Mr. Casey Favre’s and Decided to let Landry take over the rest of Ladner contract. Went behind his back and had a private meeting to renew her contract for 4 more years. Everything they did, backfired! He will not go down that easy. He can take the heat. Basically they used him to do there dirty work questioning Ladner on many issues and take the wrap for when she resigned . Now they are done with him and want him going! They also thought he would act like them and do many things under the table. Just today, I have already heard that Landry & the Athletic director resigned because of Casey!!! No true, they knew they did wrong when they decided to not renew Coach Ben’s contract and apparently a few people on the board knew this was taking place except Arnold and Favre! Landry also knew that the advice from the State recommending for her or her brother to resign. She knows Arnold, Favre and the new appointed board member was going to follow the law. But of course they are saying these people are resigning because of Favre! Not true. I always say, it you did nothin wrong do not let anyone try to take your job away! For them resigning very easy and not putting up a fight for there job has me wondering…. I would not give up that easy on my job especially if I knew I was doing it correct. So yes it was a typo because I heard he is a very smart man. Also heard he will go toe to toe with any questions, concerns or comments you have for him. All you have to do is ask him. Might not like his answer but he will give you one. No putting blame on anyone else for his answer. He does not speak for other board members, he only speaks for himself. I want to start going to the board meeting to see how things go from here on out. Looking forward to good things happening for our schools in BSL.

  8. On a bit of a tangent here…I would encourage all of you to reach out to your board memebers and demand that they open up the search for an OUTSIDE Superintendent ASAP. We do not need another handpicked, insider. Look where that has gotten us. Remember the definition of “Insanity!” This board has an opportunity to do what is right. Pick the best of the best. We deserve it!!!

    1. They did reach outside for Superintendent! Mr. Casey Favre wanted and started that process, he was shot down after many many interviews ( even on Saturday ) interviewing. After many interviews, 3 board members Kidd, Thomas and Bell said they wanted Vicki to finish out Becky Ladner term. They said they will look back at resumes when the time comes to hired a new superintendent. Never happen! Mr. Casey Favre turned his back for a minute and Kidd, Thomas and Bell decided to keep Landry permanently! Sign d contract for 4 years! They said she was doing a fine job, we don’t need to look any further! Snakes crawling in the grass! Then another bump came up in the road. The superintendent could not over see day to day business of her brother that is working at central office so the 3 stooges decided that is ok, we will have 2 assistant superintendents. One just to over see Landry brother! Omg! The talk was flying! The bay / Waveland was in up roar! So many wrong doing was happening, the problem Mr. Casey Favre called them down on it! So they tried to have him removed on ( I think ) 7 complaints and all 7 he was found no wrong doing! Hmmmm the 3 stooges knew they were screwed!

  9. I do have one question if anyone could help me find out the answer. Mr. Casey Favre’s mother works for the Waveland School.Heard she has been there as a assistant for many years. Wouldn’t that be a conflict?? Especially with all the turmoil that is happening at Waveland? She would have first hand information to report back to her child. Just wondering if that has been questioned?

    1. Trustee Favre’s mother working at the Waveland Elementary School would only be a conflict of interest for him if he supervised her work during the day on a regular basis.
      Trustee Arnold’s daughter is a Guidance Counselor at one of the elementary schools. Same applies.
      Board members do not supervise the daily work of employees.

    2. On Point, Casey Favre’s mother worked for the district as a kindergarten assistant. She retired several years ago. No conflict of interest. Not sure who is feeding you that BS, but they are obviously out of touch and have been for several years. She lives in Waveland. Maybe if she is smart, she will run against Bell and Kidd 😂😂 come re-election time for school board representation!!!!

  10. Well I got the answer I wanted. I was in no way replying that Mr. Favre’s mother was doing anything wrong. To be honest with everyone, I w Yes it is from some on the social media groups who hates all Favre’s! After doing some investigation, I found out that Casey’s mother is a sweet lady and she has known to defend her son ( cannot blame her) on social media. I am all for Mr. Casey Favre and back him 100%. I do not know him personally but I like what I see he is doing for this district. As far as being behind on time, I guess I am. I have learned she doesn’t have the same last name as her son and also learned she is a amputee and have been through some trying times. Yes I should have done my research before asking the above question. I received a text to ask that question and come to find out.

  11. Hit my keyboard, didn’t finish. I was asked by text to put that on slabbed. I didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers.

  12. I scanned through this thread and the biggest thing that jumped out was that the school district is apparently paying $400-plus an hour for a board attorney. If a school district like Bay-Waveland needs to endure that cost for a board attorney, something ain’t right. Can anyone confirm that rate and give a concise explanation why such is needed?

