Slabbed Turns Ten: You ask Slabbed, we’ll eventually answer…..

Way back almost one year ago, Slabbed received a reader comment from ‘m constatintin” on the post Hizzoner appears on WLOX This Week, Waxes Nonsensical:

m constatintin says:
January 9, 2017 at 5:33 pm

My god, tide is turning, just heard you got hammered in Miss. State court, the Canadians won and are really coming for you, guess they plan on collecting and holding you accountable ?

Judge Schmidt says you defended? Did you?
Hadn’t yet thought about all implications but at first glance the res judicata implications are great !
What about judicial interest for three years on 180,000 at 6% and cost yet to be levied for the ongoing violations of Canadian copyright at Slabbed? This is a kind of intentional tort that can’t be done away with in a bankruptcy, no?

Help us out here please, hard and complex story and facts to digest.

First I’d like to say thank you for stopping in with us M, even from a proxied IP address. I am not really commenting on this topic in favor of litigating the issues in the courtroom but since you asked I will disclose a few things.

Before I do that I need to share something from my experience as publisher of Slabbed, namely there being are three general kinds of people behind the keyboard bloviating in the media, social or otherwise:

  • Blowhards that talk a big game but couldn’t name one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. They have an opinion about everything and know jack shit about most things.
  • Those that are smart enough to understand what they do not know, understand they can learn from others and act appropriately with that knowledge. I think we have a high concentration of that kind of commenter here at Slabbed compared to other types of media, social or otherwise.  (Community sourcing rocks and so does the community.)
  • A few people that have the sack to defend those five freedoms guaranteed by our constitution, be it military against a foreign adversary or in a courtroom against domestic threats to those five freedoms, which sadly now include our current President.

With that set up M, this brawl has been going on a very long time, since 2011 in fact. I won a case of First Impressions involving the 1st Amendment. So Aaron Broussard’s business associates decided to sue me again and again and again and again so forth and so on, several of those times joining my Counsel in order to conflict them out.  Every case they filed but one has since petered out and the lawyer / mastermind behind such a litigation strategy has been put on the shelf but not before he helped his SLAPP happy buddies sue their first Mississippi Attorney, Henry Laird, for Malpractice – in New Orleans.

The gang did manage to get a copyright judgment against me personally in Canada but let’s circle that for now because Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Trout Point Lodge, Limited are known in legal parlance as judgment debtors and they owe me some money, bigly in fact, something they left out of the fictionalized news accounts about this fight up in Canada. And when you’re an American Citizen M, (not Canadian as you suggested) and don’t pay up on judgments and don’t cooperate with Federal court orders to appear, you get cited for contempt and of course they now owe me more money, are correctly described as contemnors and the meter is running evergreen:

Trout Point Lodge Contempt of Court Order by Slabbed on Scribd

Here is the contempt order for Leary and Perret:

Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret Contempt Order by Slabbed on Scribd

It makes my head hurt to count the days and do the math so I don’t know what the tab is totaling to right now but its still running and will do so until they comply with Judge Guirola’s order. As for that Canadian copyright judgment from the 4th time or so time they sued me, I pondered the problem these vexatious litigants posed and I pondered some more before I had a House of Cards season one, episode one moment and declared, “Clare I know exactly what I have to do!”: A bare knuckle bar room brawl was what they wanted so by God I grabbed them by the belt buckle, pulled them onto a level field of battle here in Mississippi, and gave them exactly what they wanted, for the better part of three years in fact.

M, you might ask what happens to a litigant when his lawyers are sued again and again to conflict them out?  Luckily I can answer that by saying such a litigant has a major motivation to learn civil procedure, learn about things such as pattern jury instructions and buy law school books on the First Amendment and Copyright law. To me the bigger question is how does one learn to forget the ‘dark arts’ once it is learned? I am not sure such is possible, especially when you go to the local courthouse and be extended all the courtesies of actual Counsel. That said I still look forward to hanging up scale and gavel, concentrating on Excel and this place some day very soon.

As for a $180,000 Canadian Copyright Judgment, I can say with absolute authority it is worth exactly $100 on the steps of the Stone County Courthouse and I would know because I was the guy that bought it there. You see M, at the end of the day Broussard’s buddies are nothing more than paper tigers that spent three years paying a variety of lawyers to litigate their tenuous Canadian judgment here in the US  before having it sold from under them.

Amazingly the music post here on Slabbed which disclosed the strategy was the most socially engaged of all ’em in 2017 which still amazes me. People across this great land are paying attention to what we are doing here at Slabbed in creating a safe environment for people to muckrake as a community without fear of reprisal.

Speaking of people paying attention, some of y’all may have heard some yammering about a Federal lawsuit I’m involved in with these same people. I’ll shortcut everyone, many of the counts were dismissed but a few survived and the case is now in discovery and that is all I’m going to say.

