Is the Media Falling Short on Vetting Muni Candidates here on the Coast?

I think the answer to that question overall is yes. How about an interesting compare and contrast between the NOLA Media and the Coast Media in how the Candidates were covered first up the NOLA Media:

New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock accused of masturbating during Uber ride in California ~ Jeff Adelson

Now for Coast media. I found this story on a City Council Candidate in Bay St Louis:

Meet Ward Four Bay Council Candidate Larry Smith: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt ~ Douglas Handshoe

We have much more coming on Larry, who was last seen with his foot in his mouth.

Regarding then Moss Point Mayoral Candidate Mario King this is what I found.


Why do I bring up King? Here’s why:

Domestic violence charges filed against Moss Point Mayor Mario King and wife, Natasha King ~ Tyler Carter

According to the affidavit obtained by the Mississippi Press, Natasha King said that an argument ensued between her and Mario after he arrived home around 1:15 a.m. and text messages were continually coming to his phone.

She said Mario punched her in the right upper arm and said, “I can’t (expletive) stand you,” according to the police report. She then hugged Mario to calm the situation, but he instead packed a bag of clothes, went down the hall to his assistant’s room (Setonia Cook), woke her up and told her they needed to go somewhere.

Cook currently lives with the Kings’ and is his secretary.

I think Carter did a good job explaining what appears to be a three-way kind of sticky situation and if that were it, such would be bad enough but there was all kinds of dirt out there on Mario King, it was simply never reported on the coast. It was reported out of Jackson and ignored.

Media falling short in vetting municipal candidates ~ Yall Politics

The same can be said in Jackson County, except the two candidates below weren’t getting high when arrested; they were getting physical.

The Democrat nominee for Mayor of Moss Point, Mario King, who recently won the runoff on May 16th had a run in with the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department back in January 2011 and was charged with domestic violence and simple assault.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he had another similar arrest in Lamar County in November 2011.

…and again for simple assault in Hattiesburg in December 2011.

Sounds like King must like stormy relationships. Such things tend to happen when the taxpayer paid personal assistant is sleeping in the next room while the 1 AM texts are flying.

Slabbed got hip thanks to Sinuous River on Twitter:

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