    On a topic that has nothing to do with the Bay-Waveland school district situation, coast folks might want to check into the ongoing Sumrall v. SRHS litigation (it is malpractice, not pension-related) involving Singing River and surprise, surprise Dogan and Wilkinson. I cannot provide a link most folks can get to, but Google Scholar and the Mississippi Supreme Court website can get you started. Search both for the terms “Sumrall Singing River.” Some members of the Jackson County legal community and those with ties to it could need some really good explanations for certain financial transactions.

    1. Regarding the district paying Jim Keith’s $430/hour rate one has to first understand that BWSD has a very long tenured board attorney, Ronnie Artigues. My understanding is when Mr. Bell did not like the answer he would get from Artigues to his question, he would call Mr. Keith and get the answer he wanted, according to Lana Noonan with HAFGG to the tune of $70,000 plus over the past 13 months or so. Monday’s meeting included a board action which put the school district on a lawyer diet and they will limit themselves to one unless there is 1) a written contract that is 2) approved by the Board of Trustees.

      Interesting case Sumrall v SRHS. Nobody wins med malpractice in Mississippi anymore, no matter if malpractice occurred or not. Is Jackson County Circuit on MEC?

      1. As to the school district and the attorney, I’d wonder why a single member of the board was calling on a lawyer with a firm like Adams and Reese to that extent and I’d wonder why Artiques’ answers differed significantly from Keith’s to any great extent unless it was something controversial.

        1. Any idea about the legal opinion(s) Kidd allegedly didn’t like and sought to get (an) answer(s) that he did like?
        2. Any idea about the answer(s) from each attorney?

        If I had a dog in the fight (I do not), I’d want to know the answers to both of those questions. 175 hours or so of legitimate legal time is a lot of answers, a lot of controversy, or both.

        As to the Sumrall v. SRHS litigation, the COA’s opinion in 2015 sending it back to Jackson County was only Act One. After another bench trial, Sumrall went to the Supreme Court in 2017 with a petition “to Suspend the Rules, Stay the Case and Remove the Trial Judge,” which the SC sent to the COA as it was that court’s mandate at issue. The COA dismissed it (without prejudice) because of Sumrall’s still-live posttrial relief motion before the trial judge (Krebs). I’m not sure why the petition got filed with trial court motions still rolling around the deck, but clearly, Sumrall’s attorney isn’t happy with the trial judge or the opposing side. Maybe it was a shot across the bows of the judge and opposing side (if that was the reason, it is an “interesting” strategy). The underlying suit is malpractice, but the errors complained of in the latest appellate petition are regarding the rulings and conduct of the trial judge and seem to be foreshadowing something regarding the conduct of the Dogan and Wilkinson attorneys involved. Sumrall appears to have a valid gripe, even if premature with the petition. If it weren’t SRHS and Dogan and Wilkinson in a Jackson County court, it would just seem like a judge having an off day, but under the circumstances, it might be worth paying it some attention.

        1. Lana tried to obtain Keith’s invoices via PRR but the district made it cost prohibitive using Keith to apply redactions, at a cost of $430/hour.

          I know for a fact Mr. Artigues offered the same service on the same PRR for free. His offer was evidently turned down.

          My understanding is Mr. Keith was on speed dial the night of the unadvertised executive session last August that Ethics just tagged the district on where Landry’s contract was extended by 4 years. My understanding is Artigues advised against that particular executive session.

          Maybe now that there are new Board officers Lana can finally PRR Keith’s invoices and not be charged hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

          I saw the whole deal on Judge Krebs. The Motion to the MSSC was pretty strong. Is he a Dogan and Wilkinson alumni?

          1. Wait a minute – $430 an hour for redactions to _an invoice_? Letting that alone for the moment, if I had a dog in this (again, I do not), I’d want to at least see the dates and time spent (a basic time sheet), which would require no substantive redaction. Attempting to piece this together from the post and replies to it, it _appears_ that the bulk of the hours were spent on the matter of a single executive session. Something doesn’t jibe – $75-100,000.00 is 175-plus hours, and that assumes it is all Keith at $430.00 an hour (i.e., no paralegal, secretarial, associates with a lower hourly, etc.). Even if Keith and Bell had spent an entire 24 hour period before, during and after the exec session on the phone, there would still be another 150 hours to account for. I’d be curious as to why a single member to the board of a small school district needs that amount of advice, regardless of hourly rate, above and beyond the board’s attorney.

