Today’s Bold Prediction: Skeletons and More

Everyone is dishing on everyone these days but I think the Bay Waveland School District will have more than its far share of muck surface over the coming weeks.

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    1. The stars are aligned for this to be a busy news week or two or three in the Bay. Tonight Ms. Lathrop is sworn in as School Board trustee which changes the balance of power on the Board. It is important to remember that when Ms. Landry was appointed as what was billed as interim superintendent there was supposed to be another search with better timing to the job market. That never happened. What did happen last August, after Mrs. Arnold was sworn in, was an executive session that was never listed on the agenda was held to extend Ms. Landry’s ‘interim’ title for four years.

      Speaking of the last Superintendent search, I was told Landry being elevated was due to internecine internal conflicts between those seeking the job. It could be that the new dual Assistant Superintendent positions resulted from the resolution of those conflicts. There is no telling what promises were made as all this business has been conducted out of the public view and all Slabbed has ever gotten from Board President Mike Bell has been a “trust me on this” type of message. The problem is I’ve been doing Slabbed way too long to trust any public official completely, especially with as nasty as things became with Mr. Bell and Ms. Thomas calling MDE on Casey Favre. Whatever bridge was left at that point between the Board factions was burned to a crisp.

      No where in any of the above, was the best interest of the children and their parents considered.

      As far as burned bridges go, the utter inanity both amazes and amuses. Ceux qui vivent dans des maisons de verre ne devraient pas jeter des pierres

      News is coming, documents are too. I don’t think this is what SuperStar envisioned late last autumn.

  1. Well, I’m not embarrassed to say I had to look it up.
    in·ter·nec·ine (ĭn′tər-nĕs′ēn′, -ĭn, -nē′sīn′)
    1. Of or relating to struggle within a nation, organization, or group.
    2. Mutually destructive; ruinous or fatal to both sides.
    3. Characterized by bloodshed or carnage.

  2. Yes, Doug, one of the ” skeletons” could prove a little embarrassing for someone in a high position.
    And a local organization will be forced to come to terms with what their real issues are!
    Let’s just call it “Political Spring Cleaning!”

  3. Now Kidd and Bell is talking politics and don’t know what’s going on? Really??? You both was under the table meeting with Thomas to throw Casey Farve under the bus and it back fired on you all! You both will be losing a lot of votes. P.S. No one told the superintendent or Athletic Director to resign! If I was them and knew I was doing my job, I be damn if I would resign!!! That tells me something has them worried. Just my thoughts, opinions or facts!

    The Bay-Waveland School District Board of Trustees on Monday accepted the resignation of BWSD Superintendent Vikki Landry.

    The board also addressed the employment status of Bay High School football coach Ben Foreman.

    Monday’s meeting also marked the first for newly-appointed trustee Ann Lathrop.

    The board also voted 3-2 to have Casey Favre as board president and Vicki Arnold as board secretary, also a 3-2 vote. Trustees Mike Bell and Mark Kidd voted “no.”

    After an executive session, the first motion the board approved was a motion to reform BWSD Business Manager’s Jon McCraw’s contract to end June 30, 2019. The motion passed unanimously.

    The second motion the board approved was a motion to accept Landry’s resignation effective June 30, 2018. The motion passed 3-2 with Bell and Kidd voting “no.”

    The third motion the board approved was a motion to “cease and desist” any future engagement with Adams and Reese Law Firm, attorney Jim Keith or any other law firm with regards to “any business with the BWSD, especially any business that can incur additional expense on the part of the BWSD.” If the district should happen to need outside legal counsel, a letter of engagement will be presented to the board for approval, the motion states. The motion passed unanimously.

    The fourth motion involved board member code of ethics.

    The motion includes authorizing board attorney Ronnie Artigues to review item 10 of the policy, which says that “no private action may be taken by a board member to compromise the board or the administration.”

    The motion involved Artigues exploring adding language if a member of the school board continues to make an inquiry of, request assistance from, request an appeal from or file a complaint with any state agency such as the Mississippi Department of Education, the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, the Mississippi Ethics Commission – that they provide notification to the school board and board attorney. The motion states that this is notification only, not permission. The motion passed unanimously.

    At the end of the meeting, Kidd spoke on the events that transpired during the meeting.

    “One thing about the school board is that it shouldn’t be political, but it’s getting that way,” Kidd said. “It’s a shame, really, what some of them are doing. Some of them have their own political agenda. I was really surprised what they were looking at trying to do. We’ve got really good people that work for our school district.”

    Kidd said that just because someone doesn’t like what somebody’s doing doing, “you wanna shake the tree.”

