There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth….

And lets not forget drama too, all next Tuesday at the Bay St Louis City Council meeting.

In other news roll him over and scratch his belly for that is all he desires. If you’re a schmuck that was promised a speed bump or canal dredging in exchange for your vote, welp, you folks are screwed.

55 thoughts on “There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth….”

    1. I did extensive rrsearch om this when I was planning to run, so I think I understand it, lol.
      The law says that a person cannot be a direct supervisor of a certain relative. This usually means husband, wife, mom, dad, child, or sibling. Remember the school board deal where they created a 2nd assistant superintendant.
      There is a second part to the law too, which says an elected official cannot receive a direct or indirect benifit, financial or otherwise because their vote. Nephew falls into that category, however, in bsl, the mayor does not vote. Yes, the mayor hires and fires, but the budget and/or raises, perks, etc, etc, are approved by the counsel. Therefore, the counsel is techinally, the body controlling the purse strings. Yes, the counsel sets a budget and the mayor hires, but the counsel can, and has eliminated positions, thus firing people in a defacto way.
      If you remember, the last two bsl mayors both had children working for the city. Perfectly legal, as long as the relative is financially independent of the elected official and said official does not vote on matters pretaining to them.
      So we know it’s okay for the mayor’s kin, but what about counsel. Same principal. That is why you see counsel members leave the room during certain votes.
      In Waveland, an alderman’s son works for the city. In the county, I’ve seen several supervisors leave the room because of votes on kin.
      My case was a little different, tho.
      Since it was my wife who works at the city, any vote on her pay or any benifits would also be considered a benifit to me, because in Mississippi, husband n wife are considered one (indirect benifit). In a case like that, the law also says leaving the room is not enough, because in that case, any vote by the governing body which gives another elected offical a benifit is not allowed. An example of this would be, that councelman A leaves the room on a vote related to a businesd he owns. The rest of the counsel then votes to give councelman A’s company a $20,000 tax abatment–not allowed, lol.
      It’s complicated, but it happens in many small towns, lol.
      BTW, nobody told me that, I researched it on my own. I could have ran, but I knew it was a violation. Did’nt need Doug finding out two yrs later, haha!
      Hope this helps Rach,
      Double D

      1. D,
        The Director of the Ethics Commission issued an Opinion which was backed up by the AG, that in the School District Business Office, you cannot create an extra ” Supervisor” to for a relative.
        This can be done at lower levels of the District, but not in the Business Office where, by law, the Superintendent is responsible for all employees.
        Of course, the Super has the majority of the Board eating out of her hand, so they voted 3 to 2 to tell the State Officials to take a hike!
        Hopefully this illegal fiasco will end this month by action of the Bay St. Louis Mayor and Council.
        I have the documents if you want to review them.

        1. Nepotism doesn’t apply here because employee is not directly related, was gainfully employed BEFORE “elected” official took office. He is hourly and has Civil Service protection. He has not been named HR Director but is and has been performing duties as such! He like the other 💯 plus employees serve under the guidelines of City Clerk, the #2 person in BSL city government. AG’s Office has already opined on this from past BSL clarify requests.

          1. Thanks, Happy, for the clarification.
            Now, the only question that remains is:
            Does the “acting”HR Director have the education, training
            and experience to handle this very serious position for the City. If so, all is well?!

          2. Why is a “gainfully employed” person going to work for a political entity headed by a elected parent?

            If that parent is a truly successful businessperson who is taking a pay-cut to truly “give back” to his or her community and the child is an equally-successful person who is also taking a pay-cut to help, that is one thing. On the other hand, when mom or dad get elected and the next thing you know, one or more of the kids wind up on the payroll in a nebulous position, that’s a problem. But what about the whole spectrum between the two poles? That is why nepotism laws exist. And for the wags, no, Trump and his kids are not a good example – in fact, they are a piss-poor, terrible example, whatever your thoughts on each of them individually.

            At the end of the day, the chances that a child of an elected official is the best possible candidate for the job are very, very small and moreover, most folks truly trying to “give back” to their personal financial detriment are keenly aware of the appearance of such things. Kids working for executive-branch parents is a bad idea.

            1. Would you care to elaborate on why Trump’s kids are a terrible example of why nepotism laws exist? Does it include his son-in-law?

              1. Trump’s kids seem to be intelligent and hard-working enough in general terms, and they certainly didn’t need a paycheck, but the optics are terrible and they have no special skills they can provide the executive branch that no other person could possibly provide. My choice of words was not the best. I meant to convey that, in my opinion, Trump’s kids (and especially including his son-in-law) would be a terrible example to use to SUPPORT children working for elected parents, i.e., they are examples of why nepotism laws exist and properly-drafted laws do not make exception for the fact that the child doesn’t need a job or even takes a pay-cut with the job.

