PSA: City of Bay St Louis Needs Attorney

Via The City’s Facebook Page:

The City of Bay St. Louis is seeking to hire an attorney. The candidate will Work under the direction of the Mayor & City Council. The City Attorney is the legal adviser & attorney for all officials, officers, & departments of the City & represents the City in all litigation & proceedings. Work involves drafting & reviewing ordinances, resolutions, policies & procedures, & contracts prior to consideration by the City Council to ensure compliance with state, federal, & local laws. Emphasis is placed on municipal law, civil code enforcement, land use, Zoning, labor relations, & legislative interpretation. Duties include researching / preparing oral & written legal opinions for City Council, Mayor, Department Heads, staff, committees, commissions & boards, & preparing city ordinances, resolutions, contracts & other legal documents involving the City. Should have 10 years of experience. Must have knowledge of labor relations, civil litigation, municipal, state, federal and constitutional law affecting municipal government. Must be skillful in managing situations requiring diplomacy, fairness, firmness & sound judgement, providing coaching to improve staff performance & understanding / applying City policies & procedures. Doctor of jurisprudence degree from an accredited law school. 10 years experience in municipal law is preferred. Must be licensed by the State Bar of Ms. Resumes & cover letter should be mailed or hand – delivered to the office of the Mayor, City Hall, PO Box 2550, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520 by December 13 , 2017 for consideration.

22 thoughts on “PSA: City of Bay St Louis Needs Attorney”

  1. Has anyone, that attends the council meetings, heard anything about dredging the canals out deeper. My parents live on Fiber St. off Blue Meadow Rd. and the canals are useless this time of year. Mr. Buddy Zimmerman told them and the other neighbors during the campaign that money was set aside for dredging and he would get it released. My parents are unable to get a returned call on the issue from Mr. Zimmerman. Anyone know anything?

    1. Why don’t you or your parents, or all of you get on the Agenda for Tuesday and ask Councilman Zimmerman to
      produce his promised ” gift.”
      After all, it’s Christmas🎅🏻🎄☃️

  2. Lying Buddy was Lying Les’s under study! He promised a lot of things. The first thing he needs to do is show up for the meetings. It is common knowledge he only wanted the insurance and other entitlements! LOL! The joke is on ward 5 residents. They voted out an elected official and voted in a politician!

  3. I am receiving inquiries as to why the City’s website is still not up and fully functional. The minutes and claim dockets are no longer available for public viewing.
    Does anyone posting here know who is in charge of the website at this time?
    Tomorrow night, Council needs to direct the administration to have it up and running with regard to Council operations, which would be minutes and claim dockets which legally record their actions and expenditures.
    This has occurred since the new officials took office, and needs to be corrected “yesterday!”

      1. Petty is the term that comes to mind. The City would be better served with its own website using its own domain rather than a freebie WIX website.

  4. Les used almost those exact words to us in Riverview, in Ward 6, about our canals when he was running for re-election. He said that the $$$ left over from the seawall was earmarked for canal dredging in Ward 6 LOL LOL. As far as the City’s website, Jerry B is the one who kept that going & did such a good job, in my opinion. It sounded as though Rachael inferred that he “blew it up” when he left. He surely did not, it’s just that nobody knows how to run it.

    1. Who cares about ” who done it?”Current Council needs to correct. Won’t be the last of the mess they will be cleaning up
      for the next two years at a minimum!

      1. I believe personnel is the Mayor’s job BUT I believe that we taxpayers are going to get a proposal tonight from Omni that will cost us more $$$ that will fix it. Cha-ching

  5. I think the city made a wise choice for a city attorney. Heather is very smart and has the backing of butler snow, a very large firm. She must get her smarts and looks from her mom. Wise choice mayor and council. Good luck Heather. Ladies rule.

    1. I would not associate Butler Snow with any one politician, they influence a number of them. Also noted for representing State Farm after Katrina.

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