    “I find it immoral, I’m not happy with how things played out,” he said. “I’m completely against the changes that some of our school board members have been doing.”

    In a separate matter, dozens of students wearing #foremanismycoach t-shirts attended Monday’s meeting.

    Since the matter the students wanted to discuss was a personnel matter, Favre said that each of the students who signed up to speak could speak to the board in executive session.

    During executive session, several students shared their feelings about Foreman with the Sea Coast Echo.

    Ninth-grader Dylan Ferguson said he supported Foreman because “he does a lot for me,” both on the field and in the classroom.

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    Rain Smith, also a ninth-grade student, said that Foreman puts him in a “positive mood and lightens everybody’s mood.”

    Joshua Peters said Foreman helped him become not only a better football player, but also a better person.

    Junior Marion Pohl said Foreman has been a mentor to her and her two brothers.

    “My sister is going to be a freshman this year and it breaks my heart that he won’t be her teacher,” Pohl said. “I’ve been a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes since freshman year and he’s been so helpful.”

    After executive session, Favre said the school board “can only take action based on the recommendation of someone.”

    Favre said the board cannot make personnel decisions – such as coaching assignments – for the administration.

    “There is nothing on our agenda regarding the head football coaching assignment,” Favre said. “It is unfortunate that Mr. Foreman was ‘relieved’ of his duties, but at this time, as a school board, we only have one indication and that is that Ben Foreman is the head football coach at Bay High School at this time.”

    Favre said that outgoing athletic director Vernon Powell – whose resignation was approved by the board Monday night – or his replacement can make a coaching recommendation to the board for its consideration.

    Favre commended the students for speaking up and apologized “on behalf of the school district for the manner in which this was handled.”

    “I do not think the release of information to the media should have transpired prior to the school board knowing,” Favre said.

    1. I’m wondering if “Sassy Teacher” is Cassandra Farve? (Unlikely imo but getting it out there anyway.)

      If not, then it appears that “Sassy Teacher” gets an “F” for plagiarism- as the comment above appears to be word for word what the Sea Coast Echo published on this topic. (Including the advertising of other Echo stories embedded withing the apparently ripped and reposted article?)

      1. It is the articles from Echo! It is copy and paste! Nev r said I wrote those words. The article is basically what I wanted to stated!

  4. And there you have it folks. Courtney Thomas and her goons (Beaugez and Rhonda Oliver to name a few) are at it again. Can you believe it??? The BWSB followed procedure on voting for officers. The policy states, ‘Board officers shall be elected annually at the first meeting in March.’ Feel free to go to the following and do a little research. Go to BWSD on your phone and District > School Board > Policies > BBA. Bell and Kidd are a disgrace to this district and the representation they provide. I must say that tonight, I am most disgusted with Kidd after how he acted so infantile with his remarks to the Sun Herald. Kidd and Bell, you both should know a lot about political purpose and hidden agendas, as you clowns have consistently shown your agendas for several years. Rhonda Oliver, thank the good Lord you do not represent all of the people of BSL. Someone should provide Rhonda with the FACTS and educate on her on all of the foolishness that has taken place in regards to the BWSB, Bell, Kidd, Thomas, Singleton.

    1. Accountable Alice, Amen, you are right on target! Now they want to act like the poor us! They are trying to turn the tables and I will not let it happen. Kidd is making it sound like the board made the Superintendent resign along with AD/Powell that is not true! They decided to resign on their own free will. Like I said before, if I was doing my job and nothing to worry about, I would not resign! It also sounded like Casey Farve and Vicki Arnold had no clue about the football coach not having his contract renewed. But Kidd, Bell, Thomas, Superintendent and Powell all knew about him being let go. Casey Farve apologizes for the way it was handle . I went back to look at all board meeting minutes and the coach was never brought up nor his renewal of his contract. This was a private meeting with the above people I listed. Now Kidd wants the newspaper to know he has no clue what is going on! Kidd thinks we are all stupid. I am excited to read what Casey Farve’s statement will be to the newspaper. He said he will make one to the paper. I know it will be a good one! As far as Jerry & Oliver, you two need to get a life. If you notice on any of your post, it’s the same people that hits like or the only comments is you and a Rhonda and of course Jerry’s wife commenting! lol, Just do a 3 way call. The people that keeps saying this city/county is a joke, pick up in move. Trust me you will not be miss! Kidd and Bell election time is here. You are a gonna! By the way Thomas, Kidd and Bell, I would also be embarrassed that you 3 filed 7 complaints on Mr. Farve and all 7 was denied and found no wrong doing. Matter of fact, the Ethics Commissioner said that it was a shame that would people would file complaints for personal reason and not liking someone. All 7 was denied of any wrong doing on Mr. Farve’s part. You 3 almost had our district put on approvement plan for your 3 personal Vendetta ! Karma bites back!

