On Tap Tonight: A New School Board Trustee

The Lady that will be appointed – her name was dropped a couple of time in comments here, I’m sure she will make a fine trustee.

As for outgoing Trustee Joan Thomas, her goose was cooked by her own hand, almost one year ago to the day:

Siblings working for Bay school district an ethical concern, says commission – Justin Vicory

Either the superintendent or the business manager of Bay St. Louis–Waveland School District — who are brother and sister — should resign from office to avoid the appearance of nepotism, a Mississippi Ethics Commission opinion says.

Yet the majority of Bay–Waveland School Board members disagreed, and recently voted 4 to 1 to approve an additional 18-month contract for business administrator John McCraw, as well as a contract for Superintendent Vikki Landry, his sister.

And the so called Chinese firewall the high priced lawyers constructed to rationalize and prettify such nepotism? It is bullshit, or put another way if it weren’t, the exchange where the lawyers advised the school board in an official meeting would not have been purposely omitted from the record and the business manager would to this day not be presenting cash balances to his sister for the School Board to approve. It’s sad folks:

At the February meeting, board attorney Ronnie Artigues and James Keith, a longtime education attorney with the North Pike and Pearl River County school boards, told the board it was acceptable for them to appoint an employee other than Landry for McCraw to report to. In response, the board appointed Kristen Ladner and Cherie Labat as assistant superintendents.

School board meetings are open to the public, and an audio recording is normally taken and saved. But when Lana Noonan, a member of political watchdog group Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, contacted the central office secretary to get a copy of the February recording, the conversation about McCraw and Landry was not on the tape.

The flawed decision making that created a mess in the district’s elementary schools, along with multiple assistant superintendents to go with the family at the central office has to be fixed folks. Tonight’s school board appointment will flip the Board majority away from those that would disregard state ethics opinions.

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  1. As I have stated before here, I don’t expect my public officials to be perfect. But if you are lazy, lawless, and reckless with my tax dollars, you’ve got to go!
    In the meantime, the children are waiting to be served!

  2. Congratulations to Ann Latrop. Personally, I think she will make a fine Trustee. But we will expect her to remember who she represents and follow State law. Not unreasonable expectations.
    All the best to her. It’s a lot of work for the headaches that come with it.
    Now, on to cleaning up Waveland’s 2 seats at the podium!!

  3. Thank you Lana!!! The public would like to see you run for a Waveland seat on the school board! BWSD definitely won tonight regardless of what the Thomas supporters and the disgruntled, Jerry Beaugez, spout on social media. If Jerry Beaugez wanted to be honest and forthcoming about the school board appointments, he would make it clear that the mayor’s son was appointed by the previous administration. He would also note that Mr. Singleton’s reappointment, a Minority, also fell under the previous administration…all of which he was a part of. The council refused to reappoint Mr. Singleton in the 23rd hour of the previous administration’s power. How quick are we to forget that the previous administration had the authority to fill a seat with a minority, but chose not to do so for one reason or another….if you said because of votes….ding ding ding…we have a winner. Again, I find that repeating myself is necessary. Ann Lathrop was interviewed by the previous administration. She was called back for a second interview in conjunction with Casey Favre. Casey Favre was chosen to represent the BWSD. What Mr. Reed and Mr. Seal did at tonight’s meeting was disgraceful. I can only hope that they find it in their heart to sincerely apologize to Ann Lathrop, a woman who left that meeting in tears because of the idiocracy and spite. I watched from a distance as she exited the board room silently. On another note, amI the only one that finds it odd that he was the only one with strong enough convictions to do what was best for the children and the tax payers until Arnold was appointed???? Hopefully, the district will take a much needed positive path and make decisions at the board level that are in the best interest of the children and our community. Hats off to the board memebers…Desalvo, Smith, Knoblock, Hoffman that had the balls to do what was right.

    1. Alice,
      I have to say when it comes to “balls” Mike Favre out did them all tonight. Talk about sticking to your convictions. He made the rest of them look like girl scouts. And when he was pressed to commit to nominating a black citizen next year, he said,” not unless it’s the right one. ” It looks like your going to have to have more than pigmentation to serve in this administration.
      Personally, I don’t care what color the school board is. However, I am concerned about how they conduct public business, and right now, things are lacking to say the least. Waveland needs to clean out those two we have as well.
      You have to wonder if Ann Latrop voted for Doug Seal, her Councilman?!
      If we didn’t learn anything tonight, coming out of that meeting, it appears Doug Seal is running for Mayor in 31/2 years. His pandering to Ward 3 was embarrassing.
      He seems to understand he can’t win city hall without ward 3, something Mike Favre has already done .
      And, Seal’s own ward 1 has been inhabited for years with Favres and extended Favre family.
      A few other tid bits– for the record, since the race card was thrown out there right at the beginning by Jeff Reed, Mike Favre voted FOR Joan Thomas 2 years ago, placed his confidence in her, and apparently has been disappointed. He, like all the previous Mayors, has the right to his opinion too.
      When the race card is the only hand you have, you may as well fold ’em.
      I thought the most outrageous statement by Thomas’s supporters tonight was that they won’t be “represented” on the Board now.
      What does that mean? White people can’t represent the needs of blacks?
      In 1965, when the Voting Rights Act was passed there were a total of 514 members of the US Congress. 410 voted the act into law. Of that 410, 6 were black. Don’t tell me white people cannot represent the needs of blacks. It’s untrue and unwarranted propaganda that needs to stop, NOW!
      Let’s wish Ann Latrop well, and let her know she’ll be held accountable for the “oath of office” she’ll take next week. Knowing her I have full confidence she’ll represent every child in the system equally.

