Now open your mouth and close your eyes for ol’ Sop has a big surprise…..

Prediction: Today is gonna be both fun and fulfilling.

Next up a topic that continues to wax and wane in the sport of American Football. Certain Blowhard Politicians maintain that declines in Tee Vee ratings for the NFL is the result of player protests. Poppa John got in the act trying to lay blame for a shitty quarter on the same but the reality is closer to what the network executives are saying in the product being over exposed on the airways. Here is one such media account from a month back:

CBS Sports chairman says too much football hurting ratings ~ Kevin Spain

What’s interesting is college football grappling with a different but I think related problem in declining game day attendance.

How does SEC, LSU solve their attendance issues? Well, it’s complicated… ~ Ross Dellenger

Dellenger’s piece correctly identifies the problem but I’m not sure the entire answer can be gleaned from game day experience surveys.

Consider this an open thread.

15 thoughts on “Now open your mouth and close your eyes for ol’ Sop has a big surprise…..”

  1. To hell with politics…… its time to look at the NFL (No Fans Left) and comment on the BS referees and how last night:

    The crooked striped Zebras put the Falcons on their backs and gave them 9 first downs by penalty, negated a last second Saint FG before halftime (because a Saint lineman was lined up a foot back of line) ….

    and it appears Goodell’s zebra gang is wanting to make conference races tighter and put more fans in $$$$ seats….. FIXED parity > $$$$ till end of season is why I’ll only watch Saints games.

  2. I always hoped Slabbed would not become a L/D rant page, but, with statements like the one above; it appears it may be going that way. There is NO way possible anyone can deny the fact that the drama surrounding the NFL player protests have devalued the entire organization to many people. I work in one of the most liberal states/cities in America and the football conversations, jersey Fridays, “pick-em boards,” etc., have almost vanished. People are just not interested in having to digest politics with entertainment; which is all that the NFL is.

    1. No rants here beyond throwing shade at blowhard politcians Fishbait, even better is we presented evidence that the anthem protest have done none of what you claim. You must have a problem accepting critical thinking is all I can figure.

      My personal favorite part of the whole deal was Pappa Johns trying to bullshit the public on their crappy quarterly results only to end up as tbe pizza chain of choice for the Neo Nazis. Karma is a bitch.

      The NFL isn’t the only sport or TV show seeing ratings declines. Cord cutting and the ability to wach sports on Facebook and Twitter signals more change in how we consume content is coming not less. Such is not a wrap yourself in a flag and become sanctimonious kind of explanation but is far more accurate IMHO.

      1. Another factor in recent NFL demise is the fact that college football is a more pure form of the game where tailgating, campus spirit, alumni participation is a uniting factor without all the $$$$$, political BS in the NFL.

        Indeed the NFL and Saints lifted our spirits after Katrina but the current thug/political players now overshadow a lot of players doing priceless civil service .Players Union needs to clean up the problem and disciple their own better .

        Stomping an opponent and intentional violence which continues without a proper rectifying punishment turns viewers off….example was the Patriots’ TE Gonk stomping defensive Buffalo back White(LSU) and receiving a one game suspension. Gonk should have received at least a 6 game suspension.

          1. Report that College football ratings are down is FAKE NEWS….

            All the men I have talked to about the NFL thugs/political BS situation have told me they are not watching NFL but are satisfying their football hunger with watching more college football…..

            Makes sense to me.

            1. If must be tough when things you thought were true turn out to be bullshit Lockie but the numbers do not lie. (Nor do those empty seats im Tiger Stadium.)

              1. I, my son, who is now an LSU graduate Opthamologist, and of few of his LSU colleagues now have a unique tailgate vehicle which we refurbished with our own talented hands and is not bullshit and which we will use for many years to come and those empty LSU seats?…………..

                Well, you need to ask Miles and his crappy chosen QBs with his antique offensive plans and the Dak Prescotts he overlooked, as well as the rising costs of parking/ required donations and if Administration doesn’t change their anti-season tickets policies ?…….

                yeah you may only get 50,000 for Division 11 team games but will still be 100,000 for Alabama Auburn, Florida especially when Myles Brennan gets his weight up from Brennan Restaurant box lunches/dinners and then most seats will once again be filled.

