Goodbye Chief, we hardly knew ya… (Updated)

Never a dull moment folks:

Acting police chief in BSL removed after ‘disagreement’ with mayor ~ WLOX

We are waiting for a press release from the Mayors office on this latest development. Stay tuned.


Mayor Farve’s office issued the following Press Release:

Press Release9.26.17 by Slabbed on Scribd

46 thoughts on “Goodbye Chief, we hardly knew ya… (Updated)”

    1. No! Eddie, Mike and Casey. Let’s talk about nepotism. Involved in day to day operations?? I’m sure Casey can tell you about that!

  1. We should consider shared services with the Sheriff’s department until all lawsuits and investigations are finished. This is ridiculous. This is embarrassing.

  2. Make no mistake. The message has been delivered loud and clear. Mayor Favre is in charge. End of discussion. You’re either with him or you’re against him. #autocracy

    This sure didn’t take long. Wow.

    1. Then why have a police chief, fire chief, etc? He does not run the whole damn city! He does not control day to day operations. Do you see this happening anywhere else? No!! Check the laws and policies.
      No more discussion! Wake up folks!

        1. He’s probably going to have to run it himself after this. We’re not going to get any decent candidates for the Chief’s position from this point on unless it’s someone who has dedicated himself to career suicide.

        2. The Mayor-Council form of government is a very strong Mayor.
          If you have an ethical, decent man, not a problem. If not, you get what the current officials have inherited. A MESS!
          They will get the job done. Give them time.

    2. When your liable as well … if being with him means you follow policy and do the right thing … you damn sure better believe I would want people with me. I wouldn’t fight someone to do the right thing.

  3. Miss. Code 21-8-15 and
    Also Stennis Institute on Forms of Municipal Government in Miss.
    It appears the Mayor is on solid ground.
    He is in charge of every City Dept. and can request reports from any department head at any time.
    When I read the Sea Coast Echo Sat. I wondered why this investigation went straight to the state?

  4. The Chief was an Interim employed at the pleasure of the Mayor. I agree with him the buck has to stop with the Mayor. Something we lacked for 8 years. We have a systemic problem in our police department. That much is obvious. The only way to fix it is to get your feet wet and roll up your sleeves and get involved. Remember we are talking about a cop shooting at a fleeing vehicle knowing that an innocent child was in it.

    1. To clarify I do not know the whole story but a Department cant properly audit/investigate itself. The Mayor takes the full brunt of the outcome so has to be involved unless he has a conflict.

      1. A Mayberry sized police department like the Bay, has no business investigating its own shootings. I don’t know what this is all about, but in a small town where what your last name is, and who your daddy is, seems to determine so much about how any particular thing gets handled, the Mayor fretting about an investigation that a state agency is conducting , sure doesn’t look that great. I really thought with Les gone, things would get better. Oh, well. I guess the sooner this is over, the quicker the Bay PD can get back to the important stuff, (like stamping out rock and roll and dancing).

  5. The mayor before stayed involved, when his daughter made up the story about Harding he called the chief for an immediate arrest, the procecuter to prosecute to the fullest extent and sat directly into front of the judge he appointed at the hearing. Thank God for survalince footage. When his best friend the drunken building official hurt a bunch of inacent people, drinking and driving he was on that like stink on doo doo. I’ve been told Matt has problems with oversight, check him out for yourself on the web. Has sued several past employers.

  6. Where’s the “save our police department” morons??? Three chief’s, theft, payroll fraud, a dead body, police brutality, nepotism,personal use of police cars, five officers quit for possible fraud, shooting at babies in a car, prostitution, drugs ect….. Where is the SOB that thought about consolidating with the sheriff’s office, like diamondhead police department did, years ago? All I read about Diamondhead is they are first to offer recycling not more negative news.

    1. Hopefully, the “save our department” supporters are too embarrassed to comment at this point. And, may we say thank you to those of you who appeared at the city council meeting who swayed the city council to not hand over police operations to the Sheriff, for screwing up our police protection as well as your own. All of this is on you guys. I hope you’re happy.

  7. Mrs. Noonan gets the award … the Mayor-Council form of government is different than others. The Mayor does have the statutory authority to manage day to day operations, as he is specifically responsible.

    More importantly, the Mayor hires and fires the police chief at his discretion. Easy enough to understand. Bye Issman.

    This Issman guy is an apparent idiot. Anyone in law enforcement knows MBI looks for criminals, IA looks for rule breakers. Not hard folks … read between the lines … Mayor felt something wasn’t right and wanted to know the truth. And with Bay PD’s history of deceit, I don’t blame Mr. Farve.

    1. It is my understanding that he has problems with superiors in his many previous jobs. Also it is said he has attempted suing a few of em. This may be the first time he moved up on a job as he has always regressed backwards……..then he got fired! Looks like a trend to me.