    2. Regardless how they voted in public, WHY did Councilmen Smith and Desalvo have a private meeting with School Board President Mike Bell and School Board member Thomas at Smith’s home prior to this vote. That is unethical and a violation of a Ms. Supreme Court ruling…. Ethics violations anyone????

      1. Happy,
        You are exactly right.
        Jeff Amy reported in the Clarion Ledger on Sept. 7, 2017, the Miss. Supreme Court ruling that”public officials cannot set up meetings of less than a quorum to evade the State Open Meetings Law.”
        I would advise Larry and Josh to tread lightly here.
        Bell and Thomas have a documented record of snubbing their noses at state law.
        Larry and Josh, you are new to public service.
        Be very careful who you befriend. These two would not be good choices in my opinion.
        But, Happy, you are exactly right. Report them. Sometimes a little chastisement gets a new, not so well informed official back on track.
        Bell has gotten worse the longer he’s served. Not much hope there.

        1. Waveland will make a change, hopefully. BSL is up again in October, I believe. Doug isn’t running for mayor. He did, however, instruct the city attorney to research EXACTLY what needs to happen to make these appointments elected positions. Short answer is a change to state law.

          1. BSL is up in March. The search begins in October is what the Mayor said at the meeting.

      2. Happy Hands,
        Unlike you I use my real name. Unlike you I went to the source of your accusation & asked outright instead of sleazy innuendos. Two separate entities do not constitute a quorum. YOU don’t have the … to look these men in the eyes. I DO & I did today. So I challenge you “Happy” , put up or shut up

        1. BSL is up in March. The search begins in October is what the Mayor said at the meeting.

        2. I’m in error about the quorum & I admit it. If a party shows up, uninvited, it’s not.

  4. Ann is a wonderful woman who is educated and passionate about education. My wish….as is my wish for all of the board members….VOTE based on your OWN convictions! Ann is an intelligent woman who has the capability to make a true difference. I hope she is the voice of reason the board needs.

  5. Lost everything for Seal. Why?
    Because he showboating for votes, like the previous mayor played singleton for votes , he just play reed , Thomas & the black community. Less Blamed Favre for not making the singleton appointment last year. They labeled him as a racist a year ago.
    Does one forget Singleton took a trip to Colorado on school district’s money.
    He was not a member of the board. And who voted to pay for that. Joan!!!!
    Guess that’s ok because he’s a minority.
    Created a 2nd assistant superintendent positions why??
    Nepotism & Labot is Singleton ‘a god child.
    Oh it’s ok because they are minorities.
    That letter , is he the only one that got one??
    Play it out to get minorities pissed & pansies in an uproar. Probably sent by a minority.
    Lana you have some good statements of her voting record even if they are not Mayor Ice’s reasons.
    Lana can they go after Bell Kidd & Thomas for Singleton’s vacation on school district dollars. How much?
    That may be one of the reasons Thomas wanted back in so bad. Somebody may have to pay😭😭😭
    And bell, sure did his best to get her back in. Be very interesting to see what happens. 😂
    Like less like appointments. 🐭🐭🐭🐭
    Miss Ann , sorry you went through this,
    Total BS, you will be a great leader.
    Sure do wish blowgeaz, enough said, Oliver, what a idiot , singleton, what a thief ,and other less supporters would disappear.
    And Courtney, didn’t she get money as the librarian for her education and not use it for that. Another fraud. Then she quit. Need to get that back.
    Oh I get it she’s a minority.
    Protecting ea. Other.
    Have to go.

  6. Savage, Miss Ann will be one outstanding leader for the school board.
    And Lana Mayor Ice did stand tall and alone for what is another outstanding appointment.
    Did anyone discuss the appointment with him after they received his recommendation last week? Just wondering.
    And Lana , have to agree he’s he has a set🏀🏀

    1. I was at the meeting, and after the distributed memo was brought up, it seems no councilman called MF to discuss.

  7. So it has occurred to me after Councilman Reed’s “stunt” last night, that if he received this letter and thought it was truly authentic, why has he not referred it to the proper authorities (i.e. the FBI) so that it can be investigated as a hate crime. A veiled threat was made and the U.S. postal service delivered this letter. There was also mention of an organized group of terrorists meeting every month on the second Saturday, yet it was not reported to any law enforcement agency? Instead, it was just whipped out to stir the big ole pot at the council meeting, in an attempt to inflame the crowd and stir emotions.

    The more I think about it, the more it stinks. If there was true concern, you would think Councilman Reed would want answers as to who authored the letter.

  8. Seems to me that the local African American community did themselves a disservice when the stance became the appointee had to be Joan Thomas to the exclusion of all others.

    We have been told that Mayor Favre actually approached another Ward 3 resident quite some time ago about the School Board seat and was turned down. I am told that Mayor Favre also solicited Councilman Reed’s help and was turned down.

    If Maurice Singleton and Joan Thomas is as deep as the bench of community leaders gets in Ward 3, then it is likely to be a very long time before another African American serves as a BWSD Trustee from the Bay. Maybe Waveland will step up and elect a minority.

    1. Great points, Doug!!
      Joan gave WLOX an interview last night and is trying to divert attention away from her disdain for state law by saying Favre dumped her for her stance on Consolidation!!??
      She has no obligation to be in favor of consolidation. That’s optional.
      However, state statutes on Nepotism and the Open Meetings Law are not optional.
      Yeah, the black community is in dire need of leadership. That is a clearly defined fact on tape now as of last night’s Council meeting and Facebook
      conversations. Sad.

  9. Mauricio Singleton was all over these meetings. He lost his job, and he should have. The Colorado trip was but one of his missteps.
    He’ll never be on school board or any other board, I hope. We can do better. Much better.

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