                From our tailgate vehicle can watch LSU football on one of our three TV sets in comfort of lounge chairs with beers and eats ,on campus ,raising hell and dont have to worry with season ticket seats which now include to many soft Division 11 games which sometimes LSU stupidly overlooks( Troy) and are hoarded like gold for greedy generations.

                So screw those NFL overpaid, political BS showboat artists who only want to create racist division ……………. just like all the whore mayors who pull down statues ,which now includes targeting Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square , for their racist block vote. (Note: The winner of the Banana Republic NOLA mayorial race is under state attorney srutiny for her well publicized city credit card fraud BEFORE she was elected !)

              2. Sounds like your boy is set Lockie. My Boy went last year to the Southern Miss – LSU game. One of his bros had parents that are big LSU fans/tailgaters. They fed the entire lot, over 20 guys from Hattiesburg. 1st rate treatment. He couldn’t believe the student section emptied at halftime. USM lost bigly but the losing fans stayed later than their peers from the home team.

      2. That is exactly the reason that I utilized “personal opinion” data based upon what I have seen in the local area I reside; which is overwhelmingly liberal-democrat. Critical thinking should tell you that if you have a large group of patriotic fans, and you piss them off by kneeling during the national anthem, that you may lose some of those fans; even if for a short period of time. That’s pretty much a fact, so, that was the point, how could you possibly deny that it hasn’t affected the league negatively……you can’t! That’s not to say that the NFL didn’t acquire a new fan base that loves to see who kneels and who stands each week, but, I cannot believe that the number would be larger than the ones who decided they didn’t want to see their favorite player do it himself. If critical thinking requires the ole “internet,” then how does this article work for you?

          1. Imagine that, younger folks do not have the affinity for Football older folks do. Maybe thats why College ratings are dropping so much too. Hold on Post Turtle that makes too much sense and besides President Pussy Grabber said different so lets check our brains at the door and let Trumpy do all our thinking for us. Those that disagree, we’ll label them as mentally ill.


            Cognitive biases are tendencies to think in certain ways that can lead to systematic deviations from a standard of rationality or good judgment, and are often studied in psychology and behavioral economics.

            Although the reality of these biases is confirmed by replicable research, there are often controversies about how to classify these biases or how to explain them.[2] Some are effects of information-processing rules (i.e., mental shortcuts), called heuristics, that the brain uses to produce decisions or judgments. Such effects are called cognitive biases.[3][4] Biases have a variety of forms and appear as cognitive (“cold”) bias, such as mental noise,[5] or motivational (“hot”) bias, such as when beliefs are distorted by wishful thinking. Both effects can be present at the same time.[6][7]

            1. Holy Mental Illnesses ,

              Ok , I’ll gladly take the label of mentally ill as long as Trump does everything he promised to do……

              And all the snowflakes who want Obama and his ilk back and need reality therapy as to who is and will be the President for the next 3 years are welcome to send all their tax savings to me………

              And at the end of 3 years I will evaluate what effect Trump’s promises have had on our country and if America is not better off at home and abroad then I will be looking to vote possibly for someone else…….

              However, I would vote for my gabage collector before a liberal Democrat like Ole Bernie, who campaigned as the real Santa Claus ( free college tuition, forgiveness of all tuition debts, free health care etc.), and have the entire country become another Venezuela ( we already have many local banana republics in Baltimore, Detroit,New Orleans, Chicago etc. from long term liberal democratic governments)

            2. This is what led to the Papa John’s statement.
              IMHO, the best tasting thing about a PJ pizza is the box it is in. He may want to do the Domino’s “tell us how we are doing” experiment to find out where his real problems are. Domino’s execs had their eyes ripped open with that question. Their thinking was on advertising and delivery. Nobody saw the taste being a problem.
              Fun to watch the stupids.

  3. He ,he, ….I just thought …………wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Half Moon Landrieu celebrate his long awaited Tri -Centennial NOLA party with all his promised Jefferson, Robert E. Lee and Beauregard statues gone ………but the newly elected Banana Republic, black mayor under state indictment for fraud!

    Things NOLA residents can be proud of and invite all of America to come celebrate.

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