Good Reason or Racism? Public Service or Public Display?

Knowing the difference is the entirety of the context behind the last night’s Bay Waveland School District Trustee discussion and vote at the Bay City Council meeting. First we have this:

Black official called N-word in letter read aloud at controversial Bay City Council meeting ~ Paul Hampton

Paul’s rendition of the events involving last night’s City Council meeting is spot on. Councilman Reed did read such a letter. My thought on that subject comport to those of Alice and Michelle. I had another councilman bring up receiving a nasty gram or two on this subject just like when Mrs. Arnold was appointed last July with Councilman Seal bringing up such an instance. Nasty grams and school board appointments have that time honored pattern in the Bay. So much effort for so little per diem indeed.

Folks, Hancock County got to watch the Courtney Thomas library drama unfold last year, so predicting a bad spinoff show for this year’s spring season for the school board seat involving Momma was a no brainer as was predicting it’s cancellation. That said it takes both talent and dedication to alienate both the Hancock County Board of Supervisors and the Mayor of the County’s largest City.

In any event, for all the posturing we saw at last night’s meeting, the City Council members that were very critical of the Mayor’s choice of Ms. Lathrop didn’t seem to want to discuss any of the Mayor’s reasons for letting Ms. Thomas go after two years of service and replacing her with Ms. Lathrop. I reckon it was easier to play the race card than to discuss actual issues. Voting against Ms. Lathrop’s appointment were Councilmen Reed and Zimmerman with Councilman Seal attempting to have it both ways.

Finally, I’ll tackle the reason why the Bay Waveland School Board maintained diversity with Ms. Lathrop’s appointment despite the fact she replaces an African American since it is a hot potato. Bay St Louis is one of the most if not the most socially tolerant place in Mississippi and it has the diversity in its citizenry to prove it. Ms. Lathrop spent her career building her reputation as a talented science educator and is correctly defined by that fact in the context of being a school board appointee. That said, the LGBT community pays boatloads of money in property taxes in Bay St Louis and they have as much at stake with the doings at the local school district as any other group or citizen. I am told Ms. Lathrop will represent everyone in her capacity as Board Trustee but make no mistake folks, the BWSD’s Board of Trustees is no less diverse today than they were last week, even if the colors on the outside changed.

Below is the entire memorandum Mayor Favre sent out last week on why he felt that Ms. Lathrop was the best choice for school board and decide for yourself why the City Council members that were so critical of the Mayor didn’t want to discuss it:

Memorandum (School Board Appointment) by Slabbed on Scribd

20 thoughts on “Good Reason or Racism? Public Service or Public Display?”

  1. Sometimes the truth hurts!!
    Blame everyone but yourself for your actions!!
    Mayor Ice had every reason not to reappoint Thomas!!
    This is only a few of her screw ups!!

  2. My pet pea is I want sickleton bell kid Joan to pay his vacation money for the Colorado trip back
    Where is the AG on this. Stealing!!

    1. A motion needs to be made by the three Board members who have some sense of decency on Monday night to issue a demand letter to Maurice Singleton for the trip to Colorado to recover that for the taxpayers. If he resists, they need to take it to Pickering’s Office and the let the State Auditor handle it.
      Then they can move on to ending the nepotism situation in Central Business Office as prescribed by the Ethics Commission Director and backed up by an AG’s Opinion.
      They have the votes. Start representing u$!! I dare say they would not let anyone else in the district get away with illegal travel and violation of state law, while getting paid for it no less.
      It would be nice if Bell, Kidd, Singleton, and Thomas had to repay the illegal salaries back to the district in the nepotism situation. It was their votes that financed it.
      The rumor of unauthorized bills to Jim Keith are in need of correction also. My last count was well in excess of $70,000. If those contacts to that attorney were not approved by the Board, we need recovery there as well.

  3. Lana, Who is Keith?
    $70,000 of in authorized attorney fees to who?
    Is this why bell kid thomas stealeton wanted their reappoints.
    And who has a hidden agenda.
    All coming together.
    Thanks Doug & Lana.

    Is less & kolf & crew running the school district ?
    Oh his appointments were.
    Some now Mayor Ice will be blamed.

    By the way
    Reed can say my people or my race or my constituents or my ward or you can’t be a role model for my child because you are not black or you are white and can’t represent my color and there is nothing wrong with that BUT the Mayor says Your People and he’s racist.
    WTF. Idiots
    The more I think about how reed & seal treated Miss Ann has me madder than a stirred up hornets nest.
    If the weren’t being racist than there is no such thing.
    But that’s ok because why?