            There is not enough information to form a reasonable opinion on whether or not the expenditure was defensible, so it is, at this point, simply math: 175 hours is roughly 15 hours a month over the course of a year, of “second opinions” for a small school district that already has a long-standing board attorney. To put it in “civilian” terms, it seems a bit like a small business with limited legal exposure having a “big law” firm on a large retainer, mainly to advise them on routine business matters.

            As for the redactions, who is the client, Bell or the School Board? Did the Board pay from a redacted invoice, and if so, why? Assuming the redactions to the invoice are to protect attorney-client privilege, that privilege is held by the client (and entity privilege is controlled by the entity’s decision-making authority – the Board probably holds and controls the Board’s client privilege), not the attorney. There has to be something to protect – “Attorney spent 3 hours on the phone with Client” versus “Attorney spent 3 hours on the phone with Client, who disclosed that he did use inside information to make a killing in his company’s stock and sought legal advice. Attorney provided advice, primarily on negotiating Client’s guilty plea.” Anyway, I’ll probably follow along and see what develops.

            As to the Sumrall litigation, as far as I am aware, Krebs was in criminal law, a prosecutor if memory serves, prior to being a judge. Interestingly, the MS Supreme Court reversed the COA and decided adverse to SRHS, with Dogan and Wilkinson as its attorneys and Krebs as the trial court, on yet another, unrelated litigation yesterday. Insurance companies and the Jackson County taxpayers don’t have a very good ROI with SRHS or Dogan and Wilkinson and it is likely to get worse and worse. If you think there is anything there, why not start a separate topic so we don’t keep discussing it on this unrelated thread.

    2. Nun, the School Board Attorney of record is on a retainer of $32,500 a year.
      The Jackson based attorney that has made very near $100,000 this past year off the tax payers doesn’t even have a letter of engagement—
      just a cozy relationship with Trustee Bell and Ms. Landry at our expense.
      And they can still continue to call him. They just can’t keep sending us his bills!!$$

      1. See my reply to Douglas re: questions as to why one member needed so many second opinions and/or what was so controversial to need that much second-opining, and, what were the first (Artiques’) and second (Keith’s) opinions.

  13. This caught my attention! Joan Thomas, you made a fool out of yourself when you turned Mr. Casey Favre over to the ethical commission along with Kidd and Bell and all 7 was denied of any wrong doing and also You all was told that they were disappointed in you going after someone because of personal reasons. The other night at the board meeting, the
    MDE Representative was there and did not see or say there was any wrong doing. Talk about politics . You, Kidd and Bell showed your true colors! Talking about meeting and talking before board meeting didn’t go unnoticed. Pictures speak a thousand words! The mayor showed all your wrong votes you did! You , Kidd and Bell should have to pay every penny back for that so call 7complaint made against Mr. Casey Favre! He was cleared of all 7! This has nothing to do about Consolidation of the schools. You voted on not to even let a committee speak . Well you work for those people and they are taxpayers! They had a right to speak. My all time favorite, Singleton ! Voted to let that man take a trip on taxpayers money! All the nasty things you, Kidd and Bell tried to do really backfired! They say what goes around will always come back around! You were not there for the teachers, students or taxpayers! You were there for the Central Office and upper administrative. You truly was very disappointing to all teachers, staff and parents.

