Bay St Louis Civil Alert: Break out the Hip Waders, It’s getting deep

We have this from the last Bay St Louis Council meeting:

Bay residents urge city to keep Joan Thomas on school board ~ Stacey Cato

I watched the last Council meeting live stream and Stacey’s story was short a couple of paragraphs because not everyone that spoke was highlighted in her coverage. For example one of Ms. Thomas’ former students speak on her behalf which is a testimony to how well respected she is by her former students and that speaks well to her time as a teacher in the Bay Waveland Schools.

Another of the public speakers on the topic of the school board appointment was David Wells, who I thought did exceptionally well making his points in a way that most respectful of Ms. Thomas. For those that are uninitiated in the ways of a Facebook live stream is the audience gets throw cyber-rotten tomatoes in the form of emojis such as angry emoji, the ‘rolling on the floor laughing my ass off’ (ROTFLMAO) emoji etc and sure enough when Mr. Wells started his remarks so did the rotten tomatoes. Then something happened about half way into his time when the assembled audience in the Council chambers were told of the declining, abysmal accreditation scores at the elementary schools and let out an audible gasp. Mr. Wells spoke to nut and bolt issues and never in fact mentioned Ms. Thomas once by name in his remarks. It was very well done.

The point I want to make is a bit over a week ago I predicted there would be a change on the school board and I stand by that prediction. Here Slabbed has no inside intel, no leaks as to who Mayor Favre is appointing other than knowing it will not be Ms. Thomas. Somehow though, things have gotten nasty. As we have this public service alert from Facebook:

Chenaey Beaugez Cody, please change your settings so that we have the ability to share the post. Better yet, make it public.

Enter Ms. Courtney “Cody” Thomas, Trustee Thomas’ daughter with new information that Ms. Beaugez thought needed to be seen widely:

So, apparently, someone paid to spam the residents of the Bay-Waveland area with a text in attempt to disparage my mother, Joan Thomas. I will say three things:
1. It is disgusting that these people are using the school board to push their own political agendas.
2. Every vote that my mother cast was done with the best interest of the children of the BWSD in mind.
3. I challenge them to put the resume of ANY applicant next to Joan’s resume. Not lies, nor innuendo, but a side-by-side comparison of qualifications.

Councilman Smith offered his sympathies:

Larry Smith oh I am so sorry this has happened..i know it happened to you too! My heart goes out to you and your mom.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage…

Sorry folks that was last post. What I mean is the Ca Ca is getting very deep.

The Irony!

See, it seems just like yesterday when Cody was telling Councilman Smith some whoppers about her education credentials back when the Library system was topical here at Slabbed. Turns out Slabbed was also covering one of the first official acts of then new Mayor Mike Favre’s administration in appointing Vicki Arnold to the Bay Waveland School Board. At that meeting, speaking to those assembled in chambers about Mrs. Arnold’s appointment was none other than Ms. Courtney Thomas, who said some pretty nasty things about Mrs. Arnold and her capacity to serve on the school board. Cody’s comments are there for everyone to see in the City’s Facebook Livestream timeline for those wishing to go back to July, 2017. This is what I wrote back then:

For all the venom that was spewed behind the scenes and somewhat in public comments last night, I heard not one reason why Arnold was unfit for the position.

At this point I’d like to introduce the pot to the kettle and close with this.

Treat others as you want them to treat you. This is what the Law and the Prophets are all about ~ Matthew 7:12

Sounds like we have another week of drama on tap folks.

87 thoughts on “Bay St Louis Civil Alert: Break out the Hip Waders, It’s getting deep”

  1. I am impressed with the change of format the current administration is using to make public appointments. They ran an ad in the city’s Facebook page asking for citizens who would be willing to offer their time and energy to the position of School Board Trustee.
    Bay St. Louis did not invent this idea. Other coastal cities do the same, but at least they got on board.
    The Mayor is reviewing resumes, and will announce his nomination for Council to
    vote next Tuesday, February 20, in plenty time for the new Trustee to be sworn in at the March 12 School Board meeting.
    The city officials are adhering
    to State Law regarding the appointment of Trustees in a Municipal Separate School
    District, which is what we have.
    They should be congratulated and supported for protecting the process.

  2. As I said at the last City Council meeting, I’d like to see job postings and board postings on the local paper. That’s the traditional method of letting the public know what is available. The city’s website has been a disaster for near a year, and many people don’t use Facebook, including a couple of councilmen.
    The Echo is consistent. There were three department head positions open recently, many in public works, and our police department is withering.
    Time to allow all to apply, not just friends, relatives, and those in the know.

    1. Rachael, while many may agree that positions be posted in a more public forum, you may want to consider your delivery when making any recommendation. Your derogatory comments in reference to “not just friends, relatives, and those in the know” have been and will continue to be friends, relatives, and those in the know in our small community. Everyone knows everyone in this town. Because we have such a small town, we also happen to have a lot of people that are related to one another…..Shocker! Refer back to prior administration. Lots of friends, relatives, and people in the know. I commend anyone that seeks a position in the workforce in BSL. However, chances are, they will probably “know someone” where they are applying. Does that make them not qualified? (side note… our police department was crumbling long before Mayor Favre took office)

      1. Thanks.
        While we live in a small town, we do not all know all 11,000 people. That’s the entire point, thanks for making it. The person who gets the job might be a friend, or a relative, within the nepotism laws, but are they the BEST person? We’ll never know until we cast a wider net and all is all to know and apply. That’s not derogatory, it’s fair.
        BSLPD has had problems in the past, but now is a new low that needs to be dealt with ASAP.

        1. Rachael
          Police Dept. at a new low!!!
          Are you serious????????
          I may not agree with somethings said Here and there
          BUT this is the dumbest comment I have heard in a while.

          Payroll Fraud
          Confiscated guns being sold
          A fraud drug account
          Police brutality & chief brutality
          Who was the number 2 man all this time.

