Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Making Love to Madame – A Tall Story in Paris

Posted on September 26, 2017

First, it didn’t happen. Or, it probably didn’t happen. When dealing with Madame, one doesn’t know for sure. You see, Madame has this ability to make you wonder if you (meaning me)…or, in this case, I am all here or all there.

I exchanged Emails with Madame this AM. I’m in Paris and she’s in one of those straight laced New England states. I’m having my car fixed, a while back, in one of those states and I’m waiting in the sitting area, standing.

That’s Madame’s influence. Everything must be literally and provably true in all details. I, on the other hand, believe in a more generalized version of “Truthiness”. It tends to keep the conversation moving.

Meanwhile, Madame can say any goddamned thing she wants and if I so much as say “boo” she goes into one of those tiny type email tirades that I have no concept of truth, beauty, love and freedom and, furthermore, would probably “stink up the joint” in bed if it ever came to that. (That amuses the hell out of me…not because it isn’t true…but because that’s how my father would describe a sports team that played really badly…’they stunk up the joint.”).

Furthermore, my continued existence on the planet is a burden to humanity of which she is a part and me not at all. And, the fact that I continue to call my half-assed blog a website is further evidence that I am a pompous self-centered MFer and should be stuffed in a rusty woodchipper forthwith.

(Now, those of you who lack a pure heart may interpret MFer as an obscenity…not necessarily so. I happen to have played way too much poker in California, at a place called the Commerce Club. The demographics of the Club on any given night would be about 50% Asian. When something bad happened to some of the Asian players in a poker game they would sometimes exclaim “Mother Father Mother Father”…so, judge not lest ye be judged.)

Hey, so the lady has strong views, that doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. And, if she is a bad person, and has a dynamite body, who gives a shit…certainly not me. So, it appears as though I’ve set up the perfect lose, lose, lose situation…also known as the Irish Trifecta.

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3 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Making Love to Madame – A Tall Story in Paris”

  1. I don’t have the curves Madame has (thank God for that) but we do have many things in common….. mainly her personal comments seem to be in line with mind…. yet I certainly must praise your humorous writing ability in your above post much more than your past political opinions/posts ( i.e.’Obama is my hero’… who in total objective reality/ TRUTH corrupted about every Federal Dept. he could and should have been impeached as a traitor to America’s best interests).

    And what does the Mighty Manfred, your devoted friend, have to say about your amorous thoughts of Madame?

    Finally, hoping you will Bless the SlabbedNation in the future with a picture of your Madame……. CAUTION: No pseudo/ fake pictures MFer (Mother Father) cause some of us political conservatives have liberal prostate enlergement problems.

  2. Please refrain from ingesting or smoking whatever substance it is before sitting at you keyboard. Your comments are a mix of misogyny and sheer terror. Please don an NFL helmet to shield your melting brain from any further damage. Staying in a hotel in Paris? Unless it is a flophouse, you overpaid. Saw the same winos outside Nortre Dame? Why don’t you venture away from your paid tour and visit areas that reflect the true people of Paris. I can assure you, it is not like your horrible views of the US. While you are there, please keep your stuttering mouth closed as you view some of the most beautiful people on earth.

    1. Mary 2017 seems to be the year of misogyny though I find the word a bit overused. Then again when the occupant of the Oval office is the pussy grabber in chief (and the tone is absolutely set at the top) we all could simply be numbed to the word.

      Maybe you can explain how Tom qualifies as a misogynist because I’m not seeing it.

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