    Dear Citizens of the Bay Waveland District,
    As a member of the Board of Trustees, I wish to make it clear to all that I have only one agenda and that is to be an Advocate for the students of the District. I have worked these past 23 months to maintain and sustain a school system that provides an environment conducive to teaching and learning for our teachers and students. I am a firm believer that our schools shall be a place where teachers are able to instill the spirit and desire in our children to be life-long learners–a legacy of our district. There is a robotext circulating questioning my Board voting. I contend that the votes in question are those votes which did not fall in line with the agenda of one other appointed Board Member. I referenced beforehand the need for an environment conducive to teaching and learning. During last week’s city council meeting, it was mentioned that a school in the district has dropped from an A rating to a D rating. This school was the site of an insidious campaign, which by all accounts did not originate on the campus, to sow the seeds of discontent within the staff, pitting teacher against teacher and teacher against administrators. It is my belief that the chaotic situation that occurred over several months negatively impacted the learning environment and was a contributing factor to the decline in the rating. The Board of Trustees had the responsibility to restore stability to the system by putting an Administrator in place for a full term to facilitate the needs of the district. It is precisely for that reason that I voted to retain the current superintendent in place. Consolidation is an issue that is supported by a small coalition of people within the Bay-Waveland area. After speaking with a number of residents within the district in many different settings, I am convinced that the vast majority of our citizens are overwhelmingly against consolidation. After reviewing the material presented to the board by proponents of consolidation, I asked Mr. Ron Thorpe several questions regarding the issue, which he answered and later commended me for taking the time to do some inquiry. In making my decision, I considered a number of factors: conversations with residents of the Bay-Waveland School District, results of the State of Mississippi’s most recent study on school consolidation, and the belief that consolidation is simply not a good fit for the Bay-Waveland district. Based upon the information gathered, I voted No to participating in the workshop, which was the next step in the consolidation process. In order for the process of consolidation to occur, both entities (BWSD and the Hancock County School District) must agree to consolidate. The Board
    of Trustees of Hancock County Schools voted a very definitive NO. However, the decisions of the governing bodies for the school districts did not end the consolidation issue. It was resurrected as a talking point against my reappointment to the school board during the February 6th city council meeting. Finally, these are the issues I supported and the issues rejected by me, not because I have any personal or political agenda, but because these decisions serve the best interest of the children of the District. Let me make it clear:
    * I do not have a personal or political agenda.
    * I have never claimed the school board was Mine, or would be
    MINE in March
    * I have never been under investigation for ethical violations by
    the MS Department of Education’s Office of Accreditation.
    * I have not been a party to any litigation against the District
    as a sitting Trustee or at any other previous time.
    I remain a dedicated advocate for the children of the Bay Waveland School District.

    Joan Thomas

    1. FYI, she used the excuse that teachers were among chaos which caused these ratings to go down.
      Absolutely not..
      1) the major chaos that took place at waveland took place the year before, the School brought home an A rating.
      2) Any Professional, does not allow anything to come between a child’s learning. If you are a first grade teacher, you should know how to teach first grade, you shut that door and teach those kids. If a teacher can not do this then they DO NOT need to be in control of a child’s education.
      • if a teacher is going through a divorce should a class suffer because that teachers personal life is in chaos ?

  14. thomas sure can paint a pretty picture.
    Luv how one can twist things around.
    Enough on the clowns.

    Lana on a more serious note,
    $430.00 Hr.
    $100,000 to the this attorney,
    not approved by the board,
    Someone needs to pay this back.
    The boards attorney needs to go after these funds.
    $100,000 What can the children get from a extra $100,000 for the classrooms, teachers , programs. Wow
    Sad Day So Sad
    But thomas kid bell tells everyone how great they are and how everything is all good with our schools.
    Go after their bonds.
    ethics and AG involved in BS accusations but will not do anything about this.
    Go figure.
    Remember AG Hood and Ethics Hood during the state elections.
    $100,000, wow , they think it’s ok to waste this on attorney fees.
    Unauthorized Attorney Fees.
    I want my money back.
    Tax Payers Money back.
    Our Children’s education money back.

    1. And these egomaniacs had the nerve to file charges against Casey Favre with the State Dept. of Education??!’
      A friend of mine called me this week to say she had accepted an appointment to the school board in her community, a small town in Miss.
      She had been to a training workshop for new school
      board members, and they were told to be very careful how they spent money because if it is without proper authorization or in violation of state law, they are responsible for paying it back to the district. !

  15. Lana
    Exactly, they should have to pay it back along with the vacation money singleton spent on the Colorado trip.
    The attorney Artigues should go after them. That’s his job. Not his fault they would not listen to him. Get our money back.
    The flock of Buzzards are growing every day
    All tied to one person, LES
    Ice, Gene,Larry,Gary,Josh, once again thank you for making this tough decision.

  16. Point
    About the thomas letter,
    Political no but personal yes. Board member singleton ‘s godchild is the 2 assistant superintendent.
    Never been under investigation by ethic commission, should be for the lies you told about Farve that were proven to be lies.
    Not been part of litigation against the BWSD, no but there should be litigation against you bell kid singleton for the cost of the Colorado trip, for the cost of the attorney fees to easily clear Farve of the lies y’all told, the $100,000 in unauthorized attorney fees and the salary of the business manager.
    Will the board attorney please help put these buzzards away.
    Farve, Lathrop and Arnold please go after these funds and put it where it should be used.
    On our children and in the classrooms.
    Put the buzzards to rest.

  17. Athletic Director did not do anything wrong with letting Foreman go.
    Being a nice guy does not make a HEAD football coach. AD did exactly what he needed to do and BHS varsity will suffer if this is not held up. What many fail to know is that out of those so-called letters, only 5-6 are actually JV football players. The other 60 are from females whom take his health classes. Many of these kids were asked to write these letters and did not even sign their names.
    Coach Powell knows what he’s doing, he made the right choice on behalf of the BHS varsity and its sad that letters from students who DO NOT play football could cause this decision to be turned around.

