Bay St Louis Police Chief Freeman: Citizen Golf Cart Complaints “unfounded”

And if Slabbed received a dime for every picture of Bay St Louis Golf Cart jackassery we get, we’d be up to about $2.20 so far this year. That said back in June Bay St Louis Police Chief Darren Freeman minimized the Citizen complaints about Golf Carts run amuck as “unfounded” in a story he obviously planted in the Sun Herald:

Outgoing Councilman Lonnie Falgout, who lost his bid for re-election, recently took potshots at police by alleging they’ve turned a blind eye to golf cart safety and have even allowed children to be designated drivers for their drinking parents.

Police Chief Darin Freeman, who has been in office since January, said the Bay St. Louis Police Department has received only one complaint of a child driving a golf cart since then, “and it was unfounded.”

“Our officers are doing a great job of addressing any unsafe issues they see,” Freeman said. “If we see anything unsafe, we handle it appropriately.”

It was then that I was reminded of a community policing seminar Chief Freeman gave down on the beach to a group of concerned citizens earlier this year. Here is a pic from that event which well summarized the Chief’s philosophy: 😉

Via Wikipedia
Via Wikipedia

Seriously folks, I would see kids driving Golf Carts all the time in Ward 1 not that long ago when we lived there along with other spots in town where we’d be out and about, so an earlier story on the topic which made the national media that Cassandra Favre wrote for the Sea Coast Echo sounded much more true to life to me.  The story Chief planted in the Sun Herald in late June was in direct response to Cassandra’s.

With that set up, the following image has already garnered a nomination for Slabbed New Media’s best picture of the year: Continue reading “Bay St Louis Police Chief Freeman: Citizen Golf Cart Complaints “unfounded””