          Now it’s at a all time low.
          WOW , Need some of that cool aid your sipping on. Or guzzling.

          Resistance of mayor, new chief & assistant. Yep
          From who!
          DiNardos & Les’s cronies. Yep
          Give em time unless you know how to do it overnight & then I’m sure theywould love to hear how.

          Sorry , just lost on this one.

    2. Rachel,

      Come on, I voted for you-and you can not see through the scheme by now! I was giving you the benefit of doubt but you do now that the paid political announcement that was sent out is the school board pres. neighbor-just like his last appointee-the three will all be in arms reach of one another.
      as for as city web site-all part of the mayor transparency-there is NO Transparency
      outsourcing of everything-
      do you get it-
      you have been duped by da farve

      1. Womantowoman,
        Your post to Rachel shows exactly how out of touch you are with the Bay Waveland School District. Fact: MIKE BELL is the School Board President Fact: Mike Bell and School Board Trustee Mark Kidd are neighbors. They live right behind each other. Fact: Former Mayor, Les Fillingame appointed Trustee Casey Favre Fact: Former Mayor, Les Fillingame did not reappoint Maurice Singleton. He had several opportunities to do so at City Council Meetings.

        Also, have you made an appointment with the mayor to suggest some of your ideas about transparency? He has always been very approachable and seems to have an open door policy. Instead of telling Rachael she has been “duped by da farve,” (his name is spelled FAVRE btw) I encourage you to call your mayor and visit him….share your positive suggestions. I am certain that he would welcome your feedback. Jump off the bandwagon of cry babies.

        1. Alice, Yes, Les Fillingame did appoint Maurice Singleton initially in March of 2012. He screwed up his reappointment this past March. The Board operated with 4 Trustees until Mike Favre appointed Vicky
          Arnold last July. And it really makes no difference if Bell and Kidd are neighbors. They are both elected by the voters in Waveland as opposed to the Bay Trustees being appointed by city officials. Bell didn’teven support Kidd in the election. He supported Cami Cornfoot; brought her to meet me asking for my support. Those are the facts.

          1. Lana, Les had several months to make the reappointment of Maurice, and he failed to do so. Thankfully, Mike Favre appointed Vicky Arnold to the board, as she has done an outstanding job and is a great representative. I agree 100 percent about Bell and Kidd being neighbors…who cares as long as they are making well informed decisions and doing what is right by the Bay-Waveland School District. Sad to say that they are NOT doing what they were elected to do. Believe me, Bell supported Kidd 100%…he might not have wanted you to know that, but he indeed supported Mark Kidd and has supported him time and time again. Cami Cornfoot is another follower of the pack. Regardless, I hope the Mayor considers the voting record (in terms of the School Board) of Joan Thomas and the poor decisions she has made since serving on this board.

            1. Alice, I heard Les dumped Maurice for backing out of running against Reed. Remember Les was picking the next Council, he and his
              ” followers!”
              Vicky is a fine person. I was very disappointed in Council President, Doug Seal, allowing the 3rd Ward supporters of Maurice to malign Vicky’s reputation as a school district employee. Courtney Thomas was the worst
              suggesting Vicky didn’t
              perform her duties and did others have to do her job!! Doug allowed that. Very disappointing.
              Vicky probably did her job and 3 other people’s.
              Doug is still Council Pres. which concerns concerns me for this coming Tues. Who knows what will be allowed to be said about the Mayor’s nominee if it is not Joan. Hope someone on Council calls for decorum
              and a point of order if things start going south like they did last July.

      2. Woman to woman,
        evidently it matters where you live , not the decisions you make.

        $1,000,000 plus on a 4 year contract plus another $500,000 plus for the 2nd assistant superintendent!!!
        2 assistant superintendents. Why??
        Because of her vote & who the 2nd assistant is.

        $1,500,000 plus for THREE Employees for 4 years!!!
        Reappoint Thomas. Lord I hope not.

        The y cut the middle school’s assistant principal & some teachers from that school to help fund this BS!!!

        Again look at the votes. Not where one lives.

        For you information the School board pres. lives in Waveland.
        Maybe the three can ride together and save fuel. 😜😜😜

        Because of web page sabotaged by Blogez.
        If you attend meetings you would know discussion on this has been taking place, it will be done soon.

        What has been outsourced??

        Sound like anti Farve no matter what he does.

        So far I’ll give the mayor & the council credit for one thing, doing what they believe is best for ALL of the Bay not just a few and no I don’t agree with all of the decisions.
        Making tough decisions isn’t easy & popular. At least they ain’t promising the world or hiring unqualified employees for a VOTE!!

      3. Another side note: This community elected a NEW Mayor and FIVE NEW Council members. If that doesn’t speak for the people in this community wanting change, I do not know what does. Remember, change doesn’t happen over night.

        1. Alice,
          Great point. But the real enigma here is the ones who were satisfied with the status quo and voted against the new ones are now making political demands on the candidates they campaigned against!!!
          As my Mother used to say
          ” these people lack sense, but they sure have nerve!”

      4. Thanks.
        I gave Mike Favre and the new city council six months to get up to speed. Times up.
        The city website has been out for way too long. Only now are bids being taken. That’s a disaster. I’ve advocated hiring in house IT staff instead of spending a great deal of money on a contract. Hire someone who will be with us for a long while, hopefully.
        Frankly, my focus has been money, spending, accounting for the money, and planning for the future. I believe the school board members should be elected, as they are in Waveland. I did not receive, and have not seen the poison pen letter or email, so I can’t comment on it specifically. I will say they are despicable. If you can’t sign your name, don’t write your opinion .
        I’m not seeing the transparency I hoped to see, no doubt. I’ve voiced that, as well.
        I’m interested in specifically how you think I’ve been duped. Curious.
        Email me at
        [email protected].
        We’ll talk.

