Analysis: Chief Freeman now a Free bird


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What is truly amazing is how long the allegations of now former Chief Darren Freeman choking a handcuffed man took to break in the media. Guess who’s back folks.

THE INVESTIGATORS: Bay St. Louis police chief resigns amid brutality allegation ~ Wes Muller, Investigative Producer WAFB

Those following Slabbed’s twitter account were in the loop since last Friday evening that something major was going down with the scandal ridden Bay PD. Lana Noonan noted the irony of the word leaking out on the exact date one year ago that Chief Denardo took his own life in the parking lot at the police station.

I’ll back the time period up to late August on the original leaks as Slabbed began receiving tips about major scandal brewing at Bay City Hall on August 30, 2017. To the extent this latest choking incident happened in May, 2017, it has been held close inside the police department for months. The optics can’t get much worse.

This is what I do know and this bit of wisdom I shared months ago with select local civic leaders because there was a major red flag on Mr. Freeman’s resume that was ignored.  Wes gives us a clue:

Freeman, who has been on the job less than a year, was hired as chief to reform the department which suffered a series of embarrassing scandals and the late Chief Mike De Nardo’s suicide. His resume boasts serving as the head of internal affairs for the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

I understand some of y’all are scratching your heads going “huh” but for those of us that followed the multitude of embarrassing revelations involving DPS that have broke in the Jackson media over the past year……here is a sampling:

DPS settles discrimination suit for $84,474 ~ Jackson Jambalaya

Frankly, it is hard to take the Governor’s comments seriously. There is a culture of racism, sexism, and just plain dumbism at Mississippi state law enforcement agencies. JJ has reported these stories since 2013 yet the Governor only takes action when gasp, the Clarion-Ledger reports them. A tree apparently makes no sound unless the “state newspaper” reports it in his universe. The good ole boys don’t see anything wrong with the behavior that created these lawsuits. They probably think it’s funny and rates an 8 on the Perkins scale. The leadership at these agencies has been weak for quite some time. Leaders are not held accountable. Complaints and lawsuits proliferate as basic HR principles are repeatedly ignored. A criminal suspect probably has more protection than a woman working at these agencies. However, it is nice to see the Governor finally step up to the plate. It remains to be seen if he will actually take a swing at the problem.

More links at JJ:
Training Director sues DPS for retaliation

Mississippi Department of Public Safety continues to cover-up.

Feds to DPS: Pay it back! All $7 million.

Troopers caught writing bogus tickets

The Clarion Ledger also has a treasure trove of reporting on DPS, here is an example:

2nd DPS official retires after lawsuit settlement ~ Geoff Pender

Each of the above links document news that has happened since Chief Denardo’s suicide last year. I do not think the answer to the problems plaguing the Bay PD can be fixed by someone out of DPS HQ in Jackson. The Bay needs someone from a reputable large local law enforcement agency than will clean up these kind of problems instead of multiplying them. Luckily for the Bay such a person exists that was in the “top 4” candidate pool from which former Mayor Fillingame picked Mr. Freeman back in January but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Stay tuned.

25 thoughts on “Analysis: Chief Freeman now a Free bird”

  1. I’ve been saying it for quite a long time….it’s about time the sheriffs department takes over law enforcement in the city of bay St. Louis

  2. The “save our police department group” need to pay close attention to what’s happening. They should feel pretty embarrassed the next few weeks. I understand more is to come. How many lawsuits and tax increases can can we stand. The seven dwarfs just gave us a huge tax increase. They should have looked at contracting with the sheriff’s office. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

  3. Yeah really buddy hasn’t said 10 words since he’s been on the council I think three of the words are “is meetin over”. Seems as if the council better take this seriously.

  4. Why are we raising taxes to pay off the paving bond? The Council told the Public that the County Road and Bridge Tax was dedicated for this and voted on and passed in public form.

    Is it legal to bait and switch just to get additional cash.