    1. Absolutely, HANCOCK and STANISLAUS both have winning programs, is it the kids? Hell no, it’s the inferior coaching that BAY HIGH has had to deal with. Being a NICE GUY does not equate to being a good and winning coach. Go outside the box, find a real coach. The kids at BAY HIGH that put in the work deserve it.

      1. Disgusted,
        I agree! Not only should they be replacing the head football coach, but they should be replacing many others as well. Look at girls softball and boys soccer for instance. Talk about disgraceful….the coaches are outcoached consistently. These coaches don’t know a thing about developing talent. They do a piss poor job of developing their middle school players and wonder why the programs are always struggling. Maybe Powell should do a little more clean up on his way out the door. Too bad he can’t take some of the administration with him as well.

    2. So, the AD can terminate during the school year with no prior notification or recommendation to the Board for their ratification as to why the coach should be terminated? Just asking. I think a lot of us in attendance at the meeting were a bit confused.
      Certified employees are recommended each year in April, so it seems a bit confusing as to why the coach was terminated ahead of schedule when the AD could have just recommended to the Board in April he not be renewed.
      Was the coach recommended to be kept on as a teacher? Or terminated completely?
      Wonder if the Sun Herald knows? They got the info before anyone.

      1. The AD director was just letting foreman know he would not be recommending him for the coming year. HE WAS NOT TERMINATED.
        This would give the man time to find another job. Also he would understand if word got back to him that the school would be looking for a new head football coach. I think out of respect he did him a justice until waiting till April.

  18. Stanislaus has winning records , Why?
    How many Bay-Waveland kids on the team?
    Hancock , good year, how many have they had lately?
    Bay’s Coach left a couple years ago for assistant job at Hancock, Why?
    Because he seen the writing on the wall. Not much talent coming up. Bad years ahead. Looks like a jr. high team in size now days.
    Not taking up for the Bay’s Coach, Not talking down on the other schools.
    Not apple to apples. Don’t know him but dont judge him on what Stanislaus does. Not to many years ago they went o and something. They didn’t throw the towel in on the coach. And I believe their coach did the same as the Bay’s , left after winning state championship for a assistant job. Came to Long Beach and is now looking for a job.
    Again not knocking our schools or programs. Just stating some facts.
    Put a committee together and evaluate the head coach. A lot of retired coaches here in the Bay with plenty of experience. Use their knowledge.
    Loiciano, Williams, Meyers and more.
    Sometimes it takes time to build a program.
    Can the Bay ever be a contender every year?
    If everything is in place, maybe. I don’t know.
    Feeder programs, assistant coaches, weight programs and more.
    By the way, Didn’t Bay High girls have a very bad year? And I’m definitely not knocking the coach. But sometimes you are young and not much talent. You don’t fire her.
    So let’s be rational with our comments especially with comments about the kids.
    Hope we get the right guy.

    1. I’d donate a kidney to hear this much interest and conversation in the failing elementary schools in our district. Waveland now a D rated school and North Bay a C according to the State Dept. of Education.
      But who cares about academics? Give Bell, Kidd, and Singleton some turf, bleachers, a scoreboard, and some tennis rackets, and they think they doing a great job? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    2. Stone,
      The Bay High coach left a couple of years ago ” because he didn’t see much talent coming up?!”
      Well, thank goodness he’s gone since he was apparently looking out for himself and not looking forward to coaching kids and bringing out whatever talent they had and having a lasting positive influence on their lives.
      And sports is the major reason so many in this county object to the concept of a consolidated school district.
      Neither one of these school districts are setting the world on fire athletically and certainly not academically. But sadly, this mentality rules for now anyway.

    3. Stone Cold,
      Bay’s former coach left because
      1) the position became available and the money was right.
      2) his wife teaches at hancock and his children attend hancock schools.
      3) his son is hitting the age to start playing school football, so of course where would u want to be?!

      Foreman makes approximately 60 thousand a yr. stated in the sun herald 2015-16 school year.
      He’s been there over 7 yrs. plenty of time. His assistant coaches have been there just as long … move on !!!

      I will say this again, Over 75% of the students who wrote letters and that are behind him staying are FEMALES who have nothing to do with FOOTBALL !!!

  19. Also, Foreman has been there since 2010, he’s had PLENTY enough time to figure out what he would do as a Head Coach !!!

