Mississippi Workers Comp Judge Awards Death Benefits to Michaela Hill’s Husband, A DMR Friends and Family Scandal Update

For the Walker and Shumate clans, the time spent in prison for their role in the DMR scandal is over. It took a few years but the family of the late Michaela Hill finally gets some much needed closure. Point Park explained it best in a comment that I now bump up here:

Doug good things come to those that defend justice and the truth. Sources say you will receive a late Christmas present in the New Year. Let’s hope the Hill and Sabatini families finally have some good news. Meanwhile slimy Bill Walker appears on WLOX as if nothing happened and all the while claiming he did nothing wrong. Grandchildren playing all over in the news clip. Cheap sadistic photo opp. I wonder if this creepy [email protected]&$ ever wonders what the grandchildren of Michaela feel like without their grandmother. I’m sure Bill will be true to his word and participate in public events. Local sources have already spotted him at baseball games malls and even a charity event. It leaves one to wonder when Bill will appear in church. Slime ball has much to be forgiven for. Perhaps he will sit next to a member of the Hill or Sabatini family and ask forgiveness for what he and Tina Schumate did to Michalea.

Below is the full 32 page decision of the Administrative Law Judge finding Ms. Hill’s suicide to be work related and awarding her late husband a death benefit of $438.68/week for the next 450 weeks (37 plus years). Those interested in Slabbed’s coverage of the DMR Scandal can click here to get all the posts including our coverage of the scandal.

Hill v DMR Opinion by Slabbed on Scribd

11 thoughts on “Mississippi Workers Comp Judge Awards Death Benefits to Michaela Hill’s Husband, A DMR Friends and Family Scandal Update”

  1. It’s good to see justice for the Hill Family. It’s just sorry that everything had to turn out this way as it cost this woman her life. Only if there is a glimmer of hope left for further prosecution including the Pickering clan for neglect, a corrupt investigation and coverups. I seriously doubt it though.

  2. Peace. Bill Walker and Tina Schumate will finally get peace. Closure. Yes they will get closure too. Financial stability. Yes going to get that too. Scott sold several assets including his 1.3 million beach front bed and breakfast MS State football retreat. Also, Tina has recovered with the sale of several property lots in George and Jackson Counties. Everything is all tidied up. And since Rat Pickering saw fit to protect the Republican Guard by only charging Tina with a state crime, crooked nose Governor Bryant is tripping over himself all ready and poised to give Tina a pardon. The grand ole party has recovered, the old campaign funding members like Bill and Tine will move on. But thugs like Chris Lott, David Trudel and Rat Pickering have a lot to answer for in their despicable actions. The smoke and screen actions they took by convicting low level employees that did things in different times or if elected officials had done would be considered “an oversight” and simply made to pay back. After all is not that what is currently going on with the super majority. Justice is whatever these criminal thugs want it to be. And when they were losing their case in the public court, the free press, they threatened the media. After all did not the Sun Herald not only change their online policy but deleted the public comments. The very comments that forced these unethical law enforcement officials to take action. So now we have the Hill an Sabatini families. Did they get peace. Did they get closure. Did they get the stability they need to move on. All you Republicans are so concerns about Bill and Tina that you can’t force yourself to admit your crimes. Can’t force yourselves to admit how your cover up impacted the innocent children of these families. But as you know there is much you left unreported. Much you thought Jamie Bill Feidt Kacey Williams Joe Spraggins the Cake Eater and the Donut Eater had all shredded. It is well know through exemployees that large shredder trucks were hired and vast amounts of key documents were destroyed. Cake Eater Donut Eater and Jamie moved more documents to Jackson to never be found again. But what if? Whay if some survived?

      1. Yes. They would look fantastic. Especially the forgeries and other questionable forged documents and made up information which funneled cash. Let me check into the legalities of releasing them. With all due respect, we don’t need the mob coming after us again so I want to make sure it’s safe.

        1. I got a phone call earlier from a friend who wanted me to check out the Sun Herald today. They knew that I had dropped my subscription when the Sun Herald turned its back on their subscribers by not protecting their readers’ comments.
          Anyway, I checked the Sun Herald and was so pleasantly surprised by the wonderful article and video that Anita Lee (and whoever else helped her), produced. Thank you Anita Lee!! You have been with this story from the very beginning and you are greatly appreciated. Thank you for being the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and for continuing the fight for what is right.
          My heart still breaks for the Hill family and PP is right….the Walkers and Zeigler and Heberts are free and living the life. But the Hills have sacrificed all and will NEVER be compensated for the loss of a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. There is not enough money to replace what they lost. The only thing that would give them any form of closure is for this group of clowns and the rest of their cronies to get the CORRECT punishment for their crimes. Which of course, we know, has not happened….nor is it ever expected to happen as long as the current crooked bunch running this State are in charge. Shame on you Legislators, Governor, Rat Pickering, Judges, and FBI. Again, PP is right – there were so many involved in this and not punished. They are still working at that Agency and drawing a check every month. Large checks. And they are turning their heads the other way – which makes them just as guilty. And now, Miller Time has been moved to another agency making big bucks so an new EXPERT can move money. Things must be getting hot…and the dolphin prison needs $$……and the politicians pockets are getting bare.
          But, even when we don’t think anyone is looking – someone is watching. And the wrongdoers will get their due. Sooner or later. I wouldn’t want to have to live the lives that they will live….always wondering….always looking over their shoulders….to watch if someone will hold hard feelings against them or their family and children for the sins of the father. It is all so sad. Pray for the innocent children who have to live with the crosses that their parents placed their backs that they will never live down.
          My condolences again to the Hill family for having to relive this pain and torture over and over. I know that she loved you all – and you can take solace in that every time you miss or think of her. God Bless You all.