      1. If this is true why, did Mayor Favre appoint him & speak highly of him in the first place? Was he not fully checked out? How do we trust his decision on the next pick? I voted for Mayor Favre, I’m just asking real questions. I’ve learned in this quaint little City by the Bay to always be ready for the other shoe to drop …

        1. Been reading this for week here in Waveland!!! Found there is a BSLPD procedure book on different incidents by protocol that has been updated many times and re-implemented again in June of 2017 by Freeman and told to Council!!! Once a incident happened it’s solely up to Chief to follow strictly, proceed and appoint to protect integrity of case within his/her Dept. Also I’m informed there is an AG opinion floating around (from T. Favre) to ex. Mayor Larry Bennett fully supporting Chief…. ???????

          1. #1 – The AG’s opinion is searchable on their website. Read it … it is a completely unrelated opinion. Stupid!

            #2 – If I’m Mayor, and my reputation and political career is on the line and at stake, I’m damn sure going to expect to know what is going on.

            § 21-15-9. Mayor to enforce laws and ordinances

            The mayor shall be active and vigilant in enforcing all laws and ordinances for the government of the municipality, and he shall cause all other officers to be dealt with promptly for any neglect or violation of duty.

            Folks, no matter how you look at it … the buck stops with Mike. Looks like he is just making sure he knows what he’s dealing with in a very corrupt department. Kuddos to him for wanting to know and not be part of the same ole same ole.

            1. No body here I know trying to hurt Mike F. Dummy! His OWN approved PD Procedure Manual does not back him in this shooting. Yes 2 State Statutes backing him in everyday day control, bills, Ordinances, budget!! 4 State Statutes blatantly don’t under these shooting circumstances. He’s management and clearly entitled to some briefings but he cannot be involved with appointments etc during a act like this one. I’m not smart enough to know this but Ms. Lana’s State Statutes brought us to reading others plus seeing BSLPD Produce Manual. It’s pretty clear. Tk you!!!

              1. Most of the laws cited are for a different type of city government. Seems to be a lot of confusion. If he was looking to direct and internal ADMINISTRATIVE inquiry, well within his authority. To direct the criminal part, not so much. From what I have been told, things were starting to get smelly and he called bull crap.

        2. Trickier
          Fact :
          The mayor did not speak highly of issman when asked for ratification of the council
          Not sure about the check out of issman ? Quick appointment from the most experienced ?
          Bad mistake.
          Check the Chief out.

  8. UPDATE:
    WLOX just reported at 8:50am
    they have made a Freedom of Information Request to the city of Bay St. Louis for the dash cam recording of the traffic stop on 603 where the Bay Police officer fired at the suspect’s car.
    I hope the folks in the Bay know how grateful they should be that bullet didn’t hit an innocent driver on 603.
    That could have sunk the city financially$$$!!!
    Stay tuned!!

  9. So inside sources confirm, we have this all wrong. The Mayor was insisting on an investigation by MBI and the IA eval by someone who wasn’t part of the conspiracy. Issman got his feelings hurt because he knew he was about to get caught as part of the cover up. Fire em all and start over.

  10. PS ~ I couldn’t be Mayor. I’d fire em all and start from scratch. With what I have seen, they need a whole new slate of people protecting our city. Trump would be taking lessons from my playbook.

  11. D Rafferty was run out of town in BSL and tonight in Pass Christian his brother was sent packing. He was voted out of office last election and won’t give it up. They are like gum on your shoe. You just can’t get rid of it!

  12. Good Bye Bay, Who Are You? A “tent” or “canopy” MAJOR difference boys. Watching the new Ward 2 Councilman disintegrate in lawyer-ize was sad. Mr. Hoffman, this is your first rodeo, not mine. I was at both meetings. I KNOW what was said & I know how you backpedaled on both the canopy issue & on Jack McPhail’s illegal trailers behind the school. You should be ashamed of yourself. Wait until the hotel goes up & they don’t like the traffic.

  13. Ethel,
    What is your problem with the trailers? They were not a problem for y’all when the school owned em. He paid for them “as is where is”!

    Give him a chance to get his endeavor off the ground.

    1. They were a problem for Ms Alfred, the speaker at the meeting who’s been looking at them for 12 yrs, taken the time to check that after the property was sold THREE years ago that no building permits were issued & yet the unsightly trailers are still there, Mr Ward

  14. Buying property does not require building permits. Large projects take time to plan. I do not see the immediate problem but we all have different opinions. I own property on Carroll Ave and have had no complaints on this property from my tenants nor myself.

  15. These same people thought the tax payer should fund a trolley to drop customers off at their investments without personal investment. I offered to contribute funds to them with them for this and they were impugned that they would have to pay for their personal gain and idea. Can’t help that perspective.

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