    Thanks to Iceman, Josh , Larry ,Gary & Gene for supporting this Lady.
    Miss Ann showed her class during this entire fiasco.
    I’m sorry she had to endure the ignorance of these two public servants & the public.
    Can I say public servant?
    Doug the Worm showed his true colors when there motion failed and he voted yes when he new she would be voted on. WORM
    Reed lost all respect when he read the letter trying to intice a riot. Shame on a man of cloth playing with such a sensitive subject. he should resign.
    bet he may even have an idea who wrote it.
    Mad as hell right now.

  4. Stone,
    You were mad last night at the way Ann Latrop was treated? You should have been there in July when Doug Seal was Council President, and allowed Maurice Singleton and Courtney Thomas to disparage the reputation of Vicky Arnold!! It was horrible. Courtney asked Council if they were sure Vicky actually did her job in the school district all those years she worked there or did others have to perform her duties for her??!! It was disgraceful, and Doug allowed it. Both Vicky and Ann live in Doug’s ward. I guess he has it out for his constituents for some reason or he’s afraid of Ward 3, maybe?!
    And all this time Courtney Thomas, Joan’s daughter, was making every public meeting she could, dragging her library supporters with her lambasting the Board of Supervisors, telling everyone would listen that they were planning on closing the library. The real truth was she had defaulted on a grant she received from the Miss. Library Commission by taking $10,000 grant and agreeing to get a master’s degree in library science. The agreement was she had to have the degree by Sept. 0f 2017, and hadn’t done it. She hadn’t been in classes for over 2 years, and stood up at the Council meeting and told Councilman Smith that she was still in the program. This was confirmed through the Registrar’s office at USM and Library Commission. Unreal. And these people want to criticize others.

  5. Reed was out of line reading the anamous letter. Saying the n word 3 times. Was he trying to set a mood? What if a white person would have said it 3 times. He should have been stopped and told to bleep it out. Who knows who wrote it, he could have to put pressure on the mayor. I think it was stupid to read it. I don’t care what color is on the board as long as our children are getting the best and the taxpayer is being respected.

  6. Tim
    100% with you. Reed tried to use that letter against this administration.
    It seems to have backfired , the same tactics they have been using the past month. Wonder how many thomas supporters actually ever attended a school board meeting. Or just believes the BS thomas & few tell them.

    Does the daughter have to pay that grant back?
    Does Stealeton pay his back?
    Oh wonder why?
    Or does the color of their skin make it ok to steal tax dollars?

    Buzzards flock together.

    1. The daughter received a payback demand letter from the Miss. Library Commission for not upholding her end of the grant agreement and not
      advising the Commission she had dropped out of school.
      There were some federal funds involved so the Commission had to recover the money. If not, I think it could have jeopardized the State’s potential for future grants.
      She could so easily have just notified them that she was not able to finish her studies, but according to Commission requirements she would have had to resign as Director because a Master’s in Library Science is required to be a Director in a service area of over 15,000 residents. Hancock
      County has around 45,000.
      The new Director has her Master’s.

      1. OMG! UNBELIEVABLE!! from very reliable sources…..Ms. Thomas in private meeting with Larry and Josh plus Bell… she was told “we support you, BUT Mayor wants Ann. So we’re probably going to vote with him.” So these two pre-inform her of her defeat because they had to back Mayor to get projects done.” This is illegal but really despicable and underhanded to other Councilmen, community and Mayor. So Josh nominates Ann to look good to Ann supporters but two weeks ago him and Larry pledged to Ms. Thomas….appalling slap in face to her. Ms. Thomas needs to disclose to the other Councilmen and the public details of this meeting and WHO called for it.. all four of them need to be reported.. another public black eye for our lovely city… disgusted:::

        1. Several frustrated resudents were talking about when it’s time for us to have our say. It seems as if whatever the issue, it’s already a done deal BEFORE we speak. The Council is just going thru the motions….yawning thru our impassioned statements..

          And now another Farve?

  7. Happy
    It was know who the mayor was going to appoint. Miss Ann
    I guess you heard them say they had to support the mayor to get projects done?
    I didn’t.
    They all knew who the mayor was going to nominate. Reed & Seal included. Bet Reed and thomas, buddy & thomas all talked. You don’t think they talked especially since Seal backed reed in the attempt to block the appointment & buddy also.
    Hope you are not that stupid.
    They all probably would have supported thomas if she would have been nominated. But she wasn’t & Mayor Ice made it clear that she wouldn’t be.
    But not one thing is Illegal at all.
    You are digging deep and on the wrong angle.
    I’m proud of
    Mayor Ice,Josh ,Larry ,Gary , Gene
    Thanks for sticking together.