To summarize M, I blindsided them when I flipped the script on ’em and I haven’t looked back. The long version of the story of this website belongs between two hard covers as it has been one hell of a trip. It’s been my privilege to steer the ship. Thank you for stopping in with us.

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  1. Doug,
    On behalf of The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government, THANK YOU for lending your expertise and experience to the cause for Good Government. It has been our experience that it requires a determined, grass roots commitment, and you, Sir, get the award for:
    You and your site are an asset and should be an example to the Journalistic environment in the South.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thank you for your efforts these past 10 years to make order out of chaos and expose the snakes in the garden. Snakes are symbols chaos, recall the Genesis story. The political arena and surrounding power structure is all too full of them. By exposing and taking on the snakes you are doing your part to make the world a better place. That is the legacy of Slabbed, although I know that legacy has come at a personal price. March on soldier!

  3. Hang in there. As far as being sued multiple times, an honorary Judge would have seen the scales of justice are being manipulated by scoundrels and at least dismissed their filings

  4. Doug you are loved and adored. Thank you for all you do with little to no compensation. This site and your bulldog attitude (holding on til the finish) is greatly appreciated by me and countless others. I KNOW that God is your Co-Pilot!

  5. Doug on behalf of truth and freedom that is guaranteed by the Constitution, it has been a great ten years of public service you have provided. While we have not always agreed on every issue you have upheld the glorious virtues of the US Constitution and provided a forum where anyone can come and comment on issues. An island of truth an island of freedom from those that want to steal, rob, defame the truth. You have steadfastly defended this forum and its contents and the commenters. There is no other public forum on the coast that allows such freedom of speech. You only have to looks at those purgptors at the Sun Herald to see how freedom of speech and prosecution thereof can be taken away in instant. I think it’s time for another fund raiser for Slabbed. I supported the last one and will again.

  6. Has anyone noticed that speed bumps do not help safety but buys votes from cronies and complainers. $1500 plus installation. Why do I have one on my street? No one asked me.

    BSL is the Speed Bump Capitol.

    Look up speed bumps. It is not for controlling traffic.

  7. Holy Horrific Horse Trading Batman?:

    Reading through the lines I get the impression that commenter “m constatintin “ is the plaintiff/ friend of plaintiff and that the plaintiff’s purpose in the 2014 federal suit is to express his thought of the possibility for you to sit down with him and talk about trading his Canadian judgment against you for your U.S. judgment against him.

    I like you would say “ Hell no” to any such possible horrific horse trading thought as a U.S. judgment has worth while a Canadian judgment ( by a presiding Lord or Lordess Judge over our constitutional right of free speech) is worthless . And I believe and congratulate you for your above post response which clearly implies that you will fight to the finish.

    Such determined commitment reminds me of Clint Eastwood in “Unforgiven” when after Gene Hackman and his cronies killed Clint’s friend Ned and his body put in a casket and leaned up against saloon ; Clint walked into saloon and said,” Who owns this shithole?” . And upon the owner stepping forward was blowed away by a shotgun blast without any discussion or questions asked.

    1. The fact is I gave them an opportunity to avoid the contempt, which they did not take. They must have thought their hand was stronger than it really was Lockie.

      I will be litigating with them until I feel they are no longer a threat to this website.

  8. Reading this makes my issues feel minuscule. Thanks for all you do Mr. Handshoe although we don’t agree 100%. Freedom of the press is a right, but to speak freely comes with consequence. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Justin, the freedom to disagree is what makes America great.

      Implied but left unsaid is that for all of the grief, aggravation and the burden of legal expenses which my family has carried throughout, Slabbed New Media is much stronger today than 2007 because today we are a seasoned, experienced litigant that is not afraid to take a fight to the local courthouse.

      So along those lines you can imagine our amusement when Ellis Anderson stopped in to lecture us on Copyright law or when we got an official nasty gram from Grey Sexton back in 2015.

  9. This is written in response to the Sun Herald article on the new coffee shop in BSL.

    The snowflakes in down town BSL preach inclusiveness, open mindedness etc. etc…. but don’t open a business that they feel changes their personal beliefs or perspectives. They are just like the national snowflakes, it is all good as long as you agree with them. Check your ideas in with them and get a thumbs up or down otherwise they nash and snarl. They don’t want diversity they want what suits them best.
    They want to control private property aka other peoples property while they maintain the smallest foot print of land possible.

    They claim they are struggling yet they feel they are capable of directing other peoples investments. They may want to shut up and watch, listen and learn. They are holding BSL back with their narrow perspectives and puny check books.

    They contribute nothing to tourism yet they scream they need it. Snowflakes!

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