One of the last Bay Police Brutality Suits filed one of the first to settle

It’s for true folks and sources with knowledge of the settlement indicate the cost to the City to get rid of this lawsuit was frightfully high. I hope all of the officers involved in terrorizing Mr. Koenann have been shown the door though I do not believe that is the case here.

Koenenn v Nelson Et Al Doc 45 by Slabbed on Scribd

35 thoughts on “One of the last Bay Police Brutality Suits filed one of the first to settle”

  1. Doug,
    You are probably correct. More of the old regime needs to be shown the door.
    It seems they are trying & slowly getting there.

    Also did you see where a former officer, that was there at the hospital , stated they deserved their beating ??
    Wonder if she went to work in the Pass with former bosses who let this go on??
    Thugs with a badge.
    Still more investigations.

    1. How much was the settlement and where are the taxpayers of Bay St. Louis going to get the money?
      AND– are these Officers still on the payroll??!!

      1. MML pays/ BSL will pay higher rate now to belong I’m told…. but an attorney stated: BSL now MUST go after each Officers listed in that suit’s BOND…. also remember he said: “Fillingame and Mayley were also included in suit and because there WAS a financial loss, their Bond should be filed against also”. Let’s see what this Council will do, last Council attempted, they need to complete it…… I’m sure MML Attorney’s will assist them…

      1. Well I will be curious to see if Seal & Reed agrees with this! Hmmmmmmmmm Did not know Mayley was included in this! I heard he is looking for a new job. He might have already left, not sure.

  2. Doug – what is the status of the investigation/lawsuits? against the DEQ Queen? This all ties in together. The wetland laws and Corps of engineer guidelines for Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson county were “overlooked” and pushed aside during [email protected]$$’s dictatorship and the DEQ Queen’s reign. When is something going to be done about that??
    All of the lawlessness in this State was perpetuated during that time and continues to this day (please see your post above). When is somebody going to do something about all of this??? Are there any God-fearing Mississippians left in this State?????

        1. At least Tricky Dick gave us EPA and the Clean Air and Water Act. All we got from DT was a bad case of nausea and cringe binges

    1. I wish the FBI would give me periodic updates. 😉

      Seriously Charlene, I harbor dubiety about Fisher ever being indicted. Strange thing is I have people telling it to me both ways (Fisher to be indicted or will never be indicted).

      Never fear however because there is lots of dirt being dished right now, from pictures of Jamie Favre as the Dirty Santa and Pam San Fillippo wearing a strap on with a furry forest critter in place of the dildo to our own Fluffer Congressman and beyond. Plus I see someone is still dishing on the Harrison County Sups.

      1. Doug,
        Be patient with the Failing Bureau of Investigation. They are busy right now. The Associated Press just reported they found another lawyer in the Russian Investigation that “lied!!” Imagine that. A lawyer that lied!! That has to be hard work for the FBI–finding lawyers that would lie!!
        They’ll get to you, be patient.

        1. Miss Lana – each day that passes without indictments allows these crooks to worm their way out of what they have done to our State and with our money. They network to find a buddy who knows a buddy that can help them or that is willing to accept money to look the other way. Even Federal Judges! I have never seen anything like it. It makes me loose faith in our human race when our PUBLIC SERVANTS refuse to do the jobs they are sworn to do and that we PAY them to do. They act untouchable. Especially when they refuse to follow the law as it is written and make rulings that they choose to make or are told to make. And pretty much once they are bought and paid for, they do the bidding of the Puppetmasters forever because the Puppetmasters have the dirt on them.

      2. I haven’t heard anything on [email protected]$$-o….thought his relative Benny S. was covering for him and he was slick and clean. But I did pay attention when Miller Lite was shipped out of the way and Mr. Davis was shipped to the Maxwell side of the world – that usually means that someone has some ‘splaining to do. But the crickets have been close mouthed lately. I just hope they don’t explode from holding back the information before it starts unraveling.
        If the FBI wants to redeem its self – Mississippi is the state to do it in! We have wall to wall crooked politicians just ripe for the picking. The problem is that most of the State and Federal Judges have dirty hands and are involved in the Barbourfest. And they all cover for one another. Sad, but true. It just makes me physically ill to see how cheaply and easily human beings can be bought. And they show no remorse or make amends for their evil deeds. The people of this State that claim they are Christians over and over again need to run these crooks out of our State! Instead, they listen to their lies and vote them right back in again. When will they learn?

