There was indeed wailing and gnashing of teeth…

Sure was folks, exactly one week ago there was drama aplenty at the last Bay St Louis City Council meeting. Let’s start with a drive through:

‘No drive-thrus in downtown’ — BSL citizens show up in droves to protest zoning changes ~ Stacey Cato

This location must be cursed, rumor holds by an undiscovered poltergeist type of Native American burial ground for all the controversy it has caused. For instance it seems like just yesterday…..

Ward 4 Councilman’s Interference in Ward 2 dispute between shop owners the talk of the town ~ Doug Handshoe

The irony inherent to this whole drive through dust up was not lost on Miss Kathleen Johnson:

“They” did not want canopies and artists down town. The replacement a corporate drive thru they find totally unpalatable. KARMA

Social media has been buzzing and there is talk of an organized boycott of 200 North Beach Restaurant, one of developer Jim MacPhaille’s portfolio of old town properties. The ‘busy-body’ aspect to this latest dust up amuses. See folks, by my reckoning the MacPhaille train left the station several years ago. They’re to the executing phase of things and a PJ’s on those near corner properties will enhance the entire area. Old Town Bay St Louis is changing and the pace of change is quickening. The worse news is the real estate shakeout is not nearly done. The people I speak with whose opinions I value told me years ago the number one issue coming to Old Town was parking. Population density trends there are no where near the peak given the development that is currently on the books not counting what Mr. MacPhaille plans for the old middle school on Second Street. Parking in Old Town Bay St Louis will only get worse.

For the people of color in Ward 3 gentrification is not a new issue. The same people I speak with whose opinions I value indicate that process will not stop until most all the disadvantaged folks are pushed to the other side of Old Spanish Trail. It is simple supply and demand for real estate at play and Bay St Louis, with its enlightened, socially tolerant atmosphere is attracting people who can pay $200/square foot and more for housing. People from New Orleans that know the French Quarter housing starts at $500/square foot also know a bargain when they see it.

As for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth plus drama, I guess there would be less amusing ways to pass the time.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

3 thoughts on “There was indeed wailing and gnashing of teeth…”

  1. And when ya got clout and the press has not been all “good press”, then you get a feel good article printed in the Big Easy that leaves out all the local nuances: the uproar, the Council meeting, the bad press, the low traffic on Main in the Bay, and threw in a claim about the “failed” businesses that had been those buildings prior failing to mention he almost doubled the rent for the two buildings after he bought them and strangled their business model enforcing a no canopy /artists mandate (yes they both had art galleries in the buildings). Yup – nothing like a little word smithing to overide a threatened boycot of his newly aquired “local” businesses

    1. Stage,
      Increased rent is due to property value increases. If you own anything you would realize that. The more it costs the more it cost to own. Rent is just a valuation of that. Prime Real Estate costs to occupy. Move to a sanctuary city if want cheap rent and all that comes with that!

  2. That’s what snowflakes do! They boycott and pity pot their way to failure, if it is different than what they want. They are, apparently, not very successful in their current business models but dare anyone to do anything different.
    McPhaile as far as I know hasn’t asked for a hand out unlike a lot of the main street businesses. Although he controls more property than they do, he does not try to control what they do on their property although they try to on his.

    They need to re-evaluate their business models and products and look at themselves as the problem for a change. I would bet that their business would improve.

    The Main Street Cartel does not welcome all unless they fit into their lil misfit box.

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