Jamie Miller leaves DMR to head to the MDA, Replaced by Joe Spraggins

Makes you wonder whether any of Miller’s fabled staff such as the Cake Eater and Doughnut Girl will be joining Miller in Jackson or if his replacement Joe Spraggins is still moonlighting with Ted Cain’s management company.

Miller leaving DMR ~ Jackson Jambalaya

Looking forward I’m wondering if Spraggins inherits Miller’s brand new tricked out SUV and his slightly used Contender Fishing Boat?

3 thoughts on “Jamie Miller leaves DMR to head to the MDA, Replaced by Joe Spraggins”

  1. He’s just stepping stone moving along his path, oblivious to what he’s done for the rest of the DMR and taxpayers he leaves behind. The mess that is DMR and was DMR will continue until you and I cannot pay anymore for them to mess up with or they get disbanded or absorbed into MS Wildlife and Waterways management authorities in the future and taken away from political leaders and given rightfully back to the people who pay for it.

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