  3. How is it possible that Rafferty represented against the citizens of BSL? He is like gum on your shoe. You cant get rid of it!

  4. Sea Coast Echo just broke the story of the City’s settlement with former firefighter Billy Schaff against the city and former Fire Chief Pam San Fillippo.
    Wow! That’s two settlements in a month!
    Did MML pay this one too like the Koenen’s?
    The city’s premiums are going to sky rocket. Can Council go after bonds?

    1. Didn’t even go in or near the Courtroom! Accounts, “pictures”, audio and other witnesses against NastyPam and current fire “members” would have been a total embarrassment to BSL on top of the pass and next brutality case coming up against Police. Plus more other settlements being negotiated. Ins. Ratings going up!!! Leslie and the Licorice Lickers Legion need to hide their heads in the sand! All allegations brought up the last four years by Boudin, Favre and Falgout are being documented from the DOJ to MML lawyers now in settlements and sanctions being paid… Bonds can be called in! Let’s see if this Council does the right thing and do it???? Or let’s see if the Les amigos of three blocks it???

      1. Three can’t block anything on a 7 member council if they can get everyone to ever come to a meeting at the same time. The swing vote could be a hero and save the city some $$$$.
        We’ll see??!!
        But you are right, Happy, those bonds need to be called in.

  5. Lana,
    Let’s hear from Filipino, Blowgez, Less, Rhonda Oliver & Gamble, Amy Richardson, Coleman& all other blow heart less supporters.
    2 for 2

    1. I guess it is prudent to settle rather than keep paying attorney fees for a case you cannot win. That’s two in a month. But, I was told before Christmas that there were 3 cases coming up that the city just could not win, so settlements were expected.
      I call it Fillingame residue, like so many other issues the new administration is facing.

    2. They need to go after Beaugez for sure!
      *Time clock Fraud
      *created a website for BSL and then took it down! Definitely should get in trouble for that! Yes he did the website for the city, received payment for those services ( time clock will show ) and took it down. He basically stole property that did not belong to him! He was paid on City time to create this site. He had no rights to it after he received payment ! Also Rhonda came to one of the meetings asking why did the city purchase a new truck for the mayor. Rhonda let me tell you why, Right after the election Les turned is very nice SUV over to the chief of police and put it under the police department assets ! Les, Beaugez, your hubby ( who was not certified To be a building inspector) could not pass test, all laughed about it and Les said, I be damn if he is gonna get this nice SUV! Yep now that back fired on you all and of course us because we had to get the mayor a vehicle! You see two wrongs don’t make it right. So stop bitching about our mayor. He is trying to clean up Les’s mess! Lawsuits, jobs that Les created for people, Jobs that was given to people that was definitely not qualified! Lay off was a must. I have never seen so many people in the beautification department! Omg! Police department got caught with Time sheet fraud but what about inside city hall! Beaugez Fairconnetue ? Paula you were very shock when Mayor Ice came in and ask you to do some work and you said WHAT??? I never worked the last 8 years for my paycheck! Sorry I wouldn’t know what to do. I never had to do anything! You see Les never made me work because he knew I could help him with votes in my ward. Sorry Mayor Ice, I am leaving because I never did and never will work for my paycheck, it is due to me! Oh one last thing, I will make sure I tell everyone in the community that I could not work with you and you are a ass to work for and you was picking on me. I will look bad if I tell the truth! Beaugez, gezzzz there is no hope for you! You wasn’t fired but you was told you would be moved into another department and that department would be containing a Weed Eater in your hand. I thought they were gonna have to give you CPR! It is ok for public work guys to do it but not you! You was the assistant Mayor! Boy did you get knocked down a notch! I was so glad to see Mayor Ice come in and the first thing was you will not be on Facebook during workings hours and your office door windows would not ever be covered up! I died laughing, because most of the employees that left almost passed out over these simple 2 rules that many of us has to live by everyday! You would have thought Mayor Ice took food and water from you all! Still laughing about that! Jerry and Paula you need to go to the meeting and start asking questions if you are so concern about this community instead of commenting on Facebook !

