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For some of you this post will be cryptic so please feel free to not waste much brain power trying to figure out what it is about. For the rest of you that are thinking about inquiring (we have received a few media inquiries) my response is neither I or Slabbed New Media have any comment at this time. Thank you.

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  1. Love the site but please save us this type of post. It is clearly so you can say “I told you so” at some point in the future when a story breaks. Childish and beneath you Doug.

    1. Who are you to tell me what to post? Another anonymous coward that is too scared to put your name after a comment?

      Last time I checked the price of admission here is free. You don’t like what you see? Go someplace else.

      1. Holy Shits and Giggles Batman;

        Way to sock it to “I Have a Secret But Can’t Tell You”….POW-BANG-Ouch !

        Innovative moniker but his/her comment was outrageously arrogant and typical of those who desire to suppress truth expressed through freedom of speech be it on new media or public speaking…..

        Keep Responding to local Bat Signals…

    1. I probably should have been a bit nicer but rest assured if I were holding a secret no one would have called.

      When the time is right I will disclose everything. Thank you Trixie for your support.

  2. Post What Ever you choose! i like it whether I agree or not. Lot of info from the opposite side of the argument is good.

    Doug, your opinion on the taxation to pay something that already has a voted on and approved mechanism to pay it. That was the selling point of Bond. Now it’s costing us 2-4 mils to pay it again.

    1. I was author of that $4 mil Road & Bridge Bond with assistance from Board of Supervisors.. This NEW tax is NOT needed to pay existing Bond now and or for duration of payments. This new tax is supposedly (under my old proposed next phase plan) was to do a much needed Citywide culvert & drainage plan then pave additional streets! Let’s see what Council does with it…

  3. I’m going to guess Stacy the Rat Pickering has open round two of the long awaited criminal investigation of DMR. Employees acting as Taxi drivers for Southern Legislators and their families in lie of their jobs they were hired for. Taking them around all hours of the night shopping for their wives and children. Oh, Stacy dear don’t forget to look into those “free boat” trips that Jesus Davis brought some special friends out on. It does sound of our dear friend Dr. Walker. But much smarter. Much, much smarter. You see dear Bill didn’t have the common sense to hide what he was doing. Rather, he thought he had cover by flaunting it. Then there is our dear employee John Mitchell. He is part of the Christian ring at the DMR that was first reported on here on Slabbed. This group of employees got special privileges because they openly worshipped dear Jesus on state time and were encouraged to not only do it but “recruit” other worshippers. Jamie not only approved, he forced the staff, CMR and attending public to worship at a CMR meeting one time. I was told several employees boycotted this event and that was the end of it. Well John boy adopted a couple ethnic children that further endeared him to the Christian leadership at DMR. So much so John up and mover to Oklahoma, but is still a full time employee. Does all his work remotely. Meanwhile all the rest of the slug DMR employees have to drag their real ends to work everyday. Through cold, heat, rain, and through a suppressive administrative. John is comfortably sitting home with his kids. I am being told he is being flown in next week on the DMR dime to do computer work that can’t be done remotely. Some of you longtime readers may remember The CMR Chairman one time was made to pay back the state for doing the very exact same thing. So my dear sweet Stacy, I’m am sure you will treat Jamie Miller and John Mitchell the same way you have done in the past. Oh, and pumpkin do look into that state car that Jamie wrecked and had repaired and sumarirly covered up. I’m being told he dumped that vehicle so it’s not on inventory anymore. He now drives a new $80,000 police equipped unmarked vehicle. Drives it home at night, drives the kids to school and certainly does the family shopping. Those cameras are everywhere. Pesky little things.

    1. You say Miller Lite wrecked a car….. hmmmm……. fixed but not in inventory anymore…..hmmmm……..now driving a $80,000 unmarked vechicle which he uses for personal reasons…. where is the accident report and was a civilian driver’s car involved or did he go out of control into a stationary object?

      Dat Jamie boy when is he going to grow up?……..hope he has dat Republican auto forgiveness insurance…. but his boss should still keep the keys from this juvenile for at least 4 weeks….let the boy ride his electric surf board around till he comes clean.

  4. Doug,

    Would you feature an article on the Ochsner take over at Hancock Medical Center? There is something fishy going on with this whole take over, and I’m not sure the illustrious Board of Supervisors isn’t being bought off.