  5. bell kid thomas stealeton are the problem.
    Stealeton and thomas need to move on.
    Pay their debts or send their ass to jail along with kid & bell.
    Complaints against Farve shows how low the 4 will go. Did their best to have him removed from the board for their personal gain. Not embarrassing But lies & false charges. I’d sue their happy ass for slander and make them pay the attorney fees.
    Farve cleared.
    Kid is a joke. Everything last night falls on the 4 🥜 🥜🥜🥜 that voted for all the screw ups. Now being undone.
    They blame Farve for the problems but I don’t remember him voting yes on this BS.
    Blowgez Olivers Bell kid thomas frausleton please move on or just move away. The same 10 or so keeping the pot stirred. Drunk little les puppets.

    Mayor Iceman
    For you, When will the city crack down on commercial business in a residential neighborhood? Blowgez running one. Do something.

    Waveland please elect kid for whatever he’s running for so we can get him off the school board, after all he is your homeboy.
    Not really, no deserves kid.

  6. Sharon Sullivan (the principal) got herself into trouble. You send a text to a friend on a Monday morning telling them how hungover you are and you really don’t t want to be at work that day. Oh in your not in the mood putting up with bitching teachers BUT guess what? She didn’t text her friend ( superintendent) she sent the text to the PTO president! Yep, that’s right. Also up on the beach, at a day invent Bouy’s was having, my principal was throwing up in a trash can because to much to drink! One hell of a role model for her staff, students, community. Last but not least, our professional principal was having a little fun time with a policeman in the community! Pass there on a Saturday her car and a patrol car! She was the best entertainment I had as a principal in a long time. As far as that board member you are referring to, It was Mr. Casey Favre. He is the only one listening to us. We are treated not like professionals , more like students. We all complained about how the moral at school was and that so call principal was causing this! She did not want us to work together and become a family or a team. She kept us on a tight leash and against each other. I can go on and on if you like. We have a chain of command to follow. Principal, superintendent and then board. We would never make it past the principal and if we did, only if we did, the superintendent backed her BFF! Mr. Favre listen to us. Trust me, he had know clue who we was because we sent anonymous letters but the man listen!

    1. There is no way are you a teacher!! If you are, QUIT NOW!! What an embarrassment you are to our community! Our poor children. First, it’s Sutherlin not Sullivan 😔 any teacher would know that who has worked with her. Second, you have more misspelled words and grammar mistakes than a 2nd grader. I am sure what you wrote is true because I have heard all of it already. But for the love of God, do our children a favor and quit if you really are a teacher. You are a disgrace.

      1. Maybe that is what he or she wants you to think . ( They are teachers ) or they are misspelling words and using improper grammar on purpose ! I will say one thing, Sassy Teacher knows what he or she are talking about! I know for a fact those things that are being said about Sharon Sutherlin is true. All the faculty and staff has seen this ! You see Sharon wants to blame certain people for her resigning. She has done this to herself. Till this day, she likes to blame others for her mistakes. It is time for her to except what she has done to herself and stop blaming others! Please don’t hold it against me for any misspelled words or my grammar. I’m just a stay at home mommy!

  7. Also on another note – Jerry Beaugez and his wife really needs to move!
    Rhonda Oliver – please worry about yourself and you DUI husband and stop trying to run BSL! Move with Jerry!
    Thomas and her daughter stop throwing the race card! Those cards has been used up! Find a new deck!
    Sorry Mr. Reed – you really thought reading that letter and using that disgusting word 3 or 4 times was gonna give you attention and help keep Thomas on that board. That backfired! I would have at said the N word not the actual word. Rumor has it that a African American wrote that letter, just to get the community in a up roar! That backfired!
    It is funny to me how a African American can use the N word and call and sing or rap the N word but no one else is allowed to use it. I am a white American and that word is disgusting to me but it just rolls right off of you all tongues! Let’s move on. Drop the 🎤

  8. I said I knew it was true. That’s not the point of my post. Her post was an embarrassment to MS teachers everywhere and makes us look worse than 50th.

  9. I agree, but don’t let that get to you. Hopefully people that read slabb will realize this person is not a teacher. My children does very well in school and I personally feel we have very well educated teachers. You are correct, Ms. always looks bad due to idiots like Sassy Teacher .

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