Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Trump – Too Big for the Job

Posted on March 12, 2018

Henry David Thoreau famously observed “Most men live lives of quiet desperation.” After 14 months in office Donald Trump has demonstrated one thing for sure…he ain’t “most men”.

The things that have burdened and constrained all of our previous presidents are, for Trump, inapplicable. We’re talking about things like facts, truthfulness, study, consultation with experts, and thoughtful implementation of policy.

Trump is way too big for that Mickey Mouse. Those are the kind of things “low energy” Jeb Bush or “crooked” Hillary or “little” Marco Rubio or “lying” Ted Cruz would be doing if they could have beaten Trump. But they couldn’t. They didn’t have the Trump formula..the Trump magic.

So what is the Trump formula? First, know yourself and know what has always worked for you. Second, never apologize, never admit a mistake, and never let them see you sweat. Third, talk like a winner…use superlatives…”disaster…it’s going to stop…best in history.” Fourth, protect the Trump brand, trust your gut, and fight to win every news cycle.

Its working so well that it leaves him almost nothing to do. He blocks out three hours every weekday morning for what the schedule refers to as “Executive Time”. Trump uses that time to watch FOX and get affirmation. Continue Reading……..

5 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Trump – Too Big for the Job”

  1. Jimmity:

    Dam son ,now you talking TRUTH, “…..Trump magic”…

    Don’t tell me….I bet you took a trip to France and that perfumed lady conservative has put you back on the right track again…

    Now if you can only stay on the right track…….no more Disneyland chirps, chirps……. only

    the truth and the whole truth…. now get to work and work your Nixonian magic and help get a second Special Counsel so America can know the TRUTH how Obama and his boys (Rice, Peter Strzok, Page,Comey, McCabb and asst. AG Rosenstein) submited false facts to secure illegal FISAs to spy on an opposition party.


    1. Tight…

      I see I still have more work to do to bring you up to higher ground with me.

      It’s time to put aside the foolishness of Susan Rice (you never did enlighten me on your opinion of how she misapplied the criteria on unmasking) and Jim Comey (a figure beloved by the FBI rank and file…almost as much as Robert Mueller).



  2. Jimmity: You said , ‘ I see I have more work to do to bring you up to higher ground with me’.

    Jimmity , you could put me in a solitary tin can out in the summer heat and feed me water and bread and play Killery Hillary/ Barrack Hussein Obama videos and audios of every speech they ever made 24/7 and you would not move me from knowing the TRUTH about those two conspiratorial treasonous , corrupt truly evil organisms ( Uranium ONE, illegal FISAs; IRS, DOJ & FBI corruption, etc.)

    I’ll pray for their souls that Jesus will forgive them for all the loss of life and suffering they caused in Lybia,Syria and racism elsewhere in the U.S. but like the Bushes and LBJ they are the worst of the worst ( no matter how many paintings Bush 43′ paints of war heroes).

    They planned and carried out the biggest forced migration of Muslims into Europe ever and no matter how many times Obama said he was Christian he will go down into history as the Anti-Christ, Muslim president who caused this cruel migration and the subsequent Christian backlash cleansings of Muslims from Europe and U.S. which are to come about in the near future.

    Obama was the only ex-pres not to attend Billy Graham’s funeral as he was in Chicago “organizing” his self-grandizing, BS Obama library which I also pray one day will tell the TRUTH about this treasonous, Anti -Christ evil organism ( does not qualify as being even close to a human being created in the likeness of God)

    He and Killery are still trying to bring Trump down because Trump is DOING WHAT HE PROMISED ( reversing all the Anti -Christ , anti-American executive orders, etc.) and not like those two hypocritical, illegal alien whoring politicians who lied to America and got others to lie also (Clapper, Brennan, Comey, etc.)

    We are unfortunately in another Civil War brought on by the likes of them and Half-Arse Moon Landrieu who I hope tries to run for President on his racist removal of all Confederate history cause the black voters are finally seeing the evil darkness the Demos have cast over them in return for all their racist block voting during the past 60 years.

    Jimmity, you need to take a deep breath and hop across the Atlantic to France and marry that conservative French female as she is your only hope .


    1. Tight…

      I didn’t make it to Billy G’s funeral either. But, I’ve got by Sunday Best Suit ready if anything happens
      to Jimmy Swaggart. That fella can straight out preach.

      I’m pleased to hear you refer back to my post on the lady I met and the trip to France. My daughter didn’t
      speak to me for six months after that one.

      1. McCabe was fired because the Office of Professional Responsibility of the FBI , an untouchable ethics group, found that he should be fired ….. not Trump not Sessions…… the MSM will falsely accuse Sessions and Trump…..

        McCabe accepted $700,000 from Mc Califfe,close friend of the Clintons, for Mc Cabe’s wife to run for a legislature seat in Virginia all the while Mc Cabe was heavily involved in Clinton’s e mail investigation….. definitely a conflict of interest……McCabe changed the words of charges against Hillary before she was even interviewed……McCabe also interviewed Flynn….. in other words he was at the center of the wheel of political investigation of Hillery and Flynn…..

        McCabe also lied to the IG, Congress and others…

        Next up Peter Strzok , Ex DOJ Chief Lynch,Rice and Barrack Hussein Obama……….

        Waiting for your chirps


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