  20. My concern is school rating !! People wake up! These students are our future ! On another note the AD had someone in mine for a football coach! He didn’t do this to benefit the “students” ! Always something brewing under the table!

    1. On Point, I think that’s awesome he has someone in mind for the position. No need to brew under the table … . He laid it out when he told Foreman he would not be recommending him.

      1. Get it straight, please read Savage comment below! Dumb ass Powell had no right to tell that Foreman that his contract was not being renewed! There is a chain of command you go through. You just don’t walk up to someone and say “ heads up, look for another job” He had no right to do that. Yes he oversees all the sport programs but he sure can’t hire and fire! As far as under the table, that’s wrong also! There is a hiring process and he thought he was gonna walk up in central office and say “ this is who I want” You think that is fair! Hell no!

  21. Lana, Not saying his leaving is ok.
    As I said stanislaus’s coach probably left for the same reason. It’s part of the job. They can win it all and in a year or two be gone because of bad years. No commitment from coaches or schools. Win loss records count.
    I’m in it for the kids.
    Academics and sports. You can have both.
    Both can be good. The majority of teachers and coaches are in it for the right reasons. Definitely not in it for the pay.

  22. This comment is going to be fairly long but it will discuss many of the topics from the previous comments. So bear with me….
    – Regarding the academic rating at the elementary schools…..There has not been a consistant principal at Waveland Elementary longer than 2 years since Frances Weiler (sp?) was the principal. Just as they were beginning to make progress, Dr. Coyne, Weiler’s predecessor, was moved to the high school. Then, Superintendent Ladner, appointed an unqualified individual as principal of Waveland Elementary. Because the teachers were so miserable and unsupported, they began to reach out for help. They contacted board members because they were well aware of Ladner’s friendship with the principal. Favre, to his credit, led the charge by motioning for a district-wide climate survey that was conducted, but the results were never disclosed. Eventually, Ladner was contacted by a teacher who had become fed up with the state at Waveland Elementary. However, Ladner made her go through formal grievance processes. The teacher filed a grievance but was ignored by the superintendent because the teacher did not have an attorney. (The teacher DID provide copies of all of her grievances to Artigues during this time. So, he was well aware of what was occurring. However, he was representing Ladner (or her son) in a personal matter at that time. Conflict of interests? IDK. After asking Ladner to intervene multiple times, the employee filed an EEOC complaint against the principal. Ladner then hired an attorney to defend the principal (It wasn’t Keith. It was someone else). During that process, faculty and staff were being deposed, ON SCHOOL PROPERTY, DURING THE SCHOOL DAY! Therefore, the work environment at Waveland continued to decline. Eventually, an employee who had the means to hire an attorney filed a grievance (This is also when Jim Keith entered the picture. He was hired by Ladner to defend her actions and the actions of the principal that she appointed). The teachers could not come together as a unit because, again, they were being deposed during the school day. All of these things occurred during the 2015-2016 school year through the 2016-2017 school year until the second employee and the principal were no longer employees of BWSD. The teachers were then given an interim principal until a full-time principal was hired midyear. Therefore, the teachers at Waveland should be commended, not caused to operate under a microscope. Honestly, because of the way the school ratings are calculated, their next rating is not likely to be any better. Second grade isn’t tested. Waveland is rated on North Bay students’ test scores and their growth from third to fourth grade. The third grade students of the 2017-2018 school year are the second grade students of 2016-2017 school year, which is likely the worst year Waveland Elementary teachers have ever experienced. So, please, give those teachers a break. They deserve it. Even if their rating isn’t so great this year, please understand why.
    – Regarding the money spent on Jim Keith……. Artigues was given copies of all grievances filed by the first teacher (the one without an attorney) and the second teacher (the one with the attorney). Although, it is unclear what his advice was to Ladner during that process, nothing was done about either grievance until the second employee, the one with an attorney sent Ladner a letter. That is when Keith and his law firm were hired to defend Ladner and the principal. The process drug on FOREVER and Keith was paid (A LOT) for his services. Question…..why didn’t Artigues assist Ladner with these issues? Doesn’t the board have to approve spending? Why did they allow it to continue? Disclaimer: Jim Keith is a heavy hitter in the MS School Board of Education. He conducts training and is consulted by many districts throughout the state. He is considered the “go-to” for all things legal in education, and his word is often considered as gospel. He has the capability and network to drag us through the mud all over the state.
    – Regarding Coach Foreman….. The AD cannot determine whether or not the football coach can remain in that position without the superintendent presenting the termination to the school board and getting approval. Then he issued a premature press release prior to the change being approved by the board. What an idiot! Our district now looks more ridiculous than it did before. Thanks a lot, Powell! As far as Foreman’s losing record goes, has anyone investigated why? Could it be because he is holding players to higher standards? Is he holding players accountable for discipline infractions by taking away playing time? If that is the case, good for him!