  5. They couldn’t run a snowball stand if it was given to them debt free. Republican my but, I bet they all had Bernie Sanders signs in their yards. Throwing good money after bad with no plans. Gary and Jeff are the only sucesfull logical dwarfs. The ones that don’t say anything at the meetings are the ones in the dark. They are uniformed, unprepared and clueless about the issues. They don’t know enough to speak on the issues. They don’t make planning and zoning meetings or read the paperwork given to them. Or they don’t care.

  6. no opinion means you did not prepare for the meeting. It is also indicative that you have nothing to offer. Not showing up for work shops n meetings mean you don’t really care and only want a pay check. One of our new council has just realized he can’t make the amount he wants because of SS Laws and just wants the medical package. He has told many that! U get what you ask for.

    1. Buddy Benefits, Larry Gamble and CameraMoment Josh spend their time seeing what to oppose in Adm. plans, trying to run City from Council Chambers! None have “nothing” under “Council Business”when asked! Josh and Larry wanted to “give” Rosetti insurance contract on vote totally disregarding two members absent?? Real team players….. Les Legionnaires molding in the background!!!! Not Fake News, Fake Councilman… stay away from Waveland please ……

    2. You forgot the part about being elected to continue extraordinary city services to a ward that both he and ex mayor reside, and continuing to ignore the remainder of Ward 5. Anyone who ever had any dealings with Buddy would have known that he was not qualified to head a city department.

  7. Is the alleged video of the police chief available for view, just so folks can give this guy a fair trial before they hang him? Hey, he may be guilty, but it would seem like a good idea to see the evidence at some point during the trial.

    1. Nun,
      Not sure a trial is necessary. He agreed to “resign “as soon as the press requested the tape.
      Kind of sounds like a guilty plea? Not fighting charges.

      1. Guilty plea? Fighting “charges?” You may wish to look up a few legal definitions – try Black’s, it is online.

        I’ll Say this: a jury doing its duty hears, views and carefully considers the actual evidence. They do not (well, should not) make wild guesses based upon what someone said at the coffee klatch that morning.

        And this: this guy may be as guilty as a puppy proximate to a puddle of puppy piddle, but just because a prone-to-piddling puppy is proximate, peripherally, to a pendent puddle does not predetermine that the puddle is puppy piddle (say that three times fast). Put another way, give this guy a fair trial before you hang him.

        1. Nun,
          A jury does all of what you say, if the case gets to them.
          The simple Public Records Request by the news media last Friday sealed the deal.
          Is he free? I guess. He’s not the first– won’t be the last😩

          1. When you hear a lot of hooves but cannot see the source, suspect horses rather than imagining unicorns farting cotton candy and being ridden by elves wearing tuxedos…hell, it probably isn’t even plain ol’ zebras, either.

      1. In todays climate it’s hard for a policeman who admittedly held a handcuffed loaded up druggie down by his face & his chest to assist his officer, to prove himself innocent. It seems to me that all the support is leaning towards the slimy drug bust dude. What’s up with that? It’s much easier to for the chief to save his family the embarrassment & get it out of the headlines quickly, in my opinion.

        1. Trixie,
          From what I have heard on reliable source, the Chief removing his body cam is what sunk him.
          Remember the same type incident at Hancock Medical last year? That one messed up in not realizing hospitals have cameras too!

      2. I’m not sure sticking around an utter mess like Bay St. Louis city government or any of its sub-departments is the best way to preserve your sanity.

        Frankly, given what the whole situation looks like, between the internal BS and the external torches and pitchforks, I’m somewhat surprised that anyone who could really straighten things out, assuming it is possible to do, would want a job anywhere near any of it at what I would guess the salary available. From my perspective, with no more information than I’ve heard thus far, I couldn’t read “guilty” or “innocent” into this resignation.

  8. Poolman your post makes sense something most of the council does not have. It would be a win-win for the people and save a ton of money something else the city does not have.

  9. This is why handing over the law enforcement responsibilities for Bay Saint Louis to the Sheriff’s office would have been a good idea. We haven’t seen any scandals over there. I hope the people who fought that idea before have realized how wrong they were. But, knowing the Bay, I doubt it.

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