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Posted on September 26, 2017

First, it didn’t happen. Or, it probably didn’t happen. When dealing with Madame, one doesn’t know for sure. You see, Madame has this ability to make you wonder if you (meaning me)…or, in this case, I am all here or all there.

I exchanged Emails with Madame this AM. I’m in Paris and she’s in one of those straight laced New England states. I’m having my car fixed, a while back, in one of those states and I’m waiting in the sitting area, standing.

That’s Madame’s influence. Everything must be literally and provably true in all details. I, on the other hand, believe in a more generalized version of “Truthiness”. It tends to keep the conversation moving.

Meanwhile, Madame can say any goddamned thing she wants and if I so much as say “boo” she goes into one of those tiny type email tirades that I have no concept of truth, beauty, love and freedom and, furthermore, would probably “stink up the joint” in bed if it ever came to that. (That amuses the hell out of me…not because it isn’t true…but because that’s how my father would describe a sports team that played really badly…’they stunk up the joint.”).

Furthermore, my continued existence on the planet is a burden to humanity of which she is a part and me not at all. And, the fact that I continue to call my half-assed blog a website is further evidence that I am a pompous self-centered MFer and should be stuffed in a rusty woodchipper forthwith.

(Now, those of you who lack a pure heart may interpret MFer as an obscenity…not necessarily so. I happen to have played way too much poker in California, at a place called the Commerce Club. The demographics of the Club on any given night would be about 50% Asian. When something bad happened to some of the Asian players in a poker game they would sometimes exclaim “Mother Father Mother Father”…so, judge not lest ye be judged.)

Hey, so the lady has strong views, that doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. And, if she is a bad person, and has a dynamite body, who gives a shit…certainly not me. So, it appears as though I’ve set up the perfect lose, lose, lose situation…also known as the Irish Trifecta.

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13 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Making Love to Madame – A Tall Story in Paris”

  1. I don’t have the curves Madame has (thank God for that) but we do have many things in common….. mainly her personal comments seem to be in line with mind…. yet I certainly must praise your humorous writing ability in your above post much more than your past political opinions/posts ( i.e.’Obama is my hero’… who in total objective reality/ TRUTH corrupted about every Federal Dept. he could and should have been impeached as a traitor to America’s best interests).

    And what does the Mighty Manfred, your devoted friend, have to say about your amorous thoughts of Madame?

    Finally, hoping you will Bless the SlabbedNation in the future with a picture of your Madame……. CAUTION: No pseudo/ fake pictures MFer (Mother Father) cause some of us political conservatives have liberal prostate enlergement problems.

    1. “…I certainly must praise your humorous writing ability…”

      Well, thank you Tight. My Mother (RIP) always taught me to accentuate the positive. I had a lot of fun writing the piece…so, I’m happy to hear you had a moment of mirth reading it.

      At the risk of fracturing this rare bonding experience that we are presently experiencing, I have liked Obama since he appeared on the public scene as keynote speaker at the 2004 Democrat Convention. I have not, however, ever referred to him as “My Hero”. That’s generally not my way of expressing myself.

      In closing, thank you for bringing Mighty Manfred back out into the public discourse…he’s cool as the other side of the pillow.

      1. Tom Terrific,

        ” I have not,however, ever referred to him as my hero “…..

        In all respect Tom Iam worried about your memory post- Madame experience ….. I don’t have time to review your past posts here on Slabbed but I do believe ” my hero” was posted perhaps not in your blog but possibly in reply to me probably to incite a riot in my mind?…….

        Anyway, I am excited to read you liked Barrack Hussein back in 2004 and you then wrote no words about his presidency ?……..I do believe I am reading a crack in your opinion about his presidency and perhaps it is because more and more info is emerging post presidency as to how he used his power to politicize the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI to do his dirty work .

        Perhaps Madame has changed your political views with her bomb shell body ?………….well if true , more power to her as she has saved a good Irish Catholic from damnation of years in purgatory ( Iam Catholic but I don’t believe in purgatory as the Bible thru direct words from Jesus himself said’ ….if you are Luke warm I will spit you out as if I never knew you’….’

        Encouraging you to write more about your new love and her political thoughts on the State of Union, your new reborn political views ; and I extend a hardy welcome back to the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

  2. Please refrain from ingesting or smoking whatever substance it is before sitting at you keyboard. Your comments are a mix of misogyny and sheer terror. Please don an NFL helmet to shield your melting brain from any further damage. Staying in a hotel in Paris? Unless it is a flophouse, you overpaid. Saw the same winos outside Nortre Dame? Why don’t you venture away from your paid tour and visit areas that reflect the true people of Paris. I can assure you, it is not like your horrible views of the US. While you are there, please keep your stuttering mouth closed as you view some of the most beautiful people on earth.

    1. Mary 2017 seems to be the year of misogyny though I find the word a bit overused. Then again when the occupant of the Oval office is the pussy grabber in chief (and the tone is absolutely set at the top) we all could simply be numbed to the word.

      Maybe you can explain how Tom qualifies as a misogynist because I’m not seeing it.

      1. I don’t know about Tom Terrific and Madame but I’ll answer why Trump is really not “the pussy grabber in-chief”. Trump was tape -recorded without his knowledge by a male relative of the Bushes and the liberal NBC network whom he once worked for to have something to blackmail Trump on. Ever notice one of the Bush daughters regularly works as a host on the Today Show and other morning shows on NBC.

