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Posted on January 9, 2018

About twelve years ago I was in Florida, somewhere between Tampa and Orlando, watching a golf tournament. I’m walking down the street in a little town with The New York Times under my arm. A lady about fifty, probably Jewish probably New Yorker, comes up to me and demands…”where did you get that New York Times?” I tell her and she says, “Finally. Nobody down here knows anything!”

The comment startled me at first…then I thought…BINGO!…the lady knows whereof she speaks.

In that part of the world it seemed to me the major preoccupations were putting together a dependable golf foursome, securing tee times, and getting to your favorite restaurant in time for the reduced price Early Bird Dinner. Political arguments were not welcome…too upsetting…might threaten one’s place in the foursome or the regular Dinner Group. Intellectual curiosity was viewed as odd…what possible purpose could it serve…what are you some sort of kook, or what?

I haven’t been in Florida since that trip. Applying Groucho Marx’s reasoning, I couldn’t envision myself joining a Golf Club that would let someone like me in it.

I was thinking about the Florida lady over the Christmas Season when I talked with friends in Washington and New England about our Maximum Leader.

Everybody has an opinion on Trump, along with their favorite adjectives and observations…”narcissist, totally unqualified, pathological liar, etc.” But then the conversation sort of trails off…nobody (with apologies to Tom Steyer the Hedge Fund guy who has thrown serious money at some TV ads calling for Impeachment) has a plan. Nobody has the kind of fire in their belly that it takes to lead a movement and take him down. Continue Reading…………….

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  1. Holy Moly Lost Emails Jimmity Cridet:

    First it was Hillary’s 33,000 lost emails now the FBI says to Congress that it can’t find 50,000 emails between FBI Peter Strzok, the agent in change of investigating Hillary, and his mistress Lisa Page at a time in which a fake Dossier was used by the FBI to illegally surveil Trump and his admistration via intel agencies after he won Pres. election.

    In some 300 recent released emails between Strzok and Page they talked about an “ insurance policy” if Trump won and it is believed such policy was the illegal FISA court warrant based on the fake dossier all to surveil Trump and appointees. that is how the intel agency knew what Flynn said and met with a Russian diplomat….. 10,000 times worse than Watergate.

    This amounts to a political conspiracy orchestrated by FBI and intelligence agencies to remove Trump…… do you remember the strange executive order signed by Obama allowing all 17 intel agencies to share information two weeks before Obama left office? The puzzle is being put together.

    Well its all coming out and Obama is in it up to his arse and the conspiracy shite is all over his face and hands.


    The 55,ooo emails meantioned above are really texts….. however think about this….. the missing texts start the day that FBI agent Peter Strzok interviewed General Flynn and extend thru the day before Mueller was appointed Special Counsel…… then the texts resume miraculously the day Mueller is appointed.

    Nixon’s coverup was just 18 minutes in Whitehouse tapes ….. and he under pressure of impeachment left office in disgrace. Here we have a conspiracy by politicalized government agencies of the FBI , DOJ and intel agencies in a conspiracy to remove a legally elected President cause they are afraid of killing him like they did Kennedy in November 1963.

    Jimmity you helped remove Nixon now help Congress to release a 4 Page memo that describes in detail to Congress how Democratic beaucrats in the FBI, DOJ and intel agencies broke federal laws in order to remove an elected President who is draining the Swamp day by day.

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