Jamie Miller leaves DMR to head to the MDA, Replaced by Joe Spraggins

Makes you wonder whether any of Miller’s fabled staff such as the Cake Eater and Doughnut Girl will be joining Miller in Jackson or if his replacement Joe Spraggins is still moonlighting with Ted Cain’s management company.

Miller leaving DMR ~ Jackson Jambalaya

Looking forward I’m wondering if Spraggins inherits Miller’s brand new tricked out SUV and his slightly used Contender Fishing Boat?

9 thoughts on “Jamie Miller leaves DMR to head to the MDA, Replaced by Joe Spraggins”

  1. He’s just stepping stone moving along his path, oblivious to what he’s done for the rest of the DMR and taxpayers he leaves behind. The mess that is DMR and was DMR will continue until you and I cannot pay anymore for them to mess up with or they get disbanded or absorbed into MS Wildlife and Waterways management authorities in the future and taken away from political leaders and given rightfully back to the people who pay for it.

  2. Jamie Miller ducked out before the DMR imploded. I’m being told that this unqualified Kacey Williams has led the DMR into brankrupsey. The incompetent Commission won’t do their jobs and oversee this out of control spending. Speaking of this loser Commission, Trapani the Stupid working with Richard “fish the Gulf dry” and distroying the oyster resources. They are allowing the greedy fishermen to take everything. And to get out of this losing management style they recklessly think cultch planting will dig them out of this insane hole they are in. Here’s a clue: when you take everything you have nothing left. Stupid is as stupid does. Your own scientist know the truth and you incompetent incapable Commissioners can’t do anything right but get sued by the Vietnamese for discrimination. This Commission is doing a good job of that. Mike Cure wants the basket dredges gone and Stupid Trapani and Incompetent Gollott make it so. Speaking of lawsuits I’m hearing that the long standing legal action by the Hill family has been settled out of court. The DMR and the Attirney General finally are admitting wrong in the case of Michelle Hill. It was unconsciousable what Tina Schumate and Bill Walker did to this great lady. Schumate and Walker are free now but not from the dispicable thing they own in the past. Doug perhaps you could look up the court document and print them here as a final tribute to the Hill family. The ugly truth is not quit so ugly. Scott Walker finally got his. He and his intitled family sold the great beach mansion the DMR bought and now live in a tiny cottage off of General Pershing. Rat Pickering still can’t find all the money this thief stole or where he hid it all. And as for General Spraggins, the Gulfport church bible toting thugs love this blundering idiot. The only thing he and the Cake Eater and Donut Eater know about marine resources is how to eat them. Trust me these thugs have not missed many Shrimp poboys or buffets. Looks like Stupid Trapani and Richard fish the Gulf dry Gollott will see to it that the Cake Eater and the Donut Eater will not be dinning on oyster poboys. Truth and consequences, there is much to come.

  3. I am glad some of the story about Michaela is coming out. I hope Doug does a full story of what Walker and shuemate did to her

    1. I will take a gander at MEC to see what I can dig up.

      I’ll add it was the planted narrative about the reason Mrs. Hill took her own life (which trashed her own family) that attracted me so to this story. It takes a special kind of sociopath to do that.

      1. Doug good things come to those that defend justice and the truth. Sources say you will receive a late Christmas present in the New Year. Let’s hope the Hill and Sabatini families finally have some good news. Meanwhile slimy Bill Walker appears on WLOX as if nothing happened and all the while claiming he did nothing wrong. Grandchildren playing all over in the news clip. Cheap sadistic photo opp. I wonder if this creepy [email protected]&$ ever wonders what the grandchildren of Michaela feel like without their grandmother. I’m sure Bill will be true to his word and participate in public events. Local sources have already spotted him at baseball games malls and even a charity event. It leaves one to wonder when Bill will appear in church. Slime ball has much to be forgiven for. Perhaps he will sit next to a member of the Hill or Sabatini family and ask forgiveness for what he and Tina Schumate did to Michalea. I’m not betting the China on this. This convicted federal criminal has no conscience or heart. Just concerned about himself and how he was convicted of the crime he committted. No word on how he scatted on the secrete bank account he kept with his Foundation. Rat Pickering let the dear sweet friend of the Republican Guard off on those and many many others crimes. Rat Pickering let Tina Schumate off on her many crimes including her secrete bank account she used to funnel public money to the Republican Guard. But all that is Ok because the crimes they committed benefited the Republicans and themselves. Republicans only concern themselves with the law, truth and justice when some crime is committed against one of them. Not concerned about anything other than the members of the Republican Guard. Rat Pickering is making a name for himself by convicting state employees, city officials and school systems of “stealing”pencils and paper while the smoke screen is made so these thieving elected Republican Guard members can commit any sort of crime they wise. Pure evil and remember Rat Pickering used public donated dollars to enrich himself, his daughter and his wife so they could go on vacation during high stress times. Sort of like when the day after Michaela Hill’s funeral Bill Walker and Joe Ziegler went on one of the Republican Guard’s famous fishing trips. Had to get some stress relief from all that guilt. Oh and dear sweet Doug Lord knows what will come your way in the New Year should you chose the side of justice and keep confidentiality of a few of your supporters. So much more out there that the public needs to know.

  4. Very interesting comments. I can’t wait to see what turns up over the next few weeks. I am still preying that the Shumates day will come after what they did.

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