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    1. With the new library inter-local agreement in its last phases of approval coupled with the forced resignations of at least 2 of the current trustees, I’d posit that Ms. Thomas is finishing out the string before the new Board takes office and hires a qualified executive director for the system.

      As far as why the other news outlets down here gave Ms. Thomas and her accusations against the Sups extensive coverage but then disappeared once it became apparent what was driving her outbursts, you would have to ask them Lori.

      [email protected]
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      [email protected]

      Here at Slabbed we are more than happy to tell the entire story, its what sets us apart.

  1. Ms. Reed,
    The ” other news outlets”
    had as much access to the real story as did Slabbed and The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government. The real story was in the documents we obtained through Public Records Requests, not the soap opera Ms. Thomas and her supporters acted out for 6 months.
    The tip came to us. Perhaps the leaker wanted to make sure the real story got told.
    We verified the information through the appropriate agencies, and the rest is history.
    Lana Noonan, Chairman
    The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government

  2. Hey Doug how about a rerun of DMR. Lots of new events happenings. I’m sure the coast folk would love to hear of it. As a taste when the southern legislative conference was in town most of all available DMR employees were acting as Taxi cab drivers for the elected folk. Schuttling them all over the place for free. And not a peep out of the legitimate Taxi drivers at the airport. My guess is because General Joe Spraggins sits on the Airport Board of trustees. Him and Clay Williams gave these had working Taxi drivers an ultimatum. Shut up or you won’t be working here after it’s all over. I was thinking the other day…what were all these DMR employees doing acting as Uber drivers? What about their regular jobs they were paid for? Who did that weeks work? Were there any records kept? How were these DMR employees paid for the time they were not doing DMR work? What vehicles were they using? I’m assuming they were using DMR vehicles? Who paid for the gas? Were the DMR employees tipped? Are they going to claim this as taxable income? Who is keeping records of this event? The cake eater? Where the hell is Stacy the Rat Pickering? Where the hell is Karen Nelson?

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