        Just like Mc Cain was heavily and monetarily backed by the Bushes for his recent re-election( $$$DINNERS, CONTRIBUTIONS) so McCain in return pledged to vote “NO” for every Trump legis agenda item so low energy Jeb can run against a failed Trump in 2020.

        Poor McCain even if he survives till 2020 all his past and future “NO” votes will soon be moot because that indicted/soon to be convicted ,NJ Senator Martinez, will be replaced with a pro-Trump conservative Senator appointed by NJ Govenor Christie.

        The Bushes. the liberal globalists (Apple,Google ,Facebook, Starbucks, etc.) and all their strawmen will fail because Trump is just a figure head of a greater, grass roots conservative movement to DRAIN THE FRICKIN SWAMP !!!! Before the whore LEFT takes down the statues of Columbus,Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and every other person who stood/stands for AMERICA and destroys America even more so than Obama has already.

        1. In further comment on the strange bedfellows union and conspiracy of Senator Mc Cain and the Bushes to begin their push for low energy Jeb Bush to run against Trump in 2020……….

          Monday Mc Cain received the Liberty Medal award from past VP BIDEN at which time Mc Cain gave a speech in which he described current administration of “… half- baked spurious nationalism…’ and ‘unpatriotic, un American policies …’

          Then we have George Bush, the younger, going to give a speech tonite ,just by chance of course , on how Trump is taking America dangerously close to war with North Korea……and who got us into a multi-TRILLION dollar war in the Middle East over Fake news of weapons on mass destruction? Total hypocrisy, like I have never witnessed before…. the Bushes own part of the Swamp for sure.

          Coincidence? I don’t think so……. America wake up and read the book ” The Bush Crime Family” and you will realize the multi-generational power hungry Bush Family….which needs to end NOW.

          1. Lets talk more Swampy hypocrisy……

            This time from Demo, U.S Representative Frederica ” The Freak” Wilson from Fla. who doesn’t remove her sparkly/gaudy arsehole cowboy hats, even in Congress….

            Seems like only Fox News checked on her voting record in regard to vets benefits especially death benefits and revealed “The Freak” voted against every bill ensuring vet and death benefits to fallen U.S. Soldiers …… soldiers who guarantee her right and freedom of her arse -hole expression of wearing those wild arse hats inside of Congress even during Congressional hearings …… and who, even before she just happened to be riding in the same limo with the wife of the fallen, black hero soldier, professed in Congress to wanting to impeach Trump…..


            Men have to take their hats off inside of Congress yet she thinks her arse is special…… again, the selfish” I, me and my racist life only matters” type arrogance all moral and ethical discipline/respect …….just like those arrogant NFL players kneeing during our Anthem, Black Lives Matter professing to fry Policemen, ANTIFA rioting against freedom of speech at Berkley and beating up Trump supporters ;and any and all other racist/facist groups and Hollywood types who hate Trump, those who voted for him and America but for some reason won’t leave…..

          2. News Alert on the John McCain/ George W.Bush one-two , Anti-Trump punch:

            Today George Bush, “The Younger”, as predicted at the Liberty Forum in N.Y. said the following in the greatest hypocrisy statement of ALL-TIME…….”Our politics(Trump) seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication”……


            George did you say FABRICATION?….do you not remember the second greatest American fabrication of ALL-TIME… i.e. that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and upon finding none you, Cheney and the Military Complex then switched your reason to keep on fighting and killing and maming our youthful soldiers was clearly that ‘America needed to bring democracy to the Middle East’….

            I have personally met Middle East war heroes in wheelchairs that lost multiple limbs from your fabricated ,multi-TRILLION dollar wars in the Middle East….

            George, you are more of a disgrace now than you were as president……please recede back into the hole out of which you, as a snake of evil hypocrisy guilty of mass murder and distruction, slithered out of, not to criticize Obama but instead a TRUE populist Republican who shredded your brother’s chance to carry on the swampy, Bush Monarchy.

            And know that all your BS recent personal paintings and bicycle rides you make of and with the wounded and disabled vets won’t remove the weight of your sins and lies… so get on your knees and pray unceasingly that your Savior, who knows all things done in darkness, will forgive you.

            And comfort your father, George, “The Original”, that the Swamp is trying to extend the release of the Kennedy Assasination Files for another 25 years but it is common knowledge that the “Original” was in Dallas that day working as a CIA operative supervising the covert operations of the GREATEST FABRICATION OF ALL-TIME ( illustrated and documented by Hoover memos in the book,”The Bush Crime Family”) and that his and your current criticisms of Trump to set up Jeb as the gobalist candidate in 2020 will never succeed.

      2. Thank you, Sir. I’m didn’t know until this moment you put this post up.

        I was in Paris for 28 days. I love the place even though my French is weak. I’m actually flattered that anybody read it. And took the time to comment…icing on the cake.



    2. Ms Neal:
      You seem to have gotten yourself worked up into a fine lather.

      As I mentioned in my post, I love Paris. I go frequently and usually stay three weeks to a month.
      With some luck, I’ll be back there in the Spring.

      Keep in touch.

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