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  1. Doug, I was researching some information that I recently received and just tried to post a comment on an article you had written on June 30, 2016. It would not let me post, so I am posting here….maybe you can update with original article?
    Just came across some recent information, and it has come to my attention that the Walker regime is getting back in place for even more funneling. Snotty Toddy was partners with a certain Maxwell from Pascagoula prior to becoming a felon…and still may be partners as far as I know. They were business partners in bars, cafes, and/or Fema cottage offices, etc,. if my memory serves me. Is anything hitting you in the head? I have asked this question before – what kin is Robbie to Dane? I only point this out because of the name connection and I hear that the new Maxwell is putting members of the regime in place by demanding eviction of existing employees and their positions vacated. So it is my opinion that he may be laying or finishing the groundwork for more fun ahead.
    And, BTW, when is the next election for Senator and Representative coming up in Jackson County? People please wake up and pay attention! These Rhinos use diversion tactics to hide behind in the shadows. Diversion and blaming others are their favorite methods while they are pilfering our funds. We need some good men running against all of these Jackson county Rhino republicans in the next election. Please don’t forget what has been done to the SRH employees! Please don’t forget how your Representative and/or Senator has performed. They work for us….anything less is unacceptable! Be diligent people!!! And by the way, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors is not cleaned up yet. You still have some of the old board in place that need to be purged. Our work is not over by any means.

  2. I guess we need some Steely Dan today.

    This is the night of the expanding man
    I take one last drag
    As I approach the stand
    I cried when I wrote this song
    Sue me if I play too long
    This brother is free
    I’ll be what I want to be

    RIP Walter Becker.

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