  3. Seems feathers are ruffled because things may be changing.
    Blowgez, Olivers, Larry & others on Courtney’s bandwagon again.
    She burned them with lies last time with the library BS & will do it again with school board lies.

    School Board :
    Voted to pay a NON school board members travel to Colorado with Tax Payers Money !! Against their attorney’s recommendation. ?$$$$$$$??
    Voted for a superintendent against their attorney’s & Ethics Commission’s recommendation because of her brother is over the money$$$$$$
    Voted for a second assistant superintendent because of the above. $$$
    Who is this person related to??

    Rachael, You on nepotism all the time, look this up!! Another Godchild?? Of a board member.
    Bet all this money doesn’t add up to all of the money you talk about in city hall with the past mayors son & daughter!!!!!! $600,000 for one person!!!!! With the schools.

    Gave a 4 year contract extension to the superintendent against their attorney’s recommendation because it was done in executive session & was NOT on the agenda. $$$$$$$

    This one contract will cost the tax payers about $600,000 because we have a second assistant superintendent !!!!!!
    $600,000!!!! $600,000 !!!!!!!
    Wake TF Up !!!!! $600,000 for this boards screw up. Just one screw up. This was done Even after their attorney & the state ethics commission told them not to!!!
    ALL Public Record !!!!

    No Telling What Else Is Out There!!!!

    Is this what we want ??
    Is this the Best interest of our children??
    Why people don’t live here when they take a job here??
    Reappoint again. Why?

    Waveland, Wake up, Bell is no different. The ring leader!!!!!

    Wake Up
    Appoint someone for our children , our teachers , not a person who’s interest is for ONE individual.
    Clean this board up and spend the money where it should be spent.
    On Our Children 🙏🙏🙏

    1. You nailed it all Stone! Bravo… the Les Losers Legion just stirring the roux and they will get burnt again with their lies. Courtney the mouth of non facts, Larry the dodo bird needs to keep driving Jumpjump Josh in his golf cart looking for flouride leaks…. how about term limits on School Board?

      1. And what is worse, those same detractors don’t even understand what they are complaining about! It is comical.

        1. Thanks.
          I gave the current mayor and council six months to get up and running. I feel like that’s fair.
          Time’s up.
          Honestly, my focus is more on money and budget, as I stressed during the campaign.
          I believe we should elect our school board representatives, like Waveland. Who Mike Farve appoints is only his choice. Not a very democratic, or transparent idea. Let’s change the rule.
          The website is a bone of contention I’ve talked about for months. Bids are being taken, finally. My recommendation has been to hire our own IT person/people. That’s an investment in local people who will stay with us longer than a contract.
          I didn’t get the poison pen letter, text, email that went out, so I can’t speak to it. I will say, they are always despicable, and if unsigned cowardly.
          My email is [email protected].
          Happy to discuss, duped by no one.

          1. Rachael,6 months is fair and a good time frame.

            Focus on money, main concern for years.
            Still is a concern, not sure you go to the meetings or try to watch but if you do you should know a lot of bills & problems were carried over from the previous administration and this council and mayor are trying to deal with them.
            Positions are not being filled,
            Positions are not being replaced when some leave,
            But some wine because there are openings not filled when one leaves. Some scream to fill them.
            Maybe just maybe these positions are being consolidated to save money or create a needed position. Go talk to him.

            Have not seen the council or mayor ask for anything not needed for the city.
            Do you know how much has been saved on salary alone in the first 4 months???
            I don’t but if you find out please let us know.

            School board choice is the mayors choice in bsl.
            He did not make this rule.
            Understand and don’t agree with it also but don’t jump on that band wagon.
            Bet he wishes he didn’t have to make these decisions. Let’s hope he doesn’t appoint for votes.
            If you remember the previous council looked into what it would take to change this, put it to a vote.
            He was part of that.

            IT person, They have talked about creating a position for this at the meetings. Maybe your idea, I don’t know.
            But where will they get the money?
            Consolidate jobs? Not fill positions when one leaves? Or hire for votes as in the past. Oh but some want to fill existing openings.

            Not sure of poison pen letter,
            I received a message for support of another person, stating nothing against Ms. Thomas but look at her voting record. And to put the students first. I agree. Nothing bad about her but some want to start a pity support for her. Just like the library. Remember.
            Don’t buy the pity song and dance.

            But I do hope you continue to watch over them & keep them straight.
            Do hope they continue to move forward, like you, I wish it was a little quicker.
            Hope they continue to work together & agree to disagree with ea. other.

            Doug, Lana, Rachael, Alice and the rest, thanks for the information y’all share.

  4. I understand teachers are calling city officials begging for a change on School Board. They are reluctant to speak out publicly.
    When the majority of the School Board voted this past Feb. to give an unprecedented 4 year extension on contracts to Superintendent Vicky Landry and her brother, Business Administrator, John McCraw, that vote cost the taxpayers
    $1,085,000.00. UNBELIEVABLE!!
    One nay vote— Bay Trustee Casey Favre.
    We need change in Waveland too!! Nothing to be proud if there.
    These facts are well known to those of us who bother to regularly attend School Board meetings as opposed to those who are bloaviating and issuing threats on the Mayor and Council on the Sea Coast Echo Facebook page!
    They reside in LaLa land. One has never set foot in a public school and has her children in Catholic School. If Ms. Thomas is so effective as a School Board trustee, hand your kids over for her to educate!!

    1. Lana,
      You are on point! Waveland should be disgusted with their elected Trustees. The citizens of Bay Saint Louis should be shouting from the roof tops that we need someone in there that will do what is in the best interest of the children, staff, and school district. Joan Thomas has done nothing but follow the lead of pure ignorance. WE want change!!!

  5. The School Board has taxing authority. They should be voted in by the public. Then they will answer to the voting public whether you have children in school or not.

    1. Stupid,
      I don’t disagree. Tell that to our local state representatives, Baria and Moran. The legislature developed the legal procedures for placing school board trustees.

    2. Stupid Does, Agree 110%, should be voted on.
      Until that happens just hope voting records & actions of board members be the deciding factor if available.
      Please don’t appoint for votes.
      Think of the children.
      Don’t be a Buzzard & fly with many,
      Be the Eagle & fly solo.
      Do what’s right for the kids.

  6. Usually when people start throwing children into politics it is just the high road to get something. The biggest problem is uninvolved parents. It u do not change something nothing will change we all know the cliche! Money and resources will not fix anything without parental involvement. In Hancock county we have to educate a bad environment of kids with no familial leadership. We already know paying big money fixes nothing

  7. Watching, I agree children’s should not be politically exploited, but it’s next to impossible to have s debate on a school board appointment without children being part of the equation. The current academic ratings of our two elementary schools is growing worse.
    And lack luster parents didn’t
    just arrive on the scene. They
    were there when the ratings were better than now.
    It is a reality that must be addressed.

  8. Lana, tell me it ain’t so.
    Did anyone hear Mike Bell endorse Thomas for the school board at tonight’s board meeting.
    What is he trying to hide or what doesn’t he want to go public
    He did his best to keep singleton on there. Dogged the other lady to everyone he could.

    So he may have to repay singleton’s trip to Colorado.
    Went against attorney & ethics commission recommendation on brother (finance)! sister (superintendent) act.
    May have to repay.
    4 year contract.
    2 assistant superintendents.
    What else?

    Like to have some of his cool aid too.
    He must have guzzled it before the meeting.

    Rachael, you on the mayors ass about spending, transparency & the PD being at the all time low ( not sure how much you guzzled before making that statement).
    But you don’t say jack about this school board. Except we should vote for them.
    Just look at 1 thing:
    4 year contract / 3 employees / $1,500,000 plus for the 3 and your ok with this.

  9. Lana, The only thing you can change are the elected board members. That was the point. Change not only how they are appointed but if appointed set a educational standard or other professional designation and/or experience in budget management.

  10. So I am just tuning in and catching up. Lana, Alice, Stone … YOU ALL ARE SPOT ON. I received the following text:

    “So a friend, Ann Lathrop, recently indicated she had applied for the soon to be vacant position on the Bay-Waveland School Board. There is truly no one more qualified than Ann, as she has recent school experience in the public schools and exemplifies the qualities of a school board member. This is not a message against Mrs. Thomas, but instead a message prompting you to ask yourself ‘are we really benefiting from her voting record.’ Lets do what is best for our school children and not the adults with self serving agendas. Please spread the word.”

    I see no disparaging comment in that message AND have to say that if Mrs. Thomas or her daughter take offense at the indication we should review voting records … SHAME ON THEM. Isn’t that what we all want from our government? A transparent voting record that speaks for itself?

    The NAACP in Hancock County has come out in favor of Mrs. Thomas. On what basis? Is this a meeting of Greg, Paula and Rhonda to decide that they “really like” Mrs. Thomas? Who formulated this decision and how did they know that Mayor Favre did not have another African American in mind? Did they even speak with the Mayor about his intent or the pool of candidates he was considering? No, Mike Bell got them fired up to do something like foolishly support Joan Thomas without rhyme or reason. A public endorsement of Joan Thomas at a school board meeting, how unethical and improper? He should be sanctioned by his fellow board members for that behavior and his foolishness never allowed again.

    I do agree that people voted for change in this last election, and we have to reflect back on “doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results = insanity”. Furthermore, the council’s place is to ratify the Mayor’s appointment. I think it is important that all involved realize that this isn’t a homecoming election, this is a Mayoral appointment. Meaning, a vote of “no” for Ann Lathrop does not equate to a vote of “yes” for Joan Thomas. If Thomas’s name is not recommended, there will be no opportunity for her to serve. Should the council choose to vote “no” to Ann Lathrop, in hopes that Thomas would be reappointed, they would be disqualifying a highly qualified person WITHOUT GOOD REASON. Do away with the popularity contest and vote in a way that makes sense. Everyone is forgetting … Mayor Favre has not made his recommendation yet.

    In regards to 6 months to rehabilitate a city that was filled with misspending, public corruption, unqualified people in positions of power … let’s be real, Mayor Favre is only touching the tip of the iceberg right now. Rome wasn’t built in a day folks. We don’t know how bad it really was and how much work has been done behind the scenes to get it corrected. The Police Department … so much more to come I’m sure and their new leadership team has a long ways to go. But the Les supporters are detractors from positive change. Its time that we all realize that supporting our current Administration, regardless of having supported them in the political arena, is paramount. You’re not supporting Mike Favre’s reelection, you’re not supporting the Democrats, you’re not supporting “da Favre” folks … HOPEFULLY, you’d be supporting our CITY OF BAY SAINT LOUIS.

    1. Right on Grip! Police brutality, DOJ money, negative State Audit Report, finances in disaster, illegal raises, Bldging Dept chaos. Mayor Favre and Council past spent years uncovering and correcting this mess. THAT’S why he ran! Let him continue the resurgence of correctness. Library fiasco was a sham and County held its ground. School Board is next, Public should demand AG to look at entire Board, Adm. and it’s defiance of Ethics and AG Opinions…. Folks should be DEMANDING accountability not popularity!

  11. And the more I think about it, you’re judging the Mayor’s performance based on a website. Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe there may be a bigger strategy involved … possibly a strategy that has a little deeper thinking than “lets create a simple website” to just shut people up.

    Like, what if, the City of Bay St. Louis were to look at an eGovernance solution that created their agenda, posted it online, captured their minutes, archived the audio/video recordings that were captured in a way that all could see and hear clearly … and what if, this solution had all of this information in a searchable format, available online to the public so that any information you ever desired was at the tips of your fingertips. Maybe, just maybe, that would take a little more thought than trying to assemble a website that still requires hours upon hours of manual, redundant labor on the part of the Administration and Council’s staffs?
    There are 20+ vendors out there for eGovernance solutions … maybe just maybe, before rushing to reinvent the wheel, we should explore those options.

    But again, we don’t have a website up in six months times, so the Administration has failed? Think about what we are saying? No offense, but the last city website was horribly composed, looked like it was produced by a sixth grader and had absolutely no functionality of real value. It demonstrated a poor image of Bay St. Louis and was maliciously removed. So why not work to get it right this time!

    1. Blowquez at his finest hour. He maniacal made it his and Leslie’s then sabotaged it more than once while peddling dog asses on City website and time. Everyone in that Bldging ratted him out and glad he’s history

  12. Doug, Lana, ALL
    Read the echo!!!!!!!!
    Evidently Bell, Singleton & Thomas tried to get the Bay/Waveland school board put on probation for their own personal gain.
    Seems they flat out LIED to the education board on Farve.
    They flat out told LIES about the mayors son that sits on the school board.
    Clearly states no findings to support their accusations!!!!!!!!!!!
    They tried to get the BSL school system put on probation!!!! For their personal agenda.
    This is WTF is representing our children.
    Where is the outrage????
    They did their best to discredit the Favre’s, but seems to have backfired.
    Bell , Thomas & Kidd need to step down immediately!!!!!
    Singleton already gone.
    I hope Casey sues there ass for slander!!!!
    They need to be held accountable.
    And for attorney fees to defend their lies!!!!!
    WTF up and demand them to step down.
    Mayor, Please Do Not reappoint Thomas.
    Mayor Smith, push for their resignation!!!
    Council, do not appoint Thomas.
    Alderman, Make them resign.
    Parents , Stand up & support your council and do not let them appoint Thomas.
    Rev. Reed, Lead the way , appoint what’s best for the children. And it’s not Thomas.
    What else has this trio done. Along with singleton.
    Rachael Where you at. Need you to get on this one. Be the leader. Step up at the meeting and push the council & mayor to do what’s right.
    Dont do what’s easy or for votes,
    Do What’s Right.
    Gotta go to work.
    Counting on you Doug , like the administration or not, do what’s right for the kids.
    Call your leaders & be heard.
    Don’t let a few dictate our children’s future.

    1. Woah Stone Cold…..slow down buddy. Humor me for a minute….
      Let’s look back to where all of the turmoil began. It was Becky Ladner and the corrupt board president Ponder. It was a time in which the community was blind and status quo was acceptable. Nepotism was at its highest and the board did what Ponder wanted. Do we really want that again? Shouldn’t we encourage and embrace speaking out, questioning, and holding others accountable, regardless of whether we agree? I, for one, welcome challenges in which ever way tgey are raised. Because, without them, no change actually occurs.

      1. Savage,

        You will note that Favre says the same thing in the Sea Coast Echo article. But vindictively jeopardizing the district’s accreditation status is irreesponsible, immature and stupid. All because Bell likes power!

        1. I apologize. I did not mean nepotism in the familial way. I meant that she used her influence to help friends and control the board. If I remember correctly, the Hancock County Aliance for Good Government was Ponder and Ladner’s biggest crittic, especially when the board voted to give Ladner an unprecedented raise.

    2. Stone,
      Before we assign names to those signing the complaint form, let’s go through the proper channels and think this through clearly.
      First step– The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government will file a Public Records Request for this document Monday. Then we can all see who signed it.
      As good of a reporter as Cassandra is, she omitted that valuable piece of info. Or, her editors omitted it.
      Consider this— if it were actually Board members who filed this, they have revealed how stupid they are.
      The School Board Attorney’s
      successful defense was their own minutes for crying out loud???!!! I can see an ordinary citizen making accusations they may not be able to back up because they lack the know how to research minutes, but Board members??!’
      Don’t they remember what they vote on or READ their own minutes??!! GEEZE.
      If this is Board members, look up the word ” stupid” in the dictionary. Their picture us next to it.
      This was a slam dunk for Artigues!
      Yes, this is going to be fun!
      Will publish document upon receipts of it.

  13. Savage
    There is a difference of speaking out & telling lies for your personal gain.
    Let’s start:
    Singleton attended conference in Colorado as a non board member.
    Paid for by the tax payer.
    Voted for a sister / brother act against their attorney’s & ethics commission recommendation.
    Hired a second assistant superintendent which is singleton’s god child.
    Four year contract.
    Attorney fees not authorized by board.
    You are right with ponder
    BUT this is false / deliberate lying about a colleague for your gain.
    Big difference.
    Fabricating the truth for a few board members own agenda.
    Humor, Not with my kids.
    Hope not yours.

    1. When I said “humor me” I simply meant slow down and logically think through it, not actually humor.
      I’m not going to address the lies because I do not know who filed the complaint. It may or may not have been someone on the board.

      With regard to the conference, do you think that may have been an oversight and not done with ill intent?

      I agree that the decision to continue Landry and her brother was not a wise decision. However, John should never havebeen approved as business director in the first place, considering his sister was over federal programs at the time.

      In my opinion, the second assistant superintendent was a smart move. If you know anything about school funding, you know that there are different “pots” of money that can only be used to pay for certain things. By combining federally funded duties in each assistant superintendent’s job description, the district can use federal funds to pay a large portion of their salaries, thus reducing the need for additional administrators over both Special Education AND Federal programs. As a result, the district can use state and local funds for other things that directly benefit the students.

      Also, what attorney fees? I must have missed that.

      1. Really not sure those names will ever be public record unfortunately, which means those responsible can hide out a little longer … but not for long. So many other issues brewing to tackle.

        There was never a formal “complaint” filed and MDE only did an audit on a single accreditation standard. Which had the district contested it, MDE stood their ground and it gone to a hearing … all of the dirty laundry would have come out.

      2. In terms of “pots of money”, that is the same argument Landry used to justify it. You’d be correct, some money allotted for Special Education and some money allotted for Federal Programs. But you can pay those people in the $75K-$85K range. Give them an assistant superintendent title and that bumps up to the $95K-$98K range.

      3. Savage,
        Having 2 assistant superintendents for this small district is complete and utter ignorance. They cut the assistant principal position at the middle school…the school that was one of the lowest performing schools in the district. The middle school (6th-8th) needs an assistant. For the amount that one assistant makes, $98,000, they could easily employee an assistant principal at the middle school and another teacher for the classroom. They TOOK teachers away from the students!!!! They stacked classes to the hilt!!! Foolishness

        1. FYI and Alice,

          Didn’t they remove the Curriculum Coordinator position? Doesn’t that mean that they split federal programs, special education and curriculum between two people then gave those people a bump in pay for the additional duties? Therefore, they saved on $50k on a full-time salary ($80k – $30 for the raises) add benefits to that and it is a substantial savings. As for removing the Assistant Principal position, I agree. That was a dumb move. There was not reason to eliminate that position. Did they even hire a lead teacher? The principal needs some help. Nonetheless, I still don’t think that having two Assistant Superintendents is a bad idea, considering how they did it.

          1. Savage,

            You seem like a pretty smart person … One would think that by eliminating the Curriculum position at Central Office we saved money. But oooohhhh no. We underhandedly moved a Curriculum Intervention Specialist (CIS) from the Middle School to that position, so Dr. Labat would have someone to delegate these duties to. That’s also why we have a testing coordinator, discipline coordinator, etc all in the big ole Central Office. So, not only have you taken the Assistant Principal from the Middle School, you took an experienced CIS and didn’t give Jenny Seymour a lead teacher. So I’m really glad these two assistant superintendents get to sit back and delegate to these people they bring over with them. If they were truly doing the work, I could see paying them more. But to get paid more for delegating … absurd.

            That’s really my overall point. They have a way of using smoke and mirrors so you never see their magic tricks.

            1. I didn’t realize they moved the CIS from the middle school to C.O. That makes me think they intended for Jenny Seymour to fail. Why else would they eliminate her position at C.O, make her principal, and remove all of the building level support? If that is the case, they also set the students up for failure.

              1. Ya think? I work there and can say, we lost three teachers. We do have a CIS, but she is new to the role.

                But their next answer will be … oh, the CIS from central office teaches a few classes at the middle school. She does, but only because we cut three teaching positions and enrollment really hadn’t changed.

                Landry was so stupid, she stood up in front of the board and said that enrollment at the middle school was down. Nope, it wasn’t. The only one to challenge it was Mr. Favre. Shame on him for questioning such things as a board member.

          2. Savage,
            They shuffled people around. The previous Curriculum Coordinator is now the prinicipal at the Middle School….a position that was left vacant due to Labat being promoted to an assistant superintendent. Take a look at how top heavy the administration is at the central office level, the lack of teachers at the middle school, the class sizes of our students, the discipline problems they have, and let me know if you still think having two assistant superintendents is necessary. They robbed the schools of $480,000+ dollars and didn’t take a dime from the central office. Who did they hurt???? The children!!! The teachers!!! The building administrators!!!

        2. Alice,
          In his Opinion, the AG ruled that the creation of an extra Asst. Super to oversee the Business Administrator was illegal in a School District’s Business Office. The Superintendent, by law has to fulfill that responsibility. That is why it is Nepotism, and he said “one or the other must resign.” I have the document if anyone posting wants to see it. How clear does something have to be? AND, the extra Super they hired has no language in her contract requiring her to oversee Landry’s brother. Her responsibilities list also has nothing requiring that oversight by her.
          The attorney Mike Bell and Landry had come down to manufacture this insanity was not authorized by the Ethics Commission or the AG’s office to speak in an official capacity on State Law. He is just another lawyer running around Miss. misinterpreting the law to suit his clients to the tune of $439 an hour on the back of the tax payers of our School District.
          The School Board meetings are taped. When I made a Public Records Request of the meeting he appeared at in Feb. his statements had been erased from the tape.
          When I confronted Shannon Funk, Landry’s secretary, about this, said she didn’t have the machine on when he spoke????!!!

  14. Grip
    Get rid of the snakes.
    Cut dem heads off.
    Don’t guzzling the cool aid / BS
    Show your support for a change.
    Thomas / Bell / Kidd Needs to go.

    1. Just like Library BS! DOJ BS! Football field drainage? BS! Now this Casey Favre BS BS BS! This man has been saying since he got on there these School Board “home cooking” needs and deals has to stop! So what happens his colleagues report him! BACKFIRED! Mayor Favre don’t appoint Ms. Thomas to again be part of the “good old gang”, appoint someone would knows budgets, management practices, State Statutes and to remember everyday that “gang” she or he represents are the kids that’s walks those halls everyday and the parents who supports this District with their tax dollars…… forget about votes Mr. Mayor, remember values……..

  15. Hey Rachael, haven’t heard from you on the school board BS , Why , because it’s a woman or Bell & Kidd and not a good ole boy or nepotism on the mayor.
    Please tell me you ain’t guzzling Bell’s cool aid. Please
    This is few board members that tried to get the board put on probation. Backfired.
    They must step down.
    Mayor Smith / Alderman , hold them accountable!! Make them step down.
    They tried to Sabotage this school board.
    Our Children.
    Mayor Favre / Councils , do the same
    This is your chance to stand up for our children or future.

    1. Observer,
      You are so right, and we can thank that august body, the Miss. legislature for that. They just have a unique talent for complicating things.

      1. Lana, We can thank the legislature & Waveland for Bell & Kidd??
        Throw ponder into the mix.
        0 for 3.
        Voting is better? Has not been proven lately.
        No Thanks.
        BSL is 1 for 1 in appointments during this short administration’s time.
        Hoping 2 for 2 after Tuesday night.
        But I do agree we should vote but it does not guarantee anything.
        Putting All the students first is a must. Until than, we will continue to fail them.

  16. So the NAACP should feel disgraced by the post they are allowing Joan Thomas to make. First and foremost, the NAACP shouldn’t endorse any candidate without knowing who the others being considered are. I’ve seen it asked, and will ask again … has anyone spoken to Mayor Favre about who he was considering OR did they just start this rant because Mike Bell convinced them it was a good idea.

    Furthermore, let’s look at this. A select few from NAACP make all the decisions and speak for the African American community as a whole. Ridiculous. That is as absurd as Bruce Northington insinuating he speaks for the entire St. Rose church community. I am a parishioner of St. Rose and have to say, I was never asked.

    I’ve only heard that Mrs. Thomas is a good Christian woman. I know from experience, that is not the case.

    Now, this text circulating around … get a grip people. There was nothing derogatory in that text. Furthermore, for dumbass to request “an investigation” into the source of numbers … Good luck! No reason behind that request.

    Now to the NAACP’s most recent post, the statement that Mike Favre indicated he would not reappoint Joan Thomas … Not sure I ever heard that said. And if Mrs. Thomas took offense because she had to reapply and interview for the position … well duh, would you expect a new Mayor to base his appointment on his predecessor. NOPE.

    And the fact that she is disappointed because they asked about school security and financial matters … Um, would you not think in the wake of FL, getting an idea where people stand on those two issues is rather important. While I agree, the appointee doesn’t have to vote like Mr. Favre wants him/her to vote, they should have some common ground as it relates to fiscal responsibility of tax payer dollars. DUH.

    But he didn’t ask about your educational philosophy Mrs. Thomas? Well that would be stupid. You aren’t in the classroom any more. You should be thinking at a much higher level.

    I agree with Get A Grip, Lana, Stone Cold and so many others. It is becoming quite obvious that Bell, Kidd and Thomas are the motley crew that needs to have someone show them the proper way to conduct business. Waveland residents, no doubt Bell and Kidd will support CC in her campaign for the next spot. That would be a stupid decision on your part. That is if you all are dumb enough to elect Kidd to you Board of Alderman.

    Someone above said it … WHEN ARE WE GOING TO START FOCUSING ON DOING WHAT’S RIGHT? Plain and simple. Kind of like our country needs to quit focusing on how much they dislike our President and support the initiatives that matter most.

    1. FYI, Lana, Doug
      Budget / Students/ Teachers / Administration

      Safety Students / Teachers / Administration


      Upset she was asked about 3 very important concerns.

      Qualifications, Would think this should have been on her resume.

      Can’t imagine being asked such small minded questions.
      $20,000,000 budget

      What were they thinking.
      Mayor, I dare you ask me something important.

      Let me see what you were doing in 1965.
      Or who you taught in 1980
      This is what sits on the board now.

      Questions by a panel, Like it.
      The mayor and 3 professionals.
      Wonder if other interviews were handled the same.
      Same questions asked.
      Maybe some can handle it others can’t and cry foul play.
      I’ve been on interviews with 3 and as may as 6 at the table asking questions.
      One thing about it is they can call BS if is BS.
      Back to work

    2. FYI,
      Couldn’t have said it better myself. I really wish the public would educate themselves and read the minutes of the school board meetings and how Joan Thomas has consistently NOT voted in the best interest of our children, administration, and staff. The minutes for all of the school board meetings are available on the district website. You don’t have to make an appointment to get them or request them. They are public knowledge. These BS attempts to say that she didn’t vote for this or that is just another one of her shananigans. She never addressed her voting for an unqualified superintendent, extending the superintendent’s contract another 4 years, voting to cut funding from our schools, voting to have 2 assistant superintendents that make $98,000 each…the list goes on and on and on. I commend the Mayor for having a board of educated individuals sitting in on the interviews….smart move! This is a fine example of being transparent and keeping others involved with the decision making.

      1. Its unfortunate that those minutes don’t even tell the whole story. So much more to learn from being at meetings and hearing it first hand. What I have experienced, Favre and Arnold will definitely make their intentions clear, in a very public way.

  17. Congrats to Mayor Mike Favre for conducting the best search for School Board Trustees that I have ever witnessed, and I have seen plenty.
    It’s called being transparent and accountable.
    Joan and the NAACP are complaining because a new candidate wouldn’t be asked questions on voting?
    It’s called being an incumbent!
    A new candidate doesn’t have a voting record to explain or defend. That attitude alone is revealing– the ” eternal victim” thinking.
    The School Board handles a $25 million budget– way larger than the city.
    That us why we need good people.
    I don’t expect our public officials to be perfect. They are human and will make mistakes sometimes, but my litmus test
    If you are lazy, lawless, or reckless with my tax dollars–
    you gotta go!!

  18. Lana, while I haven’t weighed in on much … “If you are lazy, lawless, or reckless with my tax dollars –
    you gotta go” hits the damn nail on the head.

    I think everyone needs to take a step back and realize one thing: This is the Mayor’s appointment, and it is his job to do what is in the best interest of our school children. By forcing his hand at an appointment, we are taking away his accountability factor as well. Meaning, if in 3 years, our schools are in shambles because he left Mrs. Thomas there because of peer pressure, I’m sure no one will say “oh, that’s okay, he was doing what we told him to do.” Um, we elected him to make decisions.

    Furthermore, the council must come to realize … the option before them is not Joan Thomas OR some other candidate. The option before them is “Is whoever the Mayor recommends qualified for the position?” I think we must keep reminding ourselves, ABSENT OF GOOD REASON to vote no, it is the council’s duty to ratify the Mayor’s appointment. At this point, we are all assuming he won’t recommend Joan Thomas (which why would he, given that the former Mayor appointed him and she obviously takes offense at everything he does) … but why should we disqualify a person who does meet the criteria for the job and has the potential to do wonderful things for our schools. Its kinda like my old believe … do you take the known versus the unknown. We know what Thomas has done and what she has failed to do. We know the detriment it has caused to our schools. Now is time to open this up to a new person.

    Mike, I only hope you don’t allow pressure from NAACP and the pigment of someone’s skin to determine your recommendation.

  19. Get After It,
    All excellent points, but let’s also not forget that Mayor Favre has one more appointment next year, and possibly one at the end of this year if Waveland Trustee, Mark Kidd, runs successfully again for Alderman this Fall. If he wins, he will have to resign from the School Board under the separation of powers statute.
    Under State law, the Mayor of the larger of the two cities in the School District appoints an interim to fill the remainder of Kidd’s term.
    Favre just has to find a good person in Waveland.
    Who knows there may be a good African American that would be willing to serve?
    I don’t know if Waveland has ever elected an African American citizen to public office, but Mayor Favre could offer one the chance to serve and make history for our city.
    Bay St. Louis has a minority Ward. We do not, so this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for Waveland.
    Worth the search and effort on Favre’s part to me as a Waveland voter.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. I have not heard this being an issue of race, as it should not be. I’ve only heard that some are trying to make it an issue of race because that is the easier path to take. I guess when you don’t vote well, don’t represent well and don’t bother to hold yourself accountable to the taxpayers, you end up needing to take that easy path.

      1. I’m a believer of the NAACP period.. if Ms. Thomas wanted a Press Release, Release it to all as such… seems that she, her daughter and others would “worked” against Mayor Favre wants to speak thru the NAACP. Unfair to the NAACP and the African Americans who do not support her…. if you are a public appointed or elected you represent all races, genders and creeds. If you can’t speak for yourself, you surely can’t speak, vote or administrate independently FOR our children!!! This is about CHILDREN not CAUSES…..

        1. Oh, me too. I agree 100%, but there has to be a process. The NAACP shouldn’t just be three or four people meeting in the back room to make these decisions. The NAACP speaks for all African Americans, and ultimately you have three or four running the show. Hell, in this instance, you have three or four discriminating against any other minority that possibly would have wanted to apply for this position. From what I hear, the same things go on at St. Rose Church as well. The many get steamrolled by the few. Bull crap!

  20. So I asked Mr. Casey Favre about allegation #2 in MDE’s list … What direction did you give to a district employee. His response: “As the board chair, I told them they should follow the district’s policy for any out going employee of the school district as it relates to access to buildings and information systems.”

    So you mean to tell me that he said “protect our kids information” and we think that was a bad decision?

    Maybe the council needs to reflect back on the departure of Blogeauz (as you all refer to him) and his sabotage of the city’s website. Some on people, this stuff is just damn common sense.

    1. Because apparently this all relates to Ladner’s sudden departure from the school district. Which tells me lots of fishiness playing into this nonsense.

      Looks like MDE’s initial response was stupid. But kuddos to them for manning up to say “our bad, we take it back.” Not many state agencies would admit their mistakes.

      To Singleton, Thomas, Bell & Kidd … BAM

  21. So I have just caught up on all of these comments, and I too received this text message. It ended with Spread the word! I have to admit, folks better step and SPREAD THE WORD. Seems like we are in so much more trouble than I realized or even knew. This has to end and it has to end quickly.

    1. The sad part of “spread the word” is that you have people who are scared to voice their opinions due to retaliation. They don’t have the NAACP representing them.
      I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but I’m disgusted that this has turned into an issue of race instead of….Who will be the best representative for the Bay Waveland School District??? Let that sink in people. White, black, Asian…who cares?!?!? Mr. Mayor, appoint the best representative!

  22. I talked to the Mayor today and he told me he was going to nominate the best person to fill the position. He did not say who it is but I do not believe it is going to be Mrs Thomas.

  23. TeacherTantrum,

    She “teaches” classes? Meaning that she isn’t even able to perform full-time CIS duties? Hmmmm That’s interesting. I have a sneaking suspicion that she teaches classes some of the time so she can be payed as 1/2 of a teacher unit with MAEP funds. It is all starting to make sense now. (Sorry for the delay. This is my first time on this site) I hope the next person appointed to the board is someone who TRULY understands the funding and planning of public education. The biggest problem we have (other than small town politics and the good ole boy system), in my opinion, is that our current board, and most citizens, look at education funding and resource allocation from a business perspective. Education funding is much different. It is all about utilizing the funds from the different “pots” in the most effective way to meet the needs of our students. It isn’t about hiring consultants because Title 2 pays for professional development. Nor is it about reducing teacher units to save money. It is about strategic planning and involving all stakeholders. Why are decisions being made in isolation? Are the building principals, teachers, parents, and community members involved in the decision making process? Any leader who has gone through a decent education administration program knows the first step is to get buy-in.

    1. Savage,
      Tbe Board approves the budget presented by the Superintendent and her brother/business manager. Conflict of interest??? Hhhmmm ….Joan Thomas, Mike Bell, Mark Kidd surely don’t think so.
      To answer your question about teachers, parents, and community members having input….the answer to that is a big fat NEGATIVE!!! (Unless you consider Joan Thomas and her educational experience, Mike Bell being a parent, and Mark Kidd being a community member!) It’s all a big damn joke an no one has the kahoonas to go before the COUNCIL and the MAYOR and air all of the underminding BS that has taken place with these clowns. Mind as well go ahead and throw Mr. Singleton into this mix as well. Don’t think for one second he hasn’t had his hand in this foolishness.

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