    Ochsner is basically getting a $40M+ facility for $12.5M cash to be paid over the next few years. They are taunting their capital investment into the hospital as money Hancock County will be receiving, but it is actually money going back to Ochsner’s newly owned hospital.

    There are lots of folks questioning how it is Scot Phillips, an expert in the industry, can supposedly send out 100+ bid packages and then only have 1 bidder? Do we know those bid packages went out? What proof is there that they aren’t in a shred box somewhere? We have always been told that Scot was in bed with Ochsner and now suspect that BOS members Lafontaine and Yarborough may be as well.

    For David Yarborough to sit up on this board and insinuate that the Hancock County taxpayers have ever subsidized Hancock Medical Center is ludicrous. They have never been called upon to contribute. For him to haphazardly say that a few people may lose their job shows you how ignorant he truly is.

    For Blaine Lafontaine to say originally that selling Hancock Medical Center is out of the equation … months later to revert back to “lets sell” … tells me that someone got to him. I would have thought better of him but have come to realize that he is a TYPICAL POLITICIAN. I question if his pockets aren’t being padded by Ochsner Health System. He supposedly despises Alan Hodges, the CEO at HMC, yet now is doing the dirty deed and in bed with him. Just not passing the whiff test.

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center (a state of Mississippi organization) was trying to bid on the property and Blaine Lafontaine and Gary Yarborough tried to force their hand by insisting that they get the deal done by October 1st. Well magically, now that Ochsner gets the bid, the date is November 1st. Realistically, we know that it will be as late as March/April 1st 2018 before this actually happens. So we rushed, rushed, rushed and pushed, pushed, pushed to run UMMC off. SURPRISE, that date of October 1st doesn’t really matter now that our buddies got the bid.

    The taxpayers should really be questioning all of the BS they have been fed about this hospital transaction. Hospital losing money yet Ochsner has positive cash flow for the organization. Not true. Very simply put, Ochsner is getting a $40M+ facility for 1/4 of that price, but oh wait, its okay because we are forcing them to invest in the facility, which is basically investing in themselves. That makes no sense.

    Someone from AG’s office, Ethics Commission, etc needs to come on down and review this process. Maybe audit some emails because something is definitely not right. Many employees (taxpayers) are losing out on finishing their retirement, etc because of this shady transaction. Its very simple – when all said and done, Hancock County taxpayers will have received $12.5M cash in hand for the entire facility (buildings, equipment, business, etc). Thats it. $12.5M cash. Nothing more to taxpayers. And in 25 years, when Ochsner has invested in itself, they get full ownership of the facility. Someone has to explain to me how they view this as a good deal.

    Please bring some attention to this. This is a major loss to Hancock County!


    1. The County floated a loan for the hospital a few years ago so Yarborough was right about the taxpayer subsidy.

      Out of curiousity how much would you value a money losing community hospital?

    2. Interesting. I was wondering how much Hancock County folks had come up with to bribe whoever at Ochsner to pay 12.5 mil. Look, I’m in business to make money and I’d trade you 39 mil for your 40 mil as many times a day as you can afford to do so, but I wouldn’t give you 12.5 cents for this tarbaby (which you allege is worth 40 million dollars). I wouldn’t take 12.5 mil if it meant I had to take over a south MS county hospital system along with it. Hell, I wouldn’t take 40 mil and a quagmire like this. And frankly, I’d say that Hancock County taxpayers GETTING 12.5 mil and having Ochsner take it over is akin to a gift from God himself.

      Moreover, this isn’t sneaking grandmother’s silver out the back door and pawning it a couple of counties over. This is a county hospital. Even if someone had tried to rig the sale by round-filing all the bid info but that sent to a particular buyer, if there had been another seriously interested party, they would have demanded the right to bid and if that interested party had been blown off, you can bet they would be raising hell now.

      The bottom line? When fate, God or in this case, Ochsner has bailed your county’s nearly-broke tax-paying ass out of a mess, accept the money in good grace and hope your savior doesn’t sober up and realize exactly to what they have agreed. And if you think them paying 12.5 mil is a sweetheart deal, break out your checkbook and make your fortune.

      The other bottom line? Don’t be a conspiracy loony – there are enough real things to point you ire toward.

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