              1. Thanks for the clarification Nunn. I wholeheartedly agree. With the total lack of transparency attached to this administration, their “employment” is terrible optics, plus it only reinforces the opinion of folks like me who think they spend most of their time working on deals to support their family businesses. Nice gig if you can get one.

              2. This reply is to Frederick Kudzu, but there is no “Reply” button under his.

                Actually, the Trump administration is pretty transparent as administrations go (much more so than the Obama administration), often to its members’ detriment. From what I can tell, the Trump kids and Kushner’s involvement is primarily a simple continuation of how they did things in private business, as do many other successful families. And in privately-owned companies, that is fine and even admirable. Sure, one can argue that the Fed ought to be run more like a private business and in some aspects, it should. But in other aspects, it simply cannot be operated like one, and this is one of those aspects.

                It would be fine to have two family members working in unrelated areas of the same branch or in other branches (neither supervisory of the other), but the POTUS is the Chief Executive of the executive branch and as such, there is no place in the executive branch in which family members could work where Trump wouldn’t be their boss.

        2. Lana, do not wait to share your information with the Mayor and the Council. Your voice needs to be heard again and again. There are many of us that support you. You call a spade a spade, and for that, we appreciate you! The Council needs to know the FACTS before Mayor Favre makes his recommendation. They need to be educated on the poor decisions that have come from these 3-2 votes in the recent months and make a positive change for the Bay-Waveland School District.

      2. Thanks, D. I’ve got the state statute, and the BSL policy from the employee p&p. Nephew is in the BSL policy. There or not, it would smell bad.

            1. why don’t you check-I have the proof -eddie signed his employee sheet when he hired him-
              you can also check payroll-he was hired as a building inspector

  1. What about the city attorney? She represents solid waste and BSL. Her Dad is Jimmy Ladner. Is this an incest appointment and does conflict enter into her representing 2 inter local entities?

  2. So, with 2 (two) Council Clerks, why is it that my Councilman can post the Agenda for this Tuesday’s meeting on Facebook on Thursday but it’s still not been sent out by email ?

    1. The deadline for the Agenda getting on the Agenda is 12:00 noon on the Friday before the meeting. Would the Agenda on Social media on Thursday being incomplete?
      I guess compare it to the one that comes out officially
      Mon. afternoon.

    2. Official agenda sent out on Monday! I’m told Councilmen get a preview from Council Clerks to verify early to correct or add last minute items! This is a proof it is not official, changes often and should not be distributed by Councilmen….info supplied by Council Clerk via phone call….

      1. Correct, Happy. It appears that perhaps some are trying to make the Council Clerks look bad. I doubt any of those making that effort could do their jobs!!

          1. Happy please, I’m sorry I made the comment about the Clerks. I know they work hard. Many taxpayers in my neighborhood may stay over for a Council meeting if they knew what was on the agenda. That’s all, sorry.

  3. Buddy promised many canal dredging. They need to call him and get on the dredging schedule.

    Ward 4 will get them a speed bump. On Saint Charles the people with speed bumps are using the city right of way for a driveway at the inconvenience of the other residents.

  4. The ” Gnashing and Grinding of Teeth” has already started and the meeting is still slightly over 4 hours away!!
    Is the threat of a ” large crowd” supposed to intimidate folks?!😳

    1. Judging from the official agenda and those signed up for public remarks (topic being Joan Thomas) that would be my guess. I hear second hand some nasty grams have also been sent.

  5. For her or against. Seems I remember her name from my past. Is she connected to the Library Director?

    1. She is Courtney Thomas’ mother. I imagine there will be people speaking both pro and con plus the council has the topic as an agenda item to discuss. Ms. Thomas supported Les in the last election so the political tea leaves indicate Mayor Favre will appoint someone else to the seat, but I have no knowledge of what he will being doing either way.

      1. if you are correct Mr. Handshoe. it will just show the public how small of a man mike really is.
        can not wait for the next election, may not need to wait long with all the lawsuits staring at mike

    1. I would prefer the Mayor study all of the resumes before making a nomination. The City ran an ad on their Facebook page asking for citizens who would like to serve on the School Board, and I think he should review all who responded. Why ask for volunteers and then not consider ALL of them?!

    1. And private letters of thanks to all who volunteered to be considered and a PUBLIC THANK YOU
      to all of them when the appointment is made.

  6. did they approve the drive thru on main st. I hope so. trying to stop competition for the snowflake joint down the street is likew nancy pelosi politics.

