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  1. So we have a DMR employee that does not work at the DMR. Works remotely. And does not holy or little to nothing. I’m am being told the employee is John Mitchell. His supervisor is Brian Sherwood this is the person that because of his trip with the Executive Snack Secretary caused the entire agency to undergo sexual harressment training. The cakeater could not do her job and discipline these two, no everyone was punished. They are back at it. Meanwhile Jesus Davis can’t find a job anywhere because nobody will have him. His ADD still causes him to roam around during working hours meeting up with his buddies and friends, who are all backstabbing him. Bazooka nose Bryant is so fearful that someone will shoot up the Bolton building he has ordered mandatory gun training for all DMR employees. That is just great. Jesus Davis is now so fearful of what the public, the commercial fishermen and the ignorant Commission think of him he has changed the name of his drug employee investigation unit. Instead of the Crimminal Investigation Unit Jesus Davis wants the public to believe he is a new man and is their friend and confidant by calling it the Resource Investigation Unit. HA HA HA. This is laughable. The only morons that think the public will somehow change their opinions of this militant group is themselves. Completely laughable. Let’s see if General Joe will make a difference or do anything about these deplorable situations. On a good note several past employees, a couple current employees and several of our local elected officials speak very well of General Spraggins. I will wait for that occasion when he proves his mettle and gets rid of John Mitchell, Gets rid of Brian Sherwood and gets rid of that thug Davis that has driven off so many good officers.

    1. PP – It is really sad that this agency has stooped to the new low you describe. It originally, I believe, was intended for good and was help for the fishermen and natural resources. Now it is nothing but a political gumbo for Jackson politicos, local senators and representatives, and a tool for laundering for the mafia of the seafood industry imo. The poor fishermen who work to make a living are benefitted in no way. It is my opinion that the Commissioners ALL need to be replaced with new members or disbanded altogether. To date, [email protected]@$$, [email protected]$$-o, Rat Pickering and Philly Dilly have just sit back and watched the corruption and the money roll. Their local minions like the Walker clan, Millers, Zeiglers, Billy the Boy, to name a few, have all sold their souls and the Coast out for their own notoriety and bucks. And it continues today. The clan takes care of the clan – under any condition. Must be one of those organizations that you stay in for life and sign in blood? The only way to leave it is in a box? And we have seen plenty of evidence of that.
      That commission is a huge part of the problem at the DMR. If it was dissolved, some of the politics would go away and the technical and enforcement staff could do their duties with less political influence. But that commission serves as a buffer to keep the heat off of the a$$es in Jackson and the local legislators. The commissioners act as puppets and keep them up in seafood and the legislators are the puppet masters. The people have to demand that this commission and all the commissions in this State that answer to Jackson be dismantled if they truly want to see a change. No one knows their districts and areas any more than our local people. The people should decide what we need – NOT JACKSON politicos!
      Still waiting to see of Philly is going to pardon anyone. Wish I was a betting kind of gal. We will see if he proves himself a liar in public! The Sun Herald could do a full front page story on this gas-sniffer then.

  2. The scoundrels of DMR are still in place. I have seen the massive remodeling that slime Scotty boy has been doing on his new place and wonder of the restitution’s that they are supposed to pay and yet he tears down the privacy fence and cuts trees down around his new abode. Never pay, never pay.

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