  6. Filingame his counselor and a free pass for 5 years left lingering problems that will go on for next 3 yrs. after that it’s just conversation of old times.

  7. Breaking news: Point Park named as police chief at DMR. Sound crazy? Not as crazy as the dumb shit going on now. I’m being told that this amoeba Spraggins is not daring the swamp not has crawler out of it. No one wants Jesus Davis because of how inept and corrupt he is. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. First up is his prolific golfing adventures during working hours at Sunkist and other courses. Rumored was that his old Perk roommate and benefactor Casey Eore showed up a time or two. Casey Eore is the corrupt thug that pulled the back door strings that forced Jesus Davis at the DMR. Those old college buds scrubbing each other’s back. How romantic. Eore is at the heart of it now. Moss Point probably got wind of the two guns that were “stolen” out of Chief Davis state vehicle and the cover up that ensued. Or maybe it was the DUI bridge gate that Jesus Davis conspired to cover up. Three witnesses from the public saw Ocean Springs Police pull. DMR officer driving a state vehicle over and take beer out of the vehicle. No action. Must have been a church member. Or the time Jesus Davis attended the Republican Convention on MS taxes payers dime. Investigators determined Jesus Davis was on a security detail for Trump. What the hell was that? Or the Ocean Springs hair dresser scandal. Promoted the male officer and fired the female. Yeah for women’s rights. Cake Eater now where to be found. And let’s not forget all the Chalothic Patrol officers he has fired or gotten rid of under his tenure. Miller and now Spraggins are actively persecuting the Catholics and actively hiring pew members that are Baptist. Most are from First Baptist in Gulfport. There are pictures of Jesus Davis at this church giving the Baptist officers awards. How Christian how American. Oh and now Spraggins is forcing the DMR employees and public to pray at Commission meetings. Pray to the Gulfport Baptist gods you pagan Catholics. Where are the attorneys? That’s right Ashley Morrison who loves the online adultery sites is leading this defense of the constitution. More sexual cover ups. Also hearing the whores of Babylon where up in Jackson prostituting themselves on behalf of the DMR to the local legislators. Spraggins is such a Christian giant. Must have lots of secrets he needs forgiving for like Jamie Millers indiscretion over here in Pascagoula. Somebody somewhere in his past must have been bent over somewhere. All for those pagan fish killers at the DMR praying. Just when you get down on those knees don’t get up until you understand the true wrong you have committed. Not only will the truth set you free, it will always come out.

    1. PP – I wish I could read between the lines on some of these things you are touching on. It’s all very comical if it wasn’t so sad and true. Whoever has been on and is on the DMR legislative committees should be horsewhipped for everything that has happened at that agency since Hurricane Katrina. They all play dumb, but every one of them know what is going on and every one of them just sit back and wait to see what they can get out of the deal. “What is in it for me?” is all they care about. That should be their new political platforms. Who cares about marine resources? Who cares if anyone in the future, including our children, have any marine resources? More money, more money…we want more money.
      There is only a couple of local legislators (and I’m not real sure of them) that have turned their backs on the goings on at the DMR. If politicians are associated with it – then they are involved. Meanwhile the taxpayers and resources are being sucked dry by the “Christians”. And the “Christian” voters are aiding and abetting them by continuing to vote the hypocrites in term after term. Clean the slate!

      1. P. S. For your convenience: Here is a list of YOUR Marine Resource Committee Representatives:

        Marine Resources
        Timmy Ladner, Chairman; Stacey Wilkes, Vice-Chairman
        Members: Jeramey D. Anderson; Shane Barnett; Carolyn Crawford; Casey Eure; Greg Haney; Vince Mangold; Randall Patterson; Sonya Williams-Barnes; Patricia H. Willis

        and here is a list of YOUR Marine Resources Committee of Senators:

        Tommy A. Gollott, Chairman; Joseph M. Seymour, Vice-Chairman
        Members: Videt Carmichael; Deborah Jeanne Dawkins; Bob M. Dearing; Robert L. Jackson; Philip Moran; Willie Simmons; Michael Watson; Brice Wiggins; Tammy Witherspoon

  8. Doug/Lana
    Speaking of less & raffarty
    Do either of you know if he is still suing the city for pay when his contract as city attorney was up. Council informed him he was no longer employed by the city.
    and less continued to use him against council demands.
    How can we find this out.
    This should be on less. The city needs to go after him for this payment if he gets anything.
    Just wondering with settlements happening.
    Do we even know how many more is out there.