    1. Savage Amen!!!!!!! Your statement cleared a lot of things up hopefully! I just hope the district can recoup some of our taxpayers money back from all the wrong doing. I hope the board goes after the ones that need to pay back money for much wasted time because of personal reasons. I hope the new board members can file charges on the others for all the things that they done. As far as Mr. Favre, he should sue the hell out of 3 board members and one Waveland Elementary principal that is going out into the public saying she lost her job because of Mr. Favre! That man is smart enough and I hope he does it. From a reliable source, Mr. Favre is a Nurse practitioner , works for DEA, on the school board and back in school to become attorney! He really really needs to sue there asses off!

    2. Thank you for the detailed information, Savage. If I interpreted it correctly, are you saying much of the $100k in atty fees was due to Sharon Sutherlin and Becky Ladner? Because Becky Ladner retained Artigues to represent her son for a personal matter? Wow. I would think Ladner and Sutherlin should be responsible for paying back every penny of that money to the district! If true, that is unbelievable!

      1. Concerned,

        You are partly correct. Yes a lot of the fees were due to the grievances filed by the employees. Artigues, as the board attorney should have handled most of that. Instead, they hired Kieth. I don’t think the reason Artigues didn’t handle it had anything to do with him representing Ladner in another matter. However, he was representing her. I’m sure he billed her directly, or did it for free.

        1. Concerned,
          If Ronnie Artigues worked for “free” for someone who made $125,000 a year, he needs his head examined! Come on!

          1. Lana,

            Either way is irrelevant. I was just pointing out he represented her in a personal matter. As to whether he got paid or not, I don’t know. I also wanted to clarify that I do not believe that he billed the district for it. However, he should have handled the grievances, not Jim Keith.

    3. Savage,
      Coach Powell was not the one to release the information to the press. He was not aware of this until the paper contacted him for a statement. Coach Powell, out of consideration, let Foreman know he would not be recommending him for the upcoming school year. This would allow Foreman to search for another job and to give Coach Powell time to find a Head Coach for the upcoming season. It would not be right for Coach Powell to start accepting applications for a new head coach without informing Foreman. I’m sure you are fully aware of this town and how quick things get around. Coach Powell has been coaching and working as an AD for 20+ years, he is more than qualified to make this decision on behalf of the FOOTBALL team, not health class. Also, like you said the superintendent would have to uphold it, which obviously she did and would be passing it to the board. Which the board voted 3-2 last year to let him go.Foreman was told he would not be recommended at 11 am and by the time school let out, the entire town knew. This information was spread by Foreman himself by telling everyone at Bay High. So if Foreman spread it to the entire school could he have also leaked it to the newspaper? Foreman is the one that put it out there that he would not be returning as head coach but as he put it FIRED. Foreman seems to be a great guy and has kids that are rooting for him but those students are from his health class. These students have nothing to do with FOOTBALL and their opinions on Foreman being a nice guy should not determine if he should continue as a head football coach. Why was Foreman at the school board meeting? He’ not a regular attendee or did he help orchestrate the shit show he caused? The worst part, is that the newspaper, Foreman and the students all took what the board said out of context.They stated that “as far as they knew formen was still the Head football coach” this is true and he will finish out the school year as the head football coach. They took it as if he had been reinstated. No, he was never let go or fired as he put it. Finishing out the school year has nothing to do with not being recomended for the upcoming school year.The newspaper, obviously did not understand this and by the comment posted neither did Foreman. The article read that BAY HIGH HEAD FOOTBALL COACH REINSTATED.Numerous people have commented that they do not know anyone who would want to stay in a position after not being recommended to return also knowing two board members had already voted the previous year against him returning. A few board members have been replaced but the two that voted against him are still there. What do you think their vote will be?Could it be possible that Coach Powell and the board members have held Foreman to a higher standard? Has He proven himself to be a head coach? Foreman is the highest paid coach at Bay high. Coach Kelly Ross teaches an academic class, twice a week he is there for soccer games and numerous tournaments that take up an entire weekend vs a coach that is gone one night a week. Coach Ross also brought Bay High their first boy’s soccer state championship. He has also brought his soccer team to numerous district games.Shouldn’t his pay reflect the time he puts in, time away from his family and achievements he has brought to Bay High?

