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Posted on November 15, 2017

When things get crazy slow everything down and go back to basics. The great truths have not been repealed….ignored, yes…but not repealed. Consider:


The Office of President of the United States is essentially vacant. The occupant is happy to spend his days at parades and lavish ceremonial occasions. He has learned how to execute a handshake. Actual leaders like Merkel in Germany, Putin in Russia, and Xi Jinping in China allow him to mug and act like a boor. They smile in a tolerant sort of way. Then, they go about the business of filling the vacuum. Others have plans for “properly directing” an easily manipulated Empty Suit in the Oval Office. Sheldon Adelson has plans for the Suit. He didn’t kick in $35 Million to the Suit’s Campaign for good government. For that kind of money one ought to be able to vaporize a Country (like Iran) for Pete’s sake.


The Suit is all about appearances. Did the other leaders really look happy to see him? Are they “strong” leaders? The Suit likes leaders who kill their dissidents and opponents. People like Duterte in the Philippines and Putin in Russia are his kind of guys. He likes to huddle and “joke” with these guys and mug for the cameras giving the implied message “we’re special people, we’re killers. We know how to get our way, we never apologize, get out of our way we’re going to another parade in our honor.”


Politicians love to wrap themselves in the flag. Nixon was a master. He represented the “silent majority”. The people who opposed him were not, in Nixon’s view, “real Americans”. To emphasize the point, he became the first President to wear an American flag lapel pin. Now, its standard attire for conservative politicians and FOX TV hosts. The threat from an “outside enemy” is fertile ground for a politician with sagging poll numbers to mine. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has done that for a long time. Continue Reading……..

9 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Back to Basics”

  1. Trump is incapable of going on TV and explaining any serious policy proposal in detail.

    He’s limited to “it’s a disaster…its incredible…we’ll see what happens”. Ten years ago he could discuss policy in some detail. Now, he’s showing the signs of early stage dementia.

    The only times I’ve ever mentioned Ronal Reagan in WW has been in a complimentary way…going through with a sale of AWACS to the Saudis despite Israel’s opposition and getting the Israelis to stop the massacre in Beirut in 1982.

    Having said that, most people would agree that Reagan was not at the top of his game at the end of his administration. Trump is worse off now than Reagan was then…by far.

    1. Holy Hillary Hilarious Melting Snowflakes,

      What is it with Killery Hillary and all her melting snowflakes? Trump Derangement Syndrome?….. Santa Claus?……… Dementia?Really?

      Stop listening to MSM’s BS and understand Trump has been the only President with the balls in last two decades to go FACE TO FACE with the Killer Kim Junkie’s Monarchy, China’s Ping Pong’s Dynasty and Germany’s Merkel Maniac and tell them all there is only going to be equal trade, the US will not tolerate China’s support of Rocket man-Kim Junkie’s Nuclear Arsenal and to promise to build a wall that can not be easily climbed by illegals or drug runners. All the Bushes, Clinton and Osama Hussein Obama were lying chicken excrement, spineless BS artists and that is EXACTLY why we now have Trump.

      Personally I would rather pay an American worker to make my washer,fridge, TV, etc. – even if it cost double -as I would know I was employing an American and producing more taxes to the US Treasury to help solve the 20 TRILLION deficeit than pay a belligerent Commie who is building islands in the middle of the Pacific with all their American made money.

      And the stock market has not looked back… not a bad group of thinkers/investors with a positive business forecast following Trump’s rollback of Washington red tape and proposed reforms.

      Now if the turncoat Senate Rhinos ( Perpetual Killer Mc Cain. flakey Flake , etc.) stop Trump’s tax reform proposal then the stockmarket will go burning down and where it will stop is anyone’s guess.

      Now you guys also know that most totally melted Demos are finally throwing the Clintons under the bus where they belonged 20 years ago with their immoral sexual assault attitudes that seem to be finally changing.

      Finally, its going to be another Global Warming Winter so keep the AC on low to mitigate your rate of melting so you all can continue to post for Schlitz and Giggles.

      1. Tight…

        Bloomberg just reported N. Korea fired some ballistic missiles.

        Courage does not involve overheated rhetoric against a starving country backed up by…
        absolutely nothing.

        Reagan showed courage when he took on the Israel Lobby, the strongest lobby in the USA, twice in his first two years…AND WON!

        Remember, “pride goeth before the fall” and “the Truth will set you free”. The rest is just details.


        1. So your theory, is that North Korea, previously a peace loving and stable workers’ paradise under Obama’s eight year tenor, developed a hydrogen bomb and ICBM technology after Trump was elected, as a response, and to show their displeasure, toward his comments and treatment of North Korea?

          Yep, TDS is real alright.

        2. Jimmity Cricket;

          The greatest prideful president of ALL TIME was and still is Barack Hussein Obama who is now setting a horrible precedence of exPresidents by traveling around the world on a world tour undermining Trump’s policy of re-establishing the US again as a world leader against tyrants and Islamic terrorists.

          Slick Willy and Bush 43 ‘ inactions are also another reason missiles are now targeting the US by NKorea.

          I believe that the US can take out N.Korea’s present government and there will be a massive revolution of its citizens evidenced by the recent soldier’s escape to S Korea.

          The entire government however needs to be taken out as the starving citizens fear for their lives every day.

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