Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Steve Bannon Gone But Not Forgotten

Posted on August 21, 2017

Friday was quite a day for Steve Bannon. From being fired in the morning from his job as Chief Strategist at the Trump White House to convening an Editorial Meeting at his old home, Breitbart News, in the afternoon.

When the news crossed the wires that Trump had let Bannon go, cheers broke out on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I’m sure that tickled the hell out of Bannon. He doesn’t do hurt feelings. He’s a warrior. He’ll use a tape of those cheers to his advantage in Central Pennsylvania, the Upper Peninsular of Michigan and the Panhandle of Florida.

I’ll bet he was singing the last lines of MLK’s historic speech as he walked out the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…”Free at Last, Free at Last…Thank God Almighty…Free at Last.”

Hey, he lasted a year…measured from the day he took over the Trump Campaign, with the absolute certainty that Trump would win and that he would make it happen, until Friday. Good for him.

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7 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Steve Bannon Gone But Not Forgotten”


    In the fourth paragraph from the bottom there is a sentence that begins “The’s Rachel Maddow…

    It should read “That’s Rachel Maddow….


    1. Now you talkin’ ……………my language Jimmity with your verbal praise of Bannon…..

      But then you revert back to chirps that he was fired by an unfair slime hit by the “hyper left”, Kushner and Murdoch, both of which I believe are Jewish? How about Gen.Kelly just cleaning out the grease trap in the East Wing?

      If I didn’t know better with such anti-Zionist views I would think you might be a member of the American Neo-Nazis……………….sure you weren’t in Charlotteville burning candles shouting ‘we will not be ruled by Jews’?

      How about subjecting your chirping legs ( you know those hairy skinny legs you rub together to make comments) to a paraffin test?

      Jesus came from Jewish lines and as such I will never hate the Jewish faith or Jews in general…… not saying Jews have not made some big mistakes in history of this planet but that was why Jesus came to Earth was to save sinners and as Paul said ‘ of which I am the worst’……..

      XOXOXOXOXOX’s always to you and The Mighty Manfred

  2. A little sensitive there, Tight…poor baby. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought, you had become politically correct. As the young boy said to Shoeless Joe Jackson…”say it an’t so, Joe.”

    Now I can’t tell you what a joy it is to know you can quote Paul to me. Or, as we say in the Catholic Church, St. Paul.

    I am a huge fan of Paul. Amongst other talents, St. Paul was a world class Community Organizer. You don’t think so? Ask the Ephesians, the Corinthians, the Galatians and the Philippians.

    I’ve got a couple of dynamite quotes from Paul that I’ll share with you when you host that dinner for Doug and me at Antoine’s. Speaking of which, I’d like you to add that preacher (you know the guy related to Jerry Lee Lewis). That guy can straight out Preach. If we’d acted a little earlier, I’d have brought Fr. Joseph Fitzmyer who was thought by some to be one of the world’s leading expert on Paul. I attended a seminar of his long time ago

    Unfortunately, Joe died a while ago.

  3. Jumping Jimminity Crickets;

    You talkin’ me bringin’ Rev. Jimmy Swaggert, the Airline Hwy Don of whore houses to Antoine’s?

    Forget dat bro’ …….dat boy is a big fake….. he sings great, lots of Spirit…….. but crys at the drop of the collection hat.

    No, you bring the Mighty Manfred , yo’ best friend, and I’ll bring David Duke from Bucktown, La. as he hates Jews too and you guys could have a hell of a Anti-Zionist party while Manfred and I share blackened Jewfish and marinated pork bellys … yes sir, yes sir …sounds like good times.

    XOXOXOXO’s always and next time yo’ see yo’ hero Obama ask for his measurements for General Attorney Jeff Sessions’ customed tailored orange jump suit.

    1. Shucks Jimmity,

      While be on talkin’ terms I forgot to ask if you think they should level the Jefferson Davis House in Biloxi, Miss and the Jefferson Monument in D.C.?

      Just wantin’ an opinion from a liberal mind from Boston.

    2. Poor Baby, Tight. Can’t keep up with the conversation without playing the David Duke Card.


      You’re back in the Penalty Box. You have committed the unforgivable sin of commenting.
      You’ve become a crashing BORE.

      1. He,he,he…… me a bore ? ….for commenting you and Duke hate Jews?

        Liberals who criticize Neo-Nazis/ White Supremasists but also hate Jews can’t take the Truth and they also avoid direct questions like do you think we should level Jefferson Davis ‘ home in Biloxi, Ms. and the Jefferson Monument in D.C..?

        It’s you in the insect “box” Jimmity not me bro’ ……I’m standing on top the soap “box “telling Truths and asking honest questions of liberals.

        Jimmity it’s nightfall bro’ and you seem to be reverting to chirping again with those long hairy skinny legs……P.S. Don’t forget to see Donald’s second major speech/ rally tonite in two days…

        Good night, sweet dreams, happy chirping and sleep ” Tight” .

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