  23. Savage, AMEN sweet baby Jesus u got it. I have wanted to type this up forever and just could not word it without it being five pages.


    1. Get it straight,

      I think you may have misinterpreted what I wrote. I do not agree with the press release sent out by the AD. I believe it was unprofessional to do so prior to an official ruling of the board. Plus, simply because he has a losing record does not mean Foreman should have been let go. It takes guts to hold “entitled” athletes accountable. If that is what he is doing, I think it is great. Schools are in the business of education and that means ALL AROUND education. What service would he be giving to the students if he didn’t hold them accountable? I also believe the teachers at WES should be given some understanding considering the lack of an “academic leader” on their campus. “Shutting the door and teaching” sounds great……until you aren’t given guidance on WHAT or HOW to teach. That holds especially true for new teachers.

      1. Savage, If any of the teachers read this page, there are thanking you over and over again for speaking up for them. Your statement is so true!!!!!!! I totally agree with you on AD/Powell. He definitely over step his boundaries

  24. Savage and Get it Straight–
    And in the meantime when Rebecca jumps ship, Bell starts playing left field, Keith get rich, the children are still waiting to be served😩😩

    1. Lana, you’ll get no argument from me on that. I just wanted to lay out the background facts. WES needs improvement, no doubt about it. However, it is going to take a while to see improvement show up in the accountability ratings, simply due to the way the ratings are calculated. Also, making an enemy of Keith could very well backfire. I commend the board for drawing a line in the sand, but he is a VERY influential person. I Powell made a stupid move by going to the Sun Herald before board approval, and I think Foreman may just be making a long overdue paradigm shift in the way we view student athletes.

      1. Savage, Powell did not release anything to the press and that is a fact and the school board was aware what was taking place it just had not been laid on the table to be voted on yet.
        Again that is a FACT that Powell said nothing to the press the board knows that also. Also, I was thanking you for posting one of your previous posts explaining what actually happened and took place at Waveland in that time frame and nothing more. We are going to have to agree to disagree with the teacher guidance. You and many other teachers had no problem closing their door and making sure their kids were taught and received exactly what they needed to…. why shouldn’t the rest have been able to do the same??? Plus most of the drama happened the year Waveland brought in the A. Lana, I agree, so while all this was going on children suffered because educated teachers needed guidance ??? It shows A to a D

        1. Who is the A?
          Maybe I was mistaken regarding Powell releasing anything to the press. That is a fact that I acknowledge I do not know. I don’t know which door I closed or where that came from. But I do know that a ship doesn’t steer itself. Someone has to guide it. There was significant turnover during that time. Some of the newer teachers needed guidance and had no-one to give it to them. They will turn it around. Just don’t look for immediate results. They aren’t possible simply due to how the ratings are calculated and Waveland students don’t take a state test.

  25. Keith influential. Didn’t stop MDE from putting Jackson Public Schools on probation. We need to run him off the coast.

  26. I’m enjoying reading the banter on the recent BWSD posts here. Thank you all.

    My own two cents – I’m not sure extracting a pound of flesh from current/former Board members or employees is the best way to move the School District forward. There is undeniable wisdom in hiring a new superintendent, letting that person pick their team while putting the questionable decisions in the rear view mirror.

    I’m not sure just where I’d personally draw the line, the Denver Colorado trip is particularly odious but I’d rather see the focus on the future rather than the past.

  27. Doug
    Lot of good things here BUT I hope you are wrong and they go after the past. Superintendent is very important, the most important decision they will face and will not take away from that, but right is right , wrong is wrong. Go
    after what is owed to the tax payers.
    That is what’s wrong , we let people get away with wrong doing. No consequences for their actions.
    Take action against all 4 of them.
    Do Not Turn The Other Cheek.

    1. I am with you, Stone, they can turn their own cheeks, not ours. I think Doug is jus trying to emphasize the importance of investing the majority of their energy in moving ahead for the sake of the kids, who have been the big losers here. But, I do think Singleton needs a demand for payment letter for his Colorado trip. Imagine doing something like that!? The benefit of him having to pay back the public funds he enjoyed will send the message out loud and clear to anyone else who tries such a trick on the taxpayers.
      And, I think Vicky Arnold, Ann Latrop, and Casey Favre exhibited that demeanor tonight by moving quickly to secure a new Superintendent as soon as possible. They are trying to re-establish some sense of organization and a positive environment in the District. I am betting on them to do it too.

  28. Doug
    Just don’t sound like you wanting to forget about the past.
    Just disappointed you would even think about letting them off the hook with all the wrong doing that has happened on this school board. Not like you.

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