    1. Stone, not digging on anyone intentionally or aiming. My info was from someone in the meeting on “why a Councilman called it?” PERIOD! Why was meeting called is my question ?? Why these four is my question ??? Why “Day before Council meeting” is my question? They all knew in writing Ann was MF choice! Again why a meeting??? If your belief was in Ms. Thomas then why didn’t Larry, Josh, Buddy and Doug vote their beliefs! They didn’t, switched under pressure and caved in…this was under City Charter a nomination of Ann: yes or no vote. It turned into a Council circus of questionable tactics and behavior. Under fair to Ann and Ms. Thomas!!! And my last question: two elected Councilmen, one elected President (who represents Waveland) and BSL appointed Board Member having a meeting!!! This has to be illegal and unethical! Please someone tell us!

    2. Stone, you may want to Google the Miss. Supreme Court ruling of last Sept. 7, 2017, addressing public officials meeting in less than quorum groups to avoid violations of the Open Meetings Law. The court says this violates the spirit of the law and strongly discourages it. Larry and Josh need to tread lightly. Unless a natural disaster is impending, this needs to be avoided to preserve their commitment to the citizens for ethical representation.
      Tuesday night’s disaster was not natural to say the least. It was manufactured.

  8. In my opinion it was a sad public display. Why was that letter allowed to be read at the top of a City Council meeting? For drama. Why didn’t Councilman Reed, a prominent Bishop in the African-American community, the only African-American Councilman consider this a threat, a hate-crime, from a group that supposedly meets regularly? If he considered it important enough to read at the top of a racially charged Council meeting, why didn’t he, at least, call the Bay PD?

    1. Michelle,
      Why not just pitch an anonymous letter written by a bunch of cowards, in the trash? I do it all the time!!He gave them the publicity they wanted–
      Was he complicit?! It served no purpose but to fan their diminishing fire. Their position was in ashes by the time the meeting started. Just an attempt to reignite an imaginary situation.
      Mike Favre voted FOR Ms. Thomas to serve on that School Board two years ago. No evidence of racism here. He is in no way obligated to be satisfied with her performance.
      The Athletic Program is in a shambles ( Sun Herald this morning), the elementary schools are dropping in their academic ratings with the State Dept. of Education. The environment that state law is a mere suggestion has costs the taxpayers tens of thousands of $$$ that could have been spent in the children and their teachers. Now, Ms. Thomas is not responsible for all of this. Our trustees from Waveland have to go too. For example,
      Board Pres. Mike Bell, is quoted in the Echo this morning as to how happy he and the Board are with the Superintendent??!!
      Wonder if Mike would tolerate that kind of performance out of an employee in his electrical contracting business??
      Well, Mayor Favre isn’t happy and is taking a lot of heat trying to improve the representation for the taxpayers on the Board.
      The last time I checked the Mayor is entitled to an opinion too!
      You can’t keep putting lipstick on this pig, and those that just want to stir the pot can lick the spoon.

  9. Happy
    Maybe they needed questions answered?
    Maybe doing their homework?
    Didn’t vote for Thomas because she wasn’t nominated & Iceman made it clear with seal she would not be nominated.
    Switch under pressure would have been easy ,a no vote for Miss Ann.
    That would have been caving in to pressure. 🏀🏀 All that support there for thomas but they stuck with the mayors choice. 🏀🏀
    The circus was created by reed and seal.
    What was unfair was the way reed & seals treated Miss Ann
    That’s F Unfair.
    See nothing wrong with what they did.
    Called homework.
    Just like Mayor Ice did for his nomination.
    They did what they had to do before and during the meeting.
    Evidently the Mayors reasons were solid because thomas and bell didn’t sway them their way.
    Happy you are digging on the wrong side
    Michelle you are exactly right.
    Dead on Michelle

    1. Read Ruling from Lana. She’s accurate! Meeting illegal… my point is same as your’s Stone! Mayor’s call not Council….yes or no Ann, move on… meetings, letter, grilling Mayor is not Councilmen job..this meeting was about ANN….. overstepped their authority is my point. Ratification or not, then move on…. Tks Lana…..

      1. The ruling is not from me. It’s from the State Supreme Court.
        And the ridiculous motion by Reed to ” reject” the Mayor’s nomination?!
        If you want to reject the Mayor’s nomination, you vote against the person he nominates! Hello!
        But that motion by Reed and seconded by Seal did give Seal a chance to grand stand for the Thomas supporters until approximately 3 minutes later when DeSalvo
        motioned to ratify the Mayor’s nomination of Ms. Latrop and Seal jumped to the other side of the fence and voted with the Mayor😳
        You have to wonder what the Thomas supporters were thinking at that moment.
        Gw moved pretty fast on that fence for a guy his age!!

  10. Buddy didn’t vote for the new board member because one his wives left him for her! Yep Melvin’s wife left Buddy for her! Damn not everyone forgot! Disputed it with facts!

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