  9. Les and his legal counsel nearly pandered for people to sue. They were irresponsible self serving ass holes. Mike is a bigger man than me cause his daughter would have been the first to go using city resources to attack a citizen businessman frivolously !

  10. Her attendance record is better but Les let everyone accumulate sick leave and vacation to pad them on the citizens Nickel. Wow it was like and 8 year hard freeze when Les Lie was in office! Can’t let him go because his management debacles are still haunting us!

    1. I heard Gary K. on video feed say they need to correct Les’Handbook Handouts for a big end of career check. Right on Mr. Gary!!! Buddy Z., Pamela got nice checks…. wondering if Council will go after Pam’s, Monty and other fire people’s Bonds. Should a financial loss occurred????? Ms Lana…????

      1. I learned today that the Court awarded Fireman Schaff all of his back pay + $$$ damages. Sorry for the city, but good for him. He felt his civil rights were violated and the Court agreed.
        The Council, who legally control the finances in the city, will have to decide how to protect the taxpayers going forward?! Bonds? I would vote to revoke if possible. Their call.

  11. Politicians don’t like setting protocol for their own behaviors. They essentially represent themselves when it comes to accountability.

  12. The fix is in. Amoeba Spraggins is going to hire Trip Pollis as the new DMR COO. Spineless is as spineless does. Another back door political favor. How romantic that meeting must have been, Sam Pollis whoring out his loser son to a rapidly sinking Amoeba Spraggins. I’m also hearing that the head Amoeba is going to hire another of his church members to help out the executive snack secretary. City of Gulfport is reeking the benefits Of Gulfport First Baptist Church. Their God is great when ignoring state hiring rules and ignoring qualified candidates. Get on the God gravy train. If you want a job a DMR you first have to join First Baptist. Then spend most of the day laying around on the 6th floor mocking and degrading the hard working employees. No wonder Jesus Davis loves it so much he can’t leave. Free golf. Free state vehicle to drive around and burn free tax payers gas while throwing guns out the window like Mardi Gras beads. I guess I’m jealous. But I actually have a backbone and walk upright. Not like these slithering God fearing Christians stealing and raping the public of their hard earned tax dollars. And Rat Pickering is no where to be found. That loser is probably buying his daughter a new BMW for graduating from Ole Miss. And planning the next Pickering vacation away from all the heathens at DMR with the new Winnebago. And don’t for git dat garage door dear sweet Stacy. The tax payers wouldn’t hear of you living a life of sacarifice. Or actually working for the lifestyle you live. Praise praise the Lord. Oh and bazooka nose Bryant don’t get your nose too close to those lawn mowers. A series of unfortunate anatomical side effects could occur. God bless this Confederate flag waving state.

  13. Ok I give up!
    Must you be born and raised here in the Bay or Waveland to have all this dirt encoded on your DNA???? I mean it is like a foreign language, which I excel in. But this is like Dark Shadows or JR and Dallas-lol….

    I am just going back to my burrowing for dirt, and find some new ammo for you howitzers! I admire your commitment and frustration. I moved here in ’96. We stopped for a beer on 90. We told the bartender we were looking for a house on the water (obviously Yanks -actually NC). She said loudly, “well at least you ain’t ni***rs!”….then I saw Klan member drive up in Picayune. I was pregnant and I cried and begged my husband to get me out of this cesspool of hate and ignorance.
    I fell in love with my bayou, my baby and the good people all over. And we came back AND REBUILT ON THE SAME LOT. I love this place but a few parties are warping and cheapening its personality, its eclecticism… is less tolerant, way too expensive for my husband and I to go to Dan B’s for date night like we used to….I grew up in a town of social, political climbers, vicious bunch of narcissists and borderline personalities. The town is a facade, at least near the beach… I told the Council, “Not all growth is good growth” and they were snickering on the inside. Our lots on the water, our lovely rebuilt home on the bayou are all up for sale-too old to fight the hurricane shuffle and looking for a rolling hill or two.

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