    1. PP, Bryant swore that he would not pardon anyone as Governor. That would include Zeigler, Shumate, or any others that might want pardoning. He publically swore that. He was so down on [email protected]$$ for pardoning so many. So, we will see if he is true to his word or if he shows that he is a liar in Public.
      People of this State had better pay attention and get rid of every one of these crooked wannabee republicans. These are NOT old guard republicans or public servants, but rather self-serving trough suckers. And believe me – they will take care of the Walkers, Zeigler, and Heberts because they have the goods on all of that bunch in Jackson and old [email protected]$$ and [email protected] too! So they have no choice but to take care of them so they will keep their mouths shut.
      BUT – none of the old clan want to be seen in public with them! It is funny to watch. They used to think they were the top of the heap – surprise! Surprise! They are the bottom of the pit now.

      1. Ms. Silkwooder

        Trust me. Pardons will happen for the chosen few. Mr. Bryant may have spoken his piece about pardons in the past but now he is on his last term as governor with no political future in site. If he pardons 1 person or 500, what can the general public do about it? 😉

        1. MR. Examiner – This is so sad – but probably true. What’s another lie to gas fumes bazooka nose???

  3. Pardons will be given. Tina and Bill Walker will be placed in line with other Republican donors that are convicts, murders, rapest, and convicted of all other sordid crimes. After all, all they had to do is fire up that BP lawnmower that bazooka nose Bryant keeps smelling every time he comes to the coast, and cut the Governors grass. Come on Charlene what Governor ever kept a promise like that? What truth lies in that? The most he has to lose is a couple votes from here on Slabbed. He already is a lame duck last term down and outer. But not all is lost for bazooka nose Bryant he already has that sweet consulting job lined up. Go ahead Doug check your sources, Jackson Jumbalay, and see if that’s not true. But back to the potential documents. I can’t see how public documents could be illegal to publish here on Slabbed. Particularly if they are not part of an active criminal case. Rat Pickering and his bafoon inspectors closed shop and moved on a couple years ago. So these documents have never seen the light of day? You mean to tell my these documents could be the very documents that bafoon Chris Lott and bafoon David Trudell passed on so the public could not see how Bill Walker spent Foundation money, so the public could not see how Tina enriched herself with her personal checking account. Well say it ain’t so Doug. These are the very accounts that Trudy Fisher poured money into from DEQ and other state and federal money was used to purchase things like Scott Walker’s dinning room table that he so graciously left for the next owner of the million dollar Ocean Springs beach front Bulldog retreat. Oh but my sweet little bafoons the public still wants to know what you all let Tina and Bill get away with. A full accounting of their crimes is yet to come. Perhaps the Exmainer would like to reintertain those pesky public documents. If not there are multiple sources. Just a matter of time before someone drops the hammer. Could be hammer time.

  4. PP we can only pray that someone other than this thieving wannabe republican group runs for offices that control this State. Especially Governor. And then, we can only pray that the idiots voting for these thieves in the past, have seen the light and have had enough of it. I mean…”Here’s your sign!”
    It still amazes me how they can cling to the cross, all the while grabbing money out of the donation plate, and the voters of this State keep turning their heads the other way! The old saying “You can’t fix stupid” should read “You can’t fix ego, greed, and constantly wanting more on the backs of the people who pay your salary, and who you are sworn to serve”. These Legislators should take the lead by putting forth legislation that slaps SERIOUS penalties and jail time on those who betray public service duties. That would stop some of this shennagins – maybe.
    I look forward to watching Bazooka Phil make a liar of himself in front of everyone if he pardons anyone. His sidekick, Billy the Boy and good bud, [email protected] grinning ear to ear, would look great in the photo op with him. Puppets do as they are told – I have yet to see the Puppetmaster being investigated and paying for his crimes. [email protected]$$ is in hiding and keeping his mouth shut. Would love to see Trump clean his swamp out! The people of this State would love that! But I would guess that he is sucking up to Trump for whatever crumbs he can suck.

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