  7. Let’s switch gears here for just a minute regarding something else to” gnash and grind our teeth” on that is of utmost importance right now as the Bay St. Louis City Officials ponder a School Board Appointment for the February 20, Council meeting:
    David Wells spoke well at the Feb. 6, Council meeting imploring the Mayor and Council to appoint a well qualified representative without mentioning any names, just qualifications.
    The very next day WLOX reported on the latest Report Card of the School Districts in Miss. as issued by the State Department of Education.
    Mr. Wells pointed out that the Director of the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission, Bill Cork, addressed the School Board just this past year regarding the fact that employees who work in Hancock County don’t want to live here and cited “good educational opportunities” as the top reason reported back to Port and Harbor in a survey of employees that was conducted in the past year.
    Director Cork’s survey findings are right in line with the report from the State Department of Education, which document an average decline in the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District of 99 students per year for the past 5 years. That is a lot for a small district that still has not recovered its pre-Katrina enrollment after nearly 13 years.
    Our local officials are quick to boast of all of the building that has taken place in the last 13 years since Katrina, but our public school district is not seeing the benefit in enrollment.
    While the ad valorem tax base does fund the district locally, the number of students drives the numbers for our support from the state level per student.
    There is work to be done here, and hopefully Bay St. Louis Mayor, Mike Favre, and the City Council will take advantage of their opportunity to do what Mr. Wells suggested, “unlock the door of opportunity for our young people, and our community, for the best school district possible to make Bay St. Louis a place where families want to put down roots for the city’s positive future growth!

  8. well said Lana.
    People need to do there homework and not listen to the blowgezs of the world.
    While speaking of little Jerry, I hear he has been running a business out of his house which is in a residential neighborhood, no permits or business license for years. Anyone else heard anything on this?
    Doug, not sure about your statement why Ms. Thomas will not be nominated by the mayor. Don’t think he cares who she voted for. I hope he looks at her voting record while on the board. Along with bell & kid. This is a reason not to appoint her.

    1. Looked at BSL Council taping! These new guys don’t get it that their voters speak not their personal connections. What a 5 hour fiasco and School Bd deal wasn’t even on agenda per Mayor? Is Larry Mouth paid as a lobbyist for Mr Adam? Also looks like Mayor Mike has 4 years of the RhondaO revenge on tap.. The Co-Op of 4,5,6 Lesite Council sisters, along with Rhonda O & R plus Blowhead being revengeful, this City is in a swirl of vendetta’s instead of visions.. so so sad……

    2. Stone Cold,
      I agree. Wether or not she voted for Mike Favre has nothing to do with her being reappointed. I too hope that he and the Council Members do their homework, and look at each trustee’s voting record as the basis for reappointment. Her being a good person is not in question. Her voting record concerning the school district is what should be questioned. It has obviously NOT been in the best interest of the Bay Waveland School District. The citizens of Waveland should also be ashamed of their elected trustees! What a letdown! The media should take a more active role and do a better job of explaining each trustee’s vote/position on the major issues that impact the future of this district!

  9. Another question to be asked. Why do the Superintendent, Asst. superintendent, Business Manager and a school principal not live in the cities they represent? I heard one of them doesn’t even live in Hancock County.

    1. Two of them, David–
      Superintendent lives in Harrison County( Gulfport, I think) and North Bay Elementary Principal lives in Picayune, which would be Pearl River County. Asst. Superintendent lives in Kiln as well as Middle School Principal and Business Administrator
      ( Superintendent’s brother) lives in Diamondhead. Don’t
      know where the Waveland Principal lives.
      When Bill Cork, Port and Harbor Director spoke to the School Board about his delimma at P& H trying to convince their employees to live locally, he didn’t realize he was preaching to the choir, and none of them shared that they
      had the same problem!!

  10. Happy, believe you hit the nail on the head,
    REVENGE, Twisted Facts , Lies & Vendettas.
    So far “Mayor Mike” has shown no signs of caving in to the few.
    Let’s hope he makes another good appointment to the school board.
    With children in the school system, this is my worry,
    not a drive through on main st. To me it doesn’t matter if they stop for a minute & run in & pull out or wait in line for a minute & pull out.
    Again I’m worried about the school board appointment.

    1. Stone,
      You are very wise and have your priorities straight. We line Main St. with coffee shops, but if people don’t want to settle here because of our schools, who’ll drink it?!
      Don’t say ” tourists.”
      I just left downtown BaySt. Louis, and counted 5 people walking down Main St.

  11. Down Town Merchants with exception of the restaurants, are their own worst enemy. They want the taxpayer to promote them nurture them and overall commit to them but they have endless needs and wants. Bringing in a regional chain will give great exposure to us and they will report every single sale and tax dollar unlike the mom and pops that skim the cash plus 7% sales tax and cry for taxpayer help. They are spitfull and vindictive to each other and want to control other people’s property and ideas if it is